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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 26, 2016 1:35am-2:35am EST

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"e.t.'s" look back at a year of big reunions. >> i look like my younger brother. >> from home improvement to an even fuller house. >> action. >> candace cameron bure gives us season 2 secrets. >> i cried reading the script. ♪ >> plus the cast of happy days back together. eat e behi "e.t." behind the scenes as the stars remember their mentor, gary marshal. >> makes me want to cry right now. >> boy band flashbacks. 98 degrees on their '90s fashion missteps and -- ♪ >> new kids on the block back on tour with paula abdul. >> we're bringing the happy back. >> plus -- ♪ >> jon bon jovi on the reunion that may never happen. why he says richie sambora left the
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and tiffani thiessen's date. sharing stories they might want to keep to themselves. >> do you remember we have seven glasses of wine. >> how old were you? >> 16. >> now this is "entertainment tonight." >> happy holidays, everyone. we have a very special gift for you this weekend. we're unwrapping "e.t.'s" best reunions of the year. >> some of your favorite stars from television and music have gotten back to together in 2016. let's start with the tv movie who now has a much "fuller house." ♪ >> you don't have to be a full house fan to know that the tanner family lived among that famous row of houses in san francisco. >> this house is so iconic, and it's the first time we've all been here together. >> jeff franklin, the man behind full and "fuller house" brougou the bay area home in august for a whopping $4 million. the previous owners had made it unrecognizable with a paint job. now it's back to how we
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>> i thought it would be fun to bring back the original door from 1987. so we had a reproduction made, and that's what you're looking at. >> all right. quiet. and action. >> "e.t." was on the set of "fuller house" just before the cast lost their long time friend and recent guest star alan thicke. >> the last time we saw him as at "fuller house." he was so great. alan's always great. the last thing that was posted on his social media was about "fuller house," and i was tagged along with bob saget and jeff franklin. so that was -- that just feels -- it's weird, and it's like -- >> candace had a hockey connection with alan, as did dave coulier. >> he was always self-deprecating at the rink. one time he sat down next to me after a shift on the ice and said i'm not very good but i'm sure at slow. >> joey made his directo
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to come back and tell everyone where to go. >> you're a natural. >> well, we'll see. i get fired right after we're finished with this episode. >> hello. >> i dare to be silly. >> cut it out. >> it's really strange for us. me and dave so focused and serious. but i've seen this side of dave before because he's also a pilot. and when he flies, he's the same way. >> we're watching dave. here we go. >> the episode is called the nutcrackers. so we are choreographing the nutcracker down on our stage down there. >> i have to take my glasses and go, okay, and action. >> the scene is over, and you go cut it out. >> see what you did there. that's crazy. >> here's another television reunion, this one filled with holiday cheer. a christmas dinner with tiffani thiess thiessen, serving up a delicious side of 90s nostalgia. >> cheers. merry christmas. >> these are a group of people, all of them that i
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to have them all in the same room is pretty neat. >> joining the actress and her husband at their table, three of tiffany's former onscreen loves and their wives, including beverly hills 90210 heart throb jason priestly. >> i'm home. >> i noticed. >> everything on the plate was actually made by brady this evening. >> what's that? >> my favorite thing is the smoked turkey. >> he made it? >> i'm sorry. you might have -- >> he brought it on a plate. >> did you smoke it? >> yeah, i smoked it. >> all i saw was who carried it in. >> he carried it. >> i apologize. >> unapologetic for his appetite, tiffany's white collar co-star tim takei. >> i'll take another roll. >> my goodness. >> our favorite blast from tv past, a bearded mark-paul gosselaar, reminiscing about their time shooting saved by the bell. >> zach, you can't know what this means to me. >> kind of funny. my love of food kind of started a little bitit wh you traveling through europe le
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>> it was a paid trip to paris. >> do you remember when we went to bordeaux and we had that amazing meal. it was like seven glasses of different type of wine. >> how old were you? >> 16. >> i love her show. >> she does a great job. >> really good job. how about these two co-stars getting back together? patricia richardson and tim allen. the home improvement couple were reunioned on last man standing. >> we talked to them on the set of home improvement and it was high time we took them back to tool time. >> we're here tonight taping our 100th episode of home improvement. >> look at the babies. oh, my gosh. >> thank you, america. >> i look like my younger brother. it's depressing. >> oh, it's not that bad, tim. we sho
