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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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here for some time, because we just hear how extraordinary it is. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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the voting rights march from selma thealabama, today marked the martin luther king holiday without mentioning president-elect donald trump or his own declaration, the soon-to-be 45th president was illegitimate. >> stand up. speak up. when you see something that is not right and not fair and not justin, you have a moral obligation to do something, to say something and not be quiet. >> reporter: mr. trump lashed out at lewis on twitter over the weekend, accusing him of ignoring his atlanta congressional district and being all about talk, talk, talk, no action. today mr. trump met with dr. king's son, martin luther king iii at trump tower. >> i would say john lewis has demonstrated that he's action. as i said, things get said on both sides in the heat of emotion. >> reporter: bernice king, dr. king's daughter, was more blunt. >> if god can do it during my daddy's time, god can do it in
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this time. he can triumph over a trump. >> reporter: incoming white house press secretary sean spicer faulted lewis, who said he won't attend the inauguration for refusing to acknowledge the president-elect's victory. >> he makes a comment about the illegitimate si of an election and the illegitimate si of the president. i think that really undermines part of the work john lewis has done because he's been such a champion and a hero of voting rights. >> reporter: the naacp legal defense fund. >> hearing this kind of strange echo of the past suggests a failure to really engage with the reality of 2017 and african american communities all over this country. >> reporter: so far 30 house democrats have said they will boycott mr. trump's inauguration. scott, it is worth noting congressman lewis also boycotted george w. bush's 2001 inauguration, calling his victory after the florida recount illegitimate. >> pelley: major garrett for us in the wasto
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major, thank you. well, mr. trump shook up america's european allies over the weekend, telling german and british newspapers that the european union is destined to break up. he called nato obsolete. today the president-elect was feuding with the head of the c.i.a. over russia, and elizabeth palmer is in moscow. >> reporter: this time it's vladimir putin's kremlin that's at the center of a war of words between the president-elect and john brennan, outgoing c.i.a. chief. he told fox news that donald trump didn't know enough about one of america's greatest adversaries. >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of russian capability, russia's intentions and actions. >> reporter: and he called trump's off-the-cuff style dangerous. to answer, donald trump turned to, what else, twitter, to insult the c.i.a. "couldn't do much worse," he tweeted. "just look at syria, red line,
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buildup of russian nukes. not good." instead trump suggested he would deal with russia by offering what he called good deals. for example, if russia reduced its nuclear arsenal, the u.s. could lift anti-russia sanctions. sergey mark qof, and analyst and spokesman for vladimir putin, told us linking the two issues makes no sense. so the offer of lifting of sanctions in return for reduction in nuclear weapons is a non-starter? >> absolutely not. it just wrong idea generally. >> reporter: trump also repeated that he thought nato was obsolete, but he didn't say if he will reverse the u.s. neighbor toe troop buildup in eastern europe right along russia's border. if he doesn't, warned markov, russia will have no choice but to respond. >> we will have to make our army
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make more strong our nuclear potential. >> reporter: so you would build up your nuclear arsenal rather than reducing it? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: sergey mark qof also told us he was sure there would be a face-to-face meeting between president vladimir putin and donald trump some time before the summer, scott. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer at the kremlin. liz, thank you. in his interviews with the european press, trump said nato was obsolete because this is the age of terrorism. mr. trump did not mention nato's 15 years of fighting al qaeda in afghanistan. the president-elect told the "washington post" that he is nearly finished with his plan to replace obamacare. he promised health insurance for everyone but with no details many americans are worried. here's mireya villarreal. >> do i pay for this medication? >> reporter: as a child, barbie ap
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cancer, but as an adult, insurance companies could reject her based on a preexisting condition. she says she spent most of her 20s with basic insurance that
