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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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? a message from the american academy of dermatology. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, november 17th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." trump tran circumstances. high profile meetings to determine who will help the president-elect run the country are happening in new york city. find out who has been spotted coming and going from trump tower. and hillary clinton makes her his public appearance since her concession speech. >> i've seen my share of ups and downs, but i still believe that we can make the impossible possible.
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headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, president-elect donald trump meets with japanese prime minister shinzo abe in new york today. cbs news has learned that mr. trump has started making offers for key posts in his administration. these are some of the leading contenders to fill top positions. retired general michael flynn as national security adviser. giuliani as secretary of state. senator jeff sessions as attorney general and steve mnuchin as treasury secretary and also congressman jeff miller for veteran secretary. hena daniels is here in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we could hear announcements on those posts as soon as today. meanwhile, transition team will unveil their first wave of landing teams. personnel charged with handling the happenedoff to federal
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will have to agree to a five-year lobbying ban after leaving the white house. president-elect donald trump capped another day of high profile meetings at trump tower. many of those seen in the building wednesday are overwhelmingly favorites for key administration posts. among them, alabama senator jeff sessions who sat in on trump's hour plus meetings with job for secretary of state. >> we discussed the transition. it wasn't really well. >> reporter: current new york city mayor bill de blasio also visited the president-t.elec >> i talked to him about the proposal for tax cuts, for the wealthy and for corporations. i also raised concerns about some of the messages and some of the rhetoric that, for so many people, had been hurtful.
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efforts, met with vice president joe biden. >> no administration is ready on day one. we weren't ready on day one. >> reporter: trump's camp has been pushing back against reports of a transition team in chaos on. yesterday, the transition promised to improve communication between the president-elect and the press. >> our goal going forward is to have the best information in a timely fashion. >> reporter: trump says all members of the upcoming administration will sign a form agreeing they will not lobby for government. the president-elect is also set to meet with former secretary of state henry kissinger, south carolina governor nikki haley and florida governor rick scott today. >> hena daniels in new york, thank you so much. hundreds marched through the streets of los angeles calling on mr. trump to rescind his appointment of steve bannon as his senior counselor. the protest started on the steps of city hall and moved through
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breitbart news into a platform for the alt-right movement. a group of house democrats, 169 muof them signed a letter t mr. trump calling on him to get rid of mr. bannon. in part the letter reads your appointment to stephen bannon whose ties in the white nationalist movement have been well-documented directly undermines the country. bernie sanders was elected chairman of outreach. sanders has been tapped to regain the trust of blue collar voters who turned republican. the republicans re-elected kentucky's mitch mcconnell as majority leader. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will discuss the transition with kellyanne conway, a senior adviser to the trump transition team. hillary clinton spoke publicly for the first time
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at the children's defense fund last night in new york. clinton urged her supporters to fight on during the trump administration. >> i know this isn't easy. i know that over the past week, a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions laid bear by this election run deep but, please, listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe fight for our values. and never, ever give up. >> clinton admitted there had been a few times since her loss when all she wanted to do is curl up with a book or her dogs and never leave the house again. the director of the national security agency blames the russians for the data breaches at the democratic national committee. admiral mike rogers said the breach was, quote, not done by chance. it was a conscious effort by a
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republican senator lindsey graham is calling for an investigation. overseas now. president obama meets with german chancellor angela merkel today in berlin. mr. obama arrived in germany last night, the second stop on his last european trip as president. he'll also meet with other european leaders some of whom fear the trump administration. before leaving greece, the president told his audience, the future will be okay. >> the next american different. we are -- we have very different points of view, but american democracy is bigger than any one person. >> the president and his european counterparts are expected to discuss syria and rae relations with russia. a man accused of setting off bombs in new york city in
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too. evident indicted on eight counts yesterday including weapons of mass destruction. he allegedly set off a bomb in new york city that injured people and another at a race in new jersey. a police officer is due in court tomorrow after charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a black man during a traffic stop. squad car video is being used as evidence against officer jeronian released. but the girlfriend riding with castile is being used as evidence. they say an officer would never use force under the circumstances. >> the use of deadly force by officer yanez was not justified. >> reporter: prosecutor john choi said that philando castile was shot after a minute after being pulled over by yanez.