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ever taping of home improvement back in 1991. >> are you saying the car's not running? >> we now own a 4,000-pound four-door boulder. >> it was so much fun on set. we would just crack up, i mean, and just lose it and not be able to get it together. >> one of the most watched sitcoms of the 90s, the show launched the career of one pamela anderson and made tim allen a household name. ♪ >> and when we first met the boys, jonathan taylor thomas was 10. zachary ty brian was 9, and taryn noah smith was all of 7 years old. >> this is my ship. >> it was your ship. >> i see zac quite a bit because he kind of works with my oldest daughter and they kind of hooked up in the production business. i see debbing dunning a lot. >> it's
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and tim working together again. she's reprised her role as tim's neighbor on his show, last man standing. >> we both matured a little bit, but it's like being around family. >> i think you matured a lot. he's very mature. >> very mature. >> such a funny show. thankfully we keep seeing tim in action. here's something you may know know about home improvement. frances fisher was originally cast as jill taylor. patricia richardson replaced her just a few days before they shot the pilot. now on to another classic. happy days. did you know that the pilot was called new family in town. but upon its debut, the series became one of the biggest sitcoms of the '70s, and it was also the amazing mind of garry marshall. garry passed away this summer, and everybody got together to pay tribute. >> you can
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>> actually that's mrs. c from happy days, marion ross. she's one of the many stores from garry's shows, who honored him last month on the new odd couple. >> what does it mean to you now to be doing a tribute to him? >> it makes me want to cry right now because first of all, i can't believe that he's not here. he changed all our lives. >> your father was a very wealthy man. crazy, crazy wealthy. oh, wait. wrong file. >> ron howard, who was richie, showed up as a lawyer, and potsie and ralph mafl, anson williams and don most, gifted as patrons in a bar. >> some of our happiest days were working for that guy. >> is it therapeutic to get back together with everybody again and celebrate him? >> we were more than actors to him. we were his kids. >> garry's played matthew perry's dad on the show. in this special episode, his character passed
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and felix encountered his old pals. >> i was completely star struck. i watched every episode of happy days that ever was. >> i'm supposed to be kucute, n at letible. >> for don most, the episode was bittersweet because he was with garry right before he died. >> i was at the hospital the night before he passed. and there were several other producer/writers from happy days there. he was in a coma, but they said he could probably hear us. and we started laughing about stories. and then one of the guys said they saw him open his eyes up. i know he was hearing us, you know. so as sad a time as it was, it was a time to remember and enjoy and share laughs with him even then. >> he would have wanted us to laugh. you know how he was. >> so even his passing, people would be smiling. they're going to take garry's heart with them through this show. >> very well said, anson. a little later in the
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reunions, including "laverne & shirley." >> plus the band is back together. 98 degrees, boyz ii men. >> our interview with jon bon jovi, talking about why he says richie sambora left the band. >> the way he did it, nobody appreciated it. >> and how jon is still embarrassing his c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! appreciated it. >> and how jon is still embarrassing his i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix.
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sambora leaving the banrand. >> we had no ill will. he just didn't show up for work anymore. >> sambora did post this video to jon over the summer. >> congratulations on the new single, man. >> have you guys talked recently? >> no. but he sent out that thing saying how much he liked the song, and i responded to it. he never called anyone in the band again for 3 1/2 years, we never saw him again. it's just okay. your journey took you somewhere else. ♪ >> that single is this house is not for sale, off his most recent album of the same name. some of the lyrics, living with the ghost, apply to richie's departure. ♪ >> you can imagine who the ghost is in the song. you know, being in a rock band is not a life sentence. you choose to share your art, and you do it till the day you choose not to do it any longer. ♪ >> at a
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friend's son's weding, jon had a new singing partner. >> sort of shook my hand. wow, you're going to be a unique version. >> his own marriage is one of the strongest in show business. >> what's the secret? >> you know, i'm just a lucky guy. i got it right the first time. it's that simple. and i wouldn'tra tde it. >> and their 21-year-old son, jesse bon jovi plays football for notre dame. >> like you get dressed up. that's awesome. >> i got all the notre dame flags a man could ever want. i'm just one of the dads. then the marching band starts playing "prayer." quite a song, dad. play yours too. >> that's kind of cool, but it's still got to mess with your head a little bit when it first starts to play. >> so cool, though. >> i love their new album, especially the song scars on this guitar.
