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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we have a couple of storm systems we are track across the country. the one near the great lakes a few showers tomorrow. i know a lot of folks are traveling today, but some of you hitting the road tomorrow. let's show you quickly. in the northwest, rain, wind- driven rain in portland. 50degrees. headed to the southwest, the weather looks great down there, and also looking good on the northern plains, and even marquette, that's not bad. a few snow showers, with the the deep south, and beautiful in florida. 70s and low 80s. the system, i was just showing you it will bring showers norfolk to pittsburgh. even if you're headed up to new york early, you will be fine. late in the day, they could see showers moving there, and boston at 45. our futurecast showing the threat for showers tomorrow morning, here at 8:00, and passing off through us by 9:00, 10:00, headed into the afternoon, and they should be moving south and east of us. i will come back in a few
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coming weekend and maybe significant rains because we need them headed into next week. roads around the country have been flooded around the country with cars. los angeles, boston, new york, and virginia in the bottom left. >> aaa said holiday travel is expected to be up by 1 million people compared to last year. the most thanksgiving travelers in 9 s. the airport. >> unattended baggage is subject -- >> reporter: nearly 50 million people will be traveling 50 miles this holiday ekwe end,and while reagan national certainly got busy today, ultimately things ran smoothly here. >> coming home to see family. >> reporter: but coming home on one of the busiest travel days of the year usually means a
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expecting. ? >> orlando the precheck line was ridiculously long. >> reporter: she turned out to be ridiculously surprised when landing at reagan national. >> we got here, and there's not many people in the airport, surprisingly. very surprised. >> reporter: hers was one of the good travel experiences today. >> i got to my flight on time. >> reporter: what was travel like? >> easy. got right on the flight, direct flight, and now i'm here. >> reporter: there was beltway tonight, it didn't seem to be paralyzing. >> reporter: how was traffic out there? >> not bad. i'm not on the interstate. that's good. >> reporter: it all seemed to be worth it. >> we love having her home and her brothers are also going to be home, first time they will be together since -- >> 2011. >> reporter: that's what it is all about. oh, and the food. >> are you excited to see
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>> reporter: well tsa has added nearly 1,000 new screeners to airports across the country, and that's just since last spring, and that certainly may help people get through in a timely manner. live at reagan national, i'm mola lenghi. >> make sure you download the free wusa 99 app while you're on the go. you can see the traffic jams, not just in our area, but anywhere in the country. there's a way to track your loved one's planto they will arrive on time. donald trump is calling for unity tonight. in a thanksgiving address posted on social media, trump says the nation has just finished "a long and bruising campaign and that tensions don't just heal overnight." >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very
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on assemblying his administration at his estate on palm beach. >> yes. he also announced two cabinet level appointments today. nikki haley will be nominated to be the ambassador to the united nations, and betsy duvoss got the nod for secretary of education. duvoss is generating controy. public education, particularly in communities with struggling schools, but for conservatives it shows donald trump is committed to keeping this campaign promise -- >> reporter: donald trump laid out his education priorities during the campaign. now he has a partner in accomplishing them. >> we will provide school choice and put an end to common
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donor, betsy has long funded charter schools and voucher programs for students to get out of failing public schools. she has never worked as an educator, part of the reason the two largest teachers' unions oppose her. >> she has spent her life to put public taxpayer money into short-term schemes like vouchers or charter schools that do not for all students with all being the keyword. >> reporter: dc could be a laboratory for some of the ideas. >> we have seen that in the past with some of the vouchers in washington. that may be an opportunity for them to try again. >> reporter: if the nea is worried she will destroy the public education system, donald trump said that's sort of the point and that she can break the bureaucracy holding
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an outstanding pick and ben sath said she would be a powerful advocate for kids. >> reporter: at times during the campaign mr. trump said he would like to get rid of the department of education all together and hand its authority back to the state. if he decides to follow through, her tenure would be short but consequential. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> thank you! a group of election hillary clinton have asked her campaign to call for a recount in three battleground states, wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. >> they said election officials need to make sure hackers didn't manipulate the results. donald trump won by razor thin margins, and there's no evidence to suggest the results were hacked or voting machines were compromised. a wayne state university police officer has died after
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night while patrolling the campus in detroit. 29-year-old colin rose was shot after radioing in he was about to speak to someone about possible thefts from vehicles in the area. the police have not charged the person arrested last night. rose was a 5-year veteran of the police force. another child died from injuries suffered in monday's school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. >> that brings the total number of deaths to condition. the crash has left the community deep in mourning. lafredia lost his 9-year-old cousin. >> this community has lost beautiful spirits and beautiful angels, and students that made many people's lives brighter. >> and tests show the bus driver, johnthony walker, did not have drugs or alcohol in his system, but the ntsb said he was also not on a designated
