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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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both men were allegedly stabbed inside of the mall, near the hollister store. paramedics rushed both of them to the hospital. and -- from the moment they were transported from this scene, they were deemed to have life-threatening injuries. again, we now know that one of those two men has passed away. witnesses are telling me this all happened on the first floor. one woman who works at the mall said she saw the horrific scene unfold, from looking off of the balcony on the second floor. >> looks like he was like walking around with his stab wounds. in his little, i guess -- when he came in it was unconscious. and there was blood everywhere. so they were trying to get them out of the mall. >> so most of the officers who were here on scene left about 30 minutes ago. again, they arrived here, shortly after 3:15. we don't know what led up to this stabbing. but even though police have mostly left this area, this investigation is far from over.
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are confirming that one of the two stabbing victims has now died. reporting live i'm ellison barber. wusa 9. for dylann roof, the sentence is death. a jury deliberated for three hours this afternoon. and then announced roof should die for his crimes. he killed nine black parishioners at a church bible study in charleston, south carolina in 2015. he's the first person to receive the death penalty for federal hate crimes. >> roof acted as his own attorney during the trial. he never showed remorse. and he never asked for his life to be spared. in fact, in today's closing argument of the sentencing trial, he told the jury, quote, i still feel like i had to do it. also break news now on wusa 9. cnn reporting the classified documents from u.s. intelligence officials showed russia claimed to have compromising personal and
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financial information about donald trump, but is not releasing it. this information comes from the very same investigation into russia's alleged tampering in the u.s. presidential election. the fbi still trying to figure it out -- figure out if this is true f. it is true, intelligence officials believe that russia had information potentially harmful to both political parties, but only released information arming the democrats. senator jeff sessions said he will uphold the law if confirmed as attorney general. 25 protestors tried to disrupt a hearing. all were arrested, including seven, who tried to occupy the alabama senator's office, even before the hearing started this morning. sessions had a lot of support, among republicans. but democrat his questions about his positions on a lot of issues, including race, abortion, immigration. >> protestors tried thbest to -- their best to disrupt
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but the alabama senator was not shaken. his senate colleagues grilled him on several topics from immigration to several rights records and racist comments he allegedly made in the 1980s while he was a federal prosecutor. >> i am totally committed to maintaining the freedom and equality that this country has to provide to every citizen. >> reporter: mr. sessions also announced he would recuse himself from any investigation of hillary clinton. >> this country does not punish its political enemies, but this country ensures that no one is above the law. >> senator sessions said he would follow past supreme court decisions on marriage equality and abortion, despite being an outspoken critic on both issues. >> the majority of the court has established the definition of marriage for the entire united states of america, and i will follow that decision. >> republican senator lindsey graham asked if he supported mr. trump's campaign promise
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religious tests. >> you would support a law that says you can't come to america because you're a muslim? >> no. >> reporter: senator sessions' nomination has received strong opposition from sherry brown and cory booker n. an unprecedented move for a senator, booker is set to testify against senator sessions' nomination. michelle mackal uso, capitol hill. >> and as you heard senator sessions say, he would follow the law, protecting women for abortion. looking ahead tomorrow, president-elect will hold his first news conference since july. that news conference starts at 11:00 in new york city. and of course, we're going to cover that event live, right here on wusa 9. and the wusa 9 app. plawmpresident barack obama addresses the nation tonight. he'll deliver his farewell address from a convention in chicago, where
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political here -- career. we'll carry president obama's address live on wusa 9. on a free wusa 9 app, starting at 9:00. president-elect donald trump is pushing for an immediate repeal and replacement of the affordable care act. mr. trump says he wants to repeal vote sometime next week. and he expects a replacement to come quickly or simultaneously. today, house speaker paul ryan says that is republicans' goal, too. >> there is a better way. and we have made it clear, what we want to replace obama care with. a truly patient-centered system with more choices and lower costs. well, obama care is one of the big topics. we are hearing from you as part of our your city, your voice campaign. on the wusa 9 facebook page, peter says, if obama care is repealed, lawmakerless better have something to replace it.
