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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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c1 okay, we are still tracking light snow thursday into friday. not a big storm, a nuisance storm because of the morning commute on friday. here's the future cast. 6:00p.m. on thursday. clouds in place, snow showers here and there and evening commutes on thursday shoulder be fine, and thursday night at 8:30, snow showers are possible to the west of town, and really the best chance now beginning at the 11:30 hour of snow back to the west. across i-81, and then moving across the metro area, the best chance of snow overnight, and limited mois,
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it could stay so light, putting down a trace or so of snow, and that's not what we need for our morning commute on friday. temperatures upper 30s and lower 40s. 5:30, lingering snow into baltimore, and you folks in southern maryland, charles county, st. mary's county, you will see the snow as well with the system, and by 8:00, most of the snow is pulling away with the area of low pressure developing offshore, and it will pull away from us. the 11:30 hour, and we will be left with flurries. looking ahead a couple of things, yellow weather alert thursday into friday morning. that's for the system to the west. light snow on thursday a trace to 2 inches, and then the friday morning commute will be slippery. that's why issued the friday alert. we will let you know if we have a better chance of snow over the weekend. >> all right, topper, get the school closing fast, and download the
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and we will have the latest delays now. tonight the lights are out at the washington monument. it's tough to see because of the fog anyway, but everything went dark around 7:00 this evening, and it's not clear why. john henry is live on the national mall, and the national park service is still trying to figure out what the root of the problem is, right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. they even called pepco out to see what the problem was. the utility company quickly deciding it was not on their end. they are working to see if technology at the monument played a role. >> reporter: this is what the washington monument is supposed to look like at this time of the night, lit up for all nights to see, miles away, but instead, this was the view that most witnessed tuesday evening instead. a dark monument blended in with the cloudy sky. >> kind of upset because i cannot see the washington monument because the lights are not on. >> reporter: the national pa
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problem around 7:00, and pepco came out soon after that to inspect, but now they believe about automated program was the root of the issue. this is not the first problem they have encountered this year. ongoing elevator issues will keep it closed until 2019. either way people tonight tried to make the best of the dark situation. >> it's still striking in a way. >> reporter: perhaps it was most evident from virginia. tom sparkman and christopher jewel snapping these pictures. >> it's a shadow, and that's interesting to look at. >> reporter: even in darkness, the washington monument still commands attention. >> reporter: and now the national park service told us they plan to have electricians out here tomorrow to see whether or not that automated program was at the root of this program. with the latest from the national mall, john henry,
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9. >> it's a striking figure, even in the dark. a delegate from new york says pornography does not just happen in the privacy of one's home. it's a public health crisis, and he believes the government should label it as so. >> reporter: this resolution is small, only about 1.5 pages long, but in it, delegate bob marshall has declared pornography a public health hazard that does quite a few things including destroy marriages, promote negative body images, normalize violence, and demean women. >> rape is overwhelmingly committed by males, and pornography is overwhelmingly is men looking at a female body and objected if i --
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>> reporter: just like cigarettes and the surgeon general, marshall wants the government to give it an official warning. >> it simply states pornography is a public health program, and it does not sensor anything or ban anything. >> reporter: had he is hoping the resolution will appeal to the left and the right. >> reporter: oak mrs. brown- miller? >> yes. >> reporter: this is susan brown-miller a notable feminist who leans left. >> i have always considered myself a radical liberal activist. >> reporter: she thinks the idea is a good idea. >> pornography is readily available to young men who confuse it with what they are supposed to do consensually. no one says is it okay if we try this? what do you think? >> reporter: the resolution may create unique partners, but it
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>> not everything that could be harmful should be legislated. >> reporter: this feminist leans to the right and thinks the proposal is a bad idea. >> pornography is like sugar, everyone consumes it. it's not great for you in a large quantities, and you have a right to use it. your right to produce and consume sugar is not protected by the constitution, and porn is speech, and speech is constitutionally protected. >> reporter: critics say the proposal could lead to censorship, and the actual resolution does not ban anything, but in the last line of the resolution, it does encourage lawmakers to consider policy changes to "address the pornography epidemic." a law similar to this was passed in utah back in april, and as for what happens with this resolution, we will have to wait awhile to see because the assembly is not back in session until next week. for wusa 9, i'm ellison barber. >>
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they may not be able to connect all the dots in a horrible shooting early new year's day because the gunman himself died today in the hospital. he was 15-year-old sean cryser. he was wearing a mask when he shot and killed 16-year-old charlotte tremba in her bedroom, shot her mother, and then shot himself in his head. neighbors are at a loss. >> it just hurts to cry. i think of him, and he's a little alter boy at church, and i have nope him since he was a little boy. he used to shovel my snow, and the little girl who was killed used to sell us girl scout cookies. charles colligan has died. he passed away at a
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center. he was 90. he represented prince william's county from 1975 until 2015 when he retired. he was called a champion for the people of prince william's county and the entire commonwealth. president-elect donald trump now says he will not reveal anything about hacking today or tomorrow as he had promised over the weekend, but late this evening he did tweet a date for his first news conference, january 11th in new york city. a short time later trump announced he is scheduled to meet with intelligence officials on friday for a briefing, but in the tweet, he took another shot at the u.s. intelligence community using quote marks around the intelligence, and he said the briefing was delayed, and perhaps more time was needed to build a case. very strange he wrote. several local restaurants are coming together to donate some of what they earned to charity during inauguration weekend. it's alled all in service, and we spoke with the general manager of marvin restaurant in
