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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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not expecting, he said in spanish. explaining why he was there. you could hear the joy after. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they did also speak with me. they knew some of the flower branch victims. they felt the tremors from the explosion next door. he went back to his car to get one more thing. the gesture of making tears flow more than once, she thanked him in spanish and thanked god for life, the opportun t >> gracias a dios. [ speaking foreign language ] [ crying ] >> they shared several more hugs of gratitude after that. she also said she was going to church to thank someone spe he did have a second basket and turkey and was able to find another family in need.
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there are around 140 or more drivers all volunteering from various companies and organizations doing the very same thing today. doors are opening at some stores get a jump on black friday and thanksgiving. >> many shoppers are gonna stay home and buy online. scott broom is live at a best buy store where electronic buyers still feel the need to camp out for the s d make time for me. they are glad to be here to get deals on things like laptops and 4k televisions, deals they cannot find online. >> about $300 for a tv. >> reporter: this was the line this afternoon at the best buy,
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>> as soon as they open the doors, you grab the tv. >> and go. >> pay the money. >> and go. >> and get home for dinner. >> that's right. >> reporter: increasingly, this model of black friday shopping, stores like this kohl's taking a pause before throwing the doors open, this thanksgiving evening is becoming a thing of the past. contrast it with this walmart, open for business all day, no holiday offers or off employees. >> it was prettyll friday were items packed with sale items still sealed in shrink wrap to keep consumers from getting to them until 6:00 pm. >> black friday, i don't know if i'll be going out. >> i don't think they should make employees work all day and into the night. >> one more tv. [ laughter ] >> as long as
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>> reporter: there's still a lot of excitement about the whole black friday concept, coming early. herim at the end of the line on thanksgiving evening. reporting live, broom, wusa 9. we'll take a look at some of the best black friday deals coming up. it's a pretty nice evening for all the shoppers. and scott out there. howard is on the weather terrace. sounds like tomorrow could be dicey. >> later today and tomorrow evening the front is coming our way. winds are light, temperatures for this time of
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fairfax, 55, manassas, 57. a couple spots got to 60 today. we did have a couple of sprinkles early, a trace of rain, a lot more activity going on here in the northeast, rain and even snow. up here, a few clouds and maybe a stray sprinkle. tomorrow, even tonight, lots of clouds are gonna hang out. in the morning, 30s and 40s. by midday, region. late afternoon, evening, ahead of a cold front, we'll few showers start to pop. a line of showers that'll be with us on and off through the evening. and we clear out tomorrow night and set the stage for a cool dry
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montgomery county police investigating a fatal car crash off frederick road in clarksburg. no one else was in the car. traffic was closed while a reconstruction team investigated. good people all across the hungry and homeless this thanksgiving. >> wusa9 stopped by st. stevens where some hundreds. it's big momma's recipe that brings it all together. >> i came here so that i can give a helping hand to those that need it. >> reporter: big momma. a nickname born out of love. meal prep began last night. fast forward to lunchtime, thanksgiving day, 40 turkey, all the trimmings, stuffing, sweet potatoes, greens and more were ready to be served. almost.
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>> yes, it is. i can't give you the recipe! [ laughter ] >> reporter: hundreds enjoy big momma's gravy. it took an assembly line to get everybody fed. >> what do you want to say to the volunteers that helped you make this happen? >> we couldn't do it without you. thank you. meal? >> thank you for being here. >> reporter: i'm at st. steven steven's team dubbed loefbs and fishes -- loaves and fishes. they say this was time well spent and they're looking forward to doing it next year, including the only cowboys fans to my right. [ audience booing ] >> reporter: wish ing you a happy thanksgiving! >> happy thanksgiving! [ all talking ] [ laughter ] >> all right
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this is the 48th year loaves and first baseman fed the hungry at st. stevens. runners of all ages hit the pavement for the annual turkey trod for hunger this morning -- trot for hunger this morning. they set up the races beginning at freedom plaza. runners were encouraged to dress up like turkeys. >> we're here to support some, wing it's a very important cause, we are runners and we enjoy running. >> it's a great chance to get ready for thanksgiving and do some good for other people. and we've done it every year. it's a great cause and we're glad to support it. >> i'm running today because i want to give back to the same community they live in. this is my fourth year running, out here representing dc united. >> the proceeds are going forward feeding, clothing the homeless and poor in dc. last
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360,000 people. message was unity from the los angeles elect donald trump and president obama. >> as a country we've just emerged from a noisy, passionate and sometimes divisive campaign season. elections are often where we emphasize what sets us apart, we focus on us versus we support instead of the ideals we share. then thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our difference, we're still one people, part of something during than ourselves. >> we are very blessed to call this nation our home, and that's what america is. it is our america. it's where we raise our families, care for our loved ones, look out for our snash neighbors, and live out our dreams. it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our division and move
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strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> president elect trump is expected to tap billionaire investor wilbur-ross for congress secretary. he made his fortune investing in steel and coal. he has already helped mr. trump shape poerngzs of his campaign's economic agenda. grocery stores were packed today with last-minute shoppers. >> i the final ingredients to cross off their shopping lists in dc. they did take a moment to talk to me about what they are most thankful for this year. >> i am so grateful for so many things. >> being with family this year. >> thankful for the earth. >> my big brother. >> my husband's health. >> my job. >> the cats. >> wife and kids and grand kids. >> i became an emeshgz t so i'm. this for my community.