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there's some really good news too. bon jovi is going back on tour starting february 8th. >> on the tv, tv casts from the past back together. is there a reboot in the works? >> then our ugly betty reunion. >> the models were really mean. >> are they getting a reboot? >> and the return of "gilmore girls" with the co-stars who came back and who didn't. >> his olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation -without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try olay luminous
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welcome back to our holiday special, everybody. a few television cast reunions. remember ugly betty? it has been ten years since the show that really helped shoot america ferrera into stardom. leanne aguilera was with america, reuniting for that special anniversary. >> my first day shooting on the pilot, we shot the scene where betty comes out in the hot pan
1:53 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> that was our first scene. >> remember like the models were really mean. >> the cast reunited at the atx television festival in austin, texas, hosted by entertainment weekly. >> i didn't think it was going to be picked up because it was so unique. there was nothing else like it. >> what was it like having those braces on all those years, america? >> the hilarity of it is the day we were going to shoot betty's real mouth, my mouth, in rehearsal at 6:00 in the morning, i ran into a mannequin and chipped my tooth. >> ugly betty still lives on today, streaming on hulu. but what about a reboot? >> would you all be interested in a ugly betty continuation in any form? >> you know, they get a first look deal on our two-hour movie ec
1:54 am
right now. i'm making this up. >> one of america's favorite episodes was her tv sister, ana ortiz getting hitched to adam rodriguez. >> i do. >> i do. >> what was it about shooting that wedding that was so emotional for you? >> whenever anything emotional happened on the show, it felt like, yes, these characters, but it also was us and our fa "e.t. times and we even captured the cat fight between vanessa williams and judith light. >> yas, queen. >> aww. >> it was the most fun. and of course because we know each other, we knew that we were going to be safe with each other, so nothing was going to happen. we had such a good time. >> now while leanne aguilera was down in austin, she also got t
1:55 am
talk with some of the cast members from another emmy winning show, friday night lights. the gang got back together ten years later. >> if we don't apply for this, i think we're going to regret it. >> ten years from its premiere, cast members reunited at the festival in austin. >> when it was canceled, there was a huge outcry. it felt to the audience like they were right there with us. >> to celebrate, they did a little tailgating on theea rl panther field. >> the memories when you come and see the field all over again. >> we rode a bus here to get to the actual field, which is what we don whe we were filming. we would get on a bus and drive to set, so it was very nostalgic. >> i met some of my dearest friends in the world on this show. because we were in the middle of nowhere on the show, we all became such dear friends. >> while the cast is still close, they say fans shouldn't expect a reboot. >> we feel like we kind of caught lightning in a bottle. i think it's darn near impossible to do it ai
1:56 am
on a good note, and i think that maybe it ought to go, like the stairs behind us. >> those are our bleachers. look at them. they have trees growing on them. >> nobody is taking care of this place. i don't understand what's going on. >> who's in charge here? >> this show's pilot episode was actually shot in austin because the man behind the series, peter berg insisted it be filmed in texas. >> i'm glad they decided to film in texas. now on to a show that was set in connecticut that taped not too far from here in burbank, "gilmore girls." now, it gave melissa mccarthy her big break 16 years ago, and she came back for the big reunion. let's break it all down by the numbers. we have limited time. should we skip the town tour? >> we'll keep it short. >> the reboot picks up nine years later. >> we just jumped right back in. i mean it was -- some days it feels lwe
1:57 am
>> more than 37 cast members returned for the four 90-minute episodes. >> i'm not making tater tots. >> they're organic. >> i saw you grab those mini doughnuts. put them down right now. >> rory starts off single, but she may not stay that way. all three of her love interests return, including her first love from supernatural. the one that got away, matt zukry, and the bad boy, this is us star, milo ventimiglia. >> you're still a contender. >> it's so incredible to have this opportunity creatively to go back to these interactions, you know. they're still the same people, but they've evolved quite a bit. >> but one favorite fans will miss seeing, ed herman, who paid grandpa richard. he passed away in 2014. his death was written into the reboot. >> oh, yes. isn't it wonderful? >> it's -- it's -- >> his energy was so
1:58 am
wonderful. so, you know, we missed him very much. >> the biggest thing for fans, the final four words. the show's creator said she kept that a secret for ten years. still, it didn't stop the cast from making suggestions. >> none of my words were chosen, and i got a little hot under the collar and i started making phone calls, okay? and, you know, i got hung up on. amy hung up on me. but i felt like i had accomplished something. >> now, if you haven't yet seen the new one and you want to first binge on the original "gilmore girls," you can do it. it's just going to take you 110 hours to watch them all. >> "e.t." holiday special. it's our '90s music flashbacks. ♪ >> new kids on the block. inside their big tour with paula abdul and our good old days with the boy band. >> stay in school. eat your vegetables. >> plus the spice girls. what's up with the reunion without victoria beckham and sporty spice.
