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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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was no immediate threat to the school but parents say it deserves more than just a letter. >> it's the next day and everybody knows about it but me. i was just talking to the principal now and she asked me did i get the paper and i'm like, yeah, but the next steps other than just passing out the paper. >> what did she say? >> nothing. >> do you feel safe with your niece at this school? >> at this point, no. >> i don't think detack to detectors are necessary -- detectors are necessary. >> reporter: the dad is facing gun and child engagement charges. it's unclear what next step the administration will take. we reached out to dc public schools and they're not talking about this on going investigation. we're live, wusa 9.
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father's criminal background and while anthony childs has no prior gun charges he does have a history of domestic violence on his record. so it's happening again, there's a new health scare at prince george's hospital center. it's a repeat of what happened in august. the victims here are babies. tonight the hospital has closed down the infant intensive care unit. wusa 9's pete montene is there live. >> reporter: five infants were little victims of a tinier bacteria, two tested positive. the hospital said they are placing it safe. >> denise manning is so disgusted with prince george's hospital center she did not want to be on camera. she watched as ambulances waited to transport babies. her brother is in intensive care here. >> all they do is kill people at prince george's county hospital. >> bacteria has been found
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adults but a big problem for babies. the hospital said two infants just tested positive. they were in the neonatal understand intensive care unit. >> it's sad and mad. innocent children that didn't he to be here are gone. sad. angry. hurt. up set. all of the above. >> back in august nine babies were evacuated. the hospital said contractorssh problem from the nicu's water pipes. it reopened only a month ago. in a statement the hospital said it's relentless in fixing this new problem. >> they don't care because if they cared they would have never opened the nicu back up until they were 100% sure everything was out of there. >> reporter: now that woman was with another woman who said she's suing the hospital over all of this. other folks we have spoken to said they think the hospital has known about
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wusa 9. >> certainly hoping they can work it out. pete, thank you. the hospital said it's work ing with pubhelic alth and infection experts to find the source. breaking news in montgomery county. dozens of students were exposed to pepper spray on a school bus. this happened at watkins mill elementary school. they are and 30 are being taken to the hospital as a precaution. none of the injuries considered life threatening. there's one student who has been charged with assault. new information today about the bus drivers and the passengers who were killed in that catastrophic head-on collision of two buses in baltimore. among the people who died, a part-time pastor and a woman who dedicated her life to working with people who have mental health conditions. scott broom is in baltimore tonight to tell us more about them.
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section of all kinds of people from baltimore who were effected by these tragedies and the feeling of sadness all across the city and here at the contract bus company where that yellow school bus came from. we begin to put faces and names on the six people who died. >> still unexplained why a contract school bus with no children on board went careening down a baltimore street crashing head onto an mta bus both bus drivers died. a mother behind the whole of the mta bus and 67-year-old glen chapel of the school bus. >> she was a dedicated mom committed to her church who started as a fare taker and proud to be promoted. mr. chapel a retired truck driver who raised four kids in this baltimore home before going to work for aa affordable bus
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>> 51-year-old cherry yarborough, single no kid, loved by neighbors died. >> he had a good heart. she cared about other people . >> yarborough was a mental healthcare workers active in her church who volunteered for an organization dedicate today promote baltimore as a great place to live. >> it's going to be hard that somebody like that -- i mean, such a great presence in the city and to lose that is a loss for the whole city. >> i still can't believe that it's him. >> and then there was 52-year-old terrance lee kasey ridinga he was a part-time pastor said his son curtis letterboro. >> a family oriented man. always about taking kwar of care -- care of his family. you never know. >> reporter: here at that contract school bus company, aa affordable transportation the ntsb has been here this afternoon investigating. the owners are having no comment for us and there's been no clue here that will help us explain what
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bus to go out of control. the only consolation in all of this is that school bus had not yet began to pick up children for the morning. no kids were on board. reporting live in baltimore, scott broom, wusa 9. >> we don't want to imagine who could have happened had that been the case. scott, thank you. baltimore police said today they are still working to recover video from that mta bus that might help explain what happened. a man suspect two police officers in iowa is now in custody. police say 46-year-old scott greene shot two officers while they sat in their cruisers over night. the first officer was found dead just after 1:00 a.m. in urbandale, iowa. the second one about 20 minutes later 2 miles away from des moines. police call the killings an ambush. >> it definitely was no
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both were seating in their cars and shot sitting. >> greene has a history of confrontations with police. he was taken to a hospital after complaining about a medical condition and police say charges could be announced later today. a metro transit police officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation into the claims of two women that he assaulted them at the dupont circle metro station over the weekend.
