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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a dc public schools employee admits to hatching a plan to smuggle nearly $200,000 worth of cocaine into the country. >> and she had some help. she recruited four other dc women into the scheme to smuggle the drugs become in their underwear. >> garrett haake with the story you will only see on wusa 9. garrett, they are all headed to federal prison? >> reporter: all five women will face lengthy court sentences. the court documents admit that gray admitted
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four women to take a cruise ship to jamaica to smuggle the drugs back in their specially designed underwear and bras, but the plan felt apart in florida. >> reporter: rita gray waited for a drug delivery that would never arrive. the youngest of the women was stopped at customs, and her hands and voice were shaking, ordering a secondary search in her specially designed bra and gurdle, they found five packs of cocaine. then they searched their friends. >> reporter: how do people usually get caught? >> getting someone who is not experienced, they make a mistake. >> reporter: the plea deal reached with prosecutors said gray told the women they would be paid almost $2,000 a pie
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they would meet in jamaica. after making the deal, they stashed it in their cabin and blended in with fellow passengers. then instructions were sent by text. gifts must be worn, dresses must be worn. no metal detectors at all, straight shot she wrote. >> reporter: when her amateur drug mules never made it out to the parking lot, she flew back to dc where she was arrested. >> it's not a tremendous amount for an area like washington, dc, but it's significant. >> reporter: all five women have pled guilty to federal drug smuggling charges. it's probably not the end of the investigation. gray agreed to cooperate with prosecutors against others involved in the case who have not been named,
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is still technically an employee of dcps. she is on leave pending the results of the case. >> it will not be too long before she doesn't have a job anymore. >> thank you, garrett. prisons in delaware are still on lockdown. inmates at the maximum security prison have two hostages after 100 of them rioted earlier today. they released two others and a dozen inmates earlier. senators are trying to change the rules to stop e th cabinet appointees, and then the rules were changed to send a message. >> to not be here and participate, i think it's pathetic. >> not all good news for the gop. two republican senators said they will not vote to confirm betsy devos. if just one more joins them, the white house wiav
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if the gop holds the line, though, vice president mike pence will get to cast his first tie-breaking vote and confirm devos. the vice presidents cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie in the senate. president trump is back after a trip to dover air force base to witness the return of the remains of a navy s.e.a.l. killed over the weekend. it was off limit to cameras. we are learning more about a phone call with president trump and his mexican counterpart. associated press reporters saw a transcript for part of the conversation, and they report that president trump told the president you have a bunch of bad hombres and you are not doing enough to stop them. i think your military is scared, and our military is not scared. i think i may send them down to take care of it. the
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activists for more than a dozen groups met at national airport to speak out against a presidential order. hundreds gather in the area blocked off by police. the goal, getting the executive order reversed. how do we sort out from the truth and the b.s.? par -- parafive is a promise that the information is complete and factual. we are hearing about fake news, alternative facts and media spin. we are committed to truth and transparency, and that means showing you how we get answers and the information we provide as well as checking out the stories you may be seeing and sharing on your social media feeds, and that is where we will start tonight this picture has been shared on facebook thousands of times. this was just posted by someone named tom. you can
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handcuffs and reportedly the child was detained at dulles airport. all of this is happening in the middle of the controversy over the trump administration's new policy. people say it happened at dulles this past weekend. we wanted to verify that, and whamo, it's not true. we tracked down the actual photo to a controversy in kentucky with sheriff's deputies handcuffing students with learning disabilities in 2015. what you can see here is video from the aclu, an organization suing over the incident, and what is not clear, whether this image that was posed and shared to facebook was done in error or if it was done deliberately and intentionally by someone who knew it wasn't true. even though that the picture of a handcuffed child was not taken at dulles, there was at least one case of a young boy who was detained at the airport this weekend, and is
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of 5-year-old artie being reunited with his mother after the child returned home to maryland after a trip overseas with his cousin. chris vanholland said he was held without access to his mom or legal representation for more than 4 hours. when asked about it yesterday, the white house press secretary, sean spicer defended the detention. >> to assume because of someone's age or gender they don't pose a threat is misguided and wrong. while children may be detained, the child seen handcuffed in this viral photo is not one of them. if you have a story or something you have seen that you would like us to verify, is it real? not? you don't know? you want to find out, let us know. reach out to us on facebook or twitter. you can always e-mail us @newstips we are head to the movies. the national african american
