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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. thank you for joining us, i'm
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mike hydeck. a live look at the district after a night of intense storms. what a difference in that live picture. our sheehy storm tracker 9 ran into this tree down on southern avenue in southeast d.c. this morning. it looks like we are heading to more pleasant weather today. howard bernstein is on the terrace with a look at the forecast. >> it's all relative. not as many thunderstorms. we may get a few this afternoon. but i don't expect the widespread damage that we had. you can see the extending areas. out to the shenandoah valley, prince william and fairfax county and through d.c. also some down south through the northern neck and southern maryland and eastern shore but some of those damage reports are impressive. like 66 miles per hour gust at sea pleasant at the height of the storm in prince george county. a large tree blocking southbound wisconsin avenue coming out of bethesda and chevy chase into the district this morning. right now you can see the clouds and showers primarily south. a few up in pennsylvania. we have to watch to see if any of that pops for the aften.
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a high around 92 with 80s this evening and spotty storms. hey, mike, i have some hope. next week we could see some of the nicest weather in weeks. i will tell you about that in a few minutes. >> sounds good. when there is a chance of afternoon thunderstorms it's easy to track on live doppler on the wusa 9 app. download it. it's free. breaking news just in. brazilian police are giving the details on olympic swimmer ryan lochte's story about being robed at gun -- robbed at gunpoint in rio. an officer says lochte fabricated the story. three team usa swimmers including jack conger told officials the robbery was a confrontation with a security guard at a gas station. the men will not be allowed to leave rio until they testify. >> reporter: two american olympic swimmers pulled off a plane leaving rio last night and another still in the city
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brazilian police today. jack conger, gunnar bentz and jimmy feigen will be questioned again about a record robbery in what police believe are conflicting accounts. the athletes say they were held up at gunpoint early sunday morning as they returned to the athlete village from a party. 12 time medalist ryan lochte was with them. before departing rio, he told nbc armed gunmen posing as police pulled over their taxi. >> guy put out a gun, cocked it, pulled it to my forehead. i put my hands up. >> lochte told police a single gunman held them up and took $400. jimmy feigen claimed there were several robbers. one was armed. wednesday night lochte's version changed again. he told nbc there were two gunmen and that the gun was just pointed generally in his direction. he said that the swimmer's ta
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instead, was at a gas station when they were held up. this surveillance video is raising questions i. shows the athletes arriving at the olympic village around 7:00 a.m. sunday morning. brazilian authorities report they did not appear shaken and joked around. lochte's lawyer said there is no question the robbery happened and brazilian officials are trying to deflect criticism of problems at the games. the today is the first of a five-day cleanup effort in ellicott city. residents and business owners can bring large vehicles to move their belongings now. building contractors will be allowed to work on the recovery plans. after this window, main street will be closed for three weeks so crews can finish patching up the damage. it will hopefully reopen for good september 16th. that's the goal. we should learn what caused last week's explosion at a silver spring apartmen
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soon. the feds are expected to release the report on the findings. seven people were killed at the flower branch apartments. the body of the 7th victim was located tuesday. now to some developing stories this noon. what started as a car fire left two other cars and a home damaged. this was on reserve champion drive in rockville. we are told the burning fuel from the car ignited two other vehicles. a nearby house suffered heat damage. total loss of about $100,000. it was all accidental. in the district, we learned the name of a man hit and killed in a car overnight. police say the 44-year-old from potomac, maryland, was crossing 9th street and was hit by a mercedes. he later died at the hospital. the car stayed on the scene. sky 9 was over the scene of a hit and run on the inner loop at 7:00 on the beltway at 355. you can see the overturned s.u.v. blocking two lanes of traffic. we are waiting on
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of the striking vehicle that apparently left the scene. the driver of the s.u.v. was taken to the hospital and at this point no word on their condition. a hit and run in prince george county left one woman in critical condition. this was maryland 210 between palmer and livingston road. the woman was on the road when she was hit. there was a backup about 7:00 this morning. the intersection opened about an hour later after this. police in prince george county are trying to figure out who shoot and killed a man inside a car. this happened in sea pleasant. when officers got there, a man was suffering from gunshot wounds to the upper body. he later died at the hospital. parents in prince george county are trying to figure out what to do after disturbing allegations about the county's head start program. a report surfaced outlining three instances where students were abused. one teacher is accused of making a 3-year-old mop up the floor after having a bathroom accint
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texting it to the child's parents. erica barberina's daughter is about to go to the same school later this month. >> she is a special needs child. so, i mean, she uses the bathroom on herself all the time. are you going to take a picture of my daughter and make fun of her as well and send it to random people? >> federal funding for the program has been suspended. the school system can appeal. health officials are hosting a town hall in fairfax county to discuss the zika virus. 60 cases have been found in virginia, all contracted through international travel. nearly half were reported in northern virginia. area residents will learn more about the virus and how to prevent infection and transmission. a live look at the washington monument which will once again remain closed today after yet more elevator issues. on wednesday, a cable broke in the elevator trapping an
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weekend also because of elevator issues. still ahead on the news at noon, mcdonald's attempt to promote fitness is back firing. why this happy meal toy is being pulled from the stores now. >> you might want to avoid roads in pittsburgh when uber celebrated a milestone. we will explain.
