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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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at 7:00, waitress stiffed on her tip because of what she looked like. there is an outpouring of support from across the globe. >> giving felons the right to vote. this isn't the first time virginia's governor has given the order. >> an intense search for the suspect who ambushed and killed an up and coming rapper in prince georges county. good evening. police are still searching for a motive in 18 year old douglas brook's murder. he was gunned down yesterday outside his mother's apartment building. as many as five attackers from two differents rushed him as he left a birthday party. he went by stage name of dirty swipey. he was on the rise with millions of views on his youtube channel. >> my brother was the best he could be. he wanted
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he wanted to be the best. >> he worked for something he deserved. >> you got people that want to take it from him. >> naive. being in that lifestyle is naive, being a rapper. >> there is an outpouring of emotion on social media from shock to anger with some directed at his girlfriend. police do not believe she was involved and any threats directed at her need to stop. new information on another weekend murder. investigators say the gunman who killed a seven-11 clerk in clinton, maryland shot the victim twice in his back and ran away without getting any money. the same man is suspected of holding up a hotel worker a short time later. there is a reward tonight for anybody who helps find the killer. arlington police searching for a man who attacked a woman. it happened around 2:30 sunday morning. the man grabbed the woman from behind and forced her to
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grassy area by the gw parkway. he covered her mouth and tried to put his hands under her shorts. the woman was able to break free. her attacker ran off toward the bridge. funeral services underway for christopher berry, the only son of the late d.c. mayor marion berry. mourners have gathered. police say he collapsed and died over a week ago after smoking synthetic marijuana drug known as k2 in his apartment in southeast. >> this has taken our community by storm right now. my thing is if anybody is dealing with any kind of struggle, we're here. we have people that care. >> the man had a really good heart. >> there are concerns about the use of k2 that will encourage others to abuse the drug. most say they'll remember christopher berry, that he tried to become a positive
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he was hiring returning citizens in his small construction business and ran unsuccessfully to replace his late father as ward 8 representative on the d.c. council. the virginia governor restored voting rights to some 13,000 felons. he made the announcement today in richmond. this comes one month after virginia supreme court threw out his blanket clemensy order for 200,000 felons. he was sued by republicans who accused him of partisan politics. >> some people say this is partisan, the governor trying to get more people to vote for hillary. >> i think that works both ways. i think if that's the motivation, the same can be said for the house of delegates who took him to court and decided to stop the act. >> we are using criteria that are objective, fair, uniform to review eligibility. >> the governor's new order restores voting rights for joshua cagney
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convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2003 for drunk driving. he spent seven years behind bars and is now a fitness instructor and mentors inmates. he says the right to vote is important in reconciliation in becoming a full fledged citizen again. virginia is one of ten states to ban felons from voting. fairfax residents will head to the polls to pick their next mayor. officials approved a special election for february 7 to replace scott silverthorn. you might recall he stopped down earlier this month after police arrested him in an undercover sting. officers say he tried to trade meth for group sex. controversy continues to dominate the campaign trail for the republican and democratic nominees. donald trump attacked the host of morning joe implying the couple is having an affair. he tweeted a promise to one day "tell the real story of joe and his very insecure lo
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he ended it by calling them two clowns. the new campaign manager says he doesn't hurl personal insults until he is attacked firsts hillary clinton's e-mail issue is back in the spotlight. the state department announced it is looking at nearly 15,000 previously undisclosed messages that were recovered while fbi investigated clinton's private e-mail server. the department expects to release the first batch of e- mails just before november's election. for the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows clinton has a six point lead over trump in ohio. the two are tied in iowa. get the latest coverage from the campaign trail any time on our free wusa9 app. more trouble for ryan lochte. he's now lost two sponsorship deals. speedo dropped him and ralph lauren followed suit a few hours later. this is not surprising after he admitted to making up a story ab
