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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  December 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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breaking news, d.c. police say they've got a suspect in custody after a person walked into the comet ping pong restaurant in northwest armed with an assault rifle and fired one or more shots into the floor. this happened around 3:00 this afternoon near the intersection of connecticut avenues. fortunately no one was injured. we have live team coverage and we'll start with our own stephanie ramirez who has been on the scene. what do we know now? >> reporter: police are clear they believe this is not terrorism related, but the bigger concern for everyone around here is whether this is related to any of the conspiracy theories that have been targeting comet ping pong. first more about the suspects. police appear mended a male in
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into the business with a long gun or assault rifle around 3:00 this afternoon. police found a handgun in the suspect's vehicle. the tags are from outside the dmv. this all happened in the same restaurant that online has been the target of several conspiracy theory videos. those posts claim comet ping pong, their basement which they reportedly don't even have, is the center of a child sex slave ring organized by hillary clinton and the campaign absurd. the police chief knows all about it. >> we're aware of that and right now we have nothing to tie it into those concerns that have been raised on social media. we're going to work with the businesses to make sure that they're comfortable in running their businesses. for anyone who comes up to this part of the city, this is a very, very safe part of the city. >> reporter: yeah. that second part there, he was
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about other businesses, their concerns for threats and safety in the area. we know comet here, they also had security at a live music event over the weekend according to a facebook post. thankfully here again, though, no injuries. on connecticut avenue stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> thank you so much. this is all happening as people were at comet and also next- door at other restaurants. people ran outside seeking refuge next-door. our nikki burdine talked with some of the people who what are they saying tonight? what can you tell us? >> reporter: i got off the phone with a man who was inside comet when this happened. he was there with his family enjoying pizza playing ping pong when he and his wife saw a man walk into the restaurant and they saw the weapon on him. strangely enough he said his first reaction was not that this was a man who was a threat. he said his first reaction was this man was extra security because he knew about all the threats they've been getting here. so they first thought this man
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hidden underneath his coat. staff members came rushing out escorting out all the employees and all the people here inside the restaurant sending them to the sidewalk and then many of them ran across the street hiding outs finding refuge in the bay -- out finding refuge in the banana leaf restaurant and coffee shop next-door trying to figure out what was going on and get to safety. i spoke to a few people who were inside some of those restaurants who watched it all restaurant right across the -- we were at a restaurant right across the street having lunch and all these people ran in from comet pizza and then a short time later saw a man with his hands raised in the air and walked backwards out of comet and he was arrested. >> there was a fell who was at comet -- a family who was at comet who came in and i guess
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they had said they hadn't heard anything. the managers from comet told them to leave. so they just came in and they were hiding in there. >> reporter: everyone i spoke to who was either here inside the comet restaurant or in other restaurants say they were definitely tear filed by what was happening, but -- terrified by what was happening, but they said it will not keep them from coming back here supporting this restaurant. they say they actually are very angry that their families were subjected to this and one of their favorite restaura attack. live in d.c., i'm nikki burdine, wusa9 news. >> we'll keep you updated on. this when breaking news happens, you'll want to have our free wusa9 app. you can get updates any time right on your phone. more new news, breaking news actually at this hour, it's off. the u.s. army corps of engineers says it will not grant an easement for the dakota access oil pipeline in southern north dakota.
