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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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why? well, it's like you said, i... i was getting cut out. and then i figured, with him out of the way, i could take over the business for myself. what? would you be so kind as to remove your gloves? i'd like to see your hands. palms down. well, you haven't said a single true thing to us. that includes your confession. you didn't kill bennett. you just want us to think that you did. i don't understand. holmes: it's a simple enough question. do you pluck between your eyebrows? yeah. i have since junior high. mmm. you have synophrys. joined eyebrows.
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acks of your hands. all three of those conditions are recessive hereditary traits. sharing one in common does not prove a genetic relation, but sharing all three strongly suggests kinship. what does this have to do with my husband's death? it has to do with the confession of one gordie kasdan. pilot. he said he sabotaged your husband's chute. but we think he was covering for someone. holmes: he, like you, has a unibrow, ents of his fingers and on the backs of his hands. he's your father. watson: we think he confessed to sabotaging bennett's chute to protect you. are we right? the other day, when you said bennett had been shot, part of me was relieved. i hadn't killed him.
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my pregnancy hasn't been easy. lack of sleep, nausea, the hormones... that's not an excuse for trying to murder your husband. a couple weeks ago, i heard him talking on the phone with some woman, late at night. he thought i was asleep. i couldn't find any record of the call on his cell, so i did a little poking around. found one of those disposable phones hidden in his car. there were all these texts between him and someone named jaan. in one of his messages, he promised her he would leave me. so you decided to kill him. i was angry. i called my dad, told him everything. said i could solve the whole thing with a pair of scissors and a trip to bennett's storage shed. i'm guessing that's why he tried to take the blame. he realized i'd really done it.
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something changed. i didn't want bennett to die. i tried to get him to call off the jump. but he wouldn't listen. (crying) he never did. well, that explains the sabotaged chute. but we're no closer to the sniper. i think we are. i think the sniper and mrs. nealy were both motivated by bennett's affair. and if i'm right about the sniper's identity, we need to catch him soon. 'cause i'm certain he's gonna strike again. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, aso we know how to cover almost about the sanything.dentity, even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement
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my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. i-i don't understand. why are you showing us these? we found them on the ground where bennett nealy fell. in afghanistan, young lovers give each other tasbihs as a sign of affection, yes? (speaks pashto)
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and you said, "oh, i hope not." i'm assuming by "hers," you meant your daughter, zohala. you speak pashto? not fluently. are these your daughter's prayer beads? bennett nealy had a lover. he called her jaan. holmes: "jaan," as you're well aware, is the pashto for "beloved." bennett nealy was having an affair with your daughter. you didn't know? watson: we think the sniper knew. that's why he killed bennett. which brings us back to a question that you refused to answer earlier. where are your children? zohala ran away shortly after marjan and i arrived in new york. she left a letter saying that she wanted to... live her own life, as a modern woman. we thought that she was just being rebellious. so we sent marjan to find her.
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y son fought for them. he learned to shoot, to hide, to stalk his target. and they poured their poison into his ears. what do you think your son would do if he knew that your daughter was sleeping with an american? the taliban preaches the old ways. in traditional culture, when a woman sleeps with a man outside of wedlock, she dishonors her entire family. the only way to restore that honor is through blood. if marjan thought that zohala and bennett were dishonoring our family... he would kill them both. holmes: so, if there's a way you could help us find marjan, his cell phone number, perhaps, be a good time to share it.
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bell: police! don't move! lower the gun, marjan. man: target in sight. three o'clock. we have visual. bell: your parents sent us. they want you to live. they want you both to live. (sirens wailing) (wailing stops) man 2: inside! quick! this way, please. move! move! nobody here wants to hurt you. just put the gun down. (indistinct police transmission) (handcuffs clacking) (elevator dings)
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zohala. ? mmm... ? ? ? ? mmm... ? (phone chimes) ? a sigh went across my bones ? (knocking) come in. been a while. it has. i heard you had a conversation with an old friend of mine. i did. he said that you reached out to him. is that true? say it was. okay, well, do you know what would happen to you if a parole officer knew
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is not your problem. neither am i. not no more. okay, but you asked me for my help. and now i know better. you can't help me. really? you think you know everything. you don't. you just walked into a criminal's apartment in the middle of the night. a basement apartment. you can shoot a gun down here-- nobody'll hear it. it's not your world. it's mine. it's where i have to live, why are you saying this? because this world's not safe. not for me. and especially not for you. so get out. while you still can. (loud crashing) (exhales) it's now or never, doc. ? what did you wish on that storm? ? ? was it worth it ?
