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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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run, hide, fight. we start with breaking news from one of the country's largest universities. police shoot and kill a suspect after he opens an assault at the ohio state university sending several people to the hospital. >> good afternoon. we have the latest on this scary situation. what do you know about the injured? and the suspects? >> so far andrea, nine people at least are in the hospital
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the suspect is dead. that person was killed in a shootout with police. police lifted that shelter in place a half-hour ago. classes at this point are cancelled for the day. check out video of the situation that unfolded 9:30 this morning in the chemical engineering building at ohio state university. an emergency alert went to students and faculty at the university a short time later. that message read "active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight" and provided the protocol for an active shooter situation. that means evacuate if possible, get out of the shooter's view possibly, or fight as a last resort. the shelter in place was in effect for an hour and-a-half. there's been an outpouring of support and prayers on social
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>> reporter: this is one of the largest universities in the country, nearly 60,000 students attend that university. so stick with us. this is a developing story and we'll continue to bring you updates as we get them. just moments ago we learned fairfax county police made an arrest in an early morning homicide. police say ricardo molina martinez killed his diablo court. wusa9's hillary lane has more. >> reporter: police received the call a little before 5:00 a.m. a woman said she heard screaming outside her home. police arrived and found a woman lying on the ground. >> i heard the sirens and stuff. my wife looked out the window. >> reporter: dozens of police officers here on the 8400 block of diablo court in the
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county near the pinewood south condos. >> somebody's dead there. >> larry cook who lives nearby with his young granddaughter was surprised to learn a young woman was found dead in the street. severe trauma to the upper body. police believed she was stabbed, pronounced dead on scene. >> i've been here 13 years. nothing has happened before. >> reporter: enacio would never have expected a homicide in this neighborhood. he says ate safe area. >> i don't know what is going on >> reporter: that's exactly what dozens of officers have been busy doing all morning. canvassing the area and searching for clues trying to figure out who killed the woman. meanwhile, neighbors say they don't want this incident to give their neighborhood a bad name. >> it's not the area. it's the way the people are. >> reporter: in fairfax county, hillary lane, wusa9. >> witnesseses say they saw a man in dark clothes running from the scene. police are trying to figure out
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the identity of the victim hasn't yet been released. the hunt is on for a gunman responsible for shootings in southeast dc over the weekend. three men were killed in the afternoon and a few hours later another man killed on howard road. this follows the murder of 16- year-old brianna mcmilan. >> she was a young lady that was going to do something really big for herself. >> mcmillan was visiting family for thanksgivi boarding schooling in iowa when shot. her uncle said she just wanted to be with family over the holiday. a search underway for the robbery suspect who fired at officers. it started with a hold-up saturday afternoon at joel's old fashioned barber shop in seat pleasant. police chased a silver mini van in the district. one suspect fell out of the van with a gunshot wound, the other
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on c street southeast. the third man fired as he ran away. no officers, no one at the barber shop was hurt. reportedly donald trump plans to meet with former cia director david petraeus in new york. the president-elect is considering him for secretary of state. mr. trump also lashed out on twitter about recent efforts -- recount efforts in three states. kenneth craig reports from trump tower in new york city. >> reporter: vice president- elect mike pence arrived at trump tower where the president- elect dona more meetings to fill his administration. >> going to be a busy week. get ready. >> reporter: among his visitors former cia director david petraeus. retired general being considered for secretary of state. petraeus resigned in 2012 after >> iting to an extramarital affair with his biographer and mishandledling classified information. mitt romney, nor contentedder sparked an outcry among some
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he and consultants were nothing but awful to trump for a year. >> reporter: the president- elect will meet with romney and senator bob corker of tennessee at trump tower tomorrow. corker is considered a longshot to become the nation's top diplomat. the president-elect also is slamming hillary clinton's campaign for getting involved in green party candidate jill stein's recall effort in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. mr. trump claimed without evidence widespread voter fraud tweeting sunday -- i won the millions of people who voted illegally. dependent fact checkers claim that to be false. >> the clinton campaign says there's no evidence the results were manipulated but since there's a recount it wants to be represented. dylann roof will act as his own attorney in his murder trial in the south carolina church against his attorney's