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welcome back. world around the -- news around the world, three bombings in turkey. this is video of the second bombing that left three police officers dead and more than 146 people wounded. another seven people were killed in two other bombings, one near a police station and the other targeting a military vehicle. no group has taken responsibility for the attacks. we are starting to get the first look at surveillance video that appears to show el chapo's son being
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authorities say the 29-year-old was taken by a rival cartel of his father's. it happened in mexico. the video was released today by the state prosecutor's office. it shows armed men entering a restaurant and pointing guns at patrons before taking six hostages. now to campaign 2016, michelle kwan will campaign for hillary clinton. she will share with is a january americans hillary clinton's agenda for tax fairness. donald trump is on the campaign trail with new leashed chip in charm -- leadership in charge. he named steve bannon as a chief executive of his campaign. kelly an conway is the campaign manager. paul man that farther is taking a back seat after reports surfaced about his connection with run ssiapolitical campaign. and the green party got their chance to
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platform at a televised cnn town hall. jill stein said she hopes to sway former bernie sanders supporters to her side. stein was only at 5% support nationwide. firefighters say they never have seen a wildfire grow sofas and with such -- so fast and with such strength. thousands are forced from their homes in california. historic flooding in louisiana could lead to the state's biggest housing crisis
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the massive blue
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wildfire has grown larger and is threatening more homes outside of los angeles now. firefighters say they have never seen anything like this before. carter evans has the latest from california. >> reporter: one look at the huge walls of flame in san bernardino county and the frustration of firefighters becomes clear. >> we had to continually retreat against the advancing wall of fire. that is something that i haven't witnessed in this section ever. we have strike teams here and, remember, our priorities are life, property and infrastructure. lives include firefighters' lives. >> reporter: the fire raced through late wednesday afternoon scorching almost everything in its path. it's the spot fires that remain that are still endangering homes. on tuesday, the fire tore through neighborhoods in the community of felin with home after home going up in flames. it was only after smoke cleared wednesday that we could see the full extent of the devastation. the firefight continued on the ground and from the
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more than 17 miles. it is under mandatory evacuation orders. despite the threat, some say they are staying put. >> how bad would it get for you to leave? >> it would have to be really close. >> reporter: she isn't taking any chances. >> we sat up all night watching it. when they say it goes fast, it goes fast, okay. they are not kidding. >> reporter: the wind will pick up today with the daylight hours and it's these hazardous windy red flag conditions that make it difficult for firefighters to fight the fire. we are expected to have those conditions through 9:00 p.m. tonight. that means it will be hot and dry. perfect conditions for a wildfire. carter evans, cbs news, wrightwood, california. the head of homeland security, jeh johnson is going to louisiana to survey the flood damage. the death toll is at 13. baton rouge homeowne
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starting the cleanup process. she said she is overwhelmed. >> excuse me. i know it's material things. you can always get them back but it crushes you. you feel like you are violated. >> more than 60,000 flood victims have registered with fema. some may be eligible for grants with the rebuilding process. >> haven't seen anything like this since katrina. back then one of the things they tell everybody, cut the sheetrock a foot above where the water came. the mold will eat the paper from the sheetrock and the whole house is done. you have to get in there fast and start the process. >> here we deal with the afternoon thunderstorms. we do have great weather coming our way in the not too distant future. >> past the weekend, early next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday -- >> nicest of the year. >> it's been weeks since we felt anything this good. not so good, all this water we had the last few days with the crazy lightning storms. 3408d spores, like --
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the mold count is in the high category. trees, grasses and weeds are low. if you are one that is afflicted by allergies to mold spores, sorry, today is not your day. a good deal of sunshine. a little humid. we will get in the low 90s this afternoon. isolated remembers stow, none here but an isolated shower -- isolated storms, none here. but an i had shower or storm. we will see temperatures below 80 by midnight. generally in the low to mid-70s for lows tonight. 86 in town. annapolis and easton 84 and cumberland. low 60s in the high country. they are about 4,000 feet. when we look at the heat index values, not as bad as it has been but feeling it in a few spots like up to 90, 91, 92 on the eastern shore. not bad looking at all on our michael and son camera. dew point, 70 degrees. next week there are signs that the dew point
