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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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get ready depending on where you commute you may need a new plan for the next 16 days. that's if you don't even take metro. hello i'm debra alfarone. the stations along the blue and orange line will be shut down. you're going to need a plan.
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live to explain how this will affect your rush hour's commute. stephanie? >> reporter: debra, the key tomorrow will be shuttle buses. those will take over in places where those trains are not running. expect those to be packed tomorrow. all across the board the orange, the silver, and the blue lines are going to be crowded running less frequently if at all. >> i started in metro center. but there is no blue line from rosland. so now i need to find another way to get to pentagon station. >> reporter: they are waiting for a bus. >> instead i thought that there would be a blue line. then i find out that there is nothing here >> reporter: she is resorting to plan b.
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it's a bummer. i imagine it is pretty dangerous at this time. >> reporter: metro has shut down the orange, blue, and silver lines and benning road. >> i have spent some time in brussels, belgium. i trust their metro system far more than ours. >> reporter: dc is urging on commuters to going forward. hoping that the manager will let her leave work early to make up for lost time. >> it will take me 40 minutes to get home instead of the ten minutes, you know? >> reporter: this project runs through july 3. >> thank you so much stephanie. prince george's county ha
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decided to add a new free bus shuttle. it'll run at suitland stations. and five will run during nonpeak. >> reporter: all seeing more users since metro's safe track began. we are putting a list on wusa9 to stay up to date. switching gears now, a stabbing sent one man to the hospital. dc police say that the man was conscious and breathing when he was taken there. they say they believe that the stabbing was not random. an estimated 50,000 people gathered downtown orlando tonight to honor the victims of the nightclub shootings. there are still many questions as weijia jiang
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thousands of people brighten the night honoring the victims of the worse u.s. history shooting. >> this will change orlando dramatically. we are all one. >> reporter: crowds arrived to a popular park by the bus loads as a show of support for the lgbt community. earlier at 2:02 a.m., church bells rang 49 times throughout the city for those killed exactly one week before from inside the gay nightclub. they lost their close friends. >> and i know that he is looking from above. he will be overwhelmed. >> reporter: this event marks the end of the somber weekend packed with funeral services as the community moves forward so does the investigation. >> reporter: the
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general says on monday that they will release the partial transcript with negotiators from inside the nightclub. >> we do want to be transparent from this investigation so that you can see not only what they were thinking and what they were doing and also the kind of information that we're looking at. >> reporter: they plan to meet with survivors and investigators on tuesday as the city is still hurting, but hopeful. >> gun sales are reportedly up. stephanie ramirez spoke to people about it as congress gets ready to debate the new measures this week. >> i'm very angry. >> reporter: it is over congress not acting after newtown, charleston, san bernardino, and now orlando. >> people are advocating
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reasonable restrictions on the purchase of semiautomatic weapons. how necessary are they in their society? >> i think it is less about what i believe could happen and more about having the conversation as a community. they still have questions, but they welcome a dialogue as people in our area are buying. multiple gunshots are seeing numbers up. when it comes to his ar dealer. >> three quarters of the inventory had been sold already. >> reporter: not just selling ar rifles, but ar rifles you modify after an assault of the weapons band. you think that is why they are here, but actually. >> and i will be
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candles lit, keeping up with it. >> reporter: they have been spending hours here protecting the memorial armed with a heart. >> he felt compelled to do this and his focus is on keeping an eye and lending an error. at dupont circle stephanie ramirez wusa9. >> here is a look at the proposals expected to be presented this week. but first with the loophole, they only require licensed gun dealers to conduct checks, the second would block anyone on the watch list. and they would delay or notify the fbi if you try to buy
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gun. and they waited in line for as long as eight hours to get tattoos, and the artist donated their time for the event. a live look downtown cleveland where thousands of those fans are gathering tonight to celebrate their stunning win over golden state and their finals. wow, what a game. i'll have much more coming up later, you know that on game on overtime. it sounded like gunshots how they described a massive tree branch that snapped and fell to the ground. this branch fell near their natural history mew seem northwest. they rushed to help one woman who was hit in