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right now at 11:00 it's looking good for the redskins. they're beating the packers 42- 24. frank hanrahan breaking it down for us in a minute. >> president-elect trump wraps up his second day of meetings as he and why the future first lady and their son will delay their move to the white house. >> high winds toppling trees cutting off power to thousands in the dmv. hello. i'm debra alfarone. power is slowly coming back for thousands of residents in northern virginia. for more than 6,000 without power earlier this evening, now to only 4,000.
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much better in today's high winds. >> reporter: wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour in some parts of our area today creating destruction. >> it was really cold, crazy cold like stay in the house cold. >> reporter: wick wind whipping through montgomery county. >> cold. >> gloves are essential, ear protection. i don't have much hair anymore, so it's important to cover all >> reporter: powerful winds sparking brushfires. this barn went up in flames on spring town road, the whipping wind challenging for firefighters. this tree branch fell on a car causing a fuel spill that led to traffic backups. snapped power poles knocked out electricity in many neighborhoods including the kensington house apartments. bitter wind knocked over porta- potties at fedex field before
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this is all that's left of a stop sign tonight in northeast d.c. the wind blew it down. at the national mall it wasn't the monuments, but the weather getting all the attention today. >> oh, it's very windy. >> well, you just got dragged by the wind and so did we. definitely feels a bit apocalyptic up here. >> reporter: yesterday we were in the low 70s, today about 25 degrees colder. >> we came in shorts and t- shirts yesterday and today we scrounged to find everything we could to stay warm, but we only have one day, so we're not missing out. >> reporter: the wind cuts right through you. it is expected to die down tomorrow, but conditions will be prime still for brushfires to pop up, so firefighters will be on high alert. reporting in d.c. i'm stephanie gailhard, wusa9. >> thank you so much, stephanie. howard bernstein joining us
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today we had gusts that topped 60 miles an hour. everybody in orange, this is an elevated fire risk. we've got a fire weather watch. don't burn anything tomorrow. some of these fires have been caused by downed power lines going down sparking out and that's a consequence of the winds as well. i mean we still have gusts near 40 miles an hour in leesburg. we're gusting 37, so a very windy night. wind advisories have dropped and all this is driven by the deep storm producing a northern new york, western new york here, going to be measuring some of this in the foot category, 2-foot category even and for us until that storm leaves and high pressure builds in, which is way up here, we'll stay with some windy conditions for tonight and tomorrow and then the wind chills tomorrow morning will be a factor. we're looking at wind chills when you start your monday early, they can be in teen and 20s headed out the door. lunchtime wind chills low to mid-30s and top out with wind
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the 40s. things moderate as we head towards thanksgiving. i'll be back with more on that for you and the full seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, howard. for the latest weather alerts, download our free wusa9 app. police are now on the scene of a homicide in laurel, maryland. they arrived at deerfield road near conte road to find a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he died at the scene, no word motive switching gears right now frank joining me now, let's talk some redskins, frank. exciting night on the field. >> it was. i tell you what remember a year ago who knocked the redskins out of the playoffs? it was the team they played tonight, green bay, and it was the redskins who got a little payback, 42-24rout over the packers at a very windy fedex field. robert kelley is now the
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touchdown runs and kirk cousins, two big touchdown throws through the wind and air as the skins made it two wins in a row. they are now 6-3-1, cousins hooking up with jamison crowder for 44 yards and pierre garson for a 70-yard touchdown throw as -- pierre garcon for a 70- yard touchdown throw as the skins on overtime. >> lots to talk about. >> happy, happy. >> the wind didn't stop them. >> that's right. hashtag. now to some developing new stories, metro transit police officer no longer employed by metro after multiple women made complaints against him according to a metro spokesperson. the transit agency won't confirm the man was fired, though, and he then was under
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administrative leave after two women said he assaulted them on a dupont metro say it's -- at the dupont metro station last month. two fisher men are dead, another one missing after their boat sank during a fishing tournament last night in st. mary's county south of brenton bay. one fisherman was rescued and taken to the hospital. two people injured in a house fire in falls church. flames broke at a home near marshall street. four people were home, two suffering smoke inhalation and sent to the hospital. two dogs died. police in texas looking for a man they say shot and killed a san antonio police officer sitting in his squad car. they say the suspect shot 50- year-old detective benjamin marconi as he sat in the car writing a ticket to a person he just pulled over. they say the shooter drove up behind marconi and the person he pulled over, parked the car,