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>> apple pie. >> my friends and family. >> we just lost our golden retriever but i'm grateful for the eight years we had him. >> friends and family. >> pumpkin pie and turkey and mashed potatoes. >> same. >> great day. >> getting older. every year that passes it's like you're happier to be around. >> everybody is healthy. we have a good life. and what >> that little girl kept saying corn. >> corn, corn, corn! >> and pie. [ laughter ] >> and keith says hi, he was in that package. i said she'll watch this. >> how wonderful! >> absolutely . we also asked the same question on our facebook page. >> thankful for family and
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for jeff, "for my job and home, and i can see the sights of the world." chime in and let us know what you're thankful for this on thanksgiving. undocumented workers deliver a >> reporter: inside a dc kitchen where helping others isn't just limited to thanksgiving. >> and howard is back withr you forecast, including what we can expect this weekend. >> plus the cold weather and even threats of terror weren't enough to keep millions of people from taking in the annual
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turkey, green bean, macaroni and cheese, and a whole lot more. here the h year-round. they also operate an emergency shelter, rehab program and recreation center for kids. about 3.5 million people lined the streets of manhattan for new york's iconic
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>> it's freezing but we're having so much fun. >> what do you think of the parade so far? >> i think it's awesome. [ chanting ] >> reporter: hundreds came from miles around. >> nostalgic. we've been doing this for 90 years. >> reporter: charley joined the usual crowd mreer the tank and felix the cat. >> why this is important for you all to see the parade? >> because it's -- i mean look. it's amazing. >> reporter: in addition to all the balloons, floats and festivities, visitors are seeing
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isis magazine called the parade an excellent target. >> it's always something in the pack of your head being a parent. but i feel pretty secure. >> reporter: more than 3,000 officers were assigned to the parade. >> dozen s of celebrities took part in the parade including tony bennett and sarah mclack lan. take the cold over the rain. >> it was a pretty good day for the most part. watched some of the parade. you can see all the rain and wintery weather. the pink is a wintry mix.
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couple of light showers. temperatures at this hour, still in the 50s. 58 was one of the warm spots. 68 in charlottesville. 40s in the mountains. i don't see any real cold air coming. the second wee of december, maybe things will change but right now, winter fans, hang on. one that's really hopping today, the winds. they'll be light tonight. humidity 45%. nationally you're looking at that storminess in the northeast. weak system in the midwest. and a powerhouse of a storm on the west coast in the
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winds coming onshore like this, it's not coming from canada. the cold stuff, some of the temps have been minus-15, minus-25. doesn't have a chance to drop south as long as that's happening. generally we are sitting in some mild terate temps here in the next few days. temps are gonna be tough to break tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow we'll be mostly cloudy, a peek of sun most couple of showers trying to pop, late afternoon. into the evening hours, 9:30, if you're going out tomorrow night, you may see a couple of showers. after midnight with this front pushing tlushg we clear out, breeze out of the northwest for saturday, and even saturday. and there will be some snow showers on the west-facing ridge here by saturday morning. cold temperatures up to the north. we stay with mostly sunny skies through the weekend.