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voters. in the latest cnn poll clinton holds a 4 point edge in pennsylvania and winning florida by a thin margin. trump is gaining in new new year's eve new nevada. he did he has best -- trump is gaining in nevada. >> i see all these signs cubans for trump. i love cubans. thank you, fellows. that's so good. blacks for trump. that's so nice. >> hillary clinton will focus on hispanic voters when she makes campaign stops in arizona tonight. that's a state that has not voted for a democrat since her husband won there in 1996. so no doubt this has been a heated presidential race but at one polling place in howard county, maryland some say emotions are boiling over in the parking lot. >> we are live at the bain center in columbia where there's
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standing here 100 feet from this voting place right here it didn't be considered voter intimidation. still we are hearing that word intimidation. let me just set the scene now. this polling place sitting within a very democratic county. it was back in 2012 that president obama won here with 60%. so what brought us here today is there was a volunteer who said that another person, another volunteer actually the cochair for trump's campaign here was intimidating him. he sat t found him. >> are you intimidating voters? >> no. >> frank is a self-described conservative, as run for office in howard county and has made it his mission to stand here every day to make sure that trump signs stay standing. >> the person who said they filed a complaint against frank wouldn't talk on camera. we asked others. >> i haven't seen anything that would be considered intimidation. >> i haven't seen him
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he's been trying to occupy the time of people who are pushing their issue or their candidate and preventing them from talking to voters. >> frank told us the intimidation goes the other way, people are conley vandalizing his signs. >> 90% have been destroyed, ransacked or, you know, pulled up. >> tell me why these individual instances of vandalize -- >> acts of vandalism. >> he takes out his phone and takes pictures and says why are you doing that. >> one person pulled a knife on him. more police are making the rounds here. >> you are hurting the regular people like you who care about democracy who come out here and do this stuff for free. >> reporter: we spoke to the head of the board of elections and they say that 19,000 people have already come here for early
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received one report of voter intimidation. that original complaint, they told him to go speak to police. now let's get to those signs. police confirm they have gotten about 30 reports of vandalized signs since august 1st but haven't said how many were trump and clinton signs, they said they investigate them all the say way. wusa 9. >> all right, deb . if you feel that you are or harassed call 866-our-vote. we are just getting started here on wusa 9 news at 5:00. still ahead, the inspiring story of how a mother found new life after the death of her three daughters. >> also ahead this year's capitol christmas tree begins its near cross country trek here to washington. >> doesn't feel much like christmas right now. look at the temperatures tomorrow. this is why we issued a yellow weather alert. we have showers and even a possible thunderstorm tomorrow.
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ride home. we'll come back and talk about when the front clears us out, what that means for the weekend and election day weather as well. >> up next lawsuits filed in connection with a deadly natural gas explosion at a silver spring
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more than 2 months after that fatal silver spring natural gas explosion that killed seven people there's questions about who is responsible. >> a judge might be the one who decides now. stephanie ramirez said lawyers filed suit against the major companies involved. >> it's been over 2 months and this is what residents are still waking up to. >> it's why seleman said he's
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since. >> it's stupid. so i am -- i don't want to see that place again because my mind is no good. >> though people say their frustration has not gotten any better. a month after residents marched into a leasing office demanding a promised second meeting on apartment conditions tenants say this meeting still has not happened. >> yes, we can. >> those same people chanted together outside of washington gas's dc headquarters on wednesday hoping this time someone, attorneys today filed two lawsuits, a class action and death inquiry complaint against k management, washington gas and the company responsible for delivering that gas. >> lawyers say the deadly august natural gas explosion that killed seven people, injured more than 30 and displaced more than 100 was completely preventable. both lawsuits slam the companies for neglect saying in the gas leak related 911 call made less than
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blast management failed to address, inspect, warn others or evacuate residents after the complaint. >> all we have now is the -- all the donations. >> sarah garcia said they're still trying to replace what her family lost. he lived at 8701 arlis street. >> i lost all my property. just my backpack after work , that's all i have. so i am -- i need help. i need benefits. with some 30 victims here. in silver springs stephanie ramirez wusa 9. >> at the least tenants said they hope this will change policy. we have responses in from both major parties and read them in full. bill cosby returned to court to learn whether damaging testimony from more than a decade ago will be allowed in
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the case should be thrown out. they site the 12-year day between the time that andrea constand said he sexual assaulted her and when prosecutors filed charges last year. >> there's many cases filed in many courts in which there's been a delay in filing much longer than 12 years. >> gloria alred represents several of the dozens of other women who said cosby assaulted them. defense lawyers also argued the case against the comedian should be dismissed because the previous district attorney promised not to prosecute him. the cosby trial is set to begin in june. big changes coming to a section of georgetown. the property where the exxon gas station sits at m street, well, it's being sold. the buyer intends to use the land to build some condos. the developer intending to break ground in the 3rd quarter of 2017.
