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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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at the jacob javits center, we are sandwiched between press. there's so many eyes on this election and all over the world. i want to tell you we're right here on the riser, the only person we're hearing is going to be speaking from that stage is hillary clinton. everyone else, the public, they are all expected to be here outside this place tonight. either way history will be made and it'll be made in new york city tonight. the first female president or thfi outsider never to have held elected office. hillary clinton voted where she lives in chappaqua this morning. snapping selfies and stopping to talk. even though a cbs news analysis says she has a clearer path to the presidency, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state was humbled. >> it is the most humbling feeling, dan, because i know how much responsibility goes with this and so many people
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what it means for our country. >> clinton isn't taking anything for granted. she visited the key battleground states of north carolina, pennsylvania and michigan. cbs news has her with 214 electoral votes and trump with 186. with early voting breaking records, it's today's votes that'll decide which party in new york city tonight will be a victory party. >> i'll do the very best i can if if i'm fortunate enough >> reporter: so where will the party be? it'll either be here or over where my colleague bruce leshan is standing by. he's over at trump's headquarters about 20 blocks and a couple of avenues away. hey there, bruce. >> yeah, donald trump absolutely convinced he is going to be holding a victory party here many this hot overcrowded ballroom at the hilton hotel in midtown manhattan. there are a whole lot of trump
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battleground states like michigan, florida, north carolina and nevada. but they certainly aren't here in new york. [booing] >> waiting for donald trump and his family -- [ unintelligible ] -- >> his neighbors are angry. [booing] >> voters waited for hours in a line that stretched down the street and around the block. either voted at 6:00 in the morning like every other presidential candidate or if he gets here at 11:00 he should go to the back of the line like every citizen in america. [booing] >> perhaps it is a measure of just how divided this election -- [ unintelligible ] -- but red neighborhoods and blue neighborhoods. >> any trump supporters? >> seriously? >> we do want to win.
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could only find a handful of supporters among the hundreds waiting to cast ballots against him. >> i don't want this country to become like france that i left. >> trump supporters outnumbered at least 20 to 1. >> of course i'm not going to vote for him. i'm voting for positive thinking. voting for someone i believe in. >> now nevada a judge rejected a trump campaign complaint alleging that nd voters that had been allowed to vote after the early voting place was supposed to have closed. what are you saying? why are we here the judge asked the republican lawyers. apparently dumbfounded. live at trump campaign headquarters, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> one moment in a rather interesting night that's continuing to fold. thank you, bruce. one of donald trump's sons might have broken new york
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of his completed ballot. eric trump wrote it's an incredible honor to vote for my father. he'll do a great job for the usa. he deleted that very same tweet hours after posting it. it seems in new york it's illegal to take a picture in a polling station or share a completed ballot with other potential voters. president obama sent a tweet to his 11 million twitter followers today. it said today progress is on the ballot. go vote and then make your friends, your family and everyone you know the president cast his ballot last month during early voting in his home state of illinois. wikileaks is weighing in one last time. julian assange says he was not trying to influence the outcome of the election by posting hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign. he claims he was just informing the public. assange says he never posted any donald trump material because he never received any. polls in virginia close at
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the voter turnout has been high today. in fairfax county, 64% percent of registered voters have cast ballots which includes absentee. part of fairfax and all -- choosing a congressional representative in the tenth district. most voters were out to pick their choice for president. >> hillary. >> i voted hillary, yes, i did. >> trump. >> you're going to vote for donald trump? >> i like him. he's tough. >> i voted for hillary. i'm proud of my >> i voted republican because of -- i don't really -- i want a change. >> outside groups have poured millions of dollars into the race. the democrats are hoping a surge of voters for clinton will help bennett. volunteers are working to make sure your vote counts and the electoral process is protected. the national partisan coalition known as election protection monitors polls across the country, including here in dc.
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northwest. delia. >> reporter: we have no problems reported here at the police station or at the other polling places throughout the district. that's the good news. nationally voters are complaining of several problems including long lines at the polls, machine issues and even voter suppression. advocates i spoke to today say that is a direct result of the 2013 supreme court decision that dismissed rights act. >> they made it prompt and efficient. >> reporter: great marks for poll work res. >> i come from cuba where my vote would not count so my vote here is very important to me. >> if you could call the secretary of state's office -- >> that's why these folks are answering phones. >> election protection has their back. we have volunteers at the polling places and call centers across the country.
