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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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at its peak, 200 to 300 people were at this protest in front of trump tower but now it's at the u.s. capital. some people have dispersed and are starting to lead but a big proud -- a big crowd is still here. there silently holding their fists in the air. they are protesting trump's words some hearsay that trump shouldn't even be taking office because he didn't win the popular vote. they say this is proof that the electoral process should be reconsidered. take a look back here. again, some are saying that without the popular vote, trump should not take office and they say this election is evidence that the electoral college needs to change. others so they want him with
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we can zoom in and show you some of the different messages people are holding. we did see a few trump supporters coming up through different periods of the night were people who were simply saying they were opposed to the protests. one man stopped and called this entire type of protest here or in other cities "stupid." he ended up talking with some of the other protesters. they didn't come to an agreement but they did shake hands before he left. we saw one trump supporter show up wearing a make america great again t-shirt and promoted and supported trump but he came down the proposed -- came down to the protest to see if he could possibly talk to some people and have an open conversation. at one point he did but it became tense when an anti-trump protesters knocked off his hat. the two ended up separating and then there on ways. this protest has been going on since about 7:00 29. right now it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon and it's
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think they will take to the streets. we have seen a lot of anger and frustration from all sides. most of this has been peaceful that there is a lot of anger and a lot of emotions hear from people supporting trump and those against him. ellison barber, wusa nine. >> protests like that are taking place across the country. the upper left of the screen, crowds taking to the streets in philadelphia. in the lower left, protests in dallas. the upper right, at least o in minneapolis, that's the scene at the bottom right, protests have been peaceful with some 3000 people on the university of minnesota's west bank campus. president-elect trump and president obama a cordial tone during their meeting at the white house. they met in the oval office to discuss the transition and then offered summer marks. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in
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>> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> mr. trump and mike pence also met with republican leaders on capitol hill. melania trump accompanied her husband to town. first lady michelle obama gave her a tour of the white house and the two women discussed the transition over tea. lafayette, louisiana are investigating possible hate crimes against muslim women on college campuses. investigators say a student at san diego state was robbed by two men who made comments about president-elect trump and muslims. a student at the university of louisiana was beaten, robbed, and had her hijab ripped off by two men. police say the suspect or a trump had. there is at least one muslim woman who is not worried about trump supporters tonight
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wusa 9 talked to the fairfax county mom and we are live in the newsroom with her perspective. >> this fairfax county woman calls herself a silent trump folder. she says before the election, she didn't feel comfortable telling people she was voting for him. she seems like the most unlikely of donald trump voters. >> i have always really leaned democratic. >> reporter: she's a writer and activist who has made the rounds on talk shows. she twice obama. she supports same-sex marriage rights. she is also a muslim american and a trump supporter. >> donald trump is calling for a complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> this year was a year of crisis. i felt like the democratic eight years we have have failed many of us as americans.
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>> president obama had a difficult time talking about the islamic state and i really do not want to spend another four years of us doing the islam dance. we really need to confront this issue very directly. he put forth these various programs to help middle-class people with issues of insurance and mortgages. they didn't trickle down to me. >> reporter: she admits it was tough to >> when i saw and heard these in delicate and inappropriate comments from donald trump, i thought the guy has issues related to impulse control. >> reporter: where she sees impulse control, other muslims here hate. >> i was not aware that my fellow citizens would vote for someone who demeans my human value. >> i have citizenship but at
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so, that is kind of scary for me. >> reporter: that she insists, hate had nothing to do with her vote and there is no -- there's more than one type of trump folder. >> i have goodness in my heart. i am not a racist. i am not a big it. i do not hate muslims. this disparaging as a trump voter has really distressed me. they are human beings. >> reporter: she also insists that america's checks and balances, congress and the supreme court, would never allow that fearng >> most of the conversation at the white house between president obama and president- elect trump took place in private. >> but tonight, garrett hank tells us what we learned today about what president-elect trump plans to get done once he takes office. >> reporter: after his white house meeting, donald trump came to capitol hill with leaders of his own party. he will need to work closely with them in january to