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point. in an interview he apologized to the people of brazil. >> if i did over exaggerate the story and told the entire story, none of this had happened. i was coming from the frat house, highly intoxicated and i made immature calls. >> speedo says it is donating $50,000 from lochte's sponsorship fee to a children's charity in brazil. the heart of ellicott city is shutting down again tonight. county officials posted an update on youtube about efforts to clean up main street after the devastating floods. for four days residents and business owners have been allowed to go back into the buildings to clean and haul away whatever they can. after tonight main street will begin be off limits so crews can repair and fix the damage. the goal is to reopen the street to everybody. a group
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have wrapped up the first day of classes at a new school in the nation's capital. hillary lane reports on how the all boys' school focuses on shaping them into becoming leaders. >> it's an exciting day for the 110 boys who make up the first class. >> they're empowering each other, uplifting each other. it becomes a brotherhood. >> this school called the ron brown college preparatory high school is the brain child of dr. benjamin william who serves as principal. the school serves mostly african americans and latinos. this 9th grader says he is thrilled to be going to school here. >> i a lot -- a lot of people who look like you, have the same ideas. >> reporter: he says that creates an environment where he can truly be himself and discuss the hardships he faces as a young african-american male. here the boys can learn and discuss openly without one of the biggest ra
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around? >> that's not something i am really focused on. >> reporter: bowling says he is focused on school and the special community he will be a part of here. the school district has received criticism because there currently isn't an all girls' school but the district says they plan to make new opportunities available for girls in the upcoming years. the new d.c. school is only open to 9th graders this year. each following year the school will add a grade. it's been a year since the d.c. area was in full blown pandemonium. today is bay bay's first birthday. a year ago he was as big as a stick of butter. now he is weighing more than his sister. his mom dug in and ate the cake. he still got some treats and
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had his first taste of honey. americans dominated at rio but team usa got a lot of help from team dmv. we have the story later. >> this isn't how you want to spend your first trip to hershey park. a roller coaster break down after the break. >> we'll talk about high temperatures tomorrow, still about average for this time of year but the humidity remains in check. it will be 85 in manassas. heat and humidity are lurking. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan.
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crews are working to help passengers off of a stuck roller coaster at harry reid she park in hershey --
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park in hershey pennsylvania. the roller coaster is the second to get students you can this week. president obama passes through louisiana for a first hand look at the flood damage. several thousand people remain in shelters. flood waters killed at least 13 people and damaged 60,000 homes. red cross says this is probably the worst national disaster to hit the u.s. since super storm sandy clobbered the east coast. zika whatflorida parents on edge. a lot of students wore long pants and long sleeve shirts. local mosquitoes are infecting residents in miami beach and the nearby wynwood neighborhood. in 15 minutes montgomery county will continue its fight against
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crews will begin spraying for mosquitoes. residents are asked to avoid outdoor activities in the areas tonight. after break, an update on a story getting a lot of attention online. a virginia waitress who didn't get a tip is getting a lot of love after a message full of hate. you are watching wusa9. this
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trending today on our website and across social media, an outpouring of love from around the world for a teen-aged waitress in harrison burg, virginia. >> can i give you a hug? thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> last week she served a couple who refused to look at her. when she looked at their payment slip they left a message instead of a tip saying "we only tip citizens." she is a u.s. citizen born in harrison burg to parents of honduran and mexican heritage. when her grandfather found out he posted a picture of the receipt and wrote you are a complete total piece of dung. the post blew up. >> she is valuable. she should never be ashamed of who she is or what she looks like or what her heritage is and most people are
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good. >> some people on facebook suggested the note is somehow a fraud but the restaurant manager says it is all caught on surveillance tape. nick cannon says he is enrolled at howard university in washington. the actor, rapper, comedian and american's got talent host puts his photo on his instagram page. he captioned it my first day as a freshman, howard university class of 2020. he retweeted the photo showing him with students. this is bringing back memories of his movie drum line in which he plays a freshman who joins the marching band at an historical black college. the tropics are heating up a little bit and even just in the last few hours, tropical depression 7 has formed. national hurricane center will make this a hurricane, will become hurricane gaston later in the week. here is
