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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. bridges is the word of the day. we are shivering in some of the coldest weather we have seen in a while. a warm up is just around the bend. i'm arundel. allyson rae joins us with the first alert forecast. >> we have a lot to deal with this weekend for sure. it's cold. we will see a warm up. it only lasts about 12
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but it's coming. we have ice to deal with for tomorrow morning. we will talk about this in detail. let's get you through the rest of today first. 30 degrees. we are not making it above freezing for most places. cloudy skies. the clouds make it feel colder. winds are out of the southeast. notice what that does to the temperatures. at midnight we are increasing the temperatures but that creates a problem. warm air, precipitation heading our way. i say precipitation because it will be different. we are looking at the potential for sleet then more importantly so freezing rain. that will create issues on the roads if you are an early riser getting on the road, relax your plans a little bit. 9:00, 10:00 will be just as good as 7:00, 8:00. looking at winter weather advisories. check out garrett county. they are under an ice storm warning. that is where it will be worse. this is an overview. i will
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detail. freezing rain turning to showers, warming up, drying out, showers then rain then a couple more flurries. look at the temperature swing. it's up and down. we have details on the wusa 9 app. if you are heading out the door right now, i will go through the futurecast in a few minutes. the bitter cold made for a miserable start to the day for people moving around in it. mikea turner caught up with some people. >> reporter: being outside is very uncomfortable. >> it's freezing. rough. >> reporter: steve long knows how important it is to bundle up in this extremely cold weather. >> i keep an extra coat and stuff like that, extra layers. >> reporter: he is a construction worker at it for seven years like these guys working on a roof on georgia avenue, he knows how to beat the chill. >> stay moving
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layer up in the morning. >> reporter: with sleet and freezing rain, an emergency kit is important to have. ice scrapers, deicer and other winter prep items were moved to the front of the store. asthma mechanic, he says a kit is imperative and prepping the car itself. >> keep a check on your batteries and your tire inflation goes down. that will work on your gas mileage. >> reporter: on frigid days, remember to bring your pets inside, check on the elderly and neighbors that may be at need at a time like this. mikea turner, wusa 9. we leashed that this morning's fire -- learned that this morning's fire was a case of arson and montgomery county police charged someone with setting the fire. this was the scene after the blaze was put out at this home on sea island court. fire investigators say sit started around 00
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morning. a smoke alarm woke up the family and thankfully everyone in the home including two children and two adults made it out safely. a spokesperson for the fire department says single digit temperatures mixed with fighting flames was a challenge. >> we obviously use water to fight fires. that turns to ice. single digit temperatures. we called for reinforcements, about 75 firefighters. >> the fire caused more than $300,000 in damages. we are still working to find out more about the person charged with the arson. metro says a small fire at the landover station today was caused by a car that had a brake issue. trains on the orange line were single tracking between new carrollton and cheverly stops. traffic is now back to normal this afternoon. well, it's something that is especially tempting on a really cold day, parking in an open space when you are only going to be a minute. but those spaces are at a
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arlington. drivers learned the hard way when they get towed. the county is changing the rules for towing companies. even if they have a contract with the business, they must call the company for authorization before every single tow. as a business owner, i wouldn't want to be called every ten, 15 minutes to tow a car. >> you don't know what the rules are when you park. you don't necessarily see the signs. so it's better there is an extra layer. >> the new rules require more signs be posted which should help drivers. business owners say with limited parking, towing is needed to keep open spots for their customers. two college students rescued from a snowy mountain top in new york state are recovering. they survived 48 hours stranded in blizzard conditions in the adirondacks. michelle miller got a firsthand account of how they stayed alive long enough for rescuers to find them. >> we
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>> reporter: madison and her boyfriend are experienced hikers. the climb started out fine. you next two days, trapped in a snowbank would be a brutal test of will. >> i was freezing. >> reporter: madison owes her life to blake. >> what did he say to you to keep you going? >> he told me how much he loved me. and what our life would be like when we got out. >> reporter: for two freezing days and nights, rescuers searched around the clock in four feet of snow including forest ranger scott. >> there was colder weather coming. >> reporter: by that time, she and blake were hallucinating, seeing and hearing things that weren't there until they heard this. >> did you hear that? >> he goes, yeah, i heard that. we both started screaming. the first thing i can remember was him saying we will make it out of here. >> yes. >> blake is still in the hosp