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in his first comments to reporters as president-elect, donald trump outlined his top three priorities upon taking office. health care, immigration, and jobs. >> jobs. >> reporter: zeke miller covered the campaign and says the president-elect may focus on jobs first by offering an infrastructure bill democrats could support. >> that would be an easy way to walk out with bipartisanship. bernie sanders was work with him on that. >> reporter: the campaign website lists a host of issues he will tackle in the first 100 days from cleaning up corruption in washington to withdrawing the country from trade deals. most will require approval or support from congress. what can he do walking in the door? >> for someone who doesn't depend -- it isn't what trump wants to do, it's what he wants
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>> we are excited about these opportunities for the country. >> reporter: after his meeting with the speaker today, president-elect trump addressed one of ryan's top issues as well, taxes. >> we're going to lower taxes as you know.>> reporter: on those issues, he will face battles with democrats that could drag on for months.>> donald trump is starting to find that it's a lot more complicated to be president than run for president. everyone goes through that but for the most unconventional candidate, that will become even more extreme for him. >> reporter: the president- t his own party. he differs with speaker ryan on trade and entitlement reform and the wall along the southern border will have to be paid for somehow. from capitol hill, garrett hank wusa 9 . >> with president-elect trump promise to repeal the affordable care act, some women feel like there is a ticking clock on their access to affordable healthcare and they are taking to social media to
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introduce the bill to defund planned parenthood, saying we have already seen the devastation that resulted from this. a very says get an iud sap -- asap. trump has asked to repeal the or affordable health care act which makes birth-control easily accessible. claire says she is trying to stockpile birth-control for the next four years. when trump she says will take that away from her. if trumpes cover birth control with no co- pay. a spokesperson for planned parenthood says 55 million women now have access to preventative care with no co-pay and no cost.>> -- hillary clinton went for a walk in the woods today. she and her husband bill took their dogs for a walk. a woman walking with her daughters ran into them. can you imagine walking down a
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with the #i'm still with her. now that trump is the presidential elect, he will do one more big interview and you will see it right here on wusa 9. the kahn family will be interviewed for 60 minutes coming up after nfl football on sunday. a local student who lost his life during a tragic traffic accident was remembered in a special way.>> john henry in for the legacy of dominic peddie. >> reporter: i am in the southeast where tragedy has stopped one school from strengthening its bond as a family. gonzaga college loves hockey. many students here at the rink have had a stick in their hands since childhood. one man who adores the game was
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everyone come out and remember him. >> reporter: he played for the eagles until 2014 when the 17- year-old lost his life during a tragic accident on the beltway. >> dominic loved life. >> reporter: but tonight, his school to time to remember him the best way it could and held the second annual purple and white scrimmage. the game raises money with the help of the washington capitals to fund a scholarship that will allow an underprivileged teenager to join the ag >> reporter: and it is a family, just ask dominic's parents. all throughout the night, we found classmates showing the couple loaves. even though their son hasn't attended the school in two years. >> luloff these boys, each one of them. they are like my sons. the gonzaga community, they are going to be our family forever.
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another student will have the opportunity to have the same experience dominic did.>> number seven is watching us from heaven. >> reporter: they have raised about $200,000 for that scholarship. with the very latest from the southeast, john henry, wusa 9. legendary singer songwriter leonard cohen has died at 82. >> ? haole lou young, hallelujah. >> biggest hits include marmion. he was a favorite artist among james taylor, willie nelson, and judy collins. the family says details are pending for a memorial in los angeles. looking for something not so touristy next time you had to new york city? we will take you inside a special place you can't find on a map. and a little boy counting
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the pain of a father stationed overseas. wake up with her for veterans day, not too chilly. by 6:00, 30 it's like to 46 degrees. mid-40s to low 50s by 9:00 and near 60 foot by lunchtime.
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when most people tour new york city, they visit the statue of liberty, the empire state building and the brooklyn bridge. >> but another side of the city is filled with history but not on the maps. in tonight's open road, it's a place lying in ruins and is slowly being lost >> reporter: around 50 million tourists visit new york city every year. but there is one attraction most people mess. it's an attraction so hard to get to, most new yorkers don't even know about it. >> this is just perfect weather. >> reporter: on the edge of staten island, near a place called fresh kill, lies one of the most unusual graveyards in the united states. >> this is obviously dangerous.
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get here is by boat. >> there is no way to get to this at all on foot. >> reporter: for some urban explorers like anthony sylvester, this place is a lot more interesting downtime square.>> it's a hobby. going into anyplace that has fallen victim to time and is in disrepair and disuse, is my favorite thing to photograph. in a way, it's not meant to be seen. it's dying.>> reporter: through the years,ze someday back 100 years. >> reporter: it's amazing -- >> it's amazing to see how much rest has e net away. >> reporter: they were brought here to be recycled but decades of neglect, rot, and decay have turned this into a hidden museum for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge. >> all of these boats here, at one point did have a purpose.