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the northwest. it will get into friday. this is saturday at 2:00 p.m. it is to the south southeast of bermuda. i think it will stay to the east of abouter mu today and move -- bermuda and move harmlessly on by. three degree guarantee. we are in good shape today. we went for a high of 85 which is about average. i will let you know how we did at 11:00. a live look outside, it is simply spectacular especially for august. 82 with dew points in the mid 50s, humidity 41%, winds northwest at 13. it is pleasantly warm and not humid. that will lead to a cool night. we are looking cooler, can rest the a/c. bus stop temperatures is 58 to 74 for temperatures. just simply gorgeous tomorrow, a terrific tuesday. it is still nice wednesday albeit warmer, not that humid thoughd
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more humid thursday and friday. at 10:00 tonight, temperatures are falling quickly outside the belt way. 75 downtown. we have 60s, 67 gaithersburg, 69 rock i will, 71 fairfax. by morning, some 50s, 59 in gathersburg, 57 frederick, 60 in fairfax. that's a pretty cool start for late august. by 9:00 we are still in the upper 60s to low 70s with pure sun. we get to the 12:30 hour, 1:00 hour, a great day, perfect day to eat lunch outside with temperatures in the low 80s. i think futurecast is gone hog wild on the clouds. a spectacular day. we'll break it down on the day planner with 60s to start, 50s in the burbs, 82 by 1:00 p.m. the next three days warmer wednesday but no
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91 thursday, isolated storm possible. friday a better chance for storms, a busy week. we have the burgundy and gold in town. a nice weekend. we will be monitoring the possibility of storms around game time on friday. >> got it. the flame is out and the athletes are gone, probably on vacation. rio olympics ended last night with a blast of color and music. members of team usa were all smiles with good reason. americans brought home 121 medals, the most the u.s. has won in any olympics not boycotted. team usa led the word in every medal category for the first time since 1948. a lot of the medals were thanks to athletes from our own backyards. besides the u.s. only three other countries brought home more gold than the state of maryland. if the the state was its own country it would have come in
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11 11th overall. that's counting double medals from relay events but still an impressive performance by maryland athletes. two recent grads brought home the gold, snyder and conger. both were remembered today for incredible work ethic, determination, and humility. >> gosh, we had two people in the olympics and it's so exciting. it's been awesome. >> kyle would do things that would make you go oh, my goodness. he could do jumps. he could throw weight around like nobody. >> at 20, snyder became the youngest world champion wrestler in u.s. history. he is expected to return to ohio state university where he is a student. conger is already back at the university of texas. >> very good story lines with stars going out and the future coming in. >> it's fair to
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>> of course they did. >> absolutely. what am i talking about? >> it was great. hall of famer darrell green has been a football player and tv host. now he
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matt jones came into the season as washington's presumed starter at running back and that can still be the case once he recovers. jones will miss the last two preseason games. they expect him for week one but in the meantime those fighting for a spot on the roster will have the spotlight on them. mack brown with marshal and kelly will have plenty peopley more work ahead of them these final two preseason games. >> a little sore now but we still have obviously rob, keith, and mack so those guys will get a lot of the first yard down carries
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blocked so i made sure i made an effort to keep my protection right and protect the quarterback. >> these young guys been coming along well. now that matt will be out it gives them the opportunity to get more reps. once the season comes around, one or two of those guys will be with us monday night. >> they show a lot of promise, they have a lot of talent. obviously they got put on the field friday and we'll have a better approximate picture after that -- picture after that. he is taking talents to george mason university, darrell green is taking a position with patriots athletics department. he's hired as associate athletic director. the college says green will work with the department senior leadership to build internal and external relationships, engage in fund raising but he could not get away from us that quickly. green will also still be part of great day washington and he
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leonardo decaprio's car crash caught on tape. the moment of impact, alarming eyewitness accounts.& how leo's romantic hamptons get away ended with an ambulance and mangled mini. >> blake shelton and gwen stefani's onstage pda. did blake's ex miranda get engaged? is adele's recent illness worse than she is letting on? what happened backstage. a "bridget jones' baby" exclusive. only we are on set with renee zellweger 15 years after the original. >> return of a reality tv guilty pleasure "toddlers and tiaras" is back. why the new crop of pageant moms are more outrageous than ever. for august 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight."


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