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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 11, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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sight. >> the is this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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the president-elect and the leaders of congress. major garrett begins our coverage. >> it's all fake news. it's phony stuff. it didn't happen. and it was gotten by opponents of ours. it was a group of opponents that got together, sick people, and they put that crap together. >> reporter: with that president-elect donald trump emphatically denied the unsubstantiated allegations, including one about his sexual behavior. >> does anyone really believe that story? i'm also very much a germophobe, by the way, believe me. >> reporter: that raw information was included as an appendix as a classified report detailing russian efforts to tamper with the u.s. election undermine democratic nominee hillary clinton and hell mr. trump. today for the first time the president-elect agreed with that assessment, that russia was responsible for several election-related cyber attacks. >> as far as hacking, i think it was russia, but i think we also get
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and other people. >> reporter: but mr. trump also cited information revealed by the cyber intrusions. >> hacking is bad, and it shouldn't be done, but look at the things that were hacked. look at what was learned from that hacking, that hillary clinton got the questions to the debate and didn't report it? that's a horrible thing. >> reporter: this morning in response the publication of the unverified information, mr. trump tweeted, "intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to leak into the public. are we living in nazi germany?" what were you driving at there in. >> i think it was disgrateful, disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out germany would have done and did do. >> reporter: the president-elect also lashed out at a reporter from cnn, first news organization to report that the russian hacking assessment included the unverified
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>> your organization is terrible. >> you're attacking or news organization. can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir. >> quiet. quiet. >> mr. president-elect... >> she's asking a question. don't be rude. >> reporter: mr. trump declined to say whether he would keep sanctions imposed on russia by president obama. he also said he would work with russian president vladimir putin. >> if putin likes donald trump, i consider that an asset, not a liability, because we have a horrible relationship with russia. >> reporter: relevant u.s. intelligence agencies had no comment on this dispute with mr. trump or its implications. scott, u.s. investigators are trying to verify what if any aspects of the allegations related to mr. trump's conduct can be verified. >> pelley: major garrett at trump tower, thanks. now, with insight into the rift between mr. trump and his intelligence chief, we turn the leon panetta of the panetta institute. he's a former secretary of defense who was director of the c.i.a. when osama bin
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killed. mr. secretary, what's at stake in this feud between trump and the intelligence community? >> i think what's at stake is the security of the united states of america. the first duty of a president is to protect our country, and he cannot protect our country without the ability to get good intelligence on what our adversaries are up to. that demands a relationship of trust, and unfortunately, i think, i see a relationship in which that trust doesn't exist right now. >> pelley: what's the harm in airing this in public? >> i think what happens is it damages the credibility of not only the intelligence that's being provided, but more importantly it undermines the morale of those who are involved in our intelligence services. these are people who are committed to getting the best intelligence possible for the president of the united states. that invol r
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the line. they're going to hesitate to do that if they feel the president of the united states does not trust the work that they're doing. >> pelley: leon panetta of the panetta institute, former director of the c.i.a. and former secretary of defense, thank you. >> thank you, scott. >> pelley: now elizabeth palmer is in moscow tonight, and we'll turn to her. liz, what's the view from there? >> reporter: well, scott, no surprise the russians have flatly denied they have any material they could use the blackmail donald trump. in fact, the kremlin spokesman today called it "pulp fiction" and said it was simply being used to damage relations between the u.s. and russia. now, that being said, there is a long history in this country of the security services collecting information to embarrass or even ruin public figures. there's even a special word for it. it's called compromot, a
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one particularly scandalous case back in 1999, a sex tape was leaked to bring down russia's attorney general and the head of the security services at that time here, one vladimir putin. >> pelley: liz, what's the feeling in eastern europe if russia grows more aggressive under a trump administration? >> very anxious and not just in ukraine, where russia has been waging war for almost two years now. i have just come from estonia. it's one of the u.s.'s nato allies, and the government there is very worried that if a trump administration goes, as they would see it, soft on russia, it would embolden vladimir putin to invade their country, and they're also afraid that the u.s. may not even come to their defense in that instance, even though they are part of nato and a fully paid up member of nato, to boot. >> pelley: lizal
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now we have reaction on capitol hill. extension cord is there. nancy cordes is there. >> i've always wondered, what did russia have on donald trump? >> reporter: the unsubstantiated documents captivated congress today, but they have been floating around for months. >> i did what any citizen should do. >> reporter: arizona republican john mccain was handed a copy late last year by a source he won't name. why do you think they came the you? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: do you find the information credible? >> i don't know. that's why i gave it to the f.b.i. i don't know if it's credible or not, but the information i thought deserved to be delivered to the f.b.i., the appropriate agency of government. >> reporter: some republicans, like south carolina's lindsey graham, urged caution. >> every american should review these things with scepticism and suspicion. you know, it's not up to him to prove what he didn't do. >> reporter: senate intelligence chair richard burr would not say if he had been
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about the validity of the claims. are you troubled by what you've heard so far? >> listen, i think we look at a report like this as opposition research from an unverified source. >> reporter: but democratic leader nancy pelosi and others in her party said trump's unorthodox stance on russia has led them to suspect some kind of connection long ago. >> any of, that whether it's financial, whether it's personal, whatever it is, whatever it is cannot have an impact on the national security of the united states of america. >> reporter: the nation's top intelligence officials will be here on capitol hill tomorrow to brief the entire senate on russia's attempt to sway the election. but they are sure to be pelted with questions, scott, about what russia may or may not have on the man who is set to be sworn in, in just nine days now. >> pelley: nancy cordes,s than, nance.