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it also damaged one man's car. >> we looked over and the tree was crashing down, like my heart fell. >> yes, it was scary. >> all of a sudden this came down crashing on my car. >> we're told none of the women's injuries are life threatening. well summer is going to touch down tomorrow with all the heat you can handle and then some. but how long will it last? let's get right over to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> hey dep a, it was a good father's day. we'll let you know how they did with the 3-degree guarantee. closest storms, as we point them out to tell you that there is nothing there and b we need to watch that. and ahead of that tomorrow it will be toasty
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evening. we're down in the mid-60s. and 77 in upper marlboro. fairfax at 74 degrees. for your morning get ready for a sunny start to your week. on our way to 94 for the high on monday, a little bit more humid and tuesday we've got that storm threat. debra? >> thank you, howard. closing arguments in the trial of stephen goodson jr., the third officer to stand trial in the death of freddie gray. the 46-year-old opted not to take the stand before the defense rested its case on friday. he is charged of second-degree murder. three counts of manslaughter, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. a charge of the
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the prosecutors to charge a person with murder without proving he intended to kill. prince george's county fire investigators say that it was careless smoking that lead to a fire that caused $300,000 to nine apartments. one firefighter spent the night in the hospital after complaining of chest pains. new information in that fatal crash in virginia this weekend. now, that left six people dead. the driver faces six counts of lamansughter, but none of those passengers were wearing usability. driver fatigue may have been a factor. five
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thrown from the van. all of them died at the scene. welcoming up tonight. here is a question i never thought i would ask. what do you do when a bear wants your peanuts. the first look at the new addition to the clinton family. today marks the 30-year anniversary of the day that innocents died. how she said that glenn
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. but tonight hollywood is mourning the death of the actor, the 27-year-old was killed this morning when his own car rolled backwards down the driveway and struck him. he was pinned in a fence. and they went to check on him when he did not show up for rehearsal. today marks four years since the star turned boston draft pick died from a
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overdose. his mom shared with wusa how his death and the death of the younger brother have helped others to live. >> my mission that i would not wish it on anyone. if they came to me and said that you're going to do this and that, but you have to bury two sons. >> his death shocked the country. >> they learned that there were traces of cocaine in the system. >> reporter: the all-american was just drafted by the boston celtics. >> we certainly need to be above the healthiest. the prince george's county kid by the nba. >> he arrived here in cardiac arrest by 6:50 this morning. >> but there on june 19, 1986 came the unthinkable news that no one saw coming. >> reporter: after being drafted by the boston celtics, he said that i'm on my way to the dream come true. >> and 30 years later
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says that the pain never fades. >> and it wasn't until the death that i was kicked into my purpose and kicked into my purpose. her powerful voice resonated. her courage inspired. two years later the younger brother, jay a powerful six- foot-six basketball player in his own right was shot dead in a prince george's county inparkg lot over a girl. >> when jay died it was of a different color as i was mad with god. i wanted to fight. i took my fist and beat the walls. i would be out of my mind right now. >> reporter: and so she
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to families. >> where is the passion and the unconditional carry? >> life is a bowl with a lemon and honey in it. sometimes it's sweet and sometimes bitter and you have to take those lemons for real and make lemonade and that there is a champion within you. >> she has a lot more to say, but it is the perspective on the deaths of lemon that leave many speechless. >> i know that these are two beautiful seeds that went down into the ground. to bring forth a line. >> she credits the support of her hospital and two remaining children michelle and eric and her now five grandchildren for making it through every day. that's the powerful inspiring woman. >> definitely. thanks fat
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>> yeah, very moving. you know what, i'm really excited about summer coming tomorrow that it will be here. >> yeah, some people will take the longest day of the year. it is 24 hours long and the most amount of daylight nearly 16 hours. that it will be clear, not the longest, but only 24. >> except maybe when they do that time change thing we get that day. >> that's a bookkeeping trick. we've got a little bookkeeping for the three-degree guarantee. forecast high today was 89 as we hit 90 and that is 29 on the last 32. my 3-degree guarantee tomorrow and a toasty 94. that's how we're going to celebrate if you will that first day of summer. right now hey it looks good there on that michael and son weather camera taking the scaffolding down. more and more as the restoration of the capitol dome. 77, that's a little warm still, but not bad because those dew points are still in the 50s, creeping into the