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station is expected to remain there until the work begins. christmas is seven weeks away. got that? and now the u.s. capitol tree is a step closer to being here. it's an 80 foot spruce that got cut down today in idaho. it will spend a couple weeks touring the state before making the 3,000 mile journey to the nation's capitol. it will be decorated with thousands of ornaments from idaho before it's lit december 6th. all right. and particularly the winter out lock. >> yeah. a lot of questions on facebook and e-mails. when is it coming our wibting out winter out look? next monday at 7:00. we will talk about the snow. >> is this theme music to go with this >> shock and awe. >> let's leave that off the menu if we could. >> okay.
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on. so 3 degree guarantee. it's november. if i'm wrong we donate $100 to autism speaks. it's going to be close today because the winds were out of the south, which is a cold wind on the river for national. went to 77 for a high. we are at 74 the last 78 days. we have a weather yellow risk for morning commute. afternoon practices moderate risk for it being here. a live look outside at the michael and son cam temperatures going down. winds out of the south at 5. the winds turn south western and that will make it probably tomorrow warmer. i think it will cooperate tonight. howard tweeted this out. a show going on. we have mars up here, we have venus and saturn and that crescent moon and you might be able to see that around 7:15 tonight.
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that's about it. you'll certainly see this grouping. look low to the horizon for the venus and saturn and moon grouping. okay, of course talking about that super moon coming in november. i think that's november 14th. all right. warm tomorrow and then they plummet again. 79 tomorrow but then 64 on friday. the low to mid 60s on saturday, sunday, monday. that's average. average highs are 63. that's a good look at the weekend. it will continue through election day. at 10:00 66 downtown. we shouldn't be at 66 in the middle of the day let alone at 10:00. in the morning 58 in gaithersburg. almost a summer-like night really. by lunchtime, 1:00, some showers will break out just west of cumberland but i think we're okay for the lunch hour in town. look at the temperatures. 78 downtown, 80 in places like cull pepper and fredericksberg. there you get the showers and a couple of thunderstorms possible
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night a couple showers and soft yellow weather alert if you will. 60s to start downtown tomorrow, 70 by 11:00, 78 with clouds just moving in by 1:00 p.m. so behind the front breezy and much cooler but nice. 64 and 62. seasonable on saturday. sunday we keep it going for the ravens. 64. 65 on monday. look at this, 68 with sunshine for election day. maybe some showers on wednesday but that is not bad withi still ahead, a maryland school system making big changes to their calendar and the response to the governor's mandate. >> you may not need to prepare to snatch up black friday deals. we'll tell you why coming up in
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for the what's few days wusa 9 and this lady have been on mission to find bonds of a couple from the 70s.
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secretly hidden underneath the tea cart for years. so whose money is this? that's on wusa 9 tonight at 11:00. let's talk consumer news now. you may not have to work so hard to snatch up the black friday deals. according to the wall street journal. 80% of those block buster sale items in the store circulars like target have been the same since 2008. there are some occasional exceptions. you know, a new fad uc retailers say generally we buy the same toys and appliances year after year. you better book that air fare soon if you are flying to your thanksgiving day destination. hopper, a popular air fare prediction app said prices will climb $10 a day in the last 10 days before the holidays. a video streaming service is teaming up with the mouse and
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hulu's new live tv streaming service is joining forces with disney and 21st century fox to give subscribers access to more than 35 networks. it is set to debut early next year. who has not worn an ugly sweater for the holidays? well, now, there's a whole new line of them coming to your local lord and taylor store. the pricey holiday theme sweaters cost $139 ea >> it's in the cute anymore. >> that's a rip off. coming up, tra deputy dra matt -- dramatic new video of the final moments in the manhunt for a double murder suspect. >> the mom of an american journalist being held hostage in syria comes to washington to mark a new effort to win his release. >> the inspiring story of a
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comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. it's a crime that's hard to understand, a father killing his children in an act of revenge against his ex-wife. >> years later the mother is getting on with her life or trying to. her inspiring story of hope and healing. >> a search for meaning leads one to find it in a tree that
5:30 pm
others. a maple shining golden on a head stone of three angels. >> i have faith that they are at peace. >> jessica peterson's search for light started in suffocating darkness. >> we begin with a tragic story out of river falls, wisconsin where place found three people dead inside a home. >> who among us could forget the events of that july d a vengeful father took from his ex-wife 11-year-old amara, 5-year-old cecil ia and 8-year-old sophie. >> try to imagine living decades without them, it was too much. first an hour, then a day, then a week and then a month. breaking it down into small pieces that i could get through. >> getting through.
