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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. welcome to wusa 9 news at noon, these are
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noon where katie ledlecky arrived home after a successful performance in the olympics in rio. we want to get to our other top stories. an apartment exin silver springs, nicki explains what's next. crews want to be absolutely sure, 7 bodies recover at the flower branch apartment explosion seven people ranging from 7 to 65 they are at the medical examiner's office for a positive information. the people unaccounted for was 8 but one missing showed up alive and well. investigators say there could be more victims, people who may have been visiting the apartments, meanwhile survivors struggling with what's next where they'll live
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they'll go. about 50 people are still living at the temporary shelter. the kay apartment management is working to find them permanent homes, several people say they don't want the company to find them a safe place to live, they repeatedly reported the smell of gas and were ignored. investigators could release the cause of the blast by the end of the week. wusa 9 has south of the management company several times but has not heard back. turning to news coming out of prince george's county, funding is being suspended after a move after a scathing investigation, a 3-year-old was forced to mop up his own urine,
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alone. prince george's account can appeal. it was a violent light in the district, d.c. police are searching for two suspects after three people were shot. two women and a man were shot along first street and southwest washington a few blocks from that park none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. we're learning about a video gone viral speaking an investigation by d.c. police. showing an officer lifting a woman by her feet and pinning her against the suv, asked if she was prostituting. she said she was waiting at a bus stop when this happened. officers did not arrest the woman or issue any citations, she plans to file a complaint against police. happening today, a memorial for marion
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the 36-year-old died over the weekend with what appears to be a drug over dose, an alumni attended at the high school, graduated in 1988, some of the classmates are expected to speak at the memorial. this is katie ledlecky live speaking to the press and adoring fans. and i will be just taking a break and getting to school, i'm heading to sanford. >> do you have a driver's license yet, the stuff for your dorm room yet? >> no i don't have any driver's license yet i still have my permit. the last couple of years. i have a lot to get to my dorm. >> do you realize the impact you had on so many little girls
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everybody wants to be the next katie ledlecky in the pool. >> that means a lot. i hope to make as much as an impact as i can, we all had our goals in the pool, hopefully inspire other young swimmers and other young kids who are watching on tv, hopefully we did that. >> what's that like seeing the big crowd? >> it is crazy to see my friends celebrate and have fun with them. >> >> they've been a big part of that. just go with the flow with everything. are you going to hang your gold medals up in your dorm ro
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cooked meal, sleeping in my own bed. are you already looking ahead to 2020, a big discussion about a million dollars if you decided to go pro, what's going through your head now in terms of planning for your future? >> the only thing is planning for the next couple of weeks moving into college and i'm excited to go to college and swim for a really great college team and go to school with some of my best friends, and goals and hopefully be in tokyo as well. are you tired and warn out? >> it was a long flight. i switched with them, i got an extra row. did you get a chance to do sports illustrated. >> we took that picture a couple days ago a t
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taking those pictures, it turned out great. sorry? all the hard work pays off, i set some big goals a couple years ago, i didn't know if it would be obtainable that's the best feeling i think i can have. >> what does it take? what do you think -- is there anybody else like you, you are the most incredible. >> it takes dedication, i have some good friends and family, they've made it
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>> i think everybody enjoyed being in rio we all had a great time we were all safe and happy and healthy be we all did enjoy rio. >> actually i was on a different flight than my parents and brother and my parents actually took the medals on the plane, that's great. yeah they are heavy a little more than one from four years ago. >> he put they will on perfectly, i said how did you do that? he has a lot of practice
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it. more cheers and applause for katie ledlecky back home she is at dallas airport talking to the media with accomplishments at the rio olympics, she doesn't have a driver's license but has four gold and one silver medal. not quite as hot today as it was earlier is week, you might want to dip in the pool, a look at the forecast. we're already above 90, i want to point out we have the hot weather here to the west in ohio in west virginia, parts of pennsylvania, more clouds and showers and thunderstorms that arrived mainly after dark ahead of it we're in the ninety, 9 is in town, pittsburgh, 73, columbus 72 they'll have
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break, sunshine, 75 by 3, i think after dark during the over night heavy downpours look at this trend, tomorrow night saturday and sunday upper 80s and lower 90s cooler temperatures beyond that next week there is a lot that will happen between now and the seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes we'll be back with more news at
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. welcome back to wusa 9 at noon where we're tracking metro more delays are on the way for riders, changes for the big maintenance plans, single tracking between shady grove and the metro stations will end sunday instead of tomorrow. weekend shut downs are also in place. and the station where riders are going to
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rockville metro station falls in line for the space track plan which includes weekend closures. hopefully, you know, have patient. isn't looking forward to more delays and disruptions to rail service on the red line this weekend. >> we have to wait around in this heat a have to leave earlier. under the metro's maintenance plans the rail system won't be an option. the tracks will be closed between grovenor and shady grove metro station, now ends. >> it is going to caution some congestion. made adjustments in july that sent one person to the hospital. rail cars were damaged to the metro station, the tracks jolted when this happened. new inspections revealed issues