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not as impressive, but still it will be hot and some heat and excitement and in the upper 90s, not the heat advisory, but still very warm for a hot start to the week. 77 in town down to the mid-60s in culpeper and down to 60 in the high country in west virginia in the valley down to 60 degrees with fredericksburg right now at 7 did. look at the temperature forecasted for tomorrow. 116 in phoenix and today with a record 118. and that is the temperatures down to 120 in the desert southwest. dangerous heat for them in the low to mid-90s around here and that is that toasty temperature. 99 for st. louis and 80 in minneapolis with a front that will come through and that will come on tuesday and out ahead of it a chance for showers and storms. but for the time being with high pressure in control nice quiet night tonight. they will creep towards us tomorrow. that'll push those temperatures up. by tuesday tt front will approach with severe we
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virginia. south of fredericksburg, clipping the northern neck with damaging wind gusts, most likely the scenario and an isolated tornado. but hopefully they will not creep up here on the future cast to show you a very quiet night tomorrow if you will be moving through west virginia that you may see the stray shower or storm in the afternoon. but as we get into tuesday, you'll notice a few showers and storms here and there and by the middle of the day in the afternoon as we may drop it with that caution on tuesday that it could be an act. we'll watch that. tonight 69, 69. partly cloudy with the southwest wind at 5 to warm up quickly through the 60s and the 70s, a few spots by lunchtime on their way to 94 degrees, hot, still not too humid, but it will be stickier compared to sunday. tuesday, 88 with some
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best chance south of town, warm and dry wednesday with fingers crossed, moisture will return late as we may basically have showers late wednesday and more likely you'll see the showers and storms on thursday lingering into friday. but the good news for your coming weekend with the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. right now no rain drops to talk about in the seven day. >> i'm liking that, it sounds good, okay, your neighbors? >> who doesn't. >> exactly. so imagine that you're chilling in your backyard when a neighbor decides to check in on you. and the only thing is that it is a neighbor right there a black bear. but thank you to heather spurling for snapping that. they were hanging there as you can see it and a little close up there. but anyway they are calling that guy wilson after the neighbor on the 90s sitcom. even to say just peanuts, he left. you'll need to start trending. [ laughter ] >> yeah, but what would you do
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your son? wait until you see how one woman responded. and it is a moment of sharing between the little boy and girl on
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form ernest lott president bill clinton and hillary clinton spent father's day with their new grandson. the clintons tweeted out the photos of baby aiden today. he was born saturday. he's a second child for chelsea clinton and her husband. and the couple also has a 20- month-old daughter charlotte. the mother's protective instincts kicked in to save her son from a mountain lion. the 5-year-old boy was playing outside the home on friday when he was attacked. the child suffers deep cuts to his face, head, neck, but then his mother stuck the hand in the mountain lion's mouth to pry it open to feed her son. they say that she did everything right. >> you want to fight and you want them to know that you're not an easy pray. >> reporter: the boy was taken to the hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery. here's a father's
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caught a foul ball at the houston astros and their reds game today after some encouragement from dad. the boy gave the ball to a young girl seated nearby. check out the elated expression on her face. look at that turns out that dad was right. >> you're going to get married. awe, look at her face, she is so cute. well you know what the party, it's definitely on in cleveland tonight. a live look at downtown where the cavalier fans are celebrating the nba championship as we are back with a sports preview.
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cleveland rocks, finally first title over 50 years. dramatic fashions taking out golden state warriors game seven nba finals. yeah, the king is king again. a lot of emotions spilling out as the cavaliers get the w taking out golden state. much more coming up in game on overtime. a little controversy in oakmont. and it did not matter as they won the u.s. open by three shots for 4-under par. by the way he tied for second that he'll be here for the quicken loans, we've got you covered right here. the tournament on our air with a special iosessn next saturday night at 7:00. and some baseball as they will be wrapping up their series in san diego and with the powder blues on father's day with the finals to pick up the blues with the dodgers on monday night. plus coming up
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around with what's going on in high school sports even though it is almost summertime for these kids with a lot going on. >> and hockey in june absolutely. >> oh my gosh what an exciting night of basketball. >> yes. >> tell us about tomorrow. >> they will be on the 90s tomorrow with a chance for storms drying out on wednesday, but they will come back any time on our wusa9 app. thanks for joining us. this guy game on overtime is next. good night.
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coming up game on overtime. one game to decide it all. the nba finals, whose legacy would grow, the kings or curry? we've got controversy at the u.s. open golf tournament. how would it play out? and we'll get you ready for the big time golf hosted by tiger. we're excited to put those players on the spotlight here. >> there is nothing like baseball on father's day as they try to win their world series as the padres check the rule book. game on overtime starts right now.


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