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screening for "i am not your negro." it looking at the civil rights era and connects it to issues happening today. john henry was there. >> reporter: jasmine atkins spent the night watching the documentary she feels she can always learn from. >> it's always good to refresh your knowledge. >> reporter: it revolves around a book by james baldwin. he wrote aboutmany leaders. he died before the book was finished but it's a jumping off point to talk about race in america. >> topic is very interesting to me. many of the themes that surround the great piece are things that have many parallels to where we find ourselves in 2017. >>
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the associated director for curatory affairs at the museum. >> it's very important we lift up those who have been a part of our history from the beginning, and there's many, many wonderful films coming out that will do just that. >> reporter: has a >> reporter: -- that's a wonderful idea that jasmine agrees with. >> it's a great experience. >> reporter: they plan to have more screenings like this the future. the idea is very popular for people coming to the museum. john henry, wusa 9. march 1st is when the museum is going to release the next set of advanced timed passes for visits in june, but we have a few insider tips on how to get ahold of the hot tickets a little sooner. every day at 6:30 in the morning, the museum will are release some same-day passes online, but they go
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can also line up at the madison drive entrance before 1:00 monday through friday to take a chance on walkup passes or you can take a chance on the kindness of strangers. >> i have two extra tickets, and two of my guests who were supposed to come got sick. i will give them away. donate them. someone who doesn't have a ticket, i have extras. >> there you go. the next round of passes available to reserve online will be available march 1st to visit in june. february is also american heart month, and we are bringing you heart love. this is our commitment to informing you and inspiring you to join us in making some healthy changes, and we are putting a heart next to our logo on the bottom right corner of your screen. heart disease kills 2200 people every day in this country. it's touched many families including ours here at wusa 9. bruce johnson had a heart attack 20 years ago, and last month dion
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photo journalists suffered a major heart attack. >> when i first heard one of our employees had a heart attack, dion wiggins was the last guy to come to my mind. i was like oh, no, and then i was reminded of my own situation 20 years ago. >> reporter: is this where you were? >> he had blockages in three arteries including the main artery, and that's called the widow maker. most people with a blockage in that artery, if they don't get to the hospital almost immediately, they don't make it. the good news, he survived. dion's story is important, and we want you to watch it with us. you can see it right here thursday night at 11:00, and it's part of our heart love project. >> throughout the month we will host special events focused on heart-healthy habits and training. >> reporter: our first event is february 8th, and we are partnering with nova urgent
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screening at north arlington, manassas, and west springfield among them. you may run into some of our wusa 9 team members out there. you will find more information on our events at the wusa 9 app our website. we have a heart age test there. a lot of heart love starts tomorrow morning with wake up washington. jan and mike will have new information on why the time that you eat could be as important as what you eat. it's ground hog day, yes, it's that time of the year again. will punxsutawney phil see his shadow? you may have seen it on your social media page, a bacon shortage. we will explain tomorrow morning. she is back! ollie the bobcat was found safe and sound, and you will not believe where
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staycation. celebrating success. you will meet the young men who just broke through a big barrier. and next, the two stories between these two. we are looking a at chilly start, and a quiet day in terms of a ground hog day, and temperatures to start above freezing. 32 to 40. 36 to 44 by mid-morning, and by lunchtime, pretty nice. 36 to 50, and it will be breezy in the afternoon. we will come back, looking ahead to super bowl sunday, and we
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guys, i can explain. that's from a parody twitter for ollie the bobcat who is back home safely at the national zoo. >> reporter: a couple of hours after suspending their search, zoo officials said they found their missing bobcat. >> we found her thanks to a tip from a visitor, who just repoed to staff that they saw the bobcat move across the walk away. >> reporter: ollie escaped on friday morn
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through a small opening that covers her habitat. >> we are going through everything with a fine-toothed comb. >> reporter: she made it 146 hours than her zoomate who escaped in 2013. experts with the association of zoos and aquariums say the escapes are very rare. the animals are usually found close to their enclosures and usually captured quickly. zoo keepers don't know where she went, but they are pretty sure she spent some time along rock creek. >> she didn't stray far away from home. i think she wanted to go out and have fun and see what it was like on the outside. i think i'm ready to go inside now. >> reporter: on twitter it's a different claim from one of her nine unverified but probably real accounts she tweeted i had dreams, i had so many drea
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at the national zoo, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> she knows where to find food. that's for sure. the national zoo says she has one small cut on her left paw, but other than that, she is all right. she will have a full health check tomorrow. now a special pair of stories for you, and the first is about beating the odds. the dc public charter school where 100% of the graduating students go on to college. for many it means overcoming life on the streets. >> the second is the story behind the story. deliah gonchov is focusing on what it meant for her. >> reporter: it's more than just a crime scene or lead story, it's life for far too many dc students, and when they come out on the other side, they can't hold back the tears.