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nine black parishioners in the church in charleston. prosecutors say roof was attempting to start a race war. the 22-year-old avowed racist could be put to death if convicted. tracking metro this afternoon, the agency safe track phase 11 begins on the orange and silver lines today. right now they are single tracking between east and west falls church. metro officials say expect crowding on all orange and silver line trains. also suggesting commuters fi rush hour. this portion of the safe track campaign runs through december 21st. it's back to business for ellicott city. shops and stores along main street reopened after a deadly flash flood rocked the small community in late july. larry miller gives us an update on the reconstruction and why the holiday shopping season has added new meaning. >> reporter: life on main street starting to get back to normal. business owners say they are
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thank about the work that has been -- thankful about the work that has been done. her business has antiques and works of art and damaged by the july flood that killed two people and caused more than $22 million in damages. after months of work the store is finally open and 10 days after welcoming the customers back, humbled by the resilience of the people that live and work in ellicott city. >> i never thought it could come back that quickly. the community, not just of county just pulled together, there's so much unity. >> reporter: she says businesses up and down main street are doing a lot better thanks in part to a grand reopen saturday. governor hogan will appear later today to kick off a statewide campaign to get shoppers to spend their money in small businesses in the state. did you do well? >> we did extraordinarily well. we had only been open officially for a week from 10:00 on until we closed at
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because we were falling asleep on our feet. >> reporter: four months is not a lot time and work continues to enhance main street but says if the enthusiasm is any indication of the future she's hopeful. hogan will make other trips around the state. the next visit, cumberland november 307b8g. in ellicott city, larry miller, wusa 9. >> governor hogan is expected in ellicott at this this evening at 6:00. it's beginning to look a lot like hill. a truck delivered the capitol christmas tree. the 80-foot engelman spruce came all the way from western idaho. being installed on the west lawn of the capitol building for a lighting ceremony next sunday. we have showers heading our way. meteorologist alison ray joins us with the first alert forecast. good morning. we finally have decent rainfall headed our way for tomorrow and also wednesday. so if you're heading out later
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umbrellas home. today's pretty quiet. it's cloudsy but a nice november afternoon. we started cold. in the 20s and 30s. it's not going to be that cold tomorrow morning. 49 degrees now. cloudy skies across the board and southerly winds. the southerly winds combined with the cloud cover, that is going to keep us a little warmer overnight tonight. so you won't have to grab the real heavy jacket if you are heading out early tomorrow morning. current temperatures still 46culpeper. we're headed to the mid-50s today. a few degrees above average with the help of those southerly winds. that us how we're going to get to the mid-50s. we stay pretty dry today. there's a lot of showers. we have two good chances for rain tuesday and into wednesday. so we could use this rain. we're over seven inches short in our rainfall totals for the year. 54 degrees by 4:00. we'll stay in the 50s. see the slow decline in temperatures? even southerly winds may get us
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coming up -- we're going to go through your tuesday and wednesday hour by hour to track the showers. you can always see the rain on doppler on our first alert wusa 9 app. if you're looking for ways to share this holiday season please join us to give hope. wusa 9 partnered with volunteers of america chesapeake branch to get toys and gifts for needy families in our area. instead of braving the crowds to buy a gift just go to usa give hope banner. a virtual toy drive. you can make a donation with just a few clicks.
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welcome back to usa 9. for the first time in 50 years jetblue and american airlines took off this morning as the first u.s. regularly scheduled flights to havana, cuba. this just as the first of
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the death of the former cuban dictator is met with very different reactions reactions from generations of cubans. older people are demonstrating loyalty while some younger cubans say they don't feel the same attachment to castro. manuel bojorquez has more. >> reporter: this church league soccer game might make it seem like any other su havana, until halftime. when both teams stopped to hold a moment of silence for fidel castro. alejandro deban and his friend say they admire fidel. for us cubans it's a great loss says alejandro. but for others it's more of tradition and family. your grandparents cried about this. >> they were part of the
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-- much more heavily. >> reporter: clearly they feel this more than we do he says. that was a parent, away from the field in church ws across the island where many older cubans openly mourned. we spoke with one man after mass. you loved fidel. >> so much. >> tears streaming down your face. >> i loved too much. fidel >> reporter: there is no mention here at least publicly. about the abuses and oppression of the castro regime. in fact, the efforts here is to make sure the revolution does not fade into history for young people. nearly a third of the island's population is under 25, and they are increasingly drawn to american pop culture as wi-fi hot spots pop up. in the decades since fidel castro gave up power dissident
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like access to wi-fi as a way to expos young cubans to new ideas but there's a concern that the nation's youth is becoming too distracted during a defining time in the island's history. cbs news, havana. hundreds are calling on our nation's leaders to stop the construction of the dakota access pipeline. >> the pipeline is being built near the standing rock reservation in north dakota. opponents believe the pipeline could contaminate the reservation as water source. adana eagleshield was one of the protesters at the washington monument yesterday. she says she was arrested at standing rock and came to washington to provide a first- person perspective. >> there's a lot of propaganda out there on standing rock and the violence and the fear mongering about what is going on on standing rock. i wanted to come here to show them that it's our own people