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absolutely be replaced. she called it a disaster and said it has hurt more americans than it has helped. and jamal in d.c. said, there is room for improvement. the only reason they want to repeal it is to discredit obama. you can weigh in. look for the your city, your voice. could reach a final agreement on court-ordered police reforms. those could include police training and are more civilian oversight. the force came under scrutiny, you might recall, following the death. the painting depicteds police officers as pigs. ask tonight, it's dividing congress. they say it depicts the very real fear and anger of young african american artists from ferguson, where there
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weeks of -- weeks of conflict, after a police officer shot an unarmed team -- teen. but many say it's an insult, which is why republican congressman duncan hunter ripped it down. >> it's offensive. it portrays police officers as pigs. and it doesn't belong in the u.s. capital. it's that simple. >> he had no permission to remove it. it's as simple as that. the definition in the d.c. code, if you take something that is not yours, it's called theft. >> well, the painting has gone up and down and up again, as members of congress argue about it. congressman duncan hunter is asking the speaker to declare that it violates the rules of the house and permanently remove it. police in orlando hope a $100,000 reward will help them find markeef lloyd. the search for lloyd enters its second day, police say lloyd ot
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approached him yesterday, he was wanted for questioning in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. a motorcycle officer died in a crash yesterday, while searching for lloyd. nearly $158,000 has been raised for that 18-year-old victim of a beating livestream. it was awful. chicago area police sithe teen, -- say the teen, who was mentally disabled, was kidnapped by four people at a mcdonald and tortured. the four face hate crime charges for targeting that young man because he has special needs. a go fund me page has been set up. it has so far surpassed $10,000. all of that money will be sent to the victim and his family. freezing rain is north and west of town this evening. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt has more on tonight's yellow weather alert. >> good news, i think everybody is going to be home.
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that. warm air is going to win the battle. we have freezing rain advisory. upper montgomery county. also, upper loudoun county. and points north and west. i think you're going to have to be north of frederick. in fact, here's a look at future cast. by 9:00, a little freezing rain possible north of frederick. and by 10:00, entering martins burg. temperatures above freezing. but surface temperatures. a little bit of freezing rain, north and west of leesburg by 11:00. and north and west of culpepper by 11:00 as well. we'll come back and tell you what is left of your morning commute. and tell you when the 60s roll in. we'll be back after this.
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a d.c. councilman proposed a new legislation that would make it illegal to leave pets out in cold temperatures. >> a pet was left out in the cold this past weekend. humane officers say the shelter did meet the city's minimum requirements. but neighbors are now applauding this new legislation. >> i can have an owner. but at the same time, it's hard to see -- especially if a neighbor sees this every day, outside their front window, or whatever passes it, and they see it every day, it's hard for
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done. police in prince george's county need your help to name the newest member of their team. >> that's right. he's a 16-month-old labrador retriever, being trained as a narcotics detection k-9. police want you to submit your name suggestions for this adorable pup. using twitter, instagram or facebook. lesli, how about snoop dogg? >> oh, that's kind of good. i was going to say, they're not going to name him bruce. >> put me down for the snoop dogg. all right. you feel good about that. >> all right. after the break, he's been a pastor at a rockville church for more than 20 years. but robert wilson said he's never come across anything like this. wait until you find out what showed up
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new at 6:00. often known as safe havens for people who have nowhere else to go. >> something very unusual, though, was dropped off at the door of the church. >> a man's ashes. >> and now, the
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needs your help to figure out what to do with them. nikki burdine shoins us live with the -- join uss live to -- joins us live to explain. did he just open the door to find them? >> the ashes were find route down there, in front of this church. and now, pastor wilson idsa he feels a great deal of responsibility to do the right thing. >> pastor robert wils son is not -- wilson is not surprised when random things show up at his church. >> a lot of food. we found car engines. of course, a lot of trash. >> stuff just finds its way through the front door. and sometimes through it. >> car was hit twice in the last 20 years. >> reporter: but in the 21 years he's been pastor here, this is by far, the strangest. >> yep. well, we found it right about there. >> september 29th, this box containing the remains of donald irving willard, was found outside the veers mill baptist
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in a plastic grocery bag. >> no notes. no nothing. which was quite a surprise to us. >> since then, pastor wilson has been trying to find out more information about mr. willard. >> about the only thing we know for certain is the label on top of the box. his name, his date of death. state of cremation and who cremated him. >> in fact, everybody i talked to has said this is a new one on them. >> so he reached out to us, hoping to find someone who knew mr. willard. >> i feel bad. if we didn't do everything we could. to return mr. willard to his family. >> reporter: for now, the newest member of the congregation will stay here in his temporary resting place. because even though he knows almost nothing about mr. willard, he knows one thing. he was a human being. >> he deserves to be buried, scattered, whatever word you want to use,