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forecast if you're taking off tomorrow. chilly in minneapolis in the 30s. 50s in kansas city. isolated shower in south texas. sdpeep southeast look great as well, parts of new england. this is a pretty good travel forecast on friday. forecast tonight, 38 to 46, mostly cold with light a shower, but the better chance will be in the evening. performs 56-61. over the weekend, breezy, sunday breezy and 50. showers, possibly some storms wednesday with a storm front 65, and showers will get out of here thursday morning. a maryland man behind bars
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>> authorities have charged him with making criminal threats. they say he was on a southwest airlines flight on tuesday leaving oakland for bwi airport and made the threat while the plane was headed down the runway. the identities of more than 134,000 current sailors have been compromised, and that includes their names and social security numbers. the breech happened on a laptop operated by a contractor. the navy says it's working to identify and help the sailors who were impacted. we have the best black friday deals before you get ready to battle it out tomorrow. >> why dave chapelle has about 60 million reasons to be thankful tonight.
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this is new york, rockefeller center, the parade is done and they're
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the beacon house football program is trying to raise $70,000 by next friday. we have a link to help them out. in tonight's consumer alert, black friday. you've got a strategy and you really need to checkho app by the same name. xbox 1 at kohl's, along with kohl's cash back, that's $140 off the original price. the best buy you can do much the same thing. this one has double the memory. you
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$199. i'm trying to keep up with this. [ laughter ] >> then you can score an apple watch at target for $198 and save over $70. monday is expected to be a record day for the shipping companies. taking advantage of the service too, a number of them are using their brick and mortar stores to ship out online orders. u.p. taken steps to increase their workforce. dave chapelle is about to get a big-time payday. >> he just signed a deal with netflix for $60 million. the agreement is for three comedy specials set to air sometime next year. kanye west is expected to
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more days. he has been at the ucla medical center since monday being treated for exhaustion. his wife came to visit for a few hours this morning. he canceled his world tour after a string of erratic behaviors. thousand s of meals, dozen was volunteers. after the break, an immigration protest at the white house. are saying about president elect
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a small rally b a worry. immigrantis just spoke to are afraid of being deported. their message is for both incoming and outcoming presidents. -- outgoing presidents. undocumented immigrants fear this could be their last thanksgiving in america. they started this protest at trump tower. this is their final stop. >> to demonstrate one message very clear, we are undocumented and unafraid.
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undocumented. he wants a meeting with donald trump. >> that is why we are gonna give donald trump an opportunity to see how he's gonna work with us to create an immigration system that's gonna benefit the entire country. >> reporter: trump has promised to deport 2 to 3 million criminal undocumented immigrants. his transition team released this video this week. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> reporter: this calling on president obama. he gave amnesty to millions of illegals. this group says he can accelerate some applications. >> if there was an easier process to become "legal",
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everything he said is what's gonna affected. >> reporter: dc will stay a sanctuary city. it will not help with any federal deboardation program. -- deportation program. this thanksgiving not everyone is fortunate enough to have a home cooked meal this holiday. >> hundreds of volunteers spent the day preparing and adults and children in our area. >> it's been a busy day here at the headquarters in dc. these are people with aids, cancer, diabetes, not well enough to go shopping or prepare food on their own. they'll have a nice thanksgiving meal tonight. >> i'm carrying out a promise
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recipient. >> reporter: she's giving back. her mother who battled cancer received meals from this nonprofit group. >> on thanksgiving day, she had tears of happiness. >> reporter: thankful to receive a beautiful meal like this at her front door for the holiday. >> just wanted to bring you your thanksgiving meal. >> reporter: it's the same gratitude joy is experiencing today. >> thank you so much. >> with an incurable disease. she is one of the thousands who receive the holiday basket today from food and friends. >> so this resonsible peace of mind. >> reporter: and that is as sweet as pie. >> thank you very much. you all have a happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: food and friends prepares and delivers thanksgiving meals but they also