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4-year-old daughter and his girlfriend. >> please don't tell me he is dead. >> castile in a nonthreatening manner uniformed officer yanez, sir, i do have to tell you i do have a firearm on me. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, officer yanez responded, okay, but then pulled his okay and reached into castile's vehicle. he told castile, don't pull it out. castile responded, i'm not pulling it out. me started firing. >> get your head out! >> rporter: castile's girlfriend lavish a reynolds said. >> i could forgive anyone you but will i forget, will i not be hurting? absolutely not. >> reporter: the police union says they are disappointed, but they respect the judicial
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friday but he may not go to trial for months. in st. paul, jamie yuccas, cbs news. one person is dead and at least ten are hurt after a natural gas explosion in central illinois. the blast last night damaged several buildings in canton, 75 miles north of springfield. debris is scattered in the town square. witnesses say the blast was like nothing they have experienced. >> it was a shock, because we never experienc i mean, it was loud and it shook everything. it almost felt like earthquake ty type. >> the cause has not been determined. coming up on the "morning news." fake lex news. a look at how fake stories generated big interest on goonk. caught on video. a boy catches his baby brother just in time. this is the "cbs morning nes." oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena? rapid wrinkle repair works...
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his baby brother from a terrible fall. he caught the 1-year-old after he rolled off a changing table. the family shared the video as a warning saying you cannot look away from an infant for even a second. fast hands. fake news stories go viral on social media. and a grand jury is convened in a police shooting case. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the "chicago tribune" reports a new investigation in the fatal shooting of a black man by a city officer. a grand ry whether police lied to justify the shooting of laquan mcdonald in 2014. officer jason van dyke is charged with first-degree murder and is awaiting trial. south carolina's post and courier says the hearing to determine dylann roof's competency for trial will be closed to the public. a judge says revelations from monday's hearing could complicate roof's to a fair trial.
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the judge refused to toss out on the charge and he reject a defense request for competency testing of 13 women who wanted to testify against cosby. bloomberg news reports that china is letting donald trump know that global warming is not a hoax it invented. the president-elect is a climate change denier. a chinese official notes that two of trump's republican predecessors started global warming talks in the late '80s. buzzfeed news says fake lex stories sparked more interest than real ones. buzzfeed had shares on facebook the last three months of the campaign. it found that hoaxes and stories from bias sites far outperformed reports from major news outlets. don't know how to take that one. we have more on the impact of fake news on the election coming up on "cbs this morning."
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tom brady is spinning his defla defla deflategate scandal for fun and profit, of course. a new foot locker ad, he takes two customers to task when they get suspicion about his store's sales. >> it starts with questions and then questions turn into assumptions and assumptions turn into vacations! >> brady was suspended for four games this season because the nfl said he had a role in tampering with footballs. russia moves to block a social media site and mcdonald's special sauce is being replaced by spicy sauce. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. russia is trying to pull the plug on its linked-in users. a regulator asked to block it. they don't store inside russia and violates a russian law and
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foreign companies. stocks were mixed on wall street. the dow snapped its seven-day winning streak, losing 55 points. the s&p finished three points lower but the nasdaq gained nearly 19. two research firms expect healthy growth this holiday shopping season. the national retail federation predicts sales november and december period will vise 3.6% to com score forecast that online sales will jump as much as 19%. spending on cybermonday, the monday after thanksgiving, is expected to be 3.5% higher than last year. it is typically the busiest online shopping day of the year. one of the largest reserves of recoverable oil it's ever found in the united states.