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to new jersey. oregon to maine. president-elect trump, who campaigned strongly against obamacare... >> it will be repeal and replace. >> reporter: told the washington post he's near completing a plan to replace it with the goal of insurance for everybody. >> there you go. >> reporter: apple quest pays about $15,000 a year for coverage. she estimates her basic care without it would cost upward of $150,000. when you hear those promises, are you hopeful? >> without something in place, regarding who is going to pay for it, it's hard to put my hope in that plan. >> reporter: president-elect trump says he will unveil his plan once the senate confirms his choice for health and human service secretary. scott, he also says he's going to take hard look at the prices that drug companies are charging medicare and medicaid. >> pelley: mireya villarreal in our los angeles newsro
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rough weather blamed for at least six deaths spun tornadoes in texas and millions of americans from new mexico to michigan. martinmireya villarreal is on tt story. >> reporter: this storm system pounded texas overnight, flooding roads and spawning tornadoes from houston to dallas. a funnel cloud battered hangars at this airport, and in frisco, strong winds damaged at least 30 homes. further north in woodward, oklahocoma, oler temperatures created freezing rain, leaving a coat of ice an inch thick on everything. downed trees and power lines left thousands without electricity. this drone footage makes the ice-white trees look like a winter wonderland, but on the ground, it's a nightmare. >> oh, there goes another one. >> reporter: the icy roads proved too dangerous for some drivers. >> oh, he rolled over. he rolled over. >> reporter: dash cam video from a kansas state trooper shows the officer
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avoiding a head-on crash with an 18-wheeler. slick streets are blamed for a 20-car pile-up in wichita injuring two, and in nebraska, a fiery crash on interstate 80 caused one semi-truck to erupt into flames. back in woodward, john haring and his daughter natasha hardly slept because of the noise of trees snapping under the weight of the ice. what did it sound like when the trees were snapping? >> transformers were blowing, trees were popping, shotguns or a firecracker, you know. >> reporter: this part of the oklahoma panhandle received about an inch of ice. that's an extra several hundred pounds of weight on a tree like this. as you can see, this tree couldn't handle that weight. it just split right in half. scott, the storm is now headed toward the upper mid-worcester mid-worcester -- midwest and then on to new england. >> pelley: omar villafranca, omar, thank you. today federal agents arrested the widow of the orlando nightclub gunman, omar mateen. she's not accused of
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direct role in the deaths of 49 people last june, but she does face charges connected to the massacre. mark strassmann has the latest. >> reporter: f.b.i. agents arrested 30-year-old noor salman at this home. she had been living here with her four-year-old son, her mother and her younger sister. their neighbor. >> they're a very, very private family. their blinds are closed all the time. even from the backyard you can't see anything. >> reporter: police say omar ma teen terrorized the pulse nightclub after last call we shooting and killing indiscriminately. f.b.i. investigators interviewed salman for hours after the attack. sources tell cbs news smanl is expected to be charged with aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. in the weeks leading up to the shooting, sources say she accompanied mateen when he bought ammunition used in the attack and was with him during surveillance trips to pulse and to disney world, which investigators believe mateen may
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about two hours into the massacre, law enforcement sources tell us mateen texted his wife. "where are you," she asks? "do you see what's happening?" "no," she wrote. finally he wrote, "i love you, babe." in an interview, salman insists he abused her and she was unaware of everything about his nightclub assault. her attorney linda moreno said in a statement, "noor salman had no foreknowledge, nor could she predict what omar mateen intended to do that night. we believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her." after smanl's first court appearance in oakland tomorrow morning, shield likely be turned over to u.s. officials here in florida. scott, this club's owner says it will never reopen. she plans to turn it into a memorial for the victims. >> pelley: mark strassmann in orlando, mark, thank you. police in suburban chicago were being sued for false arres
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excessive forecast after a citizen called 911 to report a man breaking into a car and driving away. what happened next was recorded by a camera in the car that the suspect was driving. dean reynolds picks up the story there. >> reporter: on october 10, 015, a caller identified as blake murphy, thought she saw someone breaking into a car. >> he was african american with a black hood. >> reporter: but as a police cruiser rolled into action, murphy began to waiver. >> it's racial profiling. i feel bad. >> reporter: the man at the wheel was lawrence crosby, a 25-year-old candidate for a ph.d. in engineering from northwestern university, and the car was his. the dash cam in crosby's car picked up his cell phone conversation as he watched the police approach. >> this is how it is with black people. they think we're always trying to do something wrong. now they're pulling me over.