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every year they deliver one million meals to people in need. thanksgiving means the opening of a holiday exhibit at the u.s. botanic gard then southwest dc. visitors can check out the wreaths, gardens, trees, and thousands of blooms from xotdic orchids --xo celebrating the 100th anniversary of the national park service. a manhunt in virginia for a man who shot and killed a security guard. it happened earlier this morning during a tent party near newport news. the guard was trying to escort collison lewis off the property. for some reason he turned and shot richard ervin. a grieving city comes
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fallen officer. hundreds gathered last night on the streets of san antonio to give thanks to detective marconi, shot and killed during a traffic stop earlier this week. >> it's huge it. chokes me up. this is what san antonio is all about. detective, shirt, flag, and signs knead clear it was a show of solidarity for everyone who wears the badge. a tron-year-old man is going -- 31-year-old man is going to need surgery after his electronic cigarette exploded. he suffered from third degree
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thigh. crews began setting up the spruce pine at the vatican today. it will be unveiled officially on december 9th. the tree will be decorated with 18,000 led lights and stand in st. peter's square 8th. after the break a retired marine's drive has him speeding toward new heights. >> not a bad day, turning into a decent evening. probably want more than a suit jacket. temperatures will be slowly falling from the low 50s into
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we planned on meeting one of the facility's many heroes but ended up meeting two. >> inside walter reed national medical center in bethesda. >> reporter: for retired marine corps staff sergeant liam dwyer, the road to recovery has been dramatically improved by be a normal heightthetic leg. >> the ability to stand up and be a normal height. >> reporter: he was seriously wounded in afghanistan when he stepped on an explosive device. the blast severed his leg. but it didn't touch his spirit. he is a fierce competitor. >> when i put the helmet on, we get in the car, it's a level playing field at that point.
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injuries. >> racing is what gives to me that drive to wake up every morning. and it fills that void that not being in the military left. >> reporter: retired staff sergeant dave lafert helps make his second career a possibility. >> i'm sure your background in the military inspired you to do this. >> reporter: he's the humble genius prosthetics department. not only are they stunningly life-like, their technology is extraordinary. the department even found a way for an adventurous triple amputee to swim again. modern prosthetics allow another to go fishing. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and they put liam
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in the winner's circle. >> sergeant dwyer's tour wasn't the first time that he was severely injured during his service. in 2007, his humv was hit by a roadside bomb se shrapnel into his side. a family nearly lost their farm. how two sisters saved this property. >> and
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?? ?? ??
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no one is sure what this is. here's john henry in frederick. >> reporter: this subdivision was recently hit with the type of storm few people in our region could imagine. no leaf pile is safe. >> using it as a jumping area. >> reporter: these kids have
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tradition. they're actually jumping into a pile of corn husks. why? the corn blizzard of 2016. a neighbor says they recently decided to cut down corn stalks. so this weekend when some strong winds rolled subdivision, the conditions became ripe for a corn storm. >> i was working upstairs and going wait a minute, is it snowing? oh, my gosh, they're corn leaves. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the good news, no one got hurt in all this, but it still left a mess. corn husks came to rest all over the streets, in stairwells, and even some people's homes. and there's some frustration in the
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several times about this problem over the years. they say it's time for their managers to fix it. neighbors wish no ill will. >> it's a lot of raking! [ laughter ] according to one neighbor, the farm to clean up some of the corn left in the street. as for the husks in the yards, it appears they'll have to clean that up themselves. >> in the midwest they put up snow fences so the snow doesn't drip too much. maybe they can
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-wise, we can't control the weather but we can tell you about it. happy thanksgiving. no wind, calm. makes 56 much more bearable. still holding onto the middle 50s in ummer 50s manassas. they're not making a lot of progress south. 30s, parts of the northern u.s. this cold air doesn't have a chance to come in south because of
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winds across central and northern new england. as far as the rest of us, we're still in pretty good shape. plenty of clouds around, maybe a few break, but mostly cloudy for tonight, and also on friday. tomorrow we got a front coming through in the evening hours. by midnight, it'll be be in better shape. if you're going out tomorrow night, shopping, date night, keep in mind we have a couple of showers that could threaten. they'll be out of here by saturday morning. showers in the far western mountain, breezy saturday, cold weather up to the north, 50, 55 on saturday. and as we head in toward sunday, still dealing with cooler air masses.