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shot him. marconi was a 20 year veteran of the force. police say that shooter is considered extremely dangerous. two other police officers shot in unrelated incidents today. a st. louis officer in critical condition tonight after what's being call an ambush attack and an officer from sanibel, florida, after being shot in a traffic stop, his condition known. president-elect trump's wife melania and son barron will complete the school year at his upper west side private school that. decision will increase the security presence around trump tower and it's going to likely involve both the secret service and nypd. wusa9 spoke with a local political expert tonight who puts this into perspective. >> by having two security details, that's not just
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to deal with. we, the taxpayers, have to deal with it. in so far as it's temporary, i think the american people are willing to put up with that extra cost, but in so far as it's coming out of our taxes and our wallets, it's probably a good idea that they are able to make that transition after the year is over. >> melania and barron are expected to move into the white house in may or june. trump will move in after he's inaugurated january 20 donald trump had more meetings with potential members of his incoming administration, but no appointments were announced yet. after attending sunday's service president-elect donald trump held another round of interviews with potential members of his administration at his golf club in new jersey. mr. trump limited he may be close on some finalists. >> former new york mayor rudy
11:55 pm
trump loyal -- guiliani, long time friend and trump loyalist, considered a top ken tender for secretary of state. trump also met -- top contender for secretary of state. trump also met with new jersey governor chris christie. his role in the administration remains unclear. >> a very talented man, great guy. >> reporter: after two days of meetings in new jersey, mr. trump is expected to continue speaking with potential cabinet trump tower in new york. his administration takes over two months from today. meanwhile president obama is shaking hands with vladimir putin at the apec meeting in lima, peru, today, the four minutes meeting before the asia pacific cooperation forum started for the day it was aided by translators, obama said he did not discuss russia's alleged meddling in the recent election because he
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discussion on moving forward." and he called that meeting candid and courteous. people in montgomery county are fighting back after a racist message was left at a silver spring church last week. stephanie ramirez said some of the people who came out to show support today came armed with chalk. >> it kind of hurt me a little bit because people come here to worship. >> reporter: love wins is what this 15-year-old wrote. she's a springs episcopal church of our savior, the church that last weekend had their spanish banner slashed and defaced. someone also wrote trump nation whites only. >> we need to spread the message, love. >> reporter: sunday dozens of people armed with chalk fought back by writing messages of love all the way up to a very busy new hampshire avenue, only unlike when they did this last weekend, you can see all the messages on the sidewalk, it wasn't just members of the
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churches up and down the street and this wasn't all. >> look around. look around. this is montgomery county and we will not tolerate that. >> reporter: montgomery county police chief tom mangers and hundreds of people talked about inclusion and respect for all in downtown silver spring. back at the church parents ashley and jeremy hope. >> i think it was important for us to come out here church that these people here see that there's other people that appreciate them and stand with them. >> and it wasn't just last week. i mean there's been lateful things going on every day -- hateful things going on every day since the election and we just can't tolerate it anymore. >> we can make it better by putting nice words. >> reporter: in silver spring stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> montgomery county's executive and council members
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event. earlier last week they also denounced the recent acts of hate and pledged to protect the county's undocumented immigrants. still ahead playing catch for a cause, meet the boy from bethesda who is using his skills on the field to raise money to fight a relatively unknown form of dementia. >> plus a story to inspire you as we head into the holidays, meet the dog who walks into
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it's officially the week of thanksgiving and this holiday weekend we at wusa9 want hope, love and inspiration. one of those stories went viral a few months ago about a dog named bruno who became an online phenomenon for how far he'll go for the people he loves. >> reporter: just around the bend, that's from where the best characters come. >> it's just been his routine for as far back as i know.