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>> can you say mama? >> i knew i needed to have more children. i needed people to keep mothering so that i could keep that part of me alive. >> clint was born last year and a year before that trinity hope. >> i was hoping by giving her the name that it would kind of reenforce for her t she wasn't here because they died but she's here because i lived. >> good work. >> matthew has been here too. >> good job. >> his first date with jessica less than two weeks before she lost her three kids. their marriage also brought jessica two stepdaughters. >> we are up and running. >> in a sere
5:32 pm
community stepped up in ways the illinois transplant couldn't have imagined. >> we raised $550,000 in 2 years. >> money that built the tri angels playground where jessica spends time with all her children. not once has jessica returned to her old neighborhood where the credit union that held the mortgage respectf r >> while jessica sur -- surrounded herself with memories. >> i just thu think about them and how i would have wanted them to live and grieve if i was the won who was gone. i would have wanted them to find more love and make their way in the world and make the world a better place. >> that's impossible to even imagine. jessica now frequently speaks to groups about her
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public speaking helps fill her desire to better the world. her ex-husband is serving three life terms in prison. the department of health in washington state is investigating a growing cluster of polio like illnesses in children. two of nine cases are afm. one child has died. afm is characterized by a sudden weakens in the arms difficulty swallowing. it's not contagious but there's no cause or cure. a mother in washington state facing charges of child assault for injecting her three small children with heroin. child protective services removed those children, ages 6, 4 and 2 from 24-year-old ashley hut
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investigators that his mother injected them with feel good medicine to drink. her husband hand already been charged. a father went jet skiing with his son and the body of william morris was found yesterday afternoon in florida. morris took his 3-year-old son for a ride on some jet skis. when his wife called to check in her 3-year-old answered the phone. the boy was found safe on a 24 hours later his husband's body was found. no word on the cause of death. a first look at newly released dashcam video showing the violent end to the search for a murder suspect in oklahoma. this is the shoot out with police that killed michael vance. vance is accused of killing two relatives and then shooting and wounding two police officers. he had been on the run for a week when state troopers fired dozens of rounds through the windshield of a
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>> this individual actually got out of his vehicle, let the vehicle roll backwards towards the officers shooting at him and advanced on it using the vehicle for cover like it was a tank. >> police arrested three people on monday for helping vance. they are facing felony charges. jury deliberations are underway in magazine because of a gang rape story. the virginia school administrators said she was portrayed as an aggressive. in ann arundel county there's a plan to start school after labor day. as part of is that plan spring break will be
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day removed and the end of the school year extended into the summer. can prince george's and montgomery counties be far behind. the school board vote ed d to reduce vacation days in the school calendar. trending, one of glamour magazine's women of the year is a man. >> the viral video of a twin's reaction when she realizes she's younger than her sister. >> yellow weather alert for tomorrow but not for temperatures. 81 in ma nasus 81 in fredericksburg. a rumble of the thunder and maybe showers
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well sometimes our trending segment might leave you crossed eyes. today you will be seeing double. adorable twin sisters learning what it means to be identical. >> we've been talking about this since last week. they are so cute. they excitement turns to dismay when win twin realizes she's older. take a look. >> i'm not say ing bigger. baby, don't cry. i'm not saying bigger. she's not bigger than
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she's just one minute old er. >> i'm just one minute older. i'm just one minute old er that's it. >> she's like -- >> i don't like that. >> you know what that face says, you're going to hold this over me for the rest of my life. >> it's so cute. it's so worth watch ing ing. i posted it on my facebook page. 3-year-old ava is just 60 seconds older but that didn't sit well with alexis. after crying they hug it out. the two have captured thousands of hearts on the internet with this video. i just looked at it on my page and 4 million people have looked at the initial video that was sent out. their parents created a you tube channel last year to document their childhood. how can you not love those faces? they are yummy. bono has another
5:41 pm
one of glamour magazine's women of the year. he's been the first man to be included for his campaigning for women's rights. critics side the award was created to celebrate women and their achievements. so little wayne, a man of few words. when he sat down with abc's night line he had one two many and it's making headlines. >> the hip hop star was questioned about fox sports in september when he said there's no as much thing as racism. he was asked about his thoughts t onhe black lives matter movement. >> i don't feel collected to dance. it has nothing to do with me. >> apparently young black rich [beep] if that doesn't let you understand i don't know what does. >> bummer. i wish i could have heard that. little wayne's rant
5:42 pm
and then ended the interview saying he isn't a quote politician. >> he goes his own way. okay. move ing ing on. coming up, the online answer for anyone looking to get out of work tomorrow because of tonight's deciding world series game. >> it's not going to work but you can try it anyway. >> up next, the museum takes up
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a museum is providing hope for the family of austin tice. the former georgetown student and marine core veteran has been missing >> his family hopes to be one step closer thanks to the banner outside of the news. >> when debra tice is asked about her son, austin this is her response. >> don't get me started. >> when she see ing this sign outside the museum, the sign she worked so hard to get it's not as easy to explain how she feels. >> mixed feelings because i've been asking for it but hate the fact that we still need it.