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-- construction of the four state $3.8 billion pipeline have been the subject of protests. the sioux tribe argues the pipeline threatens a water source and cultured really sites. the federal government says the protesters must vacate the camp by tomorrow. today assistant secretary for civil works joe ellen darcy says the decision not to grant the easement was based on the need to explore alternate routes for the pipeline's tonight in that deadly attack on a spotsylvania county gas station clerk. police arrested 50-year-old david junior washington. the sheriff's department says washington entered the sunoco iostatn on jefferson day was low just after 1:30 saturday morning and beat the clerk with a large piece of wood before taking cash from the register. that clerk, 54-year-old saleh yousef abukhait died at the scene. washington has been charged
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is held -- grand larceny and is held now without bond. switching gears, the rain is moving in tonight and it's going to get pretty cold. >> it's kind of comfortable out for what i'm expecting friday and saturday. by then we'll be stuck in the 30s for highs. this evening there's rain in the carolinas coming from the tennessee valley, that snow from ohio north into the great lakes, locally we're starting to see this rain little mix approaching the harrisonburg area. so we've got plenty of time before this moves in, probably 10:00, 11:00 when things begin around here. temperatures, 30s and 40s. it was 30 in oakland, so we'll have maybe some problems there. locally running between 40 and 45 now. out to the west top of the blue ridge winter weather advisories in effect until 6 a.m., maybe a
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will be over with by dawn for the most part. tomorrow sun runs with highs in the 50s and i'm thinking monday will be the nicest day of the week. see you in a few with the rest of the forecast. the number of confirmed deaths in that oakland, california warehouse fire stands now at 33. fire investigators say they expect to find more victims as crews comb through charred remains of the building. the fire started during a dance party friday night inside a way house into an artist's studio. -- warehouse that had been converted into an artist's studio. a trump advisor told reporters today the president- elect is considering more than four potential candidates previously announced. that expanded search is said to include form early u.n. ambassador john bolton -- former u.n. ambassador john
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rex tilletson and john manchin are also said to be on the list. >> people are leaving private lucrative positions to serve the government. >> there are sources quoted as being close to the transition saying trump is moving away to two candidates previously said to be on the short list, mitt romney and rudy guiliani. still under ns chairman senator bob corker from tennessee and retired cia general david petraeus. fidel castro was laid to rest today at the age of 90. >> the latest on our breaking news out of northwest d.c., a man walks outs of the comet ping pong restaurant with an assault rifle. at least one shot was fired. no one was hurt.
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(laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering. former cuban leader fidel castro has been laid to rest. ashes of the 90-year-old cuban dictator were interred in a cemetery today. his brother raul castro presided over the ceremony of his older brother. thousands lined the funeral procession route to pay respects to their late leader. they are known as the kosovo seven and they're ready for new homes.
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made their way to the united states and guess, what they're all now up for adoption. two of these cuties found their forever homes and the other five are part of a large adoption event sponsored by the lucky dog animal rescue today and unleashed by petco on lee highway in arlington. i would like one of those dogs. don't go away. when we come right back, we will tell you when you should expect rain and the coldest air of the year. our breaking news out of northwest d.c. why did a suspect armed with an assault
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shot into the ground. he was taken into custody about 45 minutes later. police say there is no reason to believe this is terror related. they also say they cannot tie this incident to recent threats against comet following a fake news report that accused that restaurant of running a child sex slave ring organized by hillary clinton and her former campaign manager. news with the weather forecast rated most accurate in the d.c. area for the last five years >> when are we going to see that rain? >> probably by evening and tomorrow it's going to be okay. >> i'll be here all night. >> if you're still going out, upper 40s for highs today, kennedy center looking good with our michael and son weather cam sitting at 45 degrees. that was really the key today.
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so it kind of felt good even though there wasn't a lot of sunshine, 39 already in martinsburg and gaithersburg, 43 at pax river, 43 at front royal. we are below freezing in the mountains and that's a problem. we've got some rain coming in. that may come down with sleet in the higher elevations and also in parts of the blue ridge, winter weather advisories up for those few locations. there will be less than an inch of a slow/sleet mix and maybe i think most of it falls overnight. the snows are falling across the great lakes here, indiana and ohio. we've got rain down well to the south andest with. high pressure gave us -- south and west. high pressure gave us the lighter winds today. 10:00 rain knocking on the doorstep at d.c. and pockets of pink showing up in the mountains. that's that wintery mix. in pennsylvania the blue is snow, so north of the turnpike maybe 1 to 3 inches up there
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morning. at 2:30 the rainless top of us, but by 6 a.m. about all of -- rain is on top of us, but by 6 a.m. about all of the rain has scooted east. another system will arrive tuesday after the morning commute midday with us for the afternoon and evening. so yellow weather alert tuesday because of the commute, definitely going to be impacted. look at these temperatures, minus 39 in fairbanks. that cold wants to move toward the south and east the u.s. as we head in towards tuesday. it's not going to be 35 below, but a chunk of the arctic air will modify and come down and arrive here thursday. we'll be in the 40s thursday and could see temperatures dropping and maybe even a rain or snow shower, 35 to 40 tonight, cold rain developing, light wintery mix in parts of the blue ridge mountains.