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>> one of the great things about the hospitality industry in dc, there's an attitude of collaboration over competition. >> for a list of participating restaurants and the causes for which they are donating, you can find it all on our free wusa 9 app. on january 20th, the national mall could look like a movie sequel. that is because the dc cannabis coalition will hand out 4200 joints for free. they want to get out the message that it's time to legalize marijuana at the federal level. for the record, you will be able to accept it as long as you're on dc land, but as soon as you step on federal land, like the national mall, you will be committing a crime. as congress returns to work today, we got one last look at what has been a dc tradition all these 8 years. for the final time vice president joe biden
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group of incoming senators. the event has created some memorable moments and as garrett haake tells us, today was no exception. >> reporter: next week president obama will give his farewell address live on national television. when you're the vice president, you don't get a lot of big moments like that, but today on capitol hill, the vice president made a lot of little moments his own. >> do you solemnly swear you will support -- >> reporter: the oath itself is short, only 71 words, and you could write the whole thing out in just 3 tweets, but when the vice president repeats it for the official ceremony, the moment can create life-long ceremonies. >> for which you are about to take so help you god? >> i will! >> she's not so sure. [ laughter ] >> reporter: family members get the bulk of
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be it an observation for calala harris' husband or an enthusiast greeting from ben who has cerebral palsy. >> good to see you man. >> reporter: on an appreciation of catherine's mother. >> mom, i want to know what you're drinking. you look like her sister! >> reporter: some criticized his flirtations in the past. today richard burr's granddaughter simply slipped one. no one questions the joy from these duties. one republican senator said while he often disagreed with joe biden on issues, he always appreciated the attitude he brought
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biden himself said he misses the senate very much. garrett haake. wusa 9. confusing moment for paul ryan during swearing in ceremonies there. so take a look at what happens when the son of roger marshall puts his arm up to dad, kind of hard to hear, but not getting what the popular pose is all about, and ryan asks the teen if he is okay, and the young man says he is, but he's still dabbing, and ryan takes a moment again and says can you put your hand down, and then they joke the teen was sneezing, and ryan joked almost 300 members and countless cute kids and he said still don't know what dabbing is. marshall later tweeted his son is grounded. a www.! a statue has been torn down and taken away, but the fight behind it is not over yet.
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talking about today. a toddler saves hiss -- saves his twin brother. why is this dresser not on the recall list? this is not what you want to find when you stumble into the bathroom in the
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. we want to update you on a huge sculpture on the campus of american university that has become a point of controversy. the statue of the murderer has been removed after what was supposed to be a 3-month exhibit. mola lenghi has the latest. >> reporter: it took thousands of hours to create this 9-foot tall redwood statue after it sat on the
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university for only 20 days it took only hours to bring it down. >> i think it's a sad day, you know. i think it's a sad day in the u.s.a. >> reporter: american university made good on removing the statue of leonard pontier after they received threats to the school and the sculpture. >> the sculpture was there for 20 days with no damage. >> reporter: leonard was convict in the 1975 shootings and killings of two fbi agents at south dakota indian reservation but thousands have said he was framed. the fbi agents association says they are pleased with the decision to take it down. they said he's an unremorseful cold-blooded killer who should not be
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>> the threats should be investigated, and anyone who made them should be prosecuted for making that threat. it should not be that the university just simply and immediately bends down to take down the statues. >> reporter: hayden hillard said it's censorship. >> the idea of protecting artifacts just to tear them down, i mean, that's what the taliban are doing, taking sculptures apart and breaking artwork. >> reporter: regal23 says the work was meant only to be an invitation. >> it was an invitation for most young people to consider the future they want for the nation. >> reporter: mola lenghi, wusa 9. a 2-year-old twin came to his brother's rescue after a heavy dresser fell on top of him this video was released by the utah
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tale. brodie and brock were climbing on the dresser when it tipped over last week, and it weighs 100 pounds, but brodie nudged it off his brother. fortunately they were not hurt. mom has since secured the dresser to the wall. >> it's not the first thing you think about to do with a dresser or safety as far as children. it's just something you keep putting off and putting off, and it never gets done. >> and you cannot put it off anymore. you to anchor the heavy things to the wall. it's so important. the dresser was made by ikea. the company recalled millions of dresser last year following the deaths of three children, and that particular dresser was not part of the recall, but its product manual does clearly state it has to be anchored to the wall, so do not forget to do it. this is probably the last thing you want to find in your toilet, an anaconda. an anaconda! it was pulled
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in arlington county. this photo is one of the most shared story on facebook tonight. rescuers were able to find the anaconda a good home. [ laughter ] >> the question is how did it get there? and did you lift the toilet seat and go oh! ? >> a lot of interesting questions there on how it was discovered. [ laughter ] >> and really who? >> am i dreaming? >> who kept it as a pet? >> we are looking at not one but two chances of snow coming up. not a big snow on thursday night. better chance on saturday and sunday that will be east of us. first things first, 3-degree guarantee. i thought i was okay and we would make 47 today. wrong! went 50, and i was 46. we were off by 4 degrees, and so, you have to go to my facebook page and choose a charity for january. every time we are wrong, they get $100. there's 3 up there, please vote. itght now, still 46.