5:46 pm
syria. he's a houston native, former marine core veteran. he went to syria as a freelance journalist in august of 2012 and that's the last time his family talked to him. >> one proof of life video that was released in september of 2012 that austin is alive and we hold onto that. >> they are counting on the help of the obama and austin's captors. >> we met with president obama in his office in july and he assured us that he's doing all he can and we believe him. if austin's pastors that needs to reach out. >> debra hopes this sign on pennsylvania avenue will help get the attention needed to bring austin home. she said she has no doubt he's alive and she knows exactly what she will do when they're finally reunited.
5:47 pm
ground. he thinks he's really funny. i'll is my feet literally off the ground. >> until austin is home the banner will remain in a place where significance is of no coincidence. >> recorders without borders worked with the museum to get that banner in place. before austin disappeared he reported for the washington post. but tacos are trending today thanks to the cleveland indians. because the shortstop stole a base in game one of the world series taco bell is giving away free tacos today. if you're hungry and broke you better hurry because that promotion only lasts until 6:00. other wise it's like $1.19 for a taco. now in you're a cubing -- cubs of indians fan you know that
5:48 pm
series since 1908 and the indians since 1948. the fans are unproductive today and tomorrow. the cubs are providing you with a written excuse. the cub's twitter account posting this excuse note. to whom it may concern, please excuse blank from class, work or any other responsibility. the chicago cubs are playing game seven of the work and blaing has been a part of our fan base. we cannot fly the w without them. >> to which workplaces are saying dear, cubs, blank is being fired because they didn't show up today. >> they wouldn't do that here. >> you don't think so? >> if it was a noon game, okay. this is an 8:00 pitch first. they have all day to work. >> right. you won't need it. >> the problem will be tomorrow.
5:49 pm
all right. we sort of tinkered with it and batted it back and forth but issued the yellow weather alert for tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning is fine but tomorrow evening some showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. that means a wet commute for many and we are looking at wet practices, soccer practice, football practice. you need an umbrella. wet after dinner, no. i think we will dry out quickly by about 7:00 except for south outside at the michael and son weather cam, 71, dew points in the 50s, winds out of the south at 5. a pretty warm day considering we are in early november. one more warm day tomorrow and then back to reality. 79 tomorrow and then 64 on friday, 62 on saturday, 64 on sunday and 65 on monday. lots of stuff going on this weekend. high school football on friday heart walk on saturday, ravens on sunday. all in all that's a good deal for
5:50 pm
is a good deal too, 66 downtown at 10:00 under clear to partly cloudy skies. tomorrow only the upper 50s. even cumberland is 59 at 6:00 a.m. and hagerstown is 60 at 6:00 a.m. by 9:00 we are in the low 60s just about everywhere. 62 in fredericks burg and dale city. by 1:00 some clouds, 70 in hagerstown. you might see a shower hagerstown west by 1:00. the best chance for showers though will be between 2:00 and 6:00 for the immediate metro area and thus be a yellow by 6:00 some showers now as you go home home on i 66. 60s to start. a few clouds returning by 1:00 but 78 by then. much cooler on friday, 64 by nice. sunshine on saturday, seasonable 62. next 7 days. sunday still nice at 64. nice for the ravens game . the
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move your clocks back one hour and change your batteries in your smoke detectors. sunshine and 68 on tuesday for your election. now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> sounds like a nice night to walk around chinatown. the washington wizards opening up their home season against the raptors. >> kristen berset is live from the verizon season. >> reporter: hey, guys. back here at the verizon center. really hoping that home court is full advantage tonight. it's kind of been a rough start to the season for the wizards not what they expected. they started the first two games on the roads and neither were vicestori. tonight they host the raptors who were finalists. although this season still has 79 games to play there's a sense of urgency in terms of starting off strong at
5:52 pm