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40s. tomorrow afternoon 51 to 57 with enough sun under pastily to mostly sunny skies. tuesday yellow weather alert, rain developing midday 45. wednesday breezy and mild 54. thursday here comes that arctic front with rain or snow shower, pressure royals friday, 38 saturday, cold. -- flurries friday, 38
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> redskins get a 1 over the cardinals today and they are -- a win over the cardinals today and they are on the verge to sin city for a playoff berth, so far a bit of a struggle on the road for the redskins
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arizona. cousins a touchdown throw. he did have a run but a costly fumble that set up a cardinals touchdown. skins having trouble containing the run, but now skins leading the card 20-17 beginning the 4th quarter. baltimore had a great start to the season and a big lull and now trying to catch fire and close out the season the right way and get back to the playoffs, taking on the dolphins early this afternoon. first drive of the game terrance west, touchdown, pt second week in a row the ravens opened the game with a touchdown. also in the 1st quarter it's flacco again, touchdown, first touchdown of the season for pitta, the off agent tight end first in 17 games. again flacco back to throw, rashad perriman and he is the man off to the races and
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center this afternoon part of the bb&t classic, georgetown down 19-12 to elon. georgetown ties item at the break. they -- ties it up at the break. they would never relinquish this avngoidi the upset. georgetown wins 77-74. late game gw back to back games facing florida state. joseph looking on, good entry pass of the freshman for the deuce, but fsu with their tallest player in school history. look how tall he is. 7' 4, the dunk, that goes in easily for him. bad turnovers by gw leads to a bucket here from not kevin but duane bacon, 6 degrees separation. fsu rolls 67-48. always a controversy when it comes to a tournament
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are just four slots available and such is the case for college football as they announce the final four to play in the tournament. so here's your top seed, alabama no. 1, clemson no. 2, ohio state three, washington four. so alabama will face washington in one semifinal, the other will be clemson versus ohio state. of course, there's some teams five, six and seven that are unhappy. now maryland football's goal was a bowl game and they do with a 6-6 record. terpll in the quick lane bowl in detroit december 26th. the coach said returning to the postseason is a big step in the upward trend of the program. navy had a tough loss yesterday in their conference tournament. they're headed to the armed forces bowl to face louisiana tech december 23rd in fort worth, texas. now navy still has one more game, yeah, the big game next week taking on army.
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from a tv weatherman in cleveland who will apparently not shave until the browns win. well, cleveland, they have not won. they are 0-12. his name is scott sable. he made that commitment always part of the early season when the browns were struggling. well, they're now 0-12, but there is an asterisk. he said he'll shave at the end of the season. not a great looking beard. >> no. itin than down, but what can we do to get howard make a similar type bet? what would you not shave for? you stand for a lot of things. tweet us your suggestions, please. facebook it. >> i reserve the right to at least trim it and keep it somewhat trimmed. >> i don't know. we'll have to vote. weatherwise some rain moving in later this evening
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it out of here by morning. tomorrow the nicest day of the week at 56. tuesday early morning we should start okay, but by midday rain moves in, raw day, 45 and end of the week temps are back in the 30s. >> we'll keep you updated on that breaking news. download our free wusa9 app. we will see you back here at 11:00 and thank you so much for
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> he answers his cell phone. i sh-- probably shouldn't say that on tv. ( laughs ) >> don't give me the number, but... >> he just-- he just answers the phone. >> you call donald trump on his cell phone? >> all the time. >> the speaker of the house talks about his plans for getting things done on capitol hill with president-elect trump from repealing obamacare to mass deportations. tonight paul ryan makes news on the priorities of the new republican-led government. >> donald trump was a very unconventional candidate. he's going to be an unconventional president. >> after all the talk during the election, you might be surprised to hear that manufacturing jobs are coming back to america.


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