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elsewhere at the capitol, russia was the focus of a nine-hour confirmation hearing today for rex tillerson, the former c.e.o. of exxon-mobil, now the nominee for secretary of state. here's chip reid. >> reporter: the tough et cetera grilling of rex tillerson today came from a republican, senator marco rubio of florida. >> is vladimir putin a war criminal? >> i would not use that term. >> reporter: rubio, a leading critic of russia, graphically described russian bombing in syria. >> mr. putin has directed his military to conduct a campaign that's targeted schools and markets and other infrastructure that has resulted in the death of thousands of civilians. you are still not prepared to say that vladimir putin and his military have conducted war crimes in aleppo? >> those are very, very serious charges to make, and i would want to have much more information before reaching a conclusion. >> i find it discouraging your inability to cite that, which i think is globally accepted. >>
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decided whether to support tillerson. if he votes no, that could put the oil executive's confirmation at risk in the narrowly divided senate. rubio has previously criticized tillerson, who has known putin for years, for accepting an order of friendship from the russian president, but today tillerson said the two nations will probably never be friends. >> our value systems are starkly different. >> reporter: tillerson also encountered some rough sailing when republican chairman bob corker asked about lobbying against sanctions on russia after it invaded crimea. >> i never lobbied against the sanctions. to my knowledge exxon-mobil never lobbied against the sanctions. >> reporter: but corker reminded him of this. >> i think you called me during this time. >> reporter: and democrat said he had hard evidence tillerson was mistaken. >> i have four different lobbying reports totaling millions of dollars as required by the lobbying disclosure act that lists exxon-mobil's lobbying activities o
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specific pieces of legislation authorizing sanctions. >> reporter: senator menendez also asked tillerson if he and president-elect trump have even talked about russia yet. scott, tillerson said no, to which menendez responded, "that's pretty amazing." >> pelley: chip reid for us tonight. chip, thank you. today is the confirmation of senator jeff sessions of alabama to become attorney general. there was rare opposition from a fellow senator, democrat cory booker of new jersey. >> reporter: senator sessions has not demonstrated a
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enforce all civil rights laws if confirmed. >> pelley: mr. trump made more news today, saying he will make a supreme court nomination within two weeks of taking office. he said he plans to both repeal and replace obamacare at the same time, and he'll start that wall at the border before he gets mexico to pay for it. he also revealed his plan for another wall between the white house and his financial empire. here's julianna goldman. >> as the president, i could run the trump organization, great, great company, and i could run the country. i'd do a very good job. >> reporter: the president-elect has decided he will not sell his assets or place them in a blind trust, as government ethics efforts have urged. instead mr. trump will move his assets into a trust controlled by his two oldest son, who will also manage the trump organization. they will not pursue new international deals and will hire an ethics adviser to er
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they will also not consult with mr. trump. >> i hope at the end of eight years i'll come back and say, oh, you did a good job, otherwise if they do a bad job, i'll say, you're fired. >> reporter: today walter shaub, the head of the government ethics office, wholly inadequate. >> the plan does not meet the standards that the best of his nominees are meeting and that every president in the past four decades have met. >> reporter: the arrangement means mr. trump could have dealings with foreign countries where he also has a financial stake. cbs news has counted at least ten countries where the president-elect has business interests. >> he needs to sell the business, free himselfs of conflicts of interests. >> reporter: richard painter was the former ethics lawyer for former president george w. bush. he says mr. trump could violate a condition that precludes a government official from receiving payments. a state run chinese bank is a tenant in trump tower.