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friendship public charter school northeast and for jordan marshall whose close friend was killed in a driveby. >> it was a way for me to let out all my frustrations from the day. >> reporter: school leaders said friendship's football team is one of the secrets to their successful graduation and college acceptance races. >> stay busy and motivated. football gives me something to work towards. >> reporter: vaughn taylor was 5 years old when his father was murdered, and he knows how easy it was to get angry and turn to temptation. >> i know a lot of people in my neighborhood, my mother could be walking with me, and a lot of kids would come up to me, what's up vaughn, and she's like how do you know people? they just know me. i text him, pray before you do passes and class. pray before you go out, and invite your friends to church. >> reporter: en
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players sob, realize there's real life and realization behind the tears, and although they came face-to-face with death, life is just beginning. stories like vaughn's, whose dad was murdered when he was 5, stories like jordan, whose friend was killed in a driveby, a lot of those students have similar stories. so it was really an incredible moment to sit in the auditorium and listen and see these kids thanking god and their families and just pouring their hearts out, and saying you know what, i am ready to get started. i made it this far, and it's just the beginning. we are going to follow some of these young men that we highlighted and see what is next. what got them here? what helped them overcome their challenges and avoid
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of dodge those temptations out in the street and keep their head focused and straight and their owe -- straight and narrow. what did it take? where does it go from here p? >> -- from here? >> deliah was clearly moved, and it's hard to imagine not being when you are surrounded by the young people who have gone through the unthinkable. >> it's setting more mind to something and accomplishing your goals. >> let's see how high they can go. you had a goal. >> within 3-degrees. i was sweating out my original estimate today, and now 52 degrees, and we made 51. we are okay. i will go with 50 tomorrow. 50 sounds warm, but i would dress for the 40s, breezy in the afternoon, and feeling cooler
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it's 46. dew points, not that dry of an air mass, and winds out of the north at 9. mostly cloudy sky still. bus stop temperatures 32 to 44. chilly start to ground hog day, and breezy on thursday. temperatures above average, and then you will be cold and dry friday and saturday, in fact, many areas holding the 30s on friday and saturday, and there's still a chance for rain or snow showers or more likely a flurry or sprinkle on sunday. your super bowl party with travel that will not be impacted. futurecast, 6:00 in the morning, just a mix of clouds and clear skies, and partly cloudy. 35 in gaithersburg, and everyone is above freezing. 37 in fredericksburg, and 35 in hagerstown. by 9:00 a.m., we are still in the upper 30s and low 40s, and by 1:00, lunchtime, 50s for culpepper. i think right around 39 or 40 if you're hagerstown, martinsburg, and out to the west. in the immediate metro area, we
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50. 6:00p.m., colder now in frederick. 36 in gaithersburg, and down to 40 for bowie, and by about 10:00 tomorrow night, 23 hours from now or so, already in the 20s. everyone is below freezing tomorrow. that's not a common occurrence this winter. and we will get into the wee hours of the morning, and we will find temperatures mid-20s, and some areas the low 20s overnight tomorrow, and for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy, but not that cold. 32 to 40, and