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reviewing onboard recorders to see if he was speeding. walker is being held on charges of vehicular homicide. authorities in charleston, west virginia, are investigating if the shooting death of a black teenager was a hate crime. 62-year-old william pulham confessed to shooting james means. he says he fired in self- defense, but police charged him with first- asking for your help to find two missing teens. 17-year-old evan mendez and 14- year-old sergio terminio. detectives have information that shows they are both affiliated with gangs and may be at risk. if you know where they are, please contact the fairfax county police. maryland state police are looking for a missing pregnant
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lynn thomas. her husband reported her missing back on november 11th, and thomas is wanted by anne arundel police for drug charges. she may be in need of immediate medical attention because of her pregnancy. firefighters rush to the scene of a fire in a rockville apartment this is the 400 block of monroe street. no one was hurt, but the family was forced out of their home. the fire ap electrical. >> the family of a frederick county woman attacked by a bear is appealing for help in the face of mounting medical bills. >> karen osbourne suffered a broken pelvis, deep bite wounds and other injuries when a bear attacked her over and over in her driveway last week in middletown. she now has medical bills of $200,000 and no insurance. the family hopes donors to a
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happened to anyone in the area. >> it is happening in people's backyards, and it's definitely making us conscious about where the kids are, what they are doing, and making sure one of us is always around. >> after 6 days in a trauma center, osbourne is back home, but her family says she's not strong enough yet to share her story with the public firsthand. why would a mom take on this guy? what she says when happened when a town hall meeting got ugly. see where the first family was serving up turkey and
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thanksgiving meals are on their way to pipeline protesters in north dakota who have endured encounters with
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and tear gas, and volunteers from west salomon, wisconsin v loaded up a school bus with hundreds of pounds of donated food. >> we were like we need to do something. we need a call to arms, kind of. we have a great boss who allowed us to bring a lot of people out there. we started to talk about it and made it happen. >> the meals will feed some of the 2,000 people demonstrating against the dakota access pipeline. they s harm drinking water and native american cultural sites. a discussion over race relations and police brutality. >> it happened during the taping of charles barkley's new show called the rice card. one mother said she was disappointed by what he had to say. >> reporter: the issue of police brutality is not a
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her son, gary hopkins jr. was shot and killed by a prince george's police officer in 1999. she said he did not deserve to die. >> i have been on the front line since 2000, fighting for change. >> reporter: so when she heard charles barkley planned to tape a show about race relations and police brutality at a baltimore church. >> racism has been my biggest problem in my adult life. >> reporter: what she experienced was the last thing she >> he validated he's a number one jerk. >> reporter: he down played police brutality in the city where it's a focal point. >> he has risen above, as he thinks, being stopped, frisked, killed. >> reporter: on top of that, she said he talked down to the audience when he tried to tell it to focus more on quelling black on black crime. >> at one point he called the audience idiots. >> reporter: the way he
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media ever since the website the undefeated first published an article about the visit on wednesday afternoon. in the piece the writer, milton kent said barkley believes racism does exist. we reached out to the parent company to see if they are or neither have replied. >> he wasn't hearing it. i think he came with his own agenda, and he exploited the audience for his show. >> reporter: john henry, wusa 9. on this thanksgiving eve, president obama offered handshakes and hot meals to many of our veterans. >> the president and the first family served thanksgiving dinner at the armed forces
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dc. president obama dishing out the turkey and graysy. michelle obama handing out the beans and the spinach. >> it was something probably not on michelle's menu tonight. pizza. did you have it for dinner? if so, you're in good company. the night before thanksgiving is one of the most popular times for ordering pizza. pizza hut expects to sell 1.2 million pizzas tonight. halloween, new year's eve, new year's day, sunday are the busiest days? >> who is in the kitchen saying let's cook up something special? >> nobody! >> my wife had no intention of cooking tonight. they were cooking all day today. i had chinese tonight. i get it no one wants to cook. >> people are going to be busy in the kitchen tomorrow. they will be busy stuffing their face tomorrow and the day after with the leftovers.
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a nice walk? >> probably better in the afternoon than the morning. not bad in the morning. we do have a higher chance for showers early, and that does not look like anything too heavy, and we are not under the yellow weather alert. 3-degree guarantee. the forecast high today of 52 degrees, and we hit 51 and that's right in there, and that's not giving any money away today. and by the way, when we do miss, as weird as that is. we give away $100 to charity. it's $100 to autism speaks, but we will change that for december. there were a few reports of sleet, and it's dry. what made it to the ground, that was impressive, but it was minor. in ohio, west virginia, kentucky, more major showers. we will watch that for the overnight into tomorrow. we need the rain. drought monitor, usually coming out thursday, but they put it out tuesday because of the holiday.