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>> we need a clean sweep of foreign government payments from the business empire. there is no evidence that that's going to happen with respect to any of it other than the hotel. >> reporter: the president-elect will donate to the u.s. treasury any profits made from foreign governments using his hotel, and that includes his new one here in d.c. that leases property from the government. scott nothing today addresses the fact that as president mr. trump will be both landlord and tenant. >> pelley: julianna goldman, thanks. coming up next on the cbs, is we'll get john dickerson's take on the president-elect versus the media. and later, dozens are rescued as severe weather continues to storm the west.
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relationship with the press. >> reporter: he is. all presidents try to do this. they try the control the message by controlling the press. donald trump is trying to do it through intimidation, to soften up the stories about him, but he's also seeking to delegitimize the press. that isn't to say... he's not complaining about a specific story. he's saying that there is a battle between himself and the press and that's an attempt to basically take the value away from what the press does. >> pelley: let's have a look at something else he said in the news conference today. >> don't be rude. >> mr. president-elect do you give us a question. >> don't be rude. don't be route. new york i'm not going to give you a question. >> can you state... >> you are fake news. go ahead. you know, i've been hearing more and more about fake news. they talk about people that go and say all sorts of things, but i will tell you, some of the media outlets that i deal with are fake news, more so than anybody. i could name them, but i won't bother. >> pelley: so does donald trump need the press the way other presidents have. >> you see he's trying the define all news as fake news. c
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his message out. usually presidents in their attempts to control the press fail because they ultimately need the press to get their message out. he has twitter. he also has a following that's more apt the believe that the press is out to get donald trump. but his favorability ratings are about 43%. to speak to the rest of the country, he needs the validation of the press. to get his message across from something that's not just his own mouth, and that's where usually it breaks down for presidents who try and go after the press. >> pelley: to speak to a broader audience. john dickerson, thanks so much. we'll see you sunday on "face the nation." still coming up, the largest auto recall in american history expands. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections
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it's mouth to stoma. (shawn) be very careful shaving. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. >> pelley: honda is recall another 772,000 vehicles because of defective air bags made by the japanese company takata. the recall now involves as many as 69
6:53 pm
american cars and trucks. the inflators can explode, ejecting metal shrapnel and 11 people have died. the recall list is posted at today volkswagen pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy and will pay the u.s. government more than $4 billion. nearly 600,000 diesel vehicles were fraudulently programmed to pass emissions tests that they should have failed. six v.w. executives were indicted today. the national cancer institute has begun a new push to have children vaccinated against h.p.v. the vaccine can prevent cervical and other cancers, but only about 42% of girls and 28% of boys have been vaccinated. federal guidelines recommend it for children as young as nine. up next, another round of floods and blizzards slams the west.
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>> pelley: a state usually associate #w-d sunshine and drought is now being hit with waves of blizzardards and floods. john blackstone is in california for us, john. >> reporter: scott, there have been plenty offed from warnings in california over the last few day, but this flood came without warning. here in the town of hollister, the fast-riding water took residents by surprise. this farming town south of san jose, california, quickly turned into one giant swamp after a nearby creek overflowed. emergency crews responded to calls overnight from dozens of panicked residents trapped inside their homes. by day break ranchers were still leading their animals to dry land. kevin o'neill is the county's emergency services manager. >> the scene here last
6:58 pm
challenging at times. it was dark, a lot of these houses did suffer some damage. >> reporter: in sonoma county, the russian river rose once again, reaching nearly 38 feet this afternoon, about six feet above flood level. firefighters were out in swift boats saving homeowners and stranded drivers from the unrelenting waters. melba martinelli had the leave her home. >> it's our home. it's the only one we've got. so we're losing our home it looks like right now. >> reporter: in the sierra nevadas, storms have now dumped more than ten feet of snow, toppling tree, downing power lines, and collapsing a huge chunk of this mountain road. but for some, this extreme weather has provided opportunities for extreme adventure. even storm clouds can have a silver lining. john blackstone, cbs news, hollister, california. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. cathy's gotten used to the smellf
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>> tonight on off script, the president-elect disses cnn. we are starting with presidential politics. for the first time in six monos, president-elect donald trump held a news conference. he covered several hot issues including his businesses, russian hacking and reported allegations that russians may have compromising information about him. >> that ising in nazi germany would have done and did do. i think it is a disgrace. that information that was false and fake and never happened >>t released to the suspect.


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