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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> i donald john trump, do solemnly swear. >> pelley: the 45th president of the united states takes the oath and makes a vow. >> for t too long, a small group in our nation's capital, has reepped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost. that all changes starting right here and right now. >> pelley: protests against the new president turn violent. and the 44th president says a final good-bye. >> yes, we did. yes, we can. >> pelley: a transfer of power, and a cbrelenatio of american democracy. captioning sponsored by cbs
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helping tonight from washington. >> pelley: for the frofth time, the american presidency has passed from one man to another peacefully, but just blocks away today there were violent protests. donald trump took office at noon eastern time on this 20th of january as the constitution requires on the west front of the capitol, as tradition demands. like all things trump, his inaugural address was uncompromising, populist, isolationist, a philosophy from the early days of the republic, which found its 21st century voice. mr. trump said "on this day, power returns to the american people." the day was filled with tradition. it began with mr. trump and his wife, melania, attending a prayer service at st. john's episcopal church. >> how are you?
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to the white house for tea and coffee with the outgoing president. mrs. trump came with a gift for michelle obama. the 44th and 45th presidents rode together from the white house to the capitol. ♪ ♪ and in a show of unity, three other presidents-- two democrats and one republican-- were there to witness this passage of power. and so was the woman mr. trump defeated, hillary clinton. supreme court justice clarence thomas adsterld the oath to the new vice president. >> i, michael richard pence... >> pelley: and the chief justice of the united states, john roberts, swore in mr. trump. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. ( applause ).
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themselves. but for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> pelley: mr. trump escorted his predecessor to a marine helicopter, and we can only imagine what mr. obama was thinking as he surveyed washington for the first time as a former president. within minutes, the new president got to work, making his cabinet nominations official, and the veteran deal maker got his first taste of washington horse trading. >> tom is not insulted. >> mr. president, mr. president, the leader... >> we raise our glasses to you. >> pelley: the trumps and the pepses were guests of honor at a luncheon at the capitol.
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shook hands for the first time since the election. president trump led the inaugural parade along pennsylvania avenue. mr. trump watched from the reviewing stand in front of his new home as bands and marchers from all over america paraded by. it was a dark, drizzly day in washington. president trump's speech forecast a briefort future, but condemned the nation's capital. here's our chief white house correspondent major garrett. >> today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another. but we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. ( applause ) >> reporter: project donald j. trump use his nawgeral address to speak to those who propelled him to the presidency, giving voice tohe
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up, the president criticized political figures in both parties. >> for too long, a small group in our nation's capitol has reaped the rewards of government. washington flourished, but the people did not share nonetheless wealth. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> reporter: he revived protectionist rhetoric from the campaign trail. >> it's going to be only america first, america first. every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit american workers and american families. >> reporter: the president's address did not attempt to heal the wounds of the contentious election, but he did make an appeal for tolerance. >> through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our
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when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. >> reporter: at a congressional luncheon, the president sounded a more conciliatory note, paying tribute to his defeated democratic rival. >> i was very honored when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton was coming today. ( applause ) and i think it's appropriate to say. and i'd like you to stand up.