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low to mid-50s. significantly drier air mass coming in monday. northwesterly winds at 6. we could use the dry air. the dry air mass is up here in canada. showers and storms ahead of it. we will watch this system out of texas. the same system that gave the rain to louisiana, through texas, arkansas and tennessee. it's not as vigorous but heavy rain making thunderstorms in spots. for us it looks like it's south of us for today. the futurecast, temperatures, low 90s. isolated showers and storms. many of us will be dry this afternoon. it's kind of warm. by 6:30, not too much showing up on the futurecast. tonight quiet, low to mid-70s. a few spots mid- to upper-60s north and west, northern maryland, shenandoah valley, parts of northern virginia and the rural areas. tomorrow, lunchtime on friday, 87 in town. not that much activity popping up here. better chance to stay west
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highs in the low 90s. over the weekend, storm chances will be picking up, especially on sunday ahead of a front. in the tropics, tropical storm fiona, there is a tropical wave behind it we have to watch. this is right there. that is the tropical storm from yesterday. not concerned. the guidance takes it to the northwest. it will make the turn to bermuda and the winds with 45 to 50. right now 45. i don't expect this to strengthen to a hurricane. it's out there but not much to worry about. 92 today. muggy. isolated storm here or there. 92 tomorrow again with a stray afternoon storm. saturday, i think we will have a few more storms than today or friday, 91. sunday, here comes the cold front. scattered thunderstorms. 9 ahead of the front -- 92 ahead of the front. 85 monday, breezy, less humid. tuesday, you can take tuesday off, a day to
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something coming on -- wednesday looks good with highs in the mid-80s. >> thanks, howard. okay. fans, you can look forward to new stories from hogwarts. three new books will be released next month. they will be pushed out as e- books. they will reportedly explore characters other than harry. the author was ending the series in 2007. consumer news, an attempt by mcdonald's to get kids moving is not working out great. the chain said it is pulling the activity tracker from happy meals after reports they might cause skin irritations. it was supposed to be like a fitbit for kids. the chain will offer an alternative happy meal toy for that. sysco systems is announcing it will la off 5500 em -- lay off about 5500 employees. they are based in california and make networking equipment. they have a major office in d.c. as we
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many of the corporate customers are outsourcing data centers. at&t wireless customers. this story is for you. the company is doing away with overage fees. starting sunday, new cell plans with more data but a highest price. it's $10 more expensive. they come with more than three times as much data, however. buckle up taking an uber in pittsburgh. the ride haling service will use self driving cars. the ford fusion will have human backup drivers and transport customers like normal uber vehicles. we will be right back after just a short break.
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there is a story trending that we had to share with you. it is one of our favorites. a strapinger's act of kindness gets paid back in a big way. casey was at a store in texas. he noticed the woman upset. he thought i will pay for her groceries. before he left he told her she was beautiful. that night, he is a server at applebees. a family walked in, ordered the cheapest item on the menu and left casey a $500 tip with a notements casey, i want to thank you for the person you are. on one of the most depressing days of the year, the death of my father's anniversary, you made my mother's day wonderful. she has been smiling since what you did. >> casey says he tries to do small acts of kindness all the time but never had it returned in a way. he is trying to find the family to say
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hopefully when the story gets out there, he can do it. >> i bet he donates the $500 to charity. he doesn't sound like the guy that will spend it. >> he is a server, probably not making much money. >> he has the right heart. you want to do a tease real quick? tonight at 5:00 don't forget to join us. we are tracking details on the abuse allegations at a prince george county head start program. plus, a teacher shortage. in some school districts, the classes are getting ready to start soon. will amazon deliver your order in two hours or less? find out at 5:00 with our friends lesli foster and adam longo. it will be a hot one today. >> low 90s. isolated storm or two. tomorrow as well. i think it will be okay for the preseason game at fedex. jets are coming to town i think. over the weekend sunday,
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chance of storms and next week nicer weather. that will do it for the news. he's meteorologist howard bernstein. i'm mike hydeck. join us again at 5:00. take care, everybody. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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>> chelsea: you want to read it again, connor? okay. [ smooches ] you got it. whatever you want. [ sighs ] "dear connor, i am going to do everything i can to make sure i'm home next year, so we can celebrate your birthday the way we should -- together. you, me, and mommy. happy birthday, little man. love, daddy." >> chloe: [ sighs ] adam doesn't deserve to step foot outside the prison. >> victor: for your information, my son has suffered immeasurably. >> chloe: good letter, huh? >> chloe: mm-hmm. yeah. he got all of these toys and games for his birthday, yet the note is his favorite gift. isn't it? >> chloe: that's so awesome. hey, i bet you're gonna get an


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