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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 6, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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had to change it out. oh, no. the air smells fine. mm. it's funny, i'm supposed to be helping with repairs around the building, but so far, most of the broken-down stuff is in here. i got your text. you said you want to talk about something? uh, yeah. a job. i told you that i was gonna take a break from interviewing. well, you would not need to interview for this job. me. i thought i could teach you to do what i do. (chuckles) you want to teach me... to be a private eye? i think you'd be great at it-- you're smart, you know how to read people. you were a great help when we were looking for the bensonhurst bomber. we would not have been able to find him without you. i was a help because i'm an ex-con. that don't mean i'm good at detecting stuff. i knew a guy who knew a guy. you would be surprised how important those connections are in our line of work. it took me years to find my own.
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, sherlock and i have experience with teaching. you'd be paid a stipend, which is more than you make at the gym. but the work is hard. you'd have to be available 24/7. and you'd have to study harder than you've ever studied in your life. but in the end, i think it would be worth it. you'd be your own boss. and it's work that your daughter could be proud of. no. no. look, i appreciate all that you're doing. t that doesn't mean i'm always gonna agree with you. i don't expect you to. i know, it just feels that way sometimes. thank you for the offer. of course. all right, listen, you have a good night, okay? (door opens) (door closes)
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'm just typing. i mean with the glasses. oh, i-i forgot i had those on. they're, uh, they're just helping me get into character. (computer beeps) oh, my god, you have your own trueromantix account? no, wade applewhite has his own trueromantix account. he's one of my aliases. florida-born, moved to the city in '07, systems analyst with big dreams, enjoys wind surfing. i thought i would take a page out of damien novak's book and try a little catfishing of my own. what do you mean? which backed yvette ingram's lawsuit. we've been chatting for almost an hour. i think she's a hair's breadth from sending me a list of the individuals who profited. wow, that's pretty low. well, it is and it isn't. i mean, i chose her based on certain beliefs she's espoused on social media. for example, she started her own chapter of the ayn rand appreciation society because the new york chapter was too charitable, so, you know, when wade fails to meet her for line dancing tomorrow night,
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to shinwell tonight. and? you're right... not a detective. not for everyone, watson. in fact... (computer pings) oh. the biscuit is in the basket. sorry. that's just something that wade would say. his would-be girlfriend has sent a list of investors. tell me you don't have to catfish any of them tonight. i don't think any additional subterfuge will be necessary. one of these names is quite familiar. you met him the other day. advised my client not to answer any questions. bell: that's okay, he can just listen. we know you lied to us the other day, mr. lerner. when we said there was evidence that suggested your brother-in-law was a sex predator, you couldn't get on board fast enough. but the truth is he was hunting men like that. and you knew it. you said you talked to damien after your sister thought he was having an affair. we're guessing he told you the truth about what he was doing. holmes: the timing was quite fortuitous.
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being brought by a woman named yvette ingram. and those depositions were not going as you'd hoped. so you created a phony trueromantix profile for yvette's former boss, jack mcgill, and struck up a conversation with one of damien's alter egos. not long after, damien assaulted mcgill, and posted a video that branded him a sex predator. a big cash settlement for yvette went from being a long shot to a sure thing. you made your money back times ten. damien was a loose end, however, garrett: wait. what do y-- what do you mean? garrett. no, no, uh... are-are you saying i killed him? the other day, you let your sister think that her freshly-murdered husband was a habitual seducer of teenagers, so it's not hard for us to see you make the leap to murder. have you said anything to stephanie about this? garrett, i thought we agreed... no, no, no, no. they think i killed damien. do you know what that would do to my sister? we haven't talked to stephanie.
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but i did not kill him. mr. lerner, after everything that's happened, why should we believe a word you say? because... i needed him alive. explain that to us. when i communicated with him as jack mcgill, i did it from a library near my house. if he ever caught on to me, i didn't want him to trace it back to my home computer. the night that he was killed, i was at the library again. i had invested in another sexual harassment case. i figured i could use damien again to get it to go the way i wanted. ony profile, okay, in the name of the new defendant, to get damien to go after him. there's cameras at the library. go see. i'm-i'm telling the truth. am i a despicable person? yes. did i trick damien? yes. but i'm telling you, i never would have hurt him.
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours.