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they meant something. now, basically we are floating in literally their graves. >> reporter: there is an old tugboat that witnessed the worst maritime disaster in new york history, leaving more than 1000 people dead. this graveyard holds the first navy ship to have an african- american crew during world war ii. >> there is wood and metal underneath the water that you have to look out for. >> reporter: and a boat that was used in the marshall islands in 1948 when the u.s. was testing >> it's not sanitized. the water smells like sewage. >> reporter: time square certainly has a lot more lights.>> go to that boat. >> reporter: but if you want to kayak inside an old new york ferry, there is only one place to go. >> this was used for trains, cars and people. >> reporter: scott lawrence
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>> this old ship graveyard is not tourist family. parking is a challenge, it's a bit of a walk and kayaks often get damaged by the debris. if you think you have a story that would be perfect for our open road segment, just let us know at wusa 9 on facebook and twitter, email us or -- and we would love to hear from you. how're you doing over there? >> it'sgreat. we are on a label -- on a level playing field. we went 63 degrees today and by golly, look at this. ready for a bull's-eye. 63 degrees. 80s, 65 degrees tomorrow for veterans day. a live look outside. so comfortable. still 50 degrees. winds at of the south southwest at 9 miles per hour.
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30s to start, breezy and chile. low 50s by 9:00 inside the beltway. a little milder tomorrow. breezy and still very nice. and then the coldest air of the season on saturday but then it leaves. it's milder for the game at fedex. speaking of the veterans day, check out my facebook page. that will have video of another veterans day, a little bit different story. 53 degrees on saturday but then we rebound nice around 60 degrees on monday and tuesday. the average right now is about 60 degrees. early in the morning, some 30s south and west of town. maybe even manasses and culpepper. about 44 degrees in rockville and we and 33 degrees in fairfax to start. by midmorning, back in the low to mid 50s and notice the arrows. a pretty strong northwesterly wind. the cold air kind of lags behind the cold front until
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by 1:00, 57 degrees downtime, hagerstown 56 degrees. yes, a couple sprinkles or showers west of the divide in garrett county and around the canadian valley. 6 pm, we are still in the 50s and clear. really nice night for high school football. if you are out late tomorrow, it is friday night, temperatures will fall quickly. take a jacket. temps in the upper 30s pm. the day planner 40s to start. look at this, 60 degrees by 11:00 hand by 1:00, northwest winds at about 19 to 20 miles per hour. it will feel a little cooler. cold on saturday. dress for the 40s but for the game at fedex, we are hosting the vikings, 64 degrees. a really nice day. the next seven days, kind of go like this. we are looking at chapters around 60 degrees but i have showers on monday night. i am becoming more confident
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wednesday and thursday. looking forward to the terps game on saturday but not the cold. >> bundle up but it will be dry. it's alumni weekend for the redskins and it's also a big game for the current mbmeers of
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should you shop online or head to the mall?>> tomorrow on wake up washington, how you could save some money this holiday season. and your chance to win $1000, just watch. >> we will see you right here in the morning. now, wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: the redskins kick off this sunday as they take on the vikings at fedex field. we have hall of famer darrell greene. 2nd half of the nfl season is officially here. they get the minnesota vikings sunday at 1:00. the vikings after a fresh and hot start. now 5 -3. this is a pickup games.
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>> i don't know if you realize but this weekend is alumni weekend. so it's all in their hands to kick it off. ledbetter stage than at home? beyond that, i think it's still there. i think they could have gotten one or two more on the gate. they didn't but it's all there for them. it's right in their hands. it's right in their >> we've got a few of them. >> roman numeral something. truck i'm not sure if this team is going to make the super bowl that that could be a playoff team. number one key to face the vikings? >> you've got to run the ball. so that they have a chance to pass the ball. and robert kelly is going to be on his back.
11:26 pm
>> big one for the redskins at 1:00 and fedex field. >> before the game, be sure to tune in the sunday at 11:30 am for game on. we get you all set for the redskins game. it's the viral sensation that for better or worse won't go away. it's the mannequin challenge and the university of maryland is getting in on the action. there. completely unbiased. specifically the school wrestling team getting down with it tonight. there is numbers of the squad in stretching positions, upside down. the point of the mannequin challenge is to lock yourself into place. some because around and takes it . it's pretty cool. don't think it's quite played out yet.
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we've got a heartwarming story out of virginia. >> a father deployed with the air force, to make sure his son gets a good nights case every night, steve dillon burger left 191 hershey's kisses and a his two-year-old. every night, sean would pull out a good night kiss out of the jar had when there was just one left, shawn knew he would be getting a real kiss and there was. dad was finally back home. >> that is the sweetest and best story.>> apparently we might actually have an interview with him tomorrow.>> that will be fantastic. >> that is really sweet. and chocolate is perfect.
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by november standards this is a nice weekend. it's been a pretty nice november frankly. 65 degrees tomorrow. blustery on saturday. of football weather. ohio state is coming to town. milder on sunday. i'm a little more confident. some light rain monday or tuesday. but then sunshine and 60 degrees on wednesday and thursday. >> how is the monday night affecting our superman viewing >> i would recommend viewing it on sunday night. you won't be able to see the difference. >> that's it for us tonight.
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