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interlocks. under the changes crews will now have more time to focus on the problem and fix it. >> even though they are convenient. buses will replace trains and weekend riders are encouraged to find ways to get around. metro will announce changes in mid-september. reporting from montgomery county, wusa 9. so far 7 weekend shut downs are schedules which effects the new surges if you want to stay on track download our free wusa 9 app. still ahead evacuations in the tens of thousands of the san bernardino wildfire burns out of control. we'll have the latest for the efforts on the main. >> louisiana residents salvaging what they can we'll be right back. we've had the storms the last few nights and that extra water has helped the allergen co
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and we'd pollen is in the moderate county, we're still tracking the possibility over the next few days i'll have your f
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. two major weather stories across the station today a fast moving wildfire east of los angeles in louisiana let's start with the blaze in california, it is now affecting more than 80,000 people, it is being called the blue cut fire more than 30,000 acres have burned east of los angeles, a portion of the maybe highway from las vegas is closed, carter evans ha
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from california. huge flamed lit the night sky as the wildfire continues its relentless advance. it only took a matter of hours for the fire to explode to thousands of acres tuesday afternoon burning entire neighborhoods to the ground and destroying the legendary summit end since 1952. >> firefighters can't get their way here the flames just too intense, thick smoke above san bernardino county, the wildfire pushed by strong winds, dry brush and 100 degree temperatures. this is a huge, huge fire fight out here. >> keeps moving, keeps jumping. >> my motor home blew up, car caught on fire. six firefighters were briefly trapped by the flamed. >>
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smoke. we found these working to protect their neighbor's home. >> were the fire fierce. up there where the fire is i guess. this is one of 9 fires burning in california the one in northern california by sacramento is 35% contained the man accused of setting that fire was trained as an inmate firefighter when he was in prison. authorities in louisiana are assessing the damage following deadly flooding the water is expected to continue to rise in some parts of the state and put more homes in danger. more than 30,000 people have been rescued and 11,000 in shelters, it is the largest response since hurricane sandy. 11 people have died in the floods. and parishes are included
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the declaration. and living with other family members thank goodness they have a place to go in louisiana, it is just devastating. you think about hurricane katrina, so much flooding from that. >> baton rouge was a refuge for those people. now they have to be going wherever they go. we have flood concerns we'll raise a yellow weather alert because the flood watch wish issued for much of the over night, several for inches of rain, the concern is that could set off again right now, though just some fair weather clouds a hot afternoon low to mid-90s ice hated storms isolated storms, and cole pepper, prince william county, through theimmediate metro, have that flood watch in effect from 4 p.m. until 3 p.m., if we get those storms could go
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area some could pick up 3, 4 inches of rain. mid-80s in the valley, 91 in town, east, 86 on the bay in reedville, and warm afternoon going to be a hot one feels like 96, point out east, seems to be running a little bit high, we seem them standing up at 105, i don't think it is that uncomfortable we're looking at temperatures at the airport with the weather camera behind us, 91 winds out of the west northwest gusting at 20. there is a lot of moisture that storm that brought the flooding rains to louisiana see that guy right there from chicago? that's going to help enhance the shower and thunderstorm activity as we get into the evening hours on the nighttime hours that's why the weather service has put out the flood watch for most of the area as we look
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96, 95 to 100 generally with isolated storms better chance for storms tonight maybe locally heavy rain that's why that flood watch that's why we've just raised the yellow weather alert 76 in town, tomorrow, 90, isolated storms friday hot and humid, stray storms 92. over the weekend i think we'll have scattered showers and storms saturday 89 so i'm hoping it will be okay for the home game the pre-season game, sunday 92 scattered afternoon storms by monday and tuesday, tuesday looks fantastic play hooky, a high of 82. school bells will be rings next week, beside new clothes and backpacks, children need a healthy start. and the back to school health checklist. >> the lazy days of summer are on
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being bombarded with back to school ads, stressing now it is the time to prepare for a healthy school year. should parents schedule a medical exam with their tactors before the start of school? >> the pediatricians to get to know your child better, with their growth and development, eating nutritious meals and make sure their vaccines are up to date. seeing which vaccination is required. >> if you're in a pinch you can go to your health department for vaccines as well. it is important for children to get good sleep, helps them stay engaged. >> at least 8 hours of sleep per day, they need to get sleep and day cycles going again making sure parents are putting kids to bed earlier. make sure your child's school knows ou
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challenges. i worry about the kids with asthma, food allergies the school nurse is going to want to know your child's medical history and the school nurse will need to have on file all the medications. for a checklist go to or look for a link on for more tips we have a link on our mobile app. we'll be right back.
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. we have a flood watch, storms really over night, you can see there may be te
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>> paul: what the hell is this? >> kevin: spring grove bus station. same locker dylan got an anonymous tip about. except this footage is less than an hour old. >> paul: kevin! >> kevin: paul, come on. this could be a huge break. >> paul: there are no breaks. the case is closed. i told you that. adam pled guilty. >> kevin: this is about more than clearing adam. it could prove that chloe is innocent, too. >> chloe: [ sighs ] i'm so sorry.


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