1:59 am
>> and 98 degrees reliving their wildest momen ftsrom the road. >> that's the first time i think i've ever seen that video. >> closed captioning provided by -- first kid you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms. new luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster
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and get your head back in the game. sinex. the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head, medicine. ♪ step by step oh, yeah. new kids on the block. those guys still. look at them. welcome back to our reunion special. the guys are all over 40 now, and a few years ago, they went back on the road with the backstreet boys. but now they're about to top that. our jennifer was with the fellows and a few other special guests for their big announcement. >> we're bringing the happy back. we're bringing joy, love, and happiness back to the world. ♪ step by step >> coming soon, the total package tour. ♪ announcestd la month, the new kids will join boyz ii men and paula abdul on a 40-plus city tour next
2:03 am
♪ >> what are you most looking forward to? >> i love all of these guys. in many ways, we kind of all grew up together. >> time does fly. erwe we with paula when her first album went number one. >> i'm in shock. >> donnie was just 19 when the boys were touring out of junior high. >> stay in school. eat your vegetables. >> average age of boyz ii men at our first meeting was 22. now they're the best selling r and b group of all time. >> everybody is going to, you know, cross pollinate. >> pollinate? >> you know. >> pollinate. >> pollinate. >> what do you guys think is going to be the craze theft thing to happen on this tour? >> which one of us wins the fight to be emcee scat cat? we're all fighting to get in the costume. >> we can bet on this guy since he's not here today. >> jon knight is our resident rock star because as we're working our butts off, he'
2:04 am
>> knight, who just got engaged to his long time boyfriend, poed this message to fans. >> i'm still on my vacation, but my heart is back in new york with everybody on this amazing day. ♪ you've got the right stuff, baby ♪ >> it's going to be a sweet tour. i just feel so grateful every day that i wake up that i'm able to do things that i love. and more importantly do it with people i love. >> growing up, we used to fight over joezy mcintyre. on to 98 degrees. we joined them in new york just as they were gearing up to kick things off. ♪ >> the guys down grade, and they hit the road this summer for the first time in three years for their my 2 k. tour. >> i'm sure the crazy fans are still there. are they now older or still 16-year-old girls? >> it's a combination of both. it's cool to see fans
2:05 am
and saying this is what mommy listened to when she was your age. it's a cool kind of passing the torch moment that happens in these shows. ♪ . >> this boy band even covered billy joel. "e.t." was with the guys from ohio during their rise to fame, so our senior news editor, jennifer, just had to share with them a little "e.t." flashback. ♪ >> this concert seemed a little like magic mike. >> here in new york city. it doesn't get much bigger than this. got a great crowd out there. we're all ready to have a good time. we're looking forward to it. >> we spoke to the guys at tin tin win's in new york, and it was fun throwing it back with them, looking at those '90s fashions. >> oh, yeah. >> working on the car. >> what's more red, the jump seat or my face? >> maybe nick's wife vanes
2:06 am
digs the retro look. the two are expecting another baby. they're already the parents to two small kids, but they didn't get to tour with daddy. no one brought their families on the tour. >> it's just us on the tour bus like the old days. ♪ >> we had a crazy fan pose as someone that was interviewing us one time and had a camera man with her. >> this is what's happening right now. >> now, this video got our '90s nostalgia going earlier this year. >> celebrate and have a party. when we do, you're invited! >> oh, yeah. jerry hal i well and mel b released that, teasing the spice girls reunion, with the message, we hope to tell you soon. it won't be with all the ladies because they're calling themselves spice girl jem. >> i talked to scary spice after the announcement onhe
2:07 am
hit, wannabe. ♪ >> there's supposed to be a couple people listening there. >> they're there in spirit. we have a few surprises that hopefully everybody will be excited about. we come from girl power. we're all about girl power. we started as five, and in spirit, all five of us are going to still be there. >> in case there are some spots that are available, we have a fantastic possible substitute. >> who? >> mel, i love you, and you know if one of the girls is not coming, i'm going to be that missing spice girl. i'm going to be sweetie spice. >> sweetie spice! look at this. >> i sit next to heidi, and she has the most high-pitched voice you've ever heard in your whole entire
2:08 am
