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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we're just one hour away from phase two of metro's safe track plan. and this one would be worst than the first. i'm lesley foster. over the next 16 days, two d.c. stations will shut down as crews work on the track on the orange, blue, and silver lines. there will also be closures on the virginia side. but devon still prince george's county where the effects are expected to be the most severe.
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garrett is live outside that station. so what happens now? >> reporter: less city, you can think of this yearlong multipart state track program part of a movie franchise. we have the much hyped debut edition already behind us now. but starting tonight at midnight, phase two begins. and like every movie franchise, the sequel tends to be worst than the original. [ train whirring by ] >> reporter: for the next 16 days, say goodbye crossing the anacostia river like this. starting at midnight, three metro lines that normally come into d.c. through prince george's county will no longer do so. the potomac stop will be closed completely. if you're on the orange line, your stop stops at madison avenue. from there, you have to take a shuttle bus into eastern market. much of this track is elevated, siking it harder to repair.
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this is zero track. and it has metro warning commuters to prepare for crowds, delays and worse. >> the morning commute will have ten times the amount of traffic. the local be hot. >> reporter: they admit buss 50 seats or so can't replace trains with several hundred. they need about 60,000 feet to stay home, find another way into d.c. like carpooling or follow ed roberts' lead and don't come at all. >> just because the line is closed down, downtown is different. an alternate work location, i'll be going there a couple days a week. >> reporter: at the ballston location, metro riders shared their hard earned lessons from phase one. >> how was your experience the last two weeks? >> i definitely grew in the virtue of patience. >> reporter: what's your advice to the folks that will have to deal with this? >> good luck. [ laughter ] >> good luck. because you ain't leaving out early. no. hope
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>> reporter: now virginia commuters don't get a free pass during phase two. neither blue line trains will be leaving in rosylyn. should be a lot more crowded, something for everybody the next 16 days. reporting live in prince george's county, channel 9. >> you're right. all the worse. we have all the slowdowns with phase 2 on our wusa9 app. plus you can see weather and any issues on the roads with our live traffic map. now to a bizarre story of sex crimes and sex and child abuse. this is out of bucks county, pennsylvania, which is north of philadelphia. under arrest, this man. 51-year-old lee kaplan. police say they found 12 girls living inside his home.
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they say lee kaplan admits having sex with the oldest girl starting when she was 14 and that he fathered two girls with her. also under arrest, a couple who told police they are the parents and the grandparents of all 12 girls. they say they, quote, gifted the 14-year-old to lee kaplan in return for financial help. right now, all the children are in protective custody. and police do not believe any of them have been to a doctor or have been going to school. we will follow that story. now to developments in the orlando nightclub shooting. police say they have examined footage of the massacre captured on surveillance video which hasn't been released. many of the wounded are still in the hospital. and dr. joshua corsa says victims' blood is on his shoes. he'll continue to wear those shoes until the last patient is discharged. >> i don't kn
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this is. it kind of symbolizes all the good we did that night. >> reporter: the city of orlando has collected more than $7 million in donations to help survivors, victims and families for funerals, plane tickets and other expenses. a strong stance is being held for stricter gun control laws following the shooting in orlando. this is a look at the front of the national lbgt newspaper based here in d.c. the image s showblood splatter with the word "enough" looks like in the middle. and "the washington blade" is not the loan. the "globe" has dedicated its front page to an article on the banning of assault weapons. and all 49 of the victims' names are listed and they ask, why did they die? inside, an article examines how the worst shooting
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history elicits grief, anger and political divide. as people ask for answers, people mourn losses. this is the headquarters of the human rights campaign. it's covered with pictures of the victims. and every hour, people stop to look at one of the city's largest memorials in dupont circle. some lay flowers. others quietly look on. allison barber reports many of them hope this memorial is the beginning of something bigger. >> reporter: since sunday, there's been three vigils here at dupon circle. and with -- dupont circle. and this continues to grow. there's candles, beads, flowers. ordinary items. but for many people, this is a beacon of hope. >> reporter: what do you think when you see these things? >> it's twofollowed. it's absolutely tragic when you see this. you look
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it's absolutely tragic when you see this. it's great to see the community together. >> i think it's beautiful. >> i think it means a lot. >> tiny things with all kinds of meaning. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: but as the days pass, it's beginning to fade. rain wash away the messages once written in chalk. today, only one candle is lit. but the wax of hundreds before it still remain. [ music playing in the background ] >> reporter: and for some, it's hope. >> i saw some of the melted candlewax -- if i saw it in a year, i would know why it was there. >> reporter: life will go on, but something will stay behind. >> this memorial is going to stay. and i think that's almost a good thing that, you know, we can't always be sad. we can't always be mourning. next comes action. >> we can do something to prevent this. [ saxophone playing in the background ] >> we're always fighting. th
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people. we -- pissed off the wrong people. we know how to make change happen. >> reporter: someone replaced all the candles the rain had washed away. but perhaps this memorial isn't quite ready to fade away. reporting in dupont circle, i'm allison barber, wusa9. >> the owner of a washington restaurant replaced this rainbow flag. it flew outside the district. the owner says he displayed it in support of lbgt pride weekend. he calls the flag burns a hate crime. d.c. police are investigating. in charleston, south carolina, remembering victims of another mass shooting. gospel music filled a downtown arena at a memorial to mark the first anniversary of the massacre at the emanuel ame church. nine people were killed in a bible study class. dylann
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state trials on murder and civil rights charges. [ gospel music ] [singing] in northwest, d.c., the metropolitan ame church held a service tonight to honor the victims in charleston. tonight's gathering also honored victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. >> and mourners went through metal detectors to get to this service for christina grimmie. she was on "the voice" and gunned down from a deranged fan last weekend. tonight, we talked to mourners at the service. >> reporter: funeralgoers tell me the metal detectors are a sad reminder of what's going on in the world. still the line to get in the church remains packed. south jersey says goodbye to christina grimmie in her hometown.