12:01 am
>> reporter: a wolf of a dog makes his 4-mile commute from lake country. >> everybody knows bruno. >> reporter: to town. >> may not know the people, but they'll know bruno. >> reporter: sharon rouse has been watching this through that open corner she's left in the real estate listings. >> he'll be walking this way across the street. he'll be walking that way across the street. he just literally wanders around town. >> reporter: a wanderer who starts his rounds strategically grocery store. >> he waits. there you go, boy. >> he's just always here. >> reporter: here unless bruno is there, city hall. >> down. >> reporter: frosty's ice cream. >> regular trip. >> reporter: on his way to the one stop. >> i think he just likes people. >> i actually just moved up here and it was one of the first things i heard of because i had to stop my car for him to cross the street. >> there's all kinds of people he goes to visit that i don't
12:02 am
>> he's our buddy. we kind of watch out for him the best way we can. >> he's not a dog. he's a spirit. we're all family now. i'll see you tomorrow. >> we've had him in the truck going through town and people are like bruno, there's bruno! >> reporter: another scratch, another drink, another meal and bruno's day in town is done. the life of a dog with friends in rogue es visits. >> reporter: boyd huppert, kare11 news. >> such a sucker for a dog story. share your inspirational stories like bruno's with us. use the #dcthankful. it can be anything you are thankful for. we have a full list of thankful stories on this is a catch-a-thon to
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brandon portnoy of bethesda came up with the idea to combine his love of baseball with the love of his grandfather who is fighting ftd which is a little known thorn of dementia. >> it's really hard to talk to him. he can't really talk. he can't move, but i still go up to new york every once in a while and talk to him and see how he's doing and it's really nice. >> brandon's fu $14,000. ftd affects about 50 to 60,000 people in this country. the money will go to the association for the frontotemporo degeneration association. take a look at video from upstate new york earlier today, vermont and pennsylvania also expected to get a fair amount of snow. >> some western massachusetts
12:04 am
hammered. >> minnesota got snow earlier this week. we haven't seen those snowflakes here, howard. >> i have reports of flurries in aspen hill, damascus, frederick, quite a few areas north and west of the metro that got flurries today, but we aren't getting the 1 to 2 feet like in northern new york state, just time to get the skis ready. that's good. >> that's what i'll do. >> snowshoe may be open an early start. we're a little closer, be very excited. weatherwise let's talk 3-degree guarantee. it was really cold today. i went out for a walk this evening. we made it about 3 blocks before we did the u-turn. forecast the high of 48 today. we hit 47 in spite of that, didn't feel like it. that's 1 degree off, back on track. observed highs upper 40s here,
12:05 am
20s in the mountains, at 4,500 feet there's over 10 inches of snow there, a lot of snow on the west side of the divide. still gusting near 40 this hour in leesburg, winchester, baltimore up at 35 miles per hour. i think we'll see gusts monday in the 30, 35, maybe 40 miles per hour range. right now 37, feels like 30, dew points in the teens. it's very dry out. if your house, you probably want to get that going because it is really dry outside and even drier when you heat that air up. the northeast and west are getting hit really hard. this western storm here, rain, mountain snow, even arizona headed to the rockies. skiers need it, but this will create travel issues moving east. i think we could get some


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