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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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feels like 24 degrees below 0. they're 1 below now with straight air temperature. tonight late, winds die down a little bit. still enough of a breeze to generate wind chills tonight and in some cases below 0 nine downtown, 2 martinsburg. 4 in cumberland. good news is winds subside tomorrow. we turn attention to next event. this is more of an ice storm. we have a winter storm watch for fredrick, maryland, grant, mineral hardy, all friends out in the mountains for primarily sleet and freezing rain. starts out as snow, yes. may get an inch if west of hagerstown. big deal is friday night, stay off the roads to saturday morning. we'll come back and talk about when change occurs inside the belt way and look ahead to the rest of the weekend. a south carolina jury waste nod time finding dylan roof guilty of the 2015 charleston church shooting.
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death penalty for gunning down nine black parishioner during the bible study. during closing arguments, prosecutors called him a hate filled coward who shot and killed nine black worshipers at emmanuel ame church. they said roof sat there and waited until they were at most vulnerable to open fire. during the six day trial, roof's video tape confession was shown to fbi. >> what kind of gun did you use? >> a glock 45. >> they also heard 72-year-old survivor polly shep afford's chilling 9 --
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911 call. >> his lawyer argued he was an impressionable loner motivated by what he read on the internet. >> roof faces the death penalty. as said, he'll act as his own attorney. don champion, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. >> now this same jury will reconvene january 3rd and begin on the penalty for dylan roof. a tennessee judge will decide if the school bus driver, 24-year-old walker, will be charged in deaths of six children. the victim's families were also there investigators say he was speeding and using a cell phone moments before the deadly crash. his attorney says she plans to introduce evidence that refutes the claims. half a dozen workers and supervisors are out, fired
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the rail system will close early the next two years for maintenance work. we're live at the metro to tell us more about the developments. bruce? >> good evening leslie. d.c. fought long and hard against these early closings. even threatened to veto them. in the end, it had to agree to this compromised deal that will sunset or end them after two years. >> he'll have to come back and certify the system needs to keep closing arm to maintain tracks and cables. after two years, metro will go back to 3:00 a.m.
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with the new hours. >> that sucks because people have jobs that get off late. that's their only transportation. >> that's a problem. i close. we get out at 2:00. >> how do you get home? >> uber. >> so, now to the firings. er nearly half a track inspection department. 28 people fired or in the process of being fired or disciplined in the wake of that derailment of that east falls church back in july. falsified track inspection records, retaliation on whistle blowers and what gm calls a disturbing indifference to public safety are all part of that. they repeated same measurements on reports for years
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the rail ties deteriorating. >> that's great. >> the measure needs to get cleaned up. i'm proud. >> we pay way too much more metro. we don't get the service we deserve. >> it is not just rank and file workers getting disciplined. seven supervisors and rail superintendents are diagnose demoted or disciplined or fired. live at the tenly town metro station, wusa 9. >> thank you. the head of the transit workers union says firings caught her by surprise. she's investigating. she believes the problem may be a lack of training instead of deliberate falsification of training and inspection reports. tonight russia is denying reports vladimir putin authorized hacking of democratic party e-mails. cbs news
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could not have penetrated the servers without the russian president's okay. >> they say putin wanted to damage hillary clinton no matter who the republican nominee turned out to be. trump tweeted today, if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act and only complain after hillary lose? >> the president had gone to protect the intelligence community. >> today president-elect trump officially chose montana congressman to serve as interior secretary. he held a meeting at trump tower with the u.s. conference of mayors. tonight he'll be in hershey, pennsylvania with another rally to thank supporters. >> good luck with that. today is the day trump was scheduled to disclose
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businesses that news conference was put off until some time after the new year. new poll finds 59% of americans thinks mr. trump's business relationships create conflict of interesting that will affect how he makes decisions as president. a poll shows 34% of the people think will be a good or fair president. 60% of americans say the president-elect tweets too much. the gunman accused of opening fire inside a d.c. pizza ria is facing charges. walsh says he was investigating a fake police report about hillary clinton running a child sex ring out of a ping-pong restaurant. we know that's not true. he's due in court tomorrow. facebook is cracking down on spreading of fake
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site like that ping-pong story. it will make it easier for users to report fake news when they see it. once enough people report a fake story, they'll pass information on to third party fact checkers. those that don't pass the credibility test will be flagged as disputed. one time he was a political force. jack johnson is out of prison tonight. five years ago he proceeded guilty to corruption charges after caught on tape making bribes. he is now living in a maryland half way house. he's due to be released from the system in june of next year. coming up, changes on food and cutting down on wastes. survivors of
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a developing story out of aleppo, syria tonight. thousands were allowed to leave the strong hold of rebel fighters today. evacuations expected well through the night. rebel seized eastern aleppo in 2012 and lost all of it in recent weeks to a devastating air and ground offensive. the fall of aleppo, government forces and historic turning po
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defending the right to put military insulations on man made islands in the south sea. comes after u.s. watchdog agency posted satellite images that show antiaircraft weapons and run ways on the islands. six nations between fill philippines and vietnam. almost everything has a state on it. some say sell by, others say use by. others just have a date. critics say sometimes food is still good. now retailers are asked to use one label, best if used by. usda says 30% of food is wasted. it hopes to change that by making it clearer on the labeling. coming up, firefighters rescue a boy after nobody shows up for his party. >> up next, police say they have more body cameras on