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[singing] >> reporter: her church family and friends have been sharing this video ever since christina grimmie was found singing the christian song "in christ alone." >> could have been her. >> reporter: she has three daughters. >> scared for her to go to the movies, the mall. i don't allow it anymore. >> we really want her to fill her dreams and inspirations. she did everything she wanted to do. >> reporter: some tell us they waited two hours to get inside the fellowship alliance chapel in medford, new jersey, to pay their last respects to the 22- year-old rising star. her pastor and friends. >> she was a real genuine person. there was no -- there was no dual personality with her. >> so it's a little bit hard, you know, to see her this way. >> reporter: orlando say 27- year-old kevin lovell had two loaded handguns and a hunting knife. they say he was upset, in
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singer. he had a hair transplant and eye surgery to appear more attractive to her. they anticipated many people to come out and pay their last respects. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in south jersey, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. [singing] [ singing fades ] >> and tmz is reporting that the shooter's coworkers knew and teased about his obsession. he turned a gun on himself after grimmie's grow tackled him. a new look at the signs going up at disney world's beach locations. they warn about alligators and snakes. they warn guests to stay away from the water. earlier today, workers started installing new fencing around the lagoon where lane graves was dragged into the water by an alligator this week. the beach did
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swimming" signing but none warned about alligators. some of the most scenic landscapes in southern california are under fire tonight literally. a wildfire is roaring across the canyons of santa barbara county. in a matter of hours, it's doubled in size to more than 6,000 acres. hundreds of people have been evacuated. and the iconic highway 101 shut down. president obama was in roswell, new mexico, today. and before you launch into an alien conspiracy situation, they toured the carlsbad caverns. they will visit yosemite national park this weekend. this is the 100th anniversary of the national park system. from "star wars" to "sesame street," she's making her patients smile thanks to a whole stash of shas.
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saturday, sunday, and monday. we'll tell you if the sun will hold here as well and when the 90s will return. >> and are you up for the cheerio's challenge? these dads and their precious
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer a recall tonight that could impact your late night snack. , if rito-lay -- frito-lay says doritos were filled with the wrong flavor, the nacho cheese variety. that's a problem because it's not as advertised but also there's milk products that are not in the chili flavor that's on the bags. tonight on "open roads," scott introduces us to a special kind of artist, a physical therapist whose sharpie drawings have the power to heal. ♪ [ music ] so emanuel's wrist is tight thay
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>> reporter: if the olympics handed out medals for kindness, amanda hall would own every color. >> how does it feel? [ laughter ] >> are your fingers happy? >> reporter: she works as a physical therapist. all of her patients have special needs. >> he is the best. >> reporter: he has cerebral palsy. amanda puts a new cast on his wrist every week to stretch his muscles. >> does it hurt? how much i'm stretching? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: but she provides much more than physical therapy. to help the kids feel better about their treatment, she paints whatever they want on their cast. >> it just started with a black sharpie. now i have paint pens. >> this is a '60s inspired. i did mini on one side and a bow on the other. >> reporter: some
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>> this is our kanye west line of shoes. this is our bb-8. storm trooper. this is my darth vader. >> reporter: amanda does have setbacks. after prince died, she felt the need to paint in purple. >> i had a couple teenagers and i was hoping they may know who he was. no. they were not interested at all. >> reporter: but as luck would have it -- >> i had a coworker that was interested. >> reporter: she sprained her right ankle. >> i loved prince. that worked out well. [ laughter ] definitely my favorite cast aye ever done. >> reporter: amanda hall has made hundreds of paintings. however, you can't find her work in any art gallery. her priceless art is for her priceless patients. [ laughter ] >> not bad? >> not bad. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in washington, d.c., wu
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>> and if pediatrics center helps with children with needs and disabilities. it started as a children's home in '83 and is in northwest washington. and dress code changes to one of the most elite schools. more security and lights in place following a rape allegation on campus this spring. also the student government has voted to ban students from wearing the washington football team's logo to school. they called the mascot offensive and goes against the community's beliefs. on our facebook page tonight, we ask if you agree with that decision? and lindsey said, they're a private school. they make the rules. she highly doubts parents will withdraw their kids because of it and she agrees with their decision. another wrote, totally stupid. most likely they're getting money from somewhere. what a shame. this is one of the most talked about stories on th