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toes to frostbite. >> we accepted that we may lose toes, fingers. i asked him if he would still think i was pretty if i didn't have any feet? he said you could lose both feet, both your arms, and you would be the prettiest girl in the world. we never considered the worst. >> we made an agreement early on that neither one of us could die because we couldn't leave the other one alone. reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, lake placid, new york. the north carolina man accused of opening fire at a northwest d.c. pizza shop pled not guilty this morning. a judge ordered 28 year odd edgar welch to be held until his next hearing in january. no one was hurt. he told police he went there to break up a child sex ring that he believed operated there. that story is false. a judge could sentence welch up to 10 years in prison if
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convicted. a notorious crime which ended with eight men being convicted of murder 32 years ago in the district. now the u.s. supreme court agreed to take a closer look at their case. it was october 1984 when katherine fuller, a mother of 6 was found beaten to death and robbed at a parking garage. eight men were convicted but later a couple of men recanted their testimony and the innocence project found evidence about another possible suspect spotted running from the scene which was not presented at the case. >> we found out that he was someone who had been committing robberies in allies in the area. >> that possible suspect was later convicted of killing another woman in an alley in northeast. now, if the supreme court does throw out the convictions, it will be too late for stephen webb who died in prison. a calvert county woman is facing several charges connected to a deadly car crash. police say lindsay
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drunk when she intentionally ran another car off the road. ronald ball died after his car hit an embankment. the two police say were racing before the crash yesterday on route 4 in maryland. carter reportedly fled the accident scene but was arrested a few hours later. president-elect donald trump takes his thank you tour to orlando, florida, today. he continues to cast doubt on the cia's assessment that russia meddled in the 2016 election. president obama meanwhile is vowing to take action against moscow over the cyber attacks. kenneth craig is in new york with the latest. >> president-elect donald trump took to twitter this morning and mocked the russian hacking controversy that he has repeatedly questioned. he tweeted are we talking about the same cyber attack that it was revealed that the head of
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the debate? u.s. intelligence sources say the russian intensified their attacks on government, military and political organizations after the first detected action in july. one saucer said the russians are hacking the hell out of us and we aren't doing anything about it. in an interview with npr, president obama said retaliation is coming. we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and publicized. some may not be. >> reporter: mr. trump was in hershey, pennsylvania, for another rally. he took aim at white house press secretary josh ernest who said mr. trump new about meddling in the election but encouraged it. >> this foolish ernest, i don't know if he is talking to president obama. >> reporter: president-elect heads to orlando, florida, the lateststop on
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tour. yesterday mr. trump picked david friedman as his nominee for ambassador to israel. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> president-elect donald trump will hold the final victory rally in mobile, alabama, tomorrow. [ inaudible ]
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>> i am stressing to you, take this outfit home and you burn it. don't double back with outfits. i have never seen you in outfits twice. take this right here, i don't care if it's a name brand, i don't care. you take it and burn it. >> that was a funny moment between
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sager interviewing kevin garnett. the sports world is mourning sager's death. he died at the age of 69 after a battle with leukemia. he was best known for those corey suits and styles -- corky suits and styles. the milwaukee bucks against the bulls, hours after learning of the reporters death. they wore his inspired t- shirts. you can see how colorful they are with the poll could dots and outlined with a jacket and tie in a contribute. the bucks won the game 108-97. emotional tributes on social media are just pouring in nonstop for sager. this is from his son. he shared this video along with a quote from his father. he wrote time is simply how you live your life. we packed a lifetime and then some into these
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together. pay it forward. >> another heartfelt contribute, former teammate of the pistons, dennis rodman tweeted craig sager thanks for saving my life when i was in dire need of help in detroit in 1993. condolences to your family. rest in peace, my friend. >> vice president joe biden weighed in. he tweeted craig sager died as he lived with passion, perseverance, hopeful, a real hero. in weather, brutal cold winter weather stretches from the midwest to the northeast. the storm is creating white out conditions. it's being blamed for massive pile ups including western pennsylvania involving 59 vehicles. as we have a report from syracuse, more snow is on the way. >> reporter: overnight strong winds and snow pummeled western new york as the brutal cold and winter-like weather stretches from the midwest