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approve this message and respectfully ask for your vote. and respectfully ask fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, held by gary watson. fly, gary, fly. his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song. his sister can live stream it while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. only from fios. watson: how'd it go at the library? yes, well, it turns out i took out their copy
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ecurity footage until i settled up. $463 later, marcus and i were able to confirm garrett lerner's alibi. he did not kill his brother-in-law. watson: i had a feeling it was going that way, so i dug back into the men that damien novak shamed. and? well, you and i both don't like jack mcgill for the murder, so i put him to the side. jerome chun is still in a coma, and reuben welker is still in prison. so that just leaves ignacio gomez and shane fitzhugh. both of whom fled the country. yeah. crying, watson? excuse me? you've been crying sometime in the last hour. okay, first of all, i did not cry, i teared up, and second of all, it wasn't because we weren't able to pin one of these guys to the murder. it was because of these. oh, these are the statements from the women hurt by fitzhugh and gomez. oh, the toughest one to read
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he was her j.v. field hockey coach. over the course of a year, he abused her over a hundred times. she was 14. 20 when she wrote this. yeah, it took her that long to come forward. when she was a kid, he convinced her that no one was gonna believe her and it was all her fault. when she went to college, she knew better. hmm. told you it was tough to read. ms. swain writes that for years she's required a daily cocktail of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. who knows how long she's gonna have to take those for? (sighs) is there a problem? well, the problem is, i don't just know who killed damien novak, watson. but i liked her. miss parsons, please have a seat. if you need more data from trueromantix, i can't help you. i gave my notice two days ago. no, that's not why we asked you here. so the other day, i, uh, misunderstood
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t you were eavesdropping because you didn't like him, but in truth, you wanted to know how much the police knew about damien novak's murder. i'm sorry. um... damien novak? the man you shot the other night. we know your real name is nadia swain. we also know that in 2009 you were victimized by a man named shane fitzhugh. last year, you worked up the courage to tell the new jersey police about it. holmes: you gave them a very detailed statement, and in that you explained how you needed a, uh, certain regimen ow. sertraline, 150 milligrams, once a day. aripiprazole, five milligrams, twice a day. clonazepam, one-half milligram, once a day. now, when i approached your desk the other day, i saw that very same combination of medications in your pill organizer. you own a white toyota camry, right? so? we have video of a white camry tearing out of the parking lot where damien novak was shot. a lot of people own white camrys. how many of them also own a nine millimeter handgun?
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at first we... we didn't get it. why kill novak? i mean, he shamed sex predators, including the one that hurt you. but then we reached out to jersey city pd. all of a sudden, everything made sense. after you came forward, they started an investigation into mr. fitzhugh. they took what you said very seriously. but after so much time had passed, there wasn't any evidence. bell: it took them a few months, but they managed to identify a second girl he'd hurt... holmes: so they were on the verge of making an arrest, and then mr. novak muscles his way into the equation. he shames your tormentor. he does such a good job, the man has to leave the country. so, all of a sudden, your quest for justice... over. you got angry, you wanted revenge, but the man who cost you a shot at fitzhugh was anonymous. all anyone knew about him was that he set traps at trueromantix.
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access to their files, and then all of a sudden, this hunter, he becomes the hunted. bell: it took you some time, but you managed to identify novak's newest phony accounts. you monitored them, and when you saw he was going to meet winston utz at a motel a few nights ago, you acted. i wanted him to understand what he'd done. i wanted to shame him. i was gonna make a video of my own. he was on his way to that man's room when i came up behind him and put the gun to his back. (crying) made him tie his own hands. but then, when he turned around, when he saw me... ...he wasn't afraid anymore. he said
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hen he looked at me, he saw what shane saw. a victim. (crying) i didn't mean to kill him. (footsteps) watson: what are you doing? i'm chatting with a policeman in the province of bali. ve your glasses on, so i'm guessing you're not wade applewhite right now. i am not. bali. isn't that where shane fitzhugh fled to? indonesia has no extradition treaty with the united states. in my early days as a detective, i lost many suspects to such countries. didn't sit well, so i began to develop friendships with those countries' various branches of law enforcement.
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ing to be arrested by the balinese police tomorrow morning. did he hurt someone there? gonna find ten kilograms of uncut cocaine in his home. your friend is gonna plant it. drug laws in that part of the world... quite severe. he'll be spending the rest of his life in an indonesian prison. i typically don't like such measures, but there's ample evidence that fitzhugh's a threat to young women wherever he resides. if you feel i'm acting rashly... i didn't say anything. (indistinct voices in distance) bang!