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headquarters, volunteers try to solve voter problems just like they did recently in georgia. >> one of the polling places was moved from a predominantly moved black neighborhood to a sheriff's office. we were able to work with folks on the ground, do a petition drive and today that polling location is in a black church. >> blames the loss of the voting rights act of 1965 which prohibited racial dimi presidential election cycle in 50 years and there were some problems that could have been prevented. >> while this may bring with it new challenges, some things remain constant. >> voters are empowered. they want to go vote. they're not going to let this. >> -- they're not going to be denied their right to vote. >> now it's important to note that election protection and the workers there are working
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year trying to make sure our process is protected and an an honorable one. we have a couple more hours in dc to vote. if you run into any problems at the polls give them a call. at 1-866-our-vote. live in northwest, delia goncalves. maryland's top elections official says she's getting scattered reports of voters receiving ballots that have already been marked. calls it human error. hand it back in to poll workers. they're supposed to mark it spoiled. some poll workers are getting so busy they're handing a few spoiled ballots back out by mistake. stay with wusa9 for complete election coverage tonight. our entire team will be streaming live on wusa9 facebook page and our wusa9 app beginning around 7:30
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playing golf. we'll take you to a place where you can do both. a woman ran out of her house on fire. future cast. we stop it at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. a couple of showers here and there. we'll talk about just how many showers roll through. we're still tracking the coldest air of the season over
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a fire in prince george's county is a crime scene after witnesses say a woman was set on fire in her home. election volunteers at nearby kettering were outside when this woman came running out of the house. firefighters say she was set on fire during a domestic disturbance. election volunteers did what they could to help and called 911. >> horrific experience. she had skin coming off of her h arms, her legs. it was terrible. >> investigators say the two people in the home are in critical condition. a firefighter was also injured. but he should be okay. a jury in arlington has found a man guilty of murdering his estranged wife. prosecutors say david black broke into bonnie black's home last year and stabbed her in the heart. police found her body the next morning after neighbors spotted her 3-year-old son and 5-year-
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the house. accident. police are determined to track down the memorials. >> they spray painted the base of the includes column. photos appear to reference a hashtag used by groups opposing a controversial pipeline project in north dakota. now the park service has removed most of the graffiti. they have to apply even more paint stripper to get it all off. scary weekend for an autistic boy in college station, texas. 7-year-old collin went missing from his home saturday night. searchers looked everywhere for him but they had no luck. turns out collin wandered into the texas a&m fraternity house less than a mile away. members found him the next morning and called police. >> he walked through this walkway and sat right here. i guess he saw the xbox and tv and decided he wanted to hang out in this room. >> afterwards i was driving
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was passing the house where the child wandered from. all the police officers were there. when i strolled by i saw the parents giving their son a hug. >> police say collin was not harmed and they thanked the frat members for the help finding him. coming up, is this presidential election driving you crazy? if so we have the perfect place for you to watch the results come in. coming up next, the path to 270. what hillary clinton and donald trump need to happen in order to become the next president of ths. afoot anghd lit-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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as the 2016 presidential election comes to a close, you'll hear a lot about blue states and red states and electoral votes over the next will it build the path for either hillary clinton or donald trump to become the next president of the united states? garrett haake is here. >> we got to get to 270. there are a lot of different ways to do it. almost all of the maps we might see tonight, all the paths are going to look similar to what we've seen over the last 16 years. very few of the states flip. this is a competitive map. this is the map where we start off.
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nearly 252 electoral votes. these are the states that president obama has won. you have a handful of states on the map. clinton's path to victory will look a lot like president obama's path to victory. her campaign expects to see -- i wouldn't say they expect. they're realistic about the possibility they could lose ohio and iowa which president obama won twice. they might flip arizona but they think if they hold on to the rest of those states most critically florida, north carolina, virginia and what they call northeast, that's their path to 270 electoral votes. it gets them comfortably across at 322. now trump has a much tougher road. to start off he's got to flip florida, he's got to flip ohio, he's got to flip iowa and north carolina just to get started. then you find one of the big blue states to pick off. it could be either michigan or potentially pennsylvania which
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win. either one of those states would do it or maybe michigan and new hampshire. but, again, he's got to take a state that no republican has won since 1988 if he's going to become president of the united states. >> he's going into this night pretty confident. he seems to think that the polls have not caught this huge number of people that are coming out to support him today. >> yeah. he's got these big crowds they've been having. he physically feels good. he feels there's a sense of the trump campaign's strategy is largely based off something that can't be proven or disproven. they believe there's this huge swath of mostly white, rural, middle class, working class voters who have abandoned both parties who are going to come home tonight for donald trump. while there's no math to back it up, it can't be sort of disproven. >> looks more red than blue.