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if you'd like to weigh in, join the conversation. moms are always telling their kids, don't play with your food. but apparently some dads aren't listening. the latest facebook trend asks fathers to take the cheerios stack challenge to see how many of the little o's they can stack on their napping baby's head. [ laughter ] >> it's almost impossible to believe. but one dad stacked 16 cheerios on his little girl's forehead. i don't know! if they're asleep, you don't bother them! you want them to sleep! [ laughter ] >> when she was aleap, that was it. >> don't breathe -- asleep, that was it! >> don't breathe! don't get too close! [ laughter ] adorable pictures. >> when the kids are just big enough not to choke but feed themselves cheerios, oh! [ chuckle ] >> best thing ever! >> best thing ever. love it. >> still do. got to look at these pictures of the hail yesterday. it's rare we see hail
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in diameter -- diameter in the area. look how it accumulated on the ground. that's all hail! >> my goodness! looks like snow! >> it does look like snow. it was accumulated by the house. that's bigger than golf ball- sized hail. somewhere between golf ball and baseball sized hail. sorry, paul, your truck windshield was blown out. that's very unusual. we cleared a little earlier today. then we thawed and got warmer. we went 78. thought it was okay. 82. now 27 of 30. going to go 84 tomorrow. all right. 73 right now. dew points in the 50s. just fantastic. it's really, really nice outside. and it's going to stay that way. i mean, a cool start tomorrow with a warm finish, though. we're looking at a perfect saturday with highs in the -- perfect saturday night with lows in the 50s and 60s. warmer for dad. not humid, though, for sunday. some 90s return next week but not that humid on monday either.
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so futurecast, 7:00 in the morning, i think these are a little bit high. i think we'll see 50s. 59 in rocksville. about 64 in fairfax. by 10:00, okay, we're in the mid-70s. i get that. sunshine. low 80s. 79 still in play. 80 in cumberland. i mean, beautiful from the mountains to the coast. no matter what you want to do this weekend, if you're a runner, golfer, just perfect. by tomorrow evening, i think these numbers are a wee bit low. 83 or 84 in humphreys and dale city. 24 hours from now, back in the 60s. and even tomorrow night, we'll be back in the 50s in the burbs. >> this is a very nice weekend. last weekend of spring. summer rolls in on monday. all right. 60s to start. tomorrow is your downtown temps. and then 77 at 11:00. 81, full stun at 8:00.
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for dad, warm, not humid. monday, hot, 90. but not humid. next seven days. cold front on tuesday. a few storms. 90s but then drops temps wednesday into the mid-80s. maybe a shower on thursday. not a huge deal. quicken loans to town next week. great golf at oakmont. a lot was ayed. we'll show you how the notables did at the open. >> does
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quicken loans national begins next week when the tournament returns to congressional country club in bethesda. we know the host won't be participating. but we find out who would tee up this year. it's a full field headline by ricky fowler. ranked 5th in the world. troy merrit will also be there. five pga tour leaders
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season. and as always, plenty for everyone out at the course. >> hard to believe we've been here ten years. such a great impact. and each year, the experience gets better than the next. so, again, the clubhouse rooftop, the quicken loans hole in one, the board, there's something for everyone here at the quicken loans national. >> and it looks like it's going to be great weather. u.s. open today. this is the scene yesterday as weather wreaked havoc on the course. much better conditions today. the leader whose play was suspended at 3 under, andrew landry. then not so pretty for the day. jason day. he had to go for it. trying to finesse the ball. but didn't quite work. that looks like a familiar shot. he double bogied 5 over. dustin johnson, early contention. here he sinks the birdie putt here right now. he's at 4 under.
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both of his rounds today in the 60s. tied in the lead for landry. new 2011, the san diego padres hired a pitcher named joe ross. now ross gets a chance in d.c. to face his former league. bottom of the 1st, matt single up the middle. ohn jay scores and ties awith sack fly. it's 1-1, early on in san diego. finally tonight, this dad, he's just enjoying the ball game with his adorable daughter. how is this for super human skills? >> doo, doo, doo [ singsongy ] >> just catches it! [ laughter ] >> with his daughter! >> daughter in one hand. ball in the other.
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>> inside, grimacing. >> it had to hurt. >> oh, yeah. daughter, a hot dog. everything like -- >> he grabs it like a boss. >> no big thing. no big thing. >> he has food in his hand, too! >> awesome! >> amazing.
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all right. a fantastic father's day weekend. >> cookout! barbecue! whatever you want to do with dad! or maybe some golf. >> happy father's day! >> thank you. >> to all
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