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area. the reserve is estimated to yield 20 billion gallons of oil and have 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. the big mac is getting hot. mcdonald's is testing a new version of its popular burger with spicy is a ras sirachia sa. it is made with red chiles and sriracha sauce for dumping they are giving out some water. >> really. it seems like ohio wouldn't be a that. maybe miami where they like things spicy to begin with. >> i guess think figure they figure it fit works there, it will work in the rest of the country. >> that's right. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot,
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y26ney yi0y here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. two former detroit s washington's max scherzer won the cy youngware as the national league's best pitcher. boston's rick porcello is the american league winner. he edged former tiger teammate justin verlander in the voting by sports writers. well, president obama announced his selection for the
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josh earnest called vin scully. >> he gives this to just a handful of people and this year, he is going to give it to you. >> oh, my gosh. no. >> other medal of freedom recipients include ellen degeneres and to see the full list, head to motown legend smokey robinson was honored in washington, d.c. last night with the gershwin prize for song writing. his first hits came with the miracles from "the tears of a clown" to "i second that emotion." from there he wrote singles from
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breaking overnight, we've had some bear attacks in the area. this time though, a person is the victim. fortunately though, we are told she will survive.
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president, japan's prime minister expected in new york later today. and also speaking here in d.c., hillary clinton makes a candid admission about how she is reacting right now to losing the election. and we have a beautiful couple days ahead of us, but according to allyson rae, a gold blast is coming for the weekend. >> that's right. it's going to be really nice today. yesterday, we had the showers quickly move through the area but increasing sunshine. a little bit of fog in some areas. the michael and son camera l ooking good this morning, 48 degrees. taking a look at the fog t racker. it's not really showing up so much but i did notice a lot of dense fog, especially around waters across the potomac and low-lying areas. 35 for white oak. 41 for springfield. 44 for dulles. clinton, 45.
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board. temperatures today, above average. we are headed to the mid-60s. yesterday we were at 67 degrees. a lot of sunshine and more than what we had yesterday. and coming up, we will talk about the blast of cold air h eaded your way. allyson, we have utility work going on close to route 7. just a portion of georgetown pike. so when you hit springville r oad, watch out. all of the lanes are closed for the utility work going on. they didn't say how long delays on route 7 -- taking place. no delays on route 7. but dulles airport, the eastbound lane, the access road, there's some traffic. >> thank you so much. now to new developments and one of the year's highly publicized police shootings the. police officer who shot and k illed a black driver near minneapolis is now charged in the death. prosecutors say there was no
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his weapon. he is charged with second degree manslaughter. his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath of the shooting p rompting widespread protests. a new revelation about the train engineer who crashed into a station in hoboken, new j ersey. it turned out that he he had undiagnosed sleep apnea and investigators are looking at that as a potential cause of the september crash. he says he has no memory of the crash on the floor. one woman waiting on the platform was killed when the train slammed into her and hundreds of others. a judge in pennsylvania has denied bill cosby's latest attempt to get his sexual assault case dismissed. he is accused of drugging and molesting the woman back in 2004. the judge rejected arguments that prosecutors waited too
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>> thank you so much. thursday's here and the news at 4:30 starts right now. hillary clinton making her first public appearance in d.c. since the election and speaks openly about howdies appointed she was in the result -- about howdies appointed she was in the results. friday eve, we're almost there. >> yeah, we have our eyes on the roads and th you. ellen bryan has time saver traffic on the 9s but first, meteorologist allyson rae. >> good morning. it is friday eve and things are looking really good for today and tomorrow. the weekend, 50/50. temperatures, 36 for leesburg. 32degrees for manassas. front royal, good morning, 39 degrees. so yeah, you will want the jacket this morning. leave the umbrellas at home today. nothing but sunshine. but as you head out the door,
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dense fog. so take note of that. we're headed to the 60s today. about 64 degrees in washington. i just talked about the construction close to dulles airport. it's blocking one of the ramps. 606, 28 where they intersect, not seeing delays but there is trouble on the westbound ramp as so watch out for that area. and we want to show you a live look from a traffic camera. on the right-hand side, there's a stalled vehicle on 355. there's a police car right behind it so stay right through the area. well, he's been president- elect for over a week and perhaps no one was more surprised than hillary clinton.


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