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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. good afternoon thank you for joining news at noon, we start with breaking news out of cobble afghanistan, the sirens are heard in
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transporting wounded in the attack in afghanistan. the journallest says american professors are still inside along with hundreds of students many appear to have escaped through emergency doors they con if confirmed the attack we'll monitor this situation and provide ab update you can check it out here and on our mobile app. in our other breaking news story, they woke up shaking from side to side from survivors of a devastating earthquake in central italy. the death tole is now 73 but authorities believe many more people buried under collapsed buildings have died. it struck around 3:30 this morning which was one of the hardest histothe area is a remote mountainous region, a popular spot for italians, ar
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embassy here in washington. people all around the world, and here at home are expressing shock and sadness after the news of the devastating earthquake in italy. it is really scary. she lived in italy for 30 years before moving to the district. she spent time in italy where a magnitude earth quick hit several towns early this morning. it is very peaceful area. now, much of the area is destroyed. at least 73 dead and hundreds more injured that number is expected to rise. she says she doesn't have any family that lives in the area and worries they might have been visiting the area. there is a festival going on and you know this is the area. along with many other italian americans in the
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family and friends over seas to make sure they are safe. she hopes to hear back from her loved ones soon she says the italian american community in the region will come together to support those in need. italians are more passionate people in this moment there is always a chance to get together and comfort each other. italy is no stranger to deadly earthquakes back in 2012 quakes killed dozens of people back in 2009 another killed hundreds. reporting in the district, wusa 9. as you can see the flag was lowered at half staff to honor the victims. another country also cleaning up following an early morning quake, hit by
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magnitude quake with ancient temples and killing only one person. they shuttle people that work at the national institutes of help the bus drives are protesting after a label war comes to a head the giant camel is there to grab your attention what they really want is for you to pay attention to their message. 75 protesters chanted asking for a contract and a raise of $1.50. drivers for wnt travel company saying they have been working without a raise or a contract since 2012. we spoke to two employees who say they were fired for their union activity. got fired, i've been working out here for 15 years and they have been trying to fire me for a long time because of the activity i do out here. ask for a raise and a fair contract. the company doesn't want to give a fair contract, they refuse to come to
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saying, we don't care. the president of wnt says this is not true the drives were fired for other reasons and they weren't given a raise in 2013, they've also been given a contact but the union refuses to accept it. maryland state police are investigating an accident on the inner loop of the belt way in montgomery county, sky 9 was over the scene near the river road, they believe the driver of a tractor trailer swerved to avoid the road it over turned and caused the rush hour back up the truck drive was not hurt. police in montgomery county are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man. we're told the man in his 20s was found with a gunshot wound in that home on sandy spring road. he was taken to an area hospital where he died. >
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beautiful skyline, we have been so lucky with the weather, howard says the 90s are back, howard what's in store for us. more heat more humidity, that's about to change summer is far from over, 82 in town, 81 in richmond, providence on this map, anyway providence the warm spot at 84 degrees. maybe high clouds streaming from the west but storms coming through chicago land over wards michigan, that may if we're lucky give us another nice sunset what we're expecting is that high pressure continues to dominate temperatures maybe a few upper 80s, 84 by 6 so looks okay tonight for the nats hosting the orioles here in washington, check it out 88,
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friday, 95 tomorrow and friday we'll both have a chance for isolated afternoon storms. back with the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. all right howard thank you. another u.s. olympic swiller is apologizing for the rio robbery hoax, they released a statement sorry for what he calls a serious distraction that he and his three teammates caused during the olympics, he left out some information in his statement including the fact that the swimmers urinated behind the building and ryan lochte pulled a poster off the wall, he still maintains they didn't force their way into a bathroom and a gun was pointed at them by a security guard. he says he paid a fine of $10,800 for a return of his passport. coming up, tesla steers
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. welcome back to wusa 9 news at noon, scrambling to reach survivors who were buried, the death toll now stands at 73. officials fear many more people have been killed the area is a remount mountainous region, it is a popular tourist destination one of the main issues is just getting the heavy equipment in to shift through the trouble and to get thune woded out. vice president joe biden
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morning. he is the highest level u.s. official to visit turkey since the failed coo. this comes as turkey and the unitedat stes crossed into syria in the latest attack on isis. still ahead on our news at noon, did clinton foundation owners get special help? drag weed starting to kick up yesterday, no for tree pollen weed pollen and mold spores in the high category, looks like rain chance is going to be pretty low for the next few days, we'll talk more about what we're expecting as far as more heat and humidity, the latest on the tropics all coming up in just a
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. an associated press review of hillary clinton's meetings found clinton foundation owners may have access to the secretary, how it is being portrayed on the campaign trail. donald trump is attacking hillary clinton after new reports suggest clinton foundation owners got access while she was secretary of state. >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. the associated press reviewed the schedule and reviewed 85 of the 154 people who held a meeting donated to the clinton foundation either personally or through businesses or groups. the clinton campaign responded anying the ap data is flawed