of being 0-2. >> it's obviously disappointed but not time to panic. we were close. it's not like it was 20 or 30 points but we have to do a better job. >> we had road losses previously but we want to come in tonight and protect our house and it's a must win for us. >> reporter: now, former terp night. jake layman entered the game in the 4th, rattled off 17 points in 8 minutes including five three pointers tieing the record for most in history by a rookie in his debut. always good to see them at the next level. maybe the wizards can take a page from the redskins book, they started the season 0-2 and went onto win the next four. this week is their bye week. tonight inside the red zone why
5:53 pm
time. >> talking about a team that needed the bye week and that's the redskins who have several key players that need to rest up their bumps and bruises after a 4-3-1 first half of the nfl season. the redskins are still very much in the hunt for the post-season but have been slowed by injury recently and the team time off can only help the redskins who return back home on november 13th to face the good minnesota vikings at fed-ex field. inside the red zone. >> reporteth frank. how did the redskins feel about kirk cousins at this point? more about that at 6:00 and from these guys working up. adam, leslie less less -- leslie, back to you some people are upset claiming they are being shamed into voting. >> plus, creating a sense of community for women who need it most. how an empty home turned into a haven for women who escaped sex trafficking.
5:54 pm
news with scott pelley, listening to millennial voters
5:55 pm
i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone,
5:56 pm
by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united, our best days are still ahead. a group of women in austin, texas are working to help victims of sex trafficking. they are trying to give them a
5:57 pm
self-sufficient. aaron jones has their story. >> jennifer frost has owned this home and the land it sits on for 2 years. she didn't know exactly what she wanted to do with it until about 8 weeks ago. >> i realized that ultimately we can be a refuge for people. >> 500 human trafficking cases have been reported in texas within the first 9 moore, disease -- months of this year. >> they are wanting to step into a life that's normal. >> she thinks this place which she named the art house is a place to stay, care and be creative. >> that's the future vision right there. i'd love to have on the back half of the property a refuge property for women and children. >> she can't do it alone. >> i need fund ing and people who share the vision and willing
5:58 pm
>> carissa stairs the -- shares the vision. she's donating all her company's revenue to rehabs, restoring and educating survivors. a portion of the money will go towards putting them through beauty school. >> raising money into the trade of man curing and give them the resource to sustain life outside of the trade of sex trafficking. >> then side with women who have similar backgrounds. >> being around other girls who have gone through what they sdr gone through help -- have gone through helps them realize they're not alone. >> there's several fundraising events for the future. if you want to learn more download or wusa 9 app. right now at 6:00 the presidential election is now less than a week away. tonight the candidates are targeting certain voters that could
5:59 pm
people in this area who say they are being shamed into voting. >> and new calls for the federal government to take control of metro. >> but first with just 6 days until the election a national daily tracking poll has donald trump and hillary clinton in a dead heat. i'm leslie foster. >> i'm bruce johnson . clinton holds an individual in state polling that tell us white house is close to winning the 2 trump is picking up gains in battleground states. both candidates now stepping up their out reach to black and latino voters. craig boswell is following the action from the white house today. >> thank you. i see all these signs, cubans for trump. cubans. love cubans. >> donald trump did his best to single out minority supporters during one of his three stops in florida today. >> thank you, fellows. that's so good. black s for trump.
6:00 pm
trump and husband allies are trying to pull in black and latino voters who vote democratic. the message is being reenforced by the rnc who released a new ad targeting african-americans. >> this is our opportunity. we are asking for you vote. vote republican. >> hillary cn will focus on hispanic voters when she makes campaign stops in nevada and arizona today. in florida on tuesday she said trump started the campaign iti mexicans. >> he moves to insult all latino. >> cbs news still considering it a toss up and hispanics to be the deciding factor. >> there's no question that we are poised to make history. >> we expect the largest turn out of latino voters in u.s. history. roughly 13 million hispanic voters will vote in this election.


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