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our own people want better for our communities. we want our kids to be outspoken, to stand up for themselves and stand up for what is right. we talk about that all the time not only in this country but as parents. we want our kids to grow up to be -- to be protectors of all people who can't do it themselves. >> organizers say they were also protesting the recent violence between police and protesters at standing rock. the dave matthews band played a concert last night to benefit standing rock. this is a clip from their show at constitution hall in northwest dc. all proceeds go to the fight against the dakota access
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>> we would love to hear what you think. log on to any of our wusa 9 media pages and join the conversation. in weather we're talking about something we need. rain. >> we've had a couple days of this month where we just got a month where we had measurable rainfall. it's just not enough. we've only had a quarter inch. we need a lot. so we'll take it. >> but still not getting what we need. >> absolutely not. it would take lots of rain chances like this to come our way, to really even make a dent. we'll see -- we'll get to the totals, i have a forecast of how much we're expecting after tuesday and wednesday's showers systems, rain systems push
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today. it's cloudy and cool. not a bad day for cyber monday. by any means. seasonable temperatures. we're in the 40s now but a quick warm-up after starting off into the 30s this morning and 20s for some areas. all because of that southerly wind and that dew point, that humidity is going to increase a little bit ahead of the showers headed our way for tomorrow as well. current temperatures, 40s and we're making our way into the 50s for southern maryland. still pretty chilly along that 45 for luray. heading to the 50s, not a bad afternoon. leave the umbrellas home, if you're walking your dogs later tonight you don't need the rain jacket. for tuesday and wednesday, showers are back. and finally some adequate rainfall potential, especially wednesday. for tuesday looking more in the order of scattered light-to- moderate showers. wednesday is the day i think we can see some thunderstorms and heavier pockets of rain. tonight with the clouds in place, tomorrow morning we're
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the 40s. no 30s on the map and definitely no 20s. so you can even leave the heavier coat at home tomorrow. here's your futurecast, timing out the showers for you. this has gone down in the intensity for wednesday but i still think we're going to see good rain for a lot of areas on wednesday. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, tuesday. tuesday and wednesday we have the yellow weather alerts because it's just going to be a little inconvenient for traveling around the region. both these days. 7:00 in the morning the heaviest rain still on west of scattered light showers to interrupt the morning commute, right through lunch hour and then for the drive home, 5:00, still scattered showers around the region. we'll fizzle out overnight, then wednesday more rain is headed our way. this is the day that we get rather warm. the southerly winds don't stop. we're headed to near 70s degrees on wednesday. so that, with the rain, yeah, we can see a couple thunderstorms out here as well. this is 9:30 in the morning, pockets of heavier rain, then during the evening you'll start
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chances go away the rest of the week. thursday and friday will be dry and the weekend. sunday though i'm watching closely. some areas could get a quarter inch of rain. other areas could see over an inch depending on where the pockets of heavier rain start to line up for wednesday. 56 today. we'll get to near 70 ahead of the front. thursday falling temperatures. we'll stay dry for friday and saturday but could see another chance of rain sunday.
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welcome back. we have an update on the breaking news we've been following all day, as many as
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attack at the ohio state university. makia turner has an update. >> reporter: as many as nine people are still in the hospital. one person is still in critical condition and at least one suspect is dead. it's not clear if there may be more in this situation here. the tense situation started about 9:30 this morning at the school's chemical engineering building there. are reports that the suspect crashed an suv into that building and that a knife attack was the result of that. alert telling people on campus of an active shooter situation. went out a short time after a lockdown -- a lockdown was lifted 11:this morning. several classes cancelled for the day and buildings are now closed. 6 o,000 students attend ohio state, making it one of the largest universities in the
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>> chelsea: [ gasps ] well, hello! >> nick: hey. thank you so much for doing this. >> chelsea: oh, are you kidding me? it's my pleasure. hello, little man. we are gonna have so much fun while your dad's out doing boring stuff. >> nick: [ laughs ] >> chelsea: any word from dylan? >> nick: uh, no. nothing. >> chelsea: i'm really hoping he'll reconsider. i mean, he just doesn't strike me as the suing type. pretty serious. >> chelsea: i was hoping, you know, giving him a few days to think about it, he'd reconsider and realize that suing for visitation is a bad idea. >> nick: that's what i'm hoping, too, but i got to be cautious. i can't take any chances when it comes to my kid. you know, i thought i lost him forever. there's no way i'm letting him go now.


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