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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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trump crossed the battleground states of north carolina and florida and thursday. the candidates deployed big names. >> he can't hear you boo but he can hear you vote. >> president obama gave energy to the crowd in florida where hispanic early voting may be up nearly 139% from 2012. old bethlehem steel db db obama said -- obama said a trump presidency would be bad. >> you are qualified to sure this unqualified person does not become president. >> trump's wife, melania hit the campaign trail. as first lady she said she would fight against cyber bullying. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> the latest cbs news new york times poll shows that clinton's national lead is slin ing shrinking. trump could turn blue state
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pennsylvania this e lection is over. >> they are tieing to tip the map if their favor, only 8% of voters said their mind might change before election day. cbs news, the white house. >> on the eve of the presidential election clinton will be in philadelphia. her husband, bill clinton and the obamas will be there at her side. >> less erearly voting ends in maryland. early voting ends tomorrow in dc. wusa 9 news app is a great resource to stay on top of the election. we have voter intimidationer er -- voter guides and election tips. checking metro's new plan to make new cuts. the general manager just laid out his fixes.
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lose their job. pete monteen is live. >> reporter: leslie, i just spoke to the workers and they have really upset about this. these are the front line folks like train operators. 300 of those jobs are on the line. they said this is an unfair fix. >> robin robinson has been commuting by metro only 2 months but is sure cuts are no fix. >> it is hurting the people who ride the m >> workers watched general manager paul weanfeld present his solution. he said it's a reality check facing a $300 million gap there will be fewer trains and fewer employees. >> i feel like we are being scapegoated for their lack of management. >> jackie jeeter heads the largest union of metro employees. 300 operations jobs would be slashed.
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metro management of. . >> we are looking at those things and will do whatever is necessary. >> we are both facing tough situations and will work through it. >> workers say talks with metro have stalled. riders are hoping for a resolution so they don't feel the pain too. >> it will make it worser. it's already worse. >> it would be a shame if they were to cut employees. >> we have the right to be upset. they made a commitment to the metro system and the metro is not making a commitm >> reporter: jeeter is careful ful to say this, he's not threatening a strike but talk have not happened since last week. pete monteen frp. >> they agree that jurisdictions need more money. dc ward 2 counselman jack
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relief for commuters on 66 and it won't cost you a dime. a private company will build more than 22 miles of express lanes outside of the beltway and they will run from fairfax to university boulevard in prince william county. in return the company gets to set and collect the tolls for the next five decades. construction begins next year. a park police officer is in the hospital and it's not clear if he will need surgery. he ot fighting off a raccoon. >> one of the most bizarre stories. that's not all that happened. let's get to stephanie ramirez reporting from the park. >> reporter: actually this turned out to be a much bigger or deal than thought. a park police officer both bit and shot. it happened right in the community garden that's near the horse stables in rock creek park. >> police say it was around noon when someone walking by the
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encountered a raccoon. the officer checked things out and that's when the raccoon attacked him. he fired back. at least four shell indication casings for found. >> there were several police cars and a helicopter and apparently, you know, everyone was nervous. >> andrea barrett said her daughter heard the gunfire and at one point all they knew is an officer had been shot. >> it was scary for a minute. i hope he's okay. relief to find out that it was just, you know, not major problem. >> a second officer came in and shot that raccoon. the injured office was medevaced out of here. it's not clear how serious those injuries are too his foot but he's in stable condition. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> now u.s. park said animal control removed the raccoon and
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rabies and they will have to be treated for rabies if the tests come back positive. fairfax police are investigating whether shots really fired in road rage. a baby was in the car. the man tells us he and another driver started to honk, trading obscene gestures. all of a sudden his front passenger window exploded. he said the 6-month-old daughter was in the backseat. she seems to the man contacted police. investigators say they have identified and spoken with the other driver. >> the message i think today is that nobody deserved this. >> the chief of police in des moines, iowa spoke passionately about the two officers killed in an ambush-style attack. scott michael greene is charged with their murders. investigators believe they have found the gun used in the attacks. as many as 240 refugees were killed after two ship wrecks
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today the united nations ferried the 31 survivors to an encampment in italy. many for trying to escape the fighting in syria. more than 3500 died at sea this year trying to get to europe. penn state university is fined $2 million for failing to report engineer jersey san dusky. he was sentenced to 60 years in prison. a high school taking heat over a campaign on distracted driving. the day started as an announcement that four kids died in a crash from texting behind the wheel. kids started to cry and 10 minutes went by before
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the stunt went too far. why the departure from the eu may not be done. >> the casino refusing to pay the woman who thought she won a $40 million jackpot. >> we are tracking a couple of showers in the panhandle of west virginia. we'll come back though and talk about when the front finally clears us out and
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the 1952 contest from was computer to predict the out come. by the way, walter promki was the first 11:00 p.m. anchor at channel 9. she thought she hit a $40 million jackpot but she said she was offered a steak dinner. >> that's it? she took a selfie when she hit the jackpot at the resort in late august. her excitement deflated as casino
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machine. the casino claimed it was broken. >> when i was playing there wasn't no error. what did i win? you know, what did i win? i had to win something. >> well, a steak dinner. the new york games commission said the display of that $42.9 million cash ticket was an error. he said she was offered a steak dinner and that's not doing to get it so she hired an attorney. >> that's story. trust. the people have spoke n but the high court ruled that parliament will have the final say on the excite from the europon union. supporters of the brexit vote complained it's unconstitutional. they voted to leave the eu back in june you'll recall. immigration was the man rain. support for the fairfax county meals tax from an
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father whose 3-year-old son brought a loaded gun to school. >> and as we head into break a tweet from representative john lewis that's been shared thousands of times today. i've marched, protested, been beaten and arrested all for the right to vote.
