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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 17, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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star wars secret affair revealed. >> whenever i start to talk harrison gets nervouu. >> what carrie fisher says about a secret romance with harrison ford kept hidden for 40 years. >> i love you. >> i know. >> plus, brad pitt on the move.
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>> then, is there a new jon and kate gosselin custody war? the bombshell claims against his ex. >> there's something being hidden. >> why the father of eights he does not know where his son is. >> if you texted kate where is my son? >> yeah. i would love you to. >> i'll text her right now. >> a kale owe cuoco exclusive revealing implants, a nose job and how she really got her rock hard abs. massive fries and a shake. >> now for nbeovemr 16, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" >> wait until you hear the reason prince harry wants private security to protect his american girlfriend. the details are on the way. but first, princess leah spilled the beeps about a secret star wars affair. apparently hans wasn't so solo after all. >> i saw him and he looked like a movie star. will you date me? >> i think you can't bear to let
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>> your highness, that's another secret that i can't tell you. ?? >> i like nice men. ?? ?? >> carrie finally admits it. she claims she and harrison had a three-month affair. she was 19, and he was a 33-year-old married father of two, calling the "star wars" set romance, quote, so intense. she confesses it was hans and leah during the week and it was carrie and harrison during the weekend. >> i love you. i harrison as fans call him, had their first kiss in the back of a car, sleepovers between their apartments and he fell asleep after the first time she pretended to and carrie writes all about the hook-ups in the princess diaries, but it's something she's hinted at for decades? >> do you have any secrets? >> yeah, but it's inappropriate. no, i have a let of them and he was funny, and i swear to god,
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harrison hated love scenes. well, actually, i think he just hated them with me. i became completely infatuated with him. it was like a high school crush. >> do you still a crush on hans solo? >> yeah, a little bit. who doesn't? >> things ended six years before carrie donned that iconic metal bikini. looking back, the 60-year-old calls the affair a, quote, a very long one-nightstand. today harrison is married to calista flockhart, carrie, divorced. >> why come clean now? she told "people" magazine it's not like anyone is deeply affected by it anymore and when she gave harrison a head's up his typical dry-witted response was "lawyer.? >> i will never look at star wars the same way again. new audio was released when brad pitt got into a disagreement with maddox and it was billed as bombshell evidence
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we'll let you be the judge about that, but apparently brad isn't concerned because he could not be happier half waa around the world. ?? ?? >> it's an exciting night for us. >> brad was all smiles taking selfies in shanghai with fans looking relaxed while promoting his new film "ally" and tried his hands at writing chinese characters and accepted a basket of chili peppers as a welcoming gift. meanwhile, co-star marianne otillard was asked if the world war ii drama was like "mr. and mrs. smith.? >> no, "mr. and mrmis. sth" was a comedy and this one is very entertaining, but at the same time a very profound questioning about love, about trust. there are common points between the stories becaus'se it two spies who meet on a mission. >> is brad looking for a new
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in the works or not, and there's new controversy over this in-flight audio. >> we're in dallas airport and the burbank airport and 10,000. we're taxiing out. the safety administration audio obtained by "e.t." isro fm the flight the jolie-pitt family made in decembnder ase it ems to be routine air traffic chatter without an indication of an alleged disagreement between brad and his son maddox. the source tells e.t. the audio is irrelevant and has nothing to w jolie's divorce saying he has the truth on his side. >> while brad is on the road in china, prince harry is home in london, and unfortunately, his new actress girlfriend is thousands of miles away. i want to see them together as a couple. >> right? >> that is a serious long-distance relationship right there. meghan markle lives in toronto, but she was in harry's thoughts yesterday.