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looking at your forecast then, for tonight, 30s and 40s. might see a few spots in the mid-30s, mostly cloudy, cold, light winds. in the afternoon, perhaps a late shower, 56 to 61, mild. tomorrow evening a few showers will flare up. breezy saturday, 54. sunday bree as we head toward monday we get a little milder. 57. tuesday maybe a late shower. 62 wednesday. better chance for some much-needed showers. storms in the 60s. and early showers exit out of here thursday, and we're back in the 50s. >> return of the 50s. we all have something to be thankful for this thanksgiving. in minneapolis a family is celebrating something extra special. >> the
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>> reporter: wind and gray days. land farm forward more than 50 years. >> yep. >> reporter: a redwood county legacy. from his father to him a farmer's dream that then died on a dark summer night. >> boating accident. hilt -- hit a bridge. >> reporter: the operator of the doomed boat was their son. >> i'm too emotional about it. >> reporter: their
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since the picture was taken but neither was ready for this. >> just gotta keep going >> reporter: casey was 22 when her father passed away. miranda had just turned 20. single, and pursuing their own dreams, when days after the death of their father, their grandpa posed a question. >> do you want to farm? we're gonna help. i said what i you want to farm >> reporter: casey didn't know beans about driving a combine. and neither had planted or marketed grain. >> i said well, you better think about that. and they didn't have to think about it. >> we didn't think it over. who would? >> reporter: that question made only more poignant. >> the kids take over. >> reporter: because barb and mark had been down this road before. >> he was 23, a senior.
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other son who was supposed to take over the farm before a skid loader bucket crashed down on him in their yard. >> we lost both of the boy >> reporter: a million times barb has asked god why both. still no answers. >> reporter: from those granddaughters came hope. >> i wouldn't have lived if he would have had to say we're gonna sell and rent it all out. >> reporter: casey and miranda have had help. they're learning fast from their grandpa and friends. and their uncle scott who drives out from the twin cities. >> worthy cause. i wasn't sure they were up to it. i am now.
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their fifth harvest -- marks their fifth harvest with time out in between for two weddings and the birth of a girl for casey and a boy for miranda. who spend time with their grandmas while the babies' mothers farm. >> >> reporter: for their mother it's overwhelming sometimes. thinking about the husband she lost and how much life has changed. >> gotta a third generation farm. the women of the fourth lead the way. >> their husbands have busy careers of their own but pitch in when they can. casey was in school to become an accountant
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they put their plans on hold to run the farm. some holiday shoppers willing to wait in line for hours to get perfect gifts for family and fri >> thousands of people have no place to stay this thanksgiving. and as our population gross, an effort to make their lives a
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for many thanksgiving means food family and relaxation. for one hole family it is anything but relaxing. the orphans longshadow farm who are thankful this thanksgiving for all the extra work. >> reporter: even the turkeys have somethi for this thanksgiving. >> when you look that way, you can see a long way. >> reporter: it's what brought them here nine years ago. since then they built a small farm. >> chicken, ducks, turkeys and lamb. >> reporter: right now it's all about the turkeys. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> this is our busiest weekend of the year for sure. >> reporter: here the turkeys
5:58 pm
to be their little animal selves selves. they get to be turkeys. and we don't tell them what's coming next. >> reporter: we won't show too much of that. >> this is about as nice as it gets for an animal. >> there's normal people like us that want to know where our food comes from. >>t- birds are about as fresh as they come. >> instead of hitting the cost co or walmart, i think it's better to come visit the farm. >> all our poultry really tastes different. >> it's neat to see where your toad comes from, isn't it? >> there is a food revelation. there are people who care. >> reporter: this farm is a passion. >> not a full-time gig. i have a degree in chemical
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and there's not a lot of animals in mechanical engineering. [ laughter ] >> reporter: while they aren't making a living out of this, they are making a life they love. >> we do this because we believe in it. >> happy thanksgiving. thanksgiving dinner is over and now thousands of people are lining up with full bellies and wallets ready to snatch up those black friday bargains. camping out and waiting for the stores to open thanksgiving night is about as fortunately as apple pie, right? allison barber is at the outlets in maryland. one of the many places shoppers are lining up to kick off the holiday shopping season. you got some company! [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: yeah , we have some interesting people out here today! the doors opened at 6:00. you can see this door right
6:00 pm
the group excited behind me, they went into the coat store here. they're all gonna be open from now to 10:00 pm tomorrow. >> i don't think it's gonna be aot a little crazier around nighttime. we are open 24 hours. right now we do have time to settle down, get everything organized and what not. but once it starts to hit around the later time, it'll probably get a little more chaotic. who doesn't


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