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three inaugural because. over the weekend, the first family and white house staff will move into the residence, the oval office, in preparation for the first full day of the new trump administration on monday. >> pelley: major garrett in front of the trump white house tonight. major, thank you. john dickerson is our cbs news political director and the anchor of faes the nation. john, inauguration speeches are always about binding the wounds of the election, and pringing the country together, and that's not what happened today. >> no, this was straight out of donald trump's campaign, where he loved the roar of the crowd in front of him, and he gave his speech today to the crowd in front of him, those people who felt like their politicians had betrayed them. thrurp signs he was going to talk about unity, but usually with a unity speech you offer something to the people who are nervous about you as a president, who didn't vote for you. he offered unity, but only on his terms and attacked republicans and democrats, the politicians, by saying those are the onesho
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people in the audience. >> pelley: as you say, he excorrated republicans and democrats alike. can he accomplish his promises, get them through congress? >> he's trying a new route which is basically to say i have a movement and i'm going to use the power of that movement to force you to do what i want. that's the theory. the other theory, though, i'm hearing from the hill, is they think this is a negotiating posture. this is the opening bid. he has got his group on his seed, and he'll work out the detells with lawmakers and we'll have to see how that all shakes out. >> pelley: john dickerson, thank you very much. john will have a prime-time special tonight with gayle king on the inauguration. that is coming up at 8:00 eastern time. more than 60 democratic members of can congress boycotted the inauguration today. so will the new chief executive get along with capitol hill? nancy cordes takes a look. >> reporter: at the stroke of noon, democrats
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out in the code, a mean ort party in the house and senate, now shunted out of the white house, too. >> i was hoping that he would say more to bring the country together. >> reporter: other democrats described the speech as a "dark portrait of america, crime ridden and weak." to people who say this speech was dark, isolationist, what do you say? >> well, it-- yes, it was isolationist, clearly. >> reporter: nebraska republican jeff fortenberry said the party may not agree with its new leader on everything, but there's enough common ground to keep them busy. >> i think there is a great deal to be accomplished that can be accomplish quickly, and i think the people are demanding it. >> reporter: starting with the creation of a cabinet. >> the ayes are 98. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the senate confirmed mr. trump's nominees for secretary of defense and secretary of homeland security. but republicans slammed democrats for holding up votes on the others. >> earlier taed, the director and deputy director of
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c.i.a. reswreend. they left. they're gone. >> reporter: fights are coming soon over a border wall, corporate tax cuts, a supreme court vacancy, and the repeal of obamacare. congressional democrats made a silent statement at the swearing in today, wearing buttons that read, "protect our care." they also began the task of rallying dejected supporters. >> but our response has got to be not to throw up our hands in despair, not to give up. >> reporter: democrats don't want to get stuck with the "party of no" label they pipped on republicans for years. so they made it clear today, scott, that they want to work on some of mr. trump's top issues like infrastructure spending and trade. >> pelley: nancy cordes on capitol hill. nancy, thank you. several blocks off the parade route, anti-trump protesters turned destructive and violent. more than 200 people were arrested, and at least six police officers were injured. chei
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>> reporter: protesters dressed in black, some wearing masks, moved through downtown streets, setting fires, smashing storefront windows, some fighting with police. officers dressed in riot gear responded with pepper spray and stun grenades. >> it is our duty to fight for our freedom! >> reporter: closer to the capitol building, members of the black lives matter movement chained themselves affect, blocking an entrance to the national mall. several trump supporters scuffled with the group. >> out of the closet. >> into the streets. >> reporter: members of the l.g.b.t.q. community sang and danced as they blocked another security entrance. cess traveled from new york to protest. >> there shouldn't be a lot of free passing to this. they have to be making an active decision. this can't be, like, a f
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they have to see the people they're hurting. >> reporter: nearly who dozen groups received permits to protest in washington today, but around the country, in san francisco, houston, and boston, groups also gathered to show their opposition to president trump. >> hell no, no trump! >> reporter: sam agre came to d.c. with a group of hotel workers. >> i think it's going to be four years of constant battling. i'm not a fan of this new administration at all. donald trump has shown time and time again he doesn't care about working people in this country. >> reporter: at one point during the parade, president trump, the first lady, and their son, barron, got out of the car and walked, but, scott, as they approached a large group of protesters, a secret service agent tapped the president on the back. that was the signal to return to the safety of their armored limousine. >> pelley: chip reid along the parade route for us. chip, thank you. coming up next on this expanded edition of the cbs evening news, inauguration day in a midwestern state that made history. and later, we'll give
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>> pelley: all this week, we've been talking to voters across the country, and tonight, dean reynolds is in woes, which until november, had not voted for a republican president since 1984. >> one tomato. >> reporter: frank's diner has been a kenosha mainstay for 90 years, a place where keeping breakfast can include sizzling sides of opinion. >> i think you have a country that was fed up with the establishment and they wanted change and they didn't want a politician. >> reporter: city worker jim roberts, like a number of patrons in this former democratic party stronghold, fervently support the new president. they believe mr. trump means what he says about making the
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>> we are-- we are the door mat of the world instead of the leader. >> reporter: dick gentz is a local accountant. >> i think for me with trump the big thing was just the possibility for change. >> reporter: at the counter this morning, glenn woods agreed. >> he swam upstream against both parties, and i've never seen that before. >> reporter: so you need a disrupture to make things happen? >> absolutely, absolutely. tear 90% of it down. >> reporter: there was one over-riding issue that made woods a trump supporter-- jobs. >> he was the only candidate that seemed to really hammer in that you can't tell people to go get a job if there aren't any. >> congratulations, mr. president. ( applause )
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new president is an unpredictable man, leading the nation into an uncertain future. >> i think he's a-- a pit bull, and that has worked well for him, and it's also hurt him. >> reporter: every trump supporter we spoke with today expressed the hope that the new president eventually tones down his combative tweets, scott, but none of them was confident he will. >> pelley: dean reynolds listening to the voters. dean, thanks. up next, former trump campaign advisers investigated for possible links to russia.