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especially from around atlanta in to birmingham and chattanooga. that is exceptional drought for the northeast, exceptional drought boston to hartford and western kentucky, and around here, we have gone to moderate drought. we need rain. it's been a very dry month and a very dry fall. not even a quarter of an inch of rain. if we don't get any more, the driest november on record, but it looks like we will have some by wednesday. harrisburg, holding on mid-40s. winds are light. and as long as the clouds stay around, we will not drop off much more. we may rise a bit. check out the capital wheel. looking good. 46, no winds, and the humidity, at 56%, and what we are looking at for temperatures the next few days, chilly up north, and nothing terribly cold. no arctic outbreaks. that's the key here. big storm system out west. if you're flying to the west, we talked about this at the top
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through the east, it will affect mainly areas to the north, more so than around here. with that being said, we are looking at the shower threat. 8:30, 9:00, 10:00, and then into the afternoon, look quickly it scoots to the east. temperatures should be low to mid-50s for highs, and clouds will hang tough, even through friday. notice a lot of clouds hanging on friday. a slim chance we will see a come through, and -- and then a front will come through, and the highs near the 50-degree mark. forecast in detail, have to watch out for showers late, and low 30s to low 40s, a couple of spots dipping below freezing. i'm not worried about frozen precip at the moment. 40s in the morning with a few showers. no yellow weather alert, and in the afternoon, leftover showers south and east. light, south, south easterly
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pleasant on saturday, 51. sunday, looking good, too. we will warm up next week, and by wednesday, showers potentially, a thunderstorm, and it looks like we will get colder after wednesday. >> back in the 60s. here we go. >> a little while. >> tomorrow, looking forward to turkey and trash talk. >> a lot of football tomorrow, and when you think about the redskins and the cowboys' rivalry, it can be hot and cold, but it's one of the best in the nfl. we will get their take on the riva a you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. pass an interesting start for the cavs. their offense is having a down year so far. ranked 18th through 18 games, and it's a good thing the great 8 is on the ice.
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check out the cute kids dressed as turkeys. adorable. the fans are thankful for ovechkin. that's a 2-0 lead, and he wasn't done in the 3rd. on the rush, and that's a hat trick for the captain. 16th of his career, most by active players, and some people throwing their well-paid for hats on the ice, and i don't get it. in maui, oh, that's beautiful. a mostly forgettable trip for georgetown. they are blown out tonight, 97- 70. the ki rivalry is one of the best in the nfl because of the emotions and it stirs up when it's mentioned. tomorrow could be another one of the memorable moments. diane roberts caught up with the redskins greats to get their take. >> reporter: the washington-cal dallas rivalry is one of the biggest in sports. >> certainly during my era of playing, this was a classic. >> reporter: between 1982 and
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to dallas' 10, and the wins have been lopsided as of late with the cowboys winning 13 of the last 21 meetings, and the two will play again for the 114th time thanksgiving day in dallas. >> they are going to go down there and i think that this is going to really start renewing this rivalry. >> welcome to the house that osmont built. >> reporter: during the to talk about the greats of the game with their cowboys game. >> they will remember me in infamy. >> he gets the ball. >> back here at rfk, when we won the big game here, pushing us into the playoffs of '92, to say hi to troy aikman and the dallas cowboys. >> everybody was honored. i remember john riggers running
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night, and i i'm not so sure we won or lost, but it was a great game. >> reporter: the washington troops won the game, a resounding 31-10 victory, and the fatigues were poised to strike out their opponents, and apparently it worked. the alumni hope a big win is in store for the next meeting on thursday. >> i think it's a big rivalry. the cowboys are leading the division, but i think on thanksgiving day, they will roll in and be cowboys. i said it right here. >> reporter: overall dallas holds the 67-42 record over washington, but the burgundy and gold have a 2-0 postseason record over their nemesis. diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. we can get you all pumped up looking at the old plays and memories. >> motivation for tomorrow. >> a lot of excitement. >> they want to win, yeah, they want to win.
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this game tomorrow, too. >> we need you to share your spirit by checking out our hash tag #skinson9. we are in a hash tag battle with our sister station wfaa in dallas. right now it's tied up, basically how many people who hash tag their hash tag versuses ours. you can help us win, and it will be one of many victories we tell us why you love the burgundy and gold. go on facebook, twitter, and instagram. #skinson9. >> you will watch the game and have your phone or device and
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the lincoln memorial is about to undergo renovations that will give tourists a view they have never seen before. >> millions of dollars is going to the construction of a 15,000 square foot visitors center to go underneath the memorial. for the first time tourists can see the cavern that looks like a cathedral, and there's graffiti sketched by construction workers almost 100 years ago. aboveground the repair the stained walls and leaky roof. >> 94 years old? amazing. >> that's going to take awhile
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now a "late show" thanksgiving message. >> hi, i'm a thanksgiving turkey here with a special holiday message. but first, i'd like to get something off my breast. would you please stop using your hand to draw me? it's a depictionave turkey. i mean, look at me. i'm an abomination, a freak of nature, four stubby feathers. and where where's my waddle, my sole means of attracting a mate. without it i'll die alone and never know the sensuous touch of a hand. by the way, why do you even draw turkeys on thanksgiving.


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