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hey, if i can find it, so can your parole officer. why are you here? heard about your new friend, ms. watson. i understand you two been spending a lot of time together. what do you care? (laughing) you are aware that she works for the police, aren't you? you and me, shinwell, we got big plans. be a shame if you die before we see them through. (door opens) (door closes) [ bells jingling ] whoa. the holidays are coming. [ barks ] you're right. we need to get ready for the big show. what's up dudes? lots to do. hey iron man can you run up for the lights?
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definitely taller. it's starting to click guys. woo-hoo. yes. [ instrumental music ] we're gonna make this... [ barks ] yeah, spectacular.
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it is november, but it looks like our october surprise did an about face. fbi director james comey says he does not recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton after reviewing the latest batch of e-mails found on her top aide's computer. clinton learned the news in the
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hampshire. she didn't bring it up staying on message instead. >> it really is a choice between division or unity, between strong steady leadership or a news cannon. >> the fbi reviewed a new batch of e-mails from a device belonging to estranged husband of clinton 's top aide huma abedin, anthony weiner. with one rally left to go here in virginia, garrett haake is live in leesburg where trump is expected any minute now. trump is already changing his stump speech, garrett? >> reporter: he has been. he's running about 2 1/2 hours
11:52 pm
he's got more than 2,000 people packed into this room. the fire marshal shut it down several hours ago and several thousand more outside. folks have been in line for hours and that enthusiasm is what's driving the trump campaign in these final days. this afternoon trump held several similar large rallies in mostly blue states he's trying to make competitive. at an airport hangar rally in minnesota, state republicans haven't won it's also the first time he responded to the fbi's decision to not file charges against hillary clinton calling it a rigged system. >> hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time for her many crimes against our nation, our people, our democracy likely concluding in a criminal trial.
11:53 pm
protected. >> reporter: we expect that message will have welcome ears here in loudoun county, but republicans i talked to say they still don't necessarily expect donald trump can or will win virginia. it's not absolutely necessary for him to get the 217 electoral votes, but it is for the clinton team, so if they can block her here, that would be a huge victory. garrett haake, wusa9. >> thank you so mu continues tomorrow. ivanka trump will be at two different virginia events. yesterday george mason university hosted republican vp candidate mike pence and earlier today donald trump, jr. spoke at a prince william county church, but as stephanie ramirez reports, some parishioners like his message while some in another service say his father is missing the mark. >> i guess there'sone good thing that came out of it.
11:54 pm
>> reporter: she's talking about her son, but katherine smith thinks clinton will win virginia even though she's not with her. >> we have some very serious corruption and some serious problems in our government right now and i see hillary clinton as somebody who is going to perpetuate this problems. >> reporter: it was a predominantly white di his mission was more of a short but direct one here encouraging people to vote and get their friends and family out there as well. >> the numbers are showing it. people in this area are sick of the usual same old same old out of d.c. i think people are looking for real change. it's great to be here, but none of it matters if people don't turn out. >> reporter: before he left donald trump, jr. called his father the unlikely messenger
11:55 pm
that is depended on which service you attended after the spanish service at the same church. >> it's more who is better for the poor and the needy? >> reporter: this woman emphatically supports clinton. >> 20% of the candidates are latino, 20% african american and they look at the trump message of hate. he hates everybody. >> reporter: he also doesn't think trump will win virginia whether it's close or not. >> i'm going to be voting for the person i believe will make a difference. >> reporter: ramirez, wusa9. a man ousted from a trump rally last night in reno, nevada, secret service agents quickly rushed donald trump off the stage after someone in the crowd yelled gun, but austin crite said he didn't have a weapon, only a sign. >> people who are fascists, people who are dictators couple
11:56 pm
of environment and get people absolutely ape. i don't know what's going on, but for one guy to hold up a sign and people all of a sudden and for quite some time it was very clear it was just a sign, people throwing punches at you and yelling gun, it's out of control. >> trump returned to stage a short time later. no charges were filed against pike. one of the biggest local election day races is the one for virginia's congressional district. john henry talked to both louann bennett and barbara comstock's campaigns as they tried today to win over undecided voters. >> reporter: it's coming down to the wire in northern virginia and democrat louann bennett wasted no time working to tell voters she was more qualified for congress than republican incumbent barbara comstock. >> we need people with courage and the willingness to be honest about what they believe and she has not shown that.