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meetings she took with world leaders. the campaign says they had no influence on her work at the state department. it is a charity, a world class -- hillary clinton is totally unfit to hold office. says trump is grasping atstraws. it is an act of desperation. the clintons say they never profited from work at the foundation. secretary clinton hasn't weighed in on the controversy because she spent the most three days out of the public eye at high dollar fundraisers in california. in today's health alert members of congress are now demanding to know why the price of epipens
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they delivered a life saving injection but the price has gone up 500% since 2009, the head of pharmacy for the hiv medicine defended the maker of the epipen. >> these are life saving drugs people don't have a choice whether they can buy they will to not. >> that's up for insurance to pay for them, $300 a pen, my iphone is $700. you don't need an iphone to exist. that doesn't matter because it is $300.90% of americans are ensures. the company that makes the epipen said in a statement, they are committed to working with customers and payers to find solutions to meet the needs of the patients and families we serve. florida department of health is going door to door to determine whether they have a third active
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hands rick scott announced a nontravel related case of the virus in the tampa pay region officials are attempting to locate anyone who may have had contact with the individual. the state is tackling a cluster of zika cases in the miami area. this time last year a mississippi firefighter was recovering from a dangerous safe transplant surgery. was 27 when in 2001 the roof of a burning house collapsed on him. he dealt with the pain and stairs of strangers one year ago doctors replaced this with that of a cycling victim. they would never look at me and think i had a face transplant. >> doctors say his recovery is remarkable. he had a 50/50 chance of
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took 26 hours to complete. forbes is releasing, usin an alga rithym. they are biotechs, ranking number two, and number one, eli in the seat with electric car company, tesla. they now have the world's quickest production cars the new version can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. they were reconfigured to restore more energy in the same pace, if that isn't enough to, this goes for $4 million,
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mere $135,000. you can do that. but just what they don't need more rain is expected today in parts of louisiana already hit hard by devastating floods. fortunately the national weather service says thriver is below flood stage, president obama toured affected areas promising more help for thousands of people who lost their homes. at least 13 deaths have been attributed to the floods. about 50 of the dogs and cats rescued in shelters in louisiana are now in waldorf maryland at the last chance animal rescue, they'll be placed in foster homes before being ready for adoption in a couple of weeks they'll p up for adoption at the petco in alexander virginia and saturday september 1st 17th. this may not have
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if it was a direct result from a hurricane that had a name like katrina, whatever the reason may be, but you're talking abouttens of thousands of homes, 13 deaths they need a lot of help. if you can open your wallets to red cross take one of those. all americans get involved, $10 to the american red cross could make a significant difference. absolutely. all right talking about the weather today we could be in a convertible tesla to afford that. beautiful day. temperatures getting what i call comfortably warm because the humidity levels are still in check 86, 87, 88 for the high, sunsets at 7:30, high clouds coming in, give us a good sunset, 74 by midnight, 65 to 70 will be
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so you might have to keep the ac. 82 now, we've got 80, meadeville, upper 70s for cumberland, 82, south wind at 11 that will bring more humidity over the last couple of days that will inch up closer to 70 by friday and have a better chance of storms, storms in west texas in the midwest, these guys, they kind of weakening a little bit notice they are moving towards indiana, they have high pressure off the del mar coast, be in good shape for the afternoon, temperatures as i said mid to upper 80s in a few spots tonight down into the 60s to near 70 tomorrow look at this may have a shower or two in the mountains early, isolated showers or storms in the afternoon we'll see
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come through us or stay west but not expecting a lot of activity and the same friday, friends will be hotter. 95 tomorrow 90 on friday. this is gastone, this this may become a hurricane. the outer winds strong enough to be a tropical storm now they are flying enough to be a closed circulation, this could, going to take it to the southernbahamas, and potentially towards south florida sunday night monday morning after that it could move to the gulf. there is a lot of if's here, nothing in concrete, clearly we'll have to watch this very closely, 88, 95 on friday that heat index could
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over the weekend low 90s chance of storms on sunday and a few storms monday and tuesday we'll keep it high for you highs in the low 90s we'll be back with more in just a moment. p?p?o?gv
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. taking a ride with britney spears, they hit the road this thursday on the late night show, airs right after the late show at 12:30 a.m. here on wusa 9. people are surprised, broadway and musicals.
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gold medal, you get last tickets to broadway hamilton, attended the tony award winning smash musical, they even greeted the cast on stage afterwards tonight on wusa 9 news at 5:00, a parking app at a northern virginia garage is supposed to help you find your car, we'll tell you why some say it is a creepy invasion of privacy. frightening moments for a 10-year-old girl after police say a man exposed himself while she was walking to a pool. residents file a lawsuit to keep the homeless shelter out of their community. another nice day a little warmer mid to upper 80s heat and humidity build with a few afternoon storms, would be the worst but we'll stay a little bit on the warm side to say the least through the weekend and early next week with a few storms here and there, i hope you enjoy it
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quite over. we enjoyed it. that's it for wusa 9 news at noon we'll be back at 5:00 where we're always on with our mobile app have a great afternoon we'll see you tomorrow.
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♪ >> walton: i started the show in 1987, so i have a lot of memories to share. and most of them, the really funny ones, are with jeanne cooper. >> kay: facts are facts, jill, as much as you would like to rewrite history. >> jill: oh, this is ludicrous. [ glass shatters ] not now! >> kay: aah! give me chloe! >> jill: ah! >> walton: she and i had the most wonderful relationship. the one that i particularly remember that i loved was when it was discovered that phillip had left the house to jill. >> esther: that toast is for mrs. chancellor. >> jill: do you want it back? >> kay: choke on it, jill. >> walton: and i, of course, resented her little chihuahua of a maid, esther, so jill rented this very large doberman. >> kay: what is that? >> jill: his name is ralph. >> kay: um, esther, have robert


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