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[ roars ] [ up tempo music ] dinner! may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, download your dvr shows anywhere. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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all this week you've gone on a mission to find the owners of a treasury bond. tonight the quest takes a tragic turn. one person entitled to the money is no longer alive. allyson barber is boarding a plane to find second person entitled to the bonds. whose money is this although 11:00. would you like to pay more taxes? fairfax county voters have to decide on election day whether to approve $ a0.04 meal tax. no restaurants are supporting it but it's coming from a few surprising places. >> most business organizations
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the northern virginia chamber of commerce, the great american restaurant chain is against the meals tax. >> there's one exception. a smaller chamber of xherns -- commerce supporting the meals tax. >> tom is the head of the only chamber of commerce in fairfax county supporting the meals tax referendum. it will add $0.04 to every dollar sent. it generate $100 million. >> businesses aren't going to want to come in because their employees won't want to be in the county. we are losing the school teachers but we cannot pay them what they deserve. >> he said the northern chamber disapproves of the board's vote. >> the fact they would be the 800 pound gorilla and take a position and be against anyone who take as contrary position, that's disappointing.
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those who could least afford it. this self-employed businesswoman disagrees. >> for all of the taxes that go to richmond the only bit that comes back is 20% back. this new meals tax, this new revenue stream will stay 100% in the county. >> that's not reason enough to convince john norton with great american restaurants. >> i believe that we have a spending problem in the county and we need to figure out allocate our resources better. i'm all for the schools. this is not going to to guarantee additional funds. >> they said if it doesn't pass this year it will never pass. >> arlington county and the cities of alexandria, falls church, fairfax as where he will as the towns of her herndon and vienna already have a tax.
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who brought a loaded gun to school will remain in child. a judge said she believes that anthony childs knew that gun was in his backpack. a school resource officer spotted it at moten elementary in southeast. childs has eight other con vic carterings. another place for fans to pay tribute to >> his grave site is already open to the public. the late boxer picked the location and plot in 2008 and asked that it be filled with colors. his coat quote is service to other social s -- other social security the rent you pay for your home in heaven.
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hurricane matthew. fema approved $62 million. matthew slammed the eastern half of the state last month. that storm dumped up to 17 inches of rain and brought high winds and record flooding. record flooding. >> some areas had 20 inches of rain. we are going to talk about something that's different and switch seasons to next monday. >> okay. >> the day before the election day. topper shock. we are going to show you with our forecast. now we are going to talk about arctic out break will be and also how much snow will fall across the entire area for the entire season. okay. a live look outside with our michael and son weather cam. excuse me, this is our 3-day guarantee. we are 74 of the last 79 days. a live look outside to our michael and son weather cam, temperatures in the 70s. this is warm for this time of night
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radar quiet. these are the showers working from the mountains from romney towards winchester. a rumble of thunder possible crossing over 81 shortly. probably winchester at 7:13. the winds are going to intensify as the front goes through extr s in saint mary's county and the northern neck. look at the temperatures. really, really nice. the mid 60s by the weekend, the upper 60s on monday and 70 on tuesday. the average high is between 62 and 63. tonight at 10:00 here's what i mean, you see the yellows and the oranges just south of fredericksburg. the temperatures are not going to go crazy cold tonight.
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by lunchtime maybe 60 downtown in fredericksburg, i think some of our far northern and western suburbs probably hold in the upper 50s tomorrow but with full sun and a little brisk with that northwest wind. the day planner, 50s across the board until we get to 1:00 and then we'll be at 61. now, behind this front just spectacular. i mean, 64 on saturday, 65 on sunday. great for the heart walk, great for the ren the upper 60s to mid 60s on wednesday and thursday. seven dry days ahead. a lot of folks happy for the
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now wusa 9 game on sports with frank hammerhand brought to you by xfinity. redskins getting a much needed bye this weekend but there is football up the road. baltimore in desperate need of a win getting their rival the pittsburgh steelers sunday at 1:00 right now after starting out 3-0 the ravens have stumbled of three straight. the steelers the losers of two in a row. it's always testy between these two squads. >> obviously you're going out there and fighting against guys fighting against you. the team changed so much that you draw a lot of that rivalry from the
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game. >> should be a good one sunday. now know, it's that time of the year, tournament time for fall sports in college. maryland takes on rutgers. step one as a success. they cruise 3-1 in college park. conference semis tomorrow at 4:00. cubs won the world series for the first time since 1908 leaving cleveland still without a baseball ring since 1948. epic game 7 out the tribe in extra innings. 8-7 late. indians were up 3-1, had two cracks at home to win but failed now a long off season of what could have been for the tribe. >> it's going to hurt. it hurts because we care . they need to walk with their head held high because they left nothing on the field.
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>> absolutely. >> they play ed hard and that's what people want to see in a game 7. >> 40 million people watched it last night. >> wow. >> geez. >> baseball is fun again. >> yeah. >> it was a great game. >> are you take ing us out? >> yeah, i am. this is a ha boob in the phoenix area. it's a dust storm. >> okay. >> it's pretty common this time of year. a thunderstorm kicks you have the d >> wow. >> hit recirculate on your car. >> yeah, other wise it's coming right for you. >> that's it for wusa 9 news at 6:00. >> cbs news is back. >> bruce will be will be back with off script at 7:00.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the race gets tighter. as election day grows closer-- >> five days away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. ( cheers ). >> imagine it is january 20, 2017, and imagine it capitol. >> pelley: also tonight, seniors argue over two of their own. >> i wouldn't trust her to go to the stoir for me. >> i don't believe he's qualified to lead anything, including my local homeowners association. >> pelley: the government says kireds a eating too much salt, pug ttintheir health at risk. ( cheers ) tears of joy in cllubvie.


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