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than any other police department across
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. leslie the mayor said npd now has more body cameras than any other police department in the country. it's a $5 million invest n. safety. >> this cc police officer is showing mayor bowser how his body camera works. interim bowser put out cameras to officers. >> on september 11, d.c. police officer brian trainer fatally shot sterling in northwest d.c. his body camera was not turned on. following the
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mayor ordered all 911 dispatchers to remind officers to turn on body cameras before they arrived at scene. today three months later, this procedure is helpful. if an officer does forget, the interim police chief says there are consequences. i end eight if someone is responding to something. it's not because they're familiar or trying to do the right thing and did not turn their camera on. that would be treated differently. >> right now a study is underway to determine the effectiveness of these body cameras. reporting live in
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stephanie gail hart. >> there's issue of mayor and community groups figuring out when and how to release the group. overall violent crime down 8%. homicides down 17%. there's been a 16% drop in burglaries. u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in the 1984 d.c. murder case that's sent eight men to prison. katherine fuller, mother of six had been sexual assaulted and killed. her body later discovered in the alley in the northeast. a jury found neighborhood friends ages 16 to 21 guilty of first degree murder. mid atlantic innocence project took the following a washington post report that raised questions about the investigation including information they say prosecutors withheld from the defense attorneys. >> the defense knew there had been a guy running from
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they knew but would not tell who the guy was. in discovery, we found out he had been committing rob are yous in alleys in the area -- robberies in the allies in the area on his own or with another person. today, he'rs serving life witht parole for another murder and sodomy of a small woman in an alley in the northeast about three blocks from where the murder of katherine fuller took place. >> hear more of my interview with the innocence project coming up at 7:00 on all script. we'll tell you where the eight men convicted in katherine fuller's murder are today. >> end thering tonight on wusa 9 facebook page. real life heroes stepped in to save a boy's birthday. >> he has always loved firefighters. when no one showed up to his super hero themed party, he knew what to do with the cupcakes. he dropped them off at the fire station. when firefighters found out what happened, they decided toow
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firefighters told the boy's parents to bring him back at night. they surprised him with presents, a cake, tour of the station. >> they made it an awesome day. they took something negative that he turned to positive and they turned to even bigger positive. it's hard to say enough thank yous. >> the birthday surprise reinforced his life long dream. now he's sure when he grows up, he wants to be a firefighter. they made it better. i guess what's so heart breaking is how he could invite kids to a party and no one showed up. >> i don't get that >> i'm thinking let's hear it for the firefighters. two of my brothers were captains in the fire department in louisville. >> what happened to you? >> then there's bruce. he fights fires just different differently. >> exactly. >> let's talk about the three dayua
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had to play the midnight game as it were. that was the high temperature. temperatures fell all day. 38 for a high. we did okay. 24 of last 25. we're going 30 for tomorrow. little bit below what the guides tell me. outside on weather cam, there's the national harbor. 21 is now. dew points minus 7. are you kidding me? outdoor humidity is 29%. very, very dry. this is what it feels like outside. 8 downtown, 6 hagerstown. 2 winchester, 2 culpepper. there's enough of a breeze to drive wind chills somewhere between 4 below and 14 overnight. that said, nothing like the winds we had today. winds upwards of 50 miles per hour. bus stop temperature 8 to 18. they didn't leave off a one. that's correct. single digits early on north and the west. clouds increase
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yellow alert plans safe. here's future cast. teens to walk the dog tonight. might want to bundle up. by 6:00 p.m., back in the teens. by 9:00, few high clouds come n. need your sun glasses tomorrow. 23 downtown. by 1:00, 28 bowie. 6:00 p.m. hour, clouds return. temperatures in the 20s and flurries possible. want to show you a different model. this is more representative of what's going to happen. 6:00 a.m. saturday. knows the gentleman magenta or pink. everybody has freezing rain or sleet by 9:00, cold air erodes to the east. by noon, everything is going to be pretty much rain. stay off the roads late friday night and saturday morning. please. 20s to start, 29 by 1:00. temperatures don't soar tomorrow. we make 50 late saturday. 51 sunday with rates crashing. chilly game monday at
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. craig apparently never said the same outfit twice as a legendary sideline reporter. he dressed loud and lived out loud in final years battling cancer with sager strong. he was 65 when he died today. he was certainly one of a
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sager style was unique in wardrobe and mic with comfortable interviewing style that made him a popular part of nba broadcast. diagnosed with leukemia in 2014 but kept doing what he loved roaming the sidelines. wizards tweeting rest in peace craig, sager strong. josh norman had an ugly divorce from carolina. he faces the team that snubbed him in off season. this monday night in the carolina panthers. it's not just another name for norman and playoff hungry schemes or is it. trying to down play the match up with his old team at fedex on monday night. they know me and how we roll and how we do
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going to give everything we got. just any other opponent. i had them in my group chat. >> during the family to family event today, players and coaches bringing good cheer to local families in need with holiday presents. coach scotty brooks among those playing santa's helpers. great stuff. >> no surrender, no mercy. >> was that original? >> i've heard that somewhere. >> it sounds brutal. >> coming for you kind of like the forecast. >> no wind tomorrow, only 30. no sunshine. good enough for
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