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anything. i want to go back to bed. >> reporter: -- to the northeast. >> it's freezing out here. >> it will blow me away. >> reporter: as we go, this time lapse video shows a wall of lake-effect snow burying the region. about 35 miles north of syracuse, people battled white out conditions. on the roads, storm conditions created havoc. one pile up in western pennsylvania involved 59 vehicles and more than two dozen motorists were involved in a crash that sent six to the hospital on long island in new york. we were driving along and the car hit us in the back. he swerved to try to not hit this car and we got hit again. >> reporter: the dangerous roads made it impossible for nancy abbott to get deliveries at her food bank in adams, new york. >> does it frighten you, concern you. >> of course i'm concerned. we have, you know, approximately the same people coming each month to get an extra bit of fo
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can't offer it, you know, it is. it's sad. >> reporter: that is sad because a number of families were depending on the food delivery. that was coming from here in syracuse. we have good news to report. the food will be delivered today. cbs news, syracuse, new york. dozens of brave runners didn't let the freezing temperatures stop them from hitting the streets in d.c. for a good cause. members of dc capital striders, one of the regions largest running groups participated in the holiday light run. they were decked out in festive holiday clothing with a few added layers to handle the cold. proceeds supported the st. jude's hospital and donated toys supported the salvation army. >> these toys will be under the christmas tree of local kids that may not have otherwise had anything under the tree. and we are feeling blessed by their generosity. we are. >> several runners
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felt a sense of pride knowing a support they enjoyed could positively impact the lives of others. kudos to them for running in this kind of cold weather. >> i don't know how people do it. >> you are a runner. >> i am a runner. i do not go outside when it's windy and cold. your face gets dry. okay. let's talk about the weekend. we have a lot of weather to go through. and kind of a wild weekend as far as temperatures are concerned, too. it will go up and down. we broke a record low this morning. dulles reached 9 degrees. that breaks the old record of 10 degrees set back in -- i tweeted it -- i have been dealing with numbers all day. i think it was in the '70s. we are at 25 degrees. look at the air. it's dry. if you check your app on the wusa 9 app, it looks like snow but nothing is falling. it will evaporate. notice the winds. finally nice calm winds. we had gusts yesterday up to 51 le
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highs today, not above freezing unless you are in fredricksburg. 33, one degree above freezing. 32 luray. 28 for winchester. it's a cold one. here is an overview of the storm for tomorrow -- i shouldn't say storm. it's an issue. we are watching freezing rain. if this was a workday, i would be concerned. hopefully not many people on the roads tomorrow morning. limit the travel. if you can hold off until 10:00 do so. the rest of the afternoon looks great. critical hours 4:00 to 9:00 then all rain. we are expecting a lot of rain on sunday but temperatures crash. up and down we go. here is how much we are expecting. it doesn't matter how much ice you see. the issue with too much, you can have power outages. a little bit makes the roads very slick. notice the areas in pink including the maryland panhandle, all of northern maryland to prince george
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tomorrow, once you get there, the weather improves. on the way there, take your time getting there. it will be slick. we have winter storm watches in place for that pale yellow. we have an ice storm warning for garrett county and we have the winter weather advisory. so, the farther north you go and farther northwest the worst it is. this is the temperature, the yellow line. we increase then go back down to freezing. we are increasing from 9 to near 60 sunday. then back down to near 30. we will see the chance for showers, dry out. saturday afternoon if you have a holiday party saturday evening, no problem. aysund morning will be fine. 5:00 in the morning on saturday, freezing rain already potential for areas along the 81 corridor. this is 8:30 through the district, alexandria, arlington turning to rain then we dry out a bit. the rain returns on sunday, by 1:00, 3:00 and it will continue through the dinner hour. if the cold air catches up, we could end with a couple of flurries but not
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issue for that. mainly a rain event. 51 tomorrow. 60 and falling quickly su
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okay. here is the seven-day forecast. a wild weekend. cold and dry today. freezing rain tomorrow morning. then rain on sunday. we have a lot of these details on our app. we explain in detail what to expect. also topper will be in tonight to give you the latest computer model information and how the forecast will be fine tuned more. >> amazing, single digits then up to mo
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>> glad you are on top of it. that's it for wusa 9 news. we will be back at 5:00 with the latest. have a great day and terrific weekend. see you monday. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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>> nick: [ sighs ] trivia tuesday.


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