maybe next time. >> america's got talent, what do you like most about it? do you like watching the talent acts, wearing all your hot clothes, or simon? >> don't forget. he created the show. it was his first show that he ever created, so it's nice to kind of have the original person as part of the crew. and i'm glad that i'm not fired yet. >> i can't keep talking about all this without mentioning the fact you look amazing. if you had to give me three things that helped you the most to get in shape. >> sex, sex, sex. >> that's the kind of answer people want to hear at home. >> spice girls very first interview. you got to see it. take a look at this. >> we can bring girl power. >> anytime, any day, anywhere. >> beware. >> i got a quen
2:09 am
what does a guy got to do to become a spice guy? >> don't try and control your woman. >> i love that. >> you got a little serious on that. don't try and control your woman. >> all right? i love the part where we all talk over each other, which we still do to this day. >> i've got some rapid fire questions for you. do you still keep any of your old spice girl costumes? >> of course i do. i have a whole storage space with all my old costumes in there. >> what are some of your favorites? >> oh, i mean all my costumes were leopard print, tiger print, polka dot, any kind of print. >> least favorite spice girl song. >> i don't have a least favorite. i really don't because we wrote all of our songs together. i love them. >> favorite judge on agt. >> michelle. >> she keeps me laughing. >> she keeps everything laughing. >> by the way, i had a little mel b crush, i think, because i dressed up like scary spice for haee
2:10 am
check it out. >> i can't believe i let you see it. >> i'd like to thank mel b for coming in. >> up next, someone else's awkward moment. >> and they called you snap. they put your buttons on snaps. >> plus the hills ten years later. where are they now. >> everyone won from me being
2:11 am
2:12 am
2:13 am
woo! i see you cameron mathis son. >> look out. >> we know how this one is. it got all steamy and romance-y with susan lucci back in the day. >> when we reunited. our may-december chemistry, it still burns bright. >> are you sorry that i came back? >> no. >> mao how is this for a flashb? >> that was the beginning. >> wow. >> maybe that's awkward. i don't know. either way. >> it's good awkward. >> so susan and i go way back, and both of us remember when i was a soap newbie. >> they're like, okay, for your second day, you're going to work with susan lucci, like a television icon, and you're going to ged naked and stand in your underwear. >> they called you snaps. in order to get them off quickly, they put your buttons on snaps. >> she played the legendary ir
2:14 am
she is a day time tv legend. >> what do you miss most about erica? >> she was just a juicy character. there was so much fun to be had playing here. in airports people stopped and said how much they love the show. to hear all that now, because there was a period of mourning that people still feel so affected by it. it keeps me company in that respect. >> i hate her. but la lucci fans rejoiced when she returned as a beverly hills like housewife which required this. >> peter darling. >> how do you two know each other? >> naked lying on the couch with some strategically placed props. how do you get to a place where you feel comfortable being more exposed like that? >> i don't think i -- >> okay. well, you know. >> it's always just like, you know, a lot of butterflies and preparation. you hope you did everything you're supposed to do. lots ofra
2:15 am
eating lunch and all of that stuff. >> that's my girl. i loved that story like. i was like one of the few unfortunately. take a second. i got to point out how amazing susan looks. she just turned 70. >> one of the soapiest shows of the new millennium has to be mtv's the hills. ten years ago the spinoff premiered. it was part soap, part reality, and all drama all the time. >> every one hated spencer and heidi, and they loved lauren conrad. so in honor of their ten-year anniversary this year, we tracked down the entire cast to find out where are they now? >> i didn't realize at the time that it was going to turn into this essentially soap opera. it was a wild crazy time, but it was fun. ♪ >> beautiful people and their delicious drama. millions of viewers couldn't get enough. >> you know why i'm mad at yo
2:16 am
>> you know what you did. >> what did i do? >> heidi montag and spencer pred earned super villain street cred on the hills. the couple married in 2009, but spencer didn't live down his rep for amping up the crazy. >> they told me this show is getting pulled after season. one they needed a bad guy. everyone won from me being awful. >> so where are they now? lauren's parlayed her hills fame into a $25 million fashion and lifestyle empire and published her ninth book. >> i am so fortunate. >> kristen's a mom of three and married to chicago bulls quarterback jay cutler. we knew from our first interview with her that she was destined to hit it big in the world of fashion with her own shoe and jewelry line. and the others, audrina met cory bowen on the hills and this summer had his baby. >> it's like i'm all grown up now. >> and justin