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bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always workingbe to better. >> pelley: as donald trump begins his presidency, some of his former advisers are being investigated for possible links to russian officials. jeff pegues is looking into this. >> reporter: the sources tell cbs news u.s. investigators are looking at the business ties
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associates and russia. they are also tracking the finances of some of the hackers linked to the russian cyberattacks on u.s. political organizations. cbs news has learned that investigators have obtained information from human sources and are delving into electronic communications between individuals connected to mr. trump and russian officials. one name that continues to surface is that of mr. trump's former campaign chairman, can paul manafort. in a statement today, manafort said, "the pro-russian narrative about me being pro-russia and interacting with the russian government is a democrat party dirty trick and completely false." hope hicks, a spokeswoman for president trump, said, "we have absolutely no knowledge of any investigation or even a basis for such an investigation." two weeks ago, then-president-elect trump was informed by f.b.i. director james comey of a 35-page dossier
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information about his ties to russia. the document was compiled by a former british intelligence agent. sources say u.s. intelligence continues to probe the veracity of the claims. >> it's all fake news. it's phony stuff. it didn't happen. >> reporter: after the dossier was published online, trump denied the allegations and accused the intelligence community of leaking the material to hurt him. >> and that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. >> reporter: outgoing c.i.a. director john brennan denied that anyone in the intelligence community leaked that material, but, scott, in an effort to mend fences, tomorrow, president trump is scheduled to visit c.i.a. headquarters in langley, virginia. >> pelley: jeff pegues in the washington newsroom, thanks. up next, inaugural soundtracks. when all politics is vocal.
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. >> pelley: nothing is more agreeable and ornamental than good music. with those words from george washington, we end with these inaugural notes from jan crawford. ♪ you make me feel so young >> reporter: in the annals of inauguration galas, it's hard to top 1961, organized by none other than frank sinatra. ♪ give it a simple life ♪ >> reporter: the gala for president-elect john f. kennedy drew all the legends.
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because who else could run up a debt of $2 million in three months. >> reporter: the party tradition dates back to 1941, when franklin delanore roosevelt decided to jazz up his third inauguration. ted johnson is senior editor at "variety." >> the whole idea of celebrity being involved in the inauguration is not just in concerts but it's actually the swearing in semoan itself. >> reporter: there have been some memorable moments. >> would you join us, please? >> reporter: a reunion of fleetwood mac. aretha franklin's big hat. and even some controversy. of beyonce's lip sync of the national anthem. but if you didn't notice, those stars were all singing for democrats. >> 80% of the contributions from the entertainment industry actually go to democrats ♪ stand by our man
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>> reporter: republicans tend ♪o go country. we'll put a boot in ♪ >> reporter: president-elect trump got headliner toby keith, a blue collar hero with a message trump supporters love ♪ made in america >> reporter: because, after all, it's a party ♪ made in america >> reporter: jan crawford, cbs news, washington. ♪ made in america >> pelley: now, some cbs stations will be leaving us for local programming. gayle king and john dickerson will be along at 8:00, 7:00 central, with a cbs news special "change and challenge: the inauguration of donald trump." you won't want to miss that. for most of you, this special expanded edition of the cbs evening news continues in a moment.
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eyewitness news presents the presidential inauguration. >> we are transferring power from washington, d.c., and giving it back to you, the people. [cheers and applause] >> so to all americans, in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean, hear these words. you will never be ignored again! together we will make america great again! [ dramatic music ] >> reporter: good evening from lafayette park, right across from the presidential inauguration. the presidential family


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