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>> absolutely. the democrats start with such a huge advantage because you assume new york, california, massachusetts. a couple of big states get them to 100 electoral votes out of the gate. >> thanks a lot. >> in northern virginia, voters are seeing new improvements to an election option. it's called curb side voting. voters who have disability can stay in their cars, they make a call, the poll workers bring a ballot to them in the parking lot. in fairfax county there larger yellow signs. the phone number is larger and poll workers say they are very pleased. >> it's a requirement. we don't want anyone not being able to vote because of some physical limitation. >> curbside voting is available at all 243 polling locations. >> are you ready for this election to be over? plenty of people are saying yes. they're doing things to take
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>> we find nikki burdine at top golf. they have the lights red and blue. they're ready. >> yeah, i think i found the disney world of the dc area. this is one of the happiest places around. there is no election stress. there is election talk. people are allowed to choose or red ball. because if there is one way to relieve stress, especially election stress, hitting at the range. >> i'm tired of all the arguing. >> judy and her coworkers took their stress out on the range. >> the bays are filled with people. many off work or out of school because of the election. they're trying to focus on something else. >> on facebook or social media, anything.
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>> it's the same story from bay to bay here. >> you want to go in and be really positive and look forward to making that vote and unfortunately it just wasn't the case this year. >> they're trying to escape the negativity of this election. >> work out some energy and some frustration. imagine the ball is one of the candidates. >> judy has her hands full. you know it's bad when she'd ra graders than watch more election coverage. >> they say less bad words. >> they're a few years from being able to vote. >> it's not the best election in the past years. >> i think this election is pretty crazy and out of hand. >> these kids are ready for the chance to make their voices count and that's encouraging. >> i think some don't really care too much about it,
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our country. >> reporter: voters have been on point with their predictions for the last four presidential elections this county has correctly chosen a winner. later tonight when that winner is chosen and we have our new president the field will be lit up in either blue or red. >> those kids can't vote but they can teach us a thing or two. >> they've been listening to the parents too. absolutely. some people taking it seriously, you think? no excuse not to vote because of the weather.
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a live look outside. it's down to 59. our 3-degree guarantee today was 68. 59, winds out of the south- southwest. ahead of the cold front, we'll have southwesterly winds. temperatures the next few we're steady. wednesday, thursday, friday, we're 61. we drop down to 53 on saturday. i had us in the 40s yesterday. raise it a little bit. we're back to 64 on sunday. that's close to average. next three days. 61, 61, 61. showers tomorrow. primarily in the morning. then windy in the afternoon. breezy and cool on thursday. still a nice day. nice on friday. veterans day, 61. clouds come in late but it'll
6:27 pm
shape on saturday. that's a cold day. terps in town. temperatures low 50s. probably in the 40s if you're tailgating. we pop back into the mid60s for the burgundy and gold on sunday. upper 60s monday. looking at still low 60s on tuesday. all in all, quiet for november. >> all right. so we've got a little bit of time. no excuses about voting. pollsclose at 7:00 in virginia. 8:00 in maryland and in >> severe clear. >> in most cases if you're in line when the polls close they let you stay in line to vote. that's important. >> it was very painless. my polling place had a lot of people voting early. wasn't bad. >> cbs is next. >> we'll see you all night long on wusa9.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's up to you. >> go vote. >> pelley: tonight, americans have the final word of campaign 2016 as they choose the next president of the united states. >> i feel fantastic. very optimistic. i'm >> pelley: the candidates cast their ballots. >> i'm so happy. >> tough dioecisn. >> pelley: it's election day in america. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it's the first tuesday after the first monday of november, and the last hours of the last day of voting. for the next president of the


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