2:17 am
>> what was your life like after the show? what did you do? >> i went to nicaragua, surfed my brains out, ate a lot of good food, and then i opened up a salon down there. >> but time hasn't been as kind to team speidi. >> we did celebrity big brother and that took care of many years of not having to worry about working. now we just keep doing television shows and thankfully we don't have rent to worry about, you know. >> so this is -- >> this is my appearance rental house that we are house property managers of. we've been managing the property for six years. so i mean we don't go buy designer clothes anymore and, you know, buy fancy cars and go to all the fancy restaurants. if you just eat tacos and walk dogs, you can pretty much survive on reality television. >> it hasn't been an easy road
2:18 am
lauren's ex was known for his partying ways. he's almost six years sober now and running a post-rehab home. >> my addiction drove me to suicide. not contemplation. actually attempting suicide, and somebody found me. and that's why i'm still here today. i'm very grateful for that. >> do you think that what happened was inevitable, or do you think being on a reality show -- >> i did not blame tv at all for my addiction. >> who do you keep in touch with? >> i talk to kristen a lot. i talk to heidi and audrina all the time. >> justin bobby. >> oh, justin bobby is the biggest rock star i communicate with. >> if you guys could go back, would you do it all over again? >> i absolutely would do the hills all over again. >> i would do it so much better. >> i was 17 and 18. i don't care. i was understandiyoung. it was what it was. it's made me who i am today. doing the show forced me to look inside and figure out who i was because i
2:19 am
show wasn't who i wanted to be. so it made me grow up. for that i'm very thankful. >> still to come, remembering robin williams. our rare interview with his mork & mindy co-star in tears. >> anybody that knew robin -- >> plus we'll take you inside the emotional all-star tribute reyew nating "laverne & shirley" four years later. >> i just burst out crying. >> first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which oscar winner began her career as a singer? is it julia roberts? sissy spac when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® crsugar is everywherets sugar shield and crest complete has a sugar shield to protect teeth from sugar found in everyday foods. crest complete. shield your teeth from sugar. so sugar may visit, but it's not sticking around
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one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated. >> welcome back to our reunion special. "laverne & shirley," just one of the great tv shows, and hollywood projects from legendary producer garry marshall. >> he has been gone more than five months and we remember garry with "laverne & shirley." >> hold on to your friends while you got them because one minute you're here. the next, you're taffy. my brother gave me a life. he gave me a life, and i appreciate it. i tried not to let him down. >> penny honored garry through comedy in a special odd couple episode that brought back many stars who owe their fame to him. >> mr. garry marshall. >>
2:23 am
odd couple to tv. penny played jack klugman's secretary. in the reboot he served as a consultant and stole the show playing matthew perry's dad. >> hello, son. >> i can only imagine how honored you all are to be doing this tribute episode. >> he was always around pitching jokes at every table read. he helped design the sets. we just listened to everything he said. >> sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> he's in there? >> in the episode after oscar's dad passes away, he and felix go on a road trip to scatter his ashes. along the way, they meet many tv icons. >> oscar, oscar. your dad was the sweetest guy. gave me my first job. babysitting you. >> cindy told me she was shocked when she learned in july that garry was gone. >> penny called me, and she said, garry's sick. i think he's dying. and i didn't believe her. i thought it was a joke. then he
2:24 am
night he passed. someone brought me this picture of penny, me, and garry and henry, and i just burst out crying because it was like he's not here. >> hello, mr. snazzy. >> his loss also devastated the show's felix unger, thomas lennon. >> if you could go back somehow and tell the childhood vergsion of myself that the creator of happy days and "laverne & shirley" would be my friend -- it's okay. it's fine. >> i completely understand. >> in my dad's will, he wanted you and i to get together to scatter his ashes. >> really? >> garry's wife and son appear in this bar scene. scott, who was wearing his dad's old army jacket, interviewed his aunt penny. >> what do you think garry would think of all this, this episode? >> he'd come in andri
2:25 am