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yesterday, sang along with the choir. ?? ?? >> and look right there, he was wearing that blue beaded matching bracelet. it's identical to the one his girlfriend meghan markle has been seen wearing. last week she stayed with harry at kensington palace in the nottingham cottage and royal watcher katie nichol has new details on her visit. >> my sources tell me meghan did meet william and kate, d another sign it's getting serious? security. >> the talk in london is that prince harry is considering hiring a bodyguard for meghan markle. he feels disappointed that he's not been able to protect her fully. if he's thinking of hiring a bodyguard, then, of course, this has prompted a lot of speculation that perhaps an engagement could be imminent. if they do get engaged then meghan will be aasigned a personal protection from the team of expert police that guard the royal family. they're called special officers
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>> meghan is on hiatus from "suits" until early january and the prince leaves for a 14-day tour for the caribbean. >> they'll definitely be getting together before christmas. as soon as he gets back they'll see each other and one thing is for sure, this is a couple that can't bear to be apart for too long. >> maybe another royal wedding in the works? maybe i'm getting ahead of myself. made headlines when he said val kilmer suffered from the same cancer he had. you would imagine that would lead to hard feelings between the two. listen to what val has to say now. >> val's post about michael last night read, quote, he's a classy guy. >> what happened? >> kilmer was rrferring to michael writing a letter to val which e can confirm did happen for suggesting i wasn't doing too well. it did appear that val wasn't
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[ indiscernible ] >> val has denied anything serious is going on and now michael is, quote, grateful to hear i'm doing well. [ indiscernible ] >> in the post kilmer went on to describe meeting michael's father kirk for the first time on the set of "tombstone." kilmer played doc holiday, a role kirk playedar val wrote, quote, he loved my performance in "tombstone" so much having played doc himself in a mighty fine film. >> what's the charge? >> we'll think of one. >> sure you will. >> they were both great as doc holiday. thanksgiving is just a week away and we teamed up with 2017 to get the party started early with a special invite to a friendsgiving with vanessa hudgens. >> what is friendsgiving? >> everyone loves thanksgiving and you get the yummy food and
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choose, right? >> oh, right. so friendsgiving you actually get to choose who you want there. >> what else do you guys do? you get to sit down, you eat. >> you have a meal. >> what else do you do? >> we go crazy. it's so much fun. ?? ?? >> vanessa parker to add more groove to her party. >> we can use your phone as a controller. >> right. right. and there's, like, a ot of new music on it. there. how about a little friends on i giving mannequin challenge mid-dance, but this crew didn't stay still for long. >> that was up believable. >> way to go. >> it's easier to dance right now. >> we had a blast. i just want to say that. she has a new tv series called "powerless" and it'' a comedy about d.c. comic superheroes and we'll see that as a mid-season replacement for nbc. >> which a-lister's daughter is about to shake up "empire.? plus kailey cuoco's plastic
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talking about quitting television. famous feuding exes. we're with jon gosselin. what he thinks of kate and their children back on tv. >> they're just kids. ?? >>'s she insane. closed captioning provided
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jamie foxx is one of many stars walking the runway at the be beautiful, be yourself
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which daughter of two box office superstars is about to shake up the oh, so popular "empire"? we've got all of the details. check out the dress that emma stone said she couldn't resist walking straight off the runway to wear on her red carpet. >> this is so stunning. is this armani? >> i saw this at the couture prive store and i died for this. >> our carly steel nailing emma's couture fashion on the carpet at the amifest premiere of "la la land" in l.a. the film follows the story of a jazz pianist and aspiring actress and it's getting oscar buzz. >> how is bringing ryan
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i hesitate to say that because it was a brutal experience, and it was nice to know that he had been through something and maybe it could be productive in some way. >> up next, the rolling stones air their dirty laundry. >>t's all personal. >> the band was back together in new york for the opening of their new exhibit, exhibitionism, the rolling stones. which re-creates their 1960s apartment. >> this was under the bed. when you go in the second room. personal about expanding his family. baby number eight is on the way with his 38-year-old ballerina girlfriend. >> very nice. >> is it a boy or girl? >> i can't tell you anymore, but it's very nice. >> 69-year-old ronny wood is also enjoying being a new dad again. his twin daughters are just 5 months old. >> i wouldn't have thought about it, but i'm pleased they came along. >> and finally from rock legend
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rumer willis will appear in a recurring role. >> demi and bruce's daughter will play a singer songwriter with a temper. rumer may sinn on the show. in real-life she's been singing on tour. ?? ? ? >> she sounds good. >> she is a legit singer. >> yeah. >> and we're breaking some other big news and only we can announce that heidi klum, carly kloss, zoe saldana and tiana taylor from "the walking dead" will be presenters at the american music awards and the show airs sunday on abc. >> still ahead tonight, our kailey cuoco exclusive. >> i fell in love with it and i said this is my thing. >> her new plastic surgery confessions and what she said about getting married again. then our explosive interview with former reality star jon gosselin and inside his custody war with kate. >> there's no compassion. i actually want to see my kids more. >> why he hasn't seen one son in a year and a half. >> i've been wanting to ask you are you ever going to tell me
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you're judged on the way you look in hollywood and despite more stars opening up about plastic surgery, many more want to keep their procedures top secret. >> she's so babyfaced right there. do you recni it's kailey cuoco and she was talking about going under the knife. today the big bang star is so open about getting medical help herself and how she can't resist an occasional fast food fix. >> tonight i'll be going to in and out and doing one of their grilled cheeses, massive fries and a shake. that would be a cheat for me. >> that's not the onhily tng
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years ago i had my nose done. recently i had a filler in my line in my neck i've had since i was 12. and my boobs, best thing i ever did. >> i love them and i'm super happy. i would do it again in a heartbeat. >> why is she getting a nip tuck? i don't think anyone should do it for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that's amazing, but abs like these did not come from lipo. >> i realized i don't like running. that's my -- i refuse to do it. i like spinning, so i try to mix that in, and i tried pilates for a little while, so when i found hot yoga i fel and when i found hot yoga i fell in love with it and said this is my thing. >> that hot yoga is where she cried from her divorce with ryan sweeting, and no one could tell because it was just looked like sweat. she talks about her future saying she doesn't want "the big bang theory" to end this season like some speculate it will. she hopes it goes on for two more years, but after that she might quit tv.