11:57 pm
rally in leesburg with steny hoyer. together the pair once again tried to tie comstock as a republican in line with gop presidential candidate donald trump. >> what louann bennett has been saying in her campaign is barbara comstock agrees with donald trump on issues. >> reporter: comstock has tried to distance herself from trump and paint bennett as somebody who does not live in virginia, a claim bennett denies, but this statement was released sunday that bennett is out of touch with the 10th district. comstock met with supporters in ashburn and centreville sunday. some of her backers told us they believe she's simply a better option because she's a republican. >> she represents the republican party which also represents christian values. i think christian values has taken a large hit over the
11:58 pm
i'm a republican. >> reporter: bennett has her supporters, too democrats who hope to tip the scale in a tight race tuesday. >> i know that comstock has great name recognition here in this area, but in all honesty, what did she accomplish? >> reporter: from loudoun county john henry, wusa9. >> john asked barbara comstock's campaign for an interview, but they gave him a statement. the way to stay on top of the election right to your phone, a free download for your apple and android devices. developing now we are just getting word from university of maryland police looking for a vehicle believed involved in a bb gun incident. students reported twice tonight a dark colored car driving around campus shooting students with a bb gun. no one has been injured.
11:59 pm
bachelor party in canada but doesn't make it home. toronto police say 26-year-old jullian jones was beaten to death at an unprovoked attack outside a nightclub early saturday morning. police want to talk to a group of seven to nine people who may have been involved in the attack. they plan to release surveillance video they believe will identify at least two men suspected of killing jones. blossom. a woman is dead follow -- jones. a woman is dead followg shooting in gainesville, virginia. police officers were called to atlas way which appears to be part of a shopping center off lee highway where the woman was found suffering a gunshot wound to the upper body. she later died at the hospital. police do not believe it was a random attack. switching gears now it's been a great weekend, but those temperatures are expected to drop and, howard, you're tracking possible showers
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over 4 1/2 inches below average in most spots. high pressure in western new york is sinking toward us. so as we get toward morning, i think the winds will get lighter and lighter and temperatures down to 37 in manassas already where the winds have gone calm, 52 in national airport, rockville 44. your temperature really feds on what the -- depends on what the we do have some freeze and frost advisories up and down the i-95 corridor. monday not as nice. we got to 70 today, tomorrow low 60s, some play stay in the upper 50s with a north, northeast wind, should be a good deal. sunshine. i'll give you a preview of the three-day forecast, 62 monday,
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and next week i'll tell you all about saturday. two people are hurt at a world championship punkin chunkin contest in bridgeville, delaware. this happened when an air cannon firing a pumpkin suddenly broke apart. the woman is hospitalized in critical condition. a man struck in the head and face by pieces of that air cannon. the competition was quickly canceled. this is the first contest was held in the past two years. the event was marred by lawsuits and getting insurance coverage. a role of passengers on a train encountering smoke, what they learned about what it takes to be a first responders on the scene. >> this woman knows she doesn't have a chance to win the presidential election, but she's writing her name on the ballot anyway.
12:02 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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in a presidential election
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giving the country a reason to smile. art holliday introduces us to a woman from a suburb of st. louis, missouri, who wants your vote. her presidential platform? global happiness. >> reporter: walk in the stairs on lois severn's house in university city and you can't help but smile. >> i love life. that's all i can say. >> reporter: welcome to lois lane where severance's love of life is obvious when you look around her house at the family phot animals, her hat collection. the 81-year-old self-described hippie loves elvis and the stone and the beatles. what do you look for when you add to your collection? >> something cheap. >> reporter: eccentric no doubt. if you think she has her head in the clouds in her dining room, you'd be correct. st. lois is a long shot running for president.
12:05 am
people and they smile at me. >> reporter: it might have something to do with her smile stickers. so far she's handed out more than 25,000 all over the country. matt goodman is her smile partner. you have a campaign message for the american public? >> joy, joy, peace, love each >> smiling yet? lois' ambitious campaign pledge is to hand out 1 million smile stickers. going to look at what's in the news right now, a south carolina man accused of kidnapping a woman and keeping her chained in a storage container has been denied bond. investigators say todd kohlhepp also confessed to the murders of four people inside a motorcycle shop 13 years ago.


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