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a miserable night, and drizzle, and a little bit of a shower activity, and we will share that in a second. right now, we will talk about the system over the weekend. two different models. yellow gfs and the purple is the euro. both of the models are too far south and east of dc. little, if any, impact. they just keep moving into the maritimes as we go into sunday morning. that's the saturday event, and that is different from what is coming in here on thursday, and we will get to that in a second. a few showers pushing through. fredericksburg, and nothing crazy heavy. out of here by tomorrow morning, and i don't see wet roads tomorrow morning. they will move essentially eastward. 11:40 on storm tracker, and this is about 11:55, and bus stop temperatures, 38 to 48, we
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i don't see the fog as a widespread problem. yellow weather alert tonight through friday morning, and friday morning commute, that's the one we are concerned about, slippery. maybe impactometer worthy. we shall see. it's a fast mover. it's not going to produce 6 inches of snow all of a sudden. nothing or an inch or an inch and a half. this has changed, and we showed you the model earlier. this is a tenth of an inch in dc with an inch up to tagger's town, and we will show you a different model, and this has flip-flopped. there's more snow through thursday night into friday morning, and maybe an inch downtown, and maybe an inch to 2 inches to leesburg, and again, fast mover, limited moisture, and more of a nuisance. we are worried about friday morning commute. up to 54 by 1:00, and that's with the sunshine, and then by thursday, again, snow overnight, and 9 for the high, and it will be below freezing when the snowfalls thursday night, light snow
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days, we are looking at light snow on saturday, and cold over the weekend, and cold on monday, and back to 42 on tuesday. >> okay,. >> it's coming, and we have been warned. guess who won tonight? >> who? >> the cavs. >> the cavs, and this was a great game. absolutely great game tonight. they scraped and crawled all night long, and it was exciting with the come-from-behind victory. high lights -- >> coming
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they say the third time is the charm, but will it be a second time instead for jared jacoby? the class of 2017 for the second time. jacoby fell short last year, but perhaps this is his ti. jacoby spent 13 seasons with the redskins after being undrafted out of louisville. he's one of the 80 greatest redskins but a member
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famed hogs. the announcement comes next month, and good luck. the burgundy and gold have a busy offseason as they reevaluate their talent and figure out what to do with 16 members of the roster, including their quarterback. could they have to launch a search for a new offensive coordinator? multiple reports say sean will interview with the 49ers for their head coaching job, and he's expected to interview with the los angeles rams, and now mcveigh, he is only going to turn 31 later this month, but he's a fast riser through the nfl ranks. the washington capitals' defense has been on point but the offense has lacked. tonight a total 180. offense was on fire, and defense could use some revisiting. nonetheless, the capitals cannot be faulted for their ability to battle and battle back. down by 1 in the 1st, williams fresh out of
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t.j., and he sends it top shelf. tied at 2. the net minder was replaced for allowing 3 goals in 8 shots, and that's another comeback in the 3rd, and carlson ties it at 5 in overtime, that's all it took. 22 seconds for the great 8 to seal the deal, and the caps win their first straight 6-5 the final. the eastern conference player of the month, john wahl, and taking on the mavericks. he led all scorers tonight with 27. right behind him was harrison barnes with 26. here he gets past kelly for the slam, and the mavericks pulls away for this one. a local dc watering hole getting star
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tony cornheiser and gary williams have purchased chad's in friendship heights a few blocks up from station here. they will make it a place that the dc sports fans and the terrapins' fans can go to watch the game. tony mentioned on the podcast, they are putting a studio in there and they may have students come
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you are so excited, aren't you? >> it's a wimpy thing on thursday night, but it could produce problems friday morning for the commute. >>
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