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she's been dating equestrian carl cook for six months and admits she is up for getting married again, before the magazine comes out. >> the magazine comes out by thanksgiving, kaileyy you have eight days to tie the knot. the most famous feuding exes are at it again and jon and kate gosselin, of course, and in the exclusive interview, jon drops a major bombshell about one of his eight children and attacks the way that kate is raising them. >> what's it like when you talk to your kids? with mom? >> their life is just chores, that's what they tell me. >> their chores supersede their homework and their chores supersede any activity and their so if they don't get their chores done they're not coming to my house. >> jon gosselin says his kids are pat of a mind-numbing train wreck and the newest reality promo proves it. >> i'm not doing this! >> can i have the waffles? >> she's insane.
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they're just kids. >> do they enjoy filming the show? >> i think they like the activities they do, but i think she ruins it. she ruins the fun part of it. >> no, i'm serious! >> still, this is the kind of reality drama we've come to expect, but is there even more drama behind the scenes with son colin and claims colin's whereabouts are a big mystery. >> i have an idea where he is, but i don't really know. >> kate says that colin isa special schhol for speccal needs kids with behavioral problems. that's what she tells the press. that's what she tells the public. >> jon admits law enforcement has not corroborated the story and we reached out to kate and she did not want to comment either. >> have you picked up the phone and tried calling her and said where's colin? she doesn't answer any of my particulars unless they pertained to custody.
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where is my son? >> you want me to? i will. >> i want you to. jon who lost legal custody of his children says hh has not seen colin for more than a year and a half. >> i've been wanting to ask you, are you ever going to tell me where colin is? she won't respond. >> if colin is watching this interview right now, what do you want to tell him? >> just that i've been actively looking for you, and right now i'm just going to go back to court and your mom will tell me eventually if it's court ordered. >> an attorney hoping to regain some parental rights. >> if i get any right i'm not going to sign for my kids to film. >> that's her fear? >> she would have no income. >> if you are able to get joint and physical legal custody will you allow your children to film on the show? >> there are two phone calls to make. one is to tlc and the other is to find out where my son is. that's it. to me, there's something being hidden, so i don't know.
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>> wow. we also asked jon about thanksgiving and he says he hasn't been able to spend it with the kids for four or five years even though he claims it's supposed to be rotation with kate, and jon will have the kids this weekend. >> there is a new series coming to netflix that the gosselin gang may want to check out because it features a character that just about every kid loves to hate. the evil count olaf. you remember jim carey brought him to life on the big screen and now neil patrick harris is taking over. >> hello, hello, hello, children. >> yes. that really is neil patrick harris underneath all that makeup. it's an impressive transformation for the new lemony snickets, a series of unfortunate events. >> i'm count olaf, your new guardian. >> do you know what this is? >> it looks like a list. >> wrong!
2:02 am
and sincerely menacing as possible. >> you want to deal our parents' fortune. >> when the sand runs out that foe rtunis mine! i didn't realize the sand went so quickly. i bought it online. you'll need to flip it a couple of times. >> based on the children's book of the same name, in the film he dresses up in disguises trying to outwit the children. he admits it's a tough task. >> i'm playing olaf inplayg a character which is confusing mentally if i'm being honeet. >> count olaf in disguise. >> aren't you smartt >> it's beve we saw jim carey as sinister olaf in thh movie version and this premieres in january on friday the 13th and stars joan cusack. >> why do you hate her so much? >> because it's fun. >> oh, wow! >> and this is fun also. i want you to check it out, neil snuck a picture of bill murray on the flight back from berlin that's bill there in the
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lovely small talk and then he --
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joining the cast? learn more at >> primal consideration provided by -- >> that is all of the time we have for tonight, but make sure that you join us tomorrow. >> that is because we have how many movie exclusives for you? >> two major movie exclusives on tap. >> the rock, zac efron, we hit the beach with the sexy stars of "baywatch.? >> no, no. i was talking about the ladies. >> hi. >> and only "e.t." is behind th& scenes of rogue 1, a star wars
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likely to appeal to some of the darker forces that existen all of our societies. >> reporter: that's exactly what european allies fear. that mr. trump's actions will mirror his america first campaign rhetoric. >> great again. >> we are unchartered waters one key ally told us, god help us all. president obama tried to reassure his audience saying progress follows a winding path. and i could not be more different. we have very different points of view, but, american democracy is bigger than any one person. >> scott, president obama is likely to hear more concerns tomorrow in germany. a key u.s. allies who chief diplomat called donald trump a preacher of hate. >> margaret brennan with the president.


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