another classic, mork & mindy. actress pam dawber took part in the special and remembered her late co-star robin williams. during our interview, pam was moved to tears. >> i think anybody that knew robin -- >> it's emotional for pam to talk about robin. they both shot to stardom together on the sitcom about the alien from planet ork who moves in with an earth ling. >> morning, what are you doing? >> singing the orkan blues. >> shortly before robin's suicide, they had a reunion on his show "the crazy one." >> hi, simon. you are aware it's after 1:00 in the morning. >> oh, yes. >> what do you miss most about robin? >> well, i hadn't seen robin for 20 years, and i did that episode because i wanted to be with robin. i wanted to see robin. that was a gift. that was such
2:26 am
>> so can i get you boys a couple of ice cold beers? >> absolutely not. >> garry's passing is the reason she returned to the stage. >> when they called me about this, i was like, oh, i am in. i don't care what it is. how could you not be in? garry affected all of our lives. >> he had made her a prime time star. later she would go on to headline her own show, my sister stam. but then in the late 80s after her marriage to mark harmon and giving birth to two sons, she walked away from fame for family. >> i've been married going on 30 years. i don't think two people can work all the time in show business and stay married. i did everything you can do in this business, and then i had children. i wanted to drive my kids to school. i wanted to be there for their birthdays and bring cupcakes and doughnuts and do the school festivals and all that, and i did. and my husband was working all the time. >> and he still is. >> and he
2:27 am
i think he was a brunette when he started. >> you guys were our, like, you know, it couple. you were our it couple, and you've stayed together. >> i know. but notice you don't see us in the magazines. >> when you're married, that's real life. and to go and plaster your kids, i'm not for that. my kids have never seen anything i've done. i'm just their mom. they don't care about what i did. their father is already iconic enough for two boys. i'm just a mom. they don't listen to me. >> can i tell you how much fun i had talking to her? i really like her. she's so sweet, nice, and normal. normal. i have to tell you how much pam really lit up in our interview when she talked about morning and mindy. she said she barely knew who robin williams was when the casting decision was made. but garry marshall showed her some videotape and she said that's all i need delsym helps control the impulse to cough for 12 hours.
2:28 am
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travel considerations provided by -- look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. ryan seacrest is 42. jimmy buffett celebrating tu turning
2:31 am
take a final look at your choices. which oscar winner began her career as a singer? well, that is sissy spacek, who went by the name rainbow when she started out as a singer in the late 1960s. she's celebrating turning 67 this weekend. we teamed up with spotified to find out which music fans have been especially nice this year. spotify is making a list and checking it twice to find music's super fans. they're collaborating with some of the year's biggest acts including sia. ♪ dnce. >> hey, y'all. ♪ >> and fetti whop. >> rappers who rap track. fetti whop. it's easy. >> to thank some of their most loyal fans, spotify will surprise them with these custom
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designed gifts, like a fruitcake by the ocean. a treat you better sweater from sean mendez taking the ugly christmas sweater thing to a whole new level. plus a personalized message from the artist himself. check out spotify's instagram and follow #sweet16rap. hope you made the list. happy holidays. we're almost out of time. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, >> check out the video for hallelujah. >> it's off the group's new cd. earlier this month, the album hit number one. >> in just its first week, the video got more than 20 million views. enjoy this and the rest of your weekend. happy holidays, everybody. >> bye-bye. ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah
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>> thank you. >> like the song says it's christmas time all over the world. tony dokoupil take is a holiday spin around the globe. >> reporter: pope francis sent the world a wish for christmas peace. it echoed in war torn aleppo syria. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: these u.s. troops in iraq had christmas dinner in camouflage. in kabul, afghanistan, santa claus found a new way to fly. isis couldn't stop the christmas spirit at this town, east of mosul. australia's christmas is a beach holiday. in india, santa appeared in the sand. chanukah lit up cities from moscow to san francisco. >> i wish you all a very happy christmas. >> queen elizabeth fought off a cold to offer britain her season's greeting. and here in america, the obamas chilled out with shaved ice in hawaii. an estimated 150 million sets of christmas lights are sold each year, and a good bunch of them


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