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with dignity. being short of left by the door. to me, it's just an act of dignity. >> pastor wilson say fist no one comes forward, he will give mr. willard the proper burial that he deserves. now, one extra bit of information he was able to confirm. he said that mr. willard lived on schuylkill road, which is not too far away from here, in rothville. if you know mr. willard or know someone who knew him, you're asked to call the baptist church. we're live in rockville, i'm nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> hopefully somebody will see this story and help us get him to his family. the person who dropped off the ashes outside of the church, technically didn't break and laws. now, the state of maryland, remains to be scattered on private property or interred. a former rising star, being taken down by a sweeping
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investigation in prince george's county. formee state delegate and county councilman, will campo, pled guilty. campos is accused of pocketing at least $40,000 while he was on the county council, in exchange for political favors. he admitted to taking kickbacks to donations to charities that were really going to help political friends. prosecutors say at least one more elected official will be charged in their investigation. but they won't say who and they're not saying when. new national park. honoring harriet tubman. today, the u.s. anterior secretary, signed a document, with the historic park in auburn new york. tubman's old home and church where she worshiped are located on the park grounds. also where they are buried. the new national park will be assistant for the nation
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located in cambridge, maryland. >> all right. around here. that is going to be quite a thing to see. all right. all right, my friend. we've got a 3-degree guarantee we could ask you about. or we could talk about the yellow freezing alert. >> there's the yellow alert because there's a freezing rain advisory, north and west. i'm not real concerned about it. and the warm air is going to win this battle. not talking about an ice storm. 3-degree guarantee. you might say, if you're going to go 39 for a high, how can it have freezing rain? well, simply because the roads and services have been below freezing. remember, we have not been above freezing since last friday afternoon. still sitting on 36. dew points coming up. winds out of the south at 16. had to widen the radar out. it's well to the west of i-81. entering garrett county right now. this is g
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is what we're going to wait for overnight. it's going to roll through quickly. by that time, most of us are going to be in the form of rain. a little freezing rain north and west tonight. and i mean, north and west of frederick. north with west of leesburg. dry tomorrow morning. around 50 for a high tomorrow. and check this out. around 60 on thursday. only thing about thursday, it will be windy. that will help drive the temperatures into the 60s. so temperaturewise, we're thawing out this week, big- time. 50 tomorrow. 59 friday. yes, a little colder on the weekend. maybe a mix. a light mix. but not a huge deal. and not a signal to open up the change in the pattern. we're going to stay in this warm pattern for a while. 39, clouds. a little freezing rain. and by midnight, it's pretty much gone. maybe a pocket, north and west of frederick. boom, it's out of here by morning. so your morning commute should be undisturbed at least by weather. all right. decreasing clouds. 45by
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49 by 1:00. and then, maybe a sprinkle on thursday. but 63. and a few showers on friday. still near 60. pretty good day. three fantastic days, considering we're in january. light mix possible on saturday. in the 40s sunday and monday. look at that. we're back in the 50s with more showers next tuesday. >> maryland basketball. >> it's going to be a great game. xfinity center. terps take on a conference foe in prime time. there's a lot at stake for tonight's sh as ceo of exxonmobile... rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin.
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15 years ago, maryland men's basketball beat indiana for their first and only national championship title, and since moving to the big 10, the two have played just four times. may not be considered a rivalry yet. but tonight, the hoosiers present the terps' toughest this season. both teams coming off against bounce-back victories. the hoosiers had fallen out of the top 25. this is sill still very much a marquee matchup. >> our guys are looking forward to playing indiana. they were picked one or two or three in the league. talent wise, they're terrific. >> it's going to be like a track meet. so we're going to have to be ready to get up and down. and just play for 40 minutes and i just play hard. >> tomorrow night could be aing a big night for capitals. one point away from reaching 1,000 career points. 84th player in nhl history to
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today, he set a franchise record. ob will be joined out in los angeles at the end of the mont. wiroth tphy winner, braden hopey. they get $1 million. not too bad. it's always good when you can laugh at yourself. check out this tweet from kirk cousins. says on the left, both scarborough in tenth grade. me in 11th grade. now i know why alabama never called. look at him from high school. >> those are some solid citizens out there. big, solid. >> great game. great game. >> it was a great game. congrats to clemson, though. >> we're out of time. see you at 7:00. >> bye.
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