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>> reporter: when crossby pulled over and surrendered, a police dash cam caught the incident. he was tackled by four officers who roughed him up and ran a check on the car. >> get on the ground! get to be ground! stop resisting! >> why am i being put in handcuffs. >> we have a verify the car is not stolen. >> reporter: when the check confirmed the car was crosby's, one officer reacted this way. >> thank god i didn't shoot you, man. you should feel lucky for that." >> reporter: the video came the light last week after pressure from local officials. tim tooey is crosby's attorney. >> this is something that could have been checked on a computer and all determined without any contact between lawrence crosby and the police. >> reporter: murphy, the 911 caller, followed bliss to the scene. if it is his car, i'm sorry. >> reporter: they took care of it by charging crosby with resisting arrest. >> if you're going to put u
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trial, we'll put you on trial. >> reporter: but crosby was acquitted last year. the evanston police say their officers complied with department procedures, but they are now changing those procedures, scott, and will no longer require that subjects in similar cases be automatically forced to the ground. >> pelley: dean reynolds, thanks. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," folding the big top for good. opioid-induced con. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain, but backed me up big-time. tried prunes, laxatives, still constipated... had to talk to my doctor. she said, "how long you been holding this in?" (laughs) that was my movantik moment. my doctor told me that movantik is specifically designed for oic and can help you go more often.
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>> reporter: kenneth feld is c.e.o. of its parents company. >> it's amazing it's been around for 146 years. and it's survived, you know, economic cycles and world wars. >> reporter: but it could not survive today's rapidly changing entertainment landscape. ticket sales declined over the last decade and dropped further when the circus fazed out its biggest performers in 2015 amid protests by animal rights groups. >> we knew that when we transitioned the elephants off the show that we would take some level of a hit in attendance, but it far exceeded what we ever anticipated. >> reporter: although felled won't directly credit animal rights activists, they claim the circus's demise a victory. is this the end of an era? >> in my heart i don't want
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>> reporter: dolly jacobs was an airlinist with the sir fuss for 14 years. her father was one of its mow famous clouds for six decades. you are convinced this will evolve into something else? >> i don't know. i can't say i'm convinced, but in my heart of hearts i hope that it is not gone forever. because it is the greatest show on earth. >> reporter: scott, after nearly a century and a half, the final curtain will come down on ringling bros. on may 21st in new york. >> pelley: manuel, thanks. coming up next, can you name the last man on the moon? r body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften, unblocking your system naturally. miralax. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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6:53 pm
orbited the moon in an earlier apollo mission that was not meant to land. as commander, he was first off of apollo 17 and last back on. gene cernan died today. only six moon walkers are still living, all in their 70s. president obama today honored a championship team at the white house for the 86th and last time. it took his hometown chicago cubs 108 years to get there. they gave the 44th president his own jersey and a lifetime pass. mr. obama said he rooted for the cubs because his chicago white sox missed the playoffs. and we'll be right back.
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monument to a slave-owning president, the museum explores the tragedy and triumph of african american history. errol barnett is there. >> this place just fills me with hope. >> reporter: the chance to be at the national museum of african american history and culture on the day honoring dr. martin luther king, jr., brought this woman back for a second time. >> the civil rights movement is something i lived through, of course, and it's nice to see a lot of the material collected in one place. >> reporter: roughly 800,000 people have toured the museum since president obama helped open its doors in september. >> it is an act of patriotism to understand where we've been. >> reporter: tickets, even though they're free, don't come easy. there's no availability until may, and people line up daily in hopes of getting the few same-day passes. >> in there.
6:58 pm
there for some time because we hear how extraordinary it is. >> reporter: surprisingly the museum does not house dr. king's personal item, which his family is keeping with the estate, but it does chronicle the african american experience, from slavery through the civil rights movement to the nation's first black president. janice robinson brought with her more than a dozen people organized through social media. >> reporter: some people will be coming from denmark, florida, texas. >> reporter: siblings peyton and candace head were among them, feeling lessons of equality are needed now more than ever. >> it's an incredible reminder of all the change and progress that has been made and all the change and progress that needs to be made in the future. >> reporter: one, two, three, say cheese. finding camaraderie in history. errol barnett, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the
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the goal is to bring america together. and americans. >> i don't see this president elect as a legitimate president. >> i think the ssruians participated in helping this man get elected. he had this conviction, it lasted all his life, that if we just love, we can arrive at what john lewis always talked about, that beloved community. as we celebrate martin luther king's legacy in the dmv, his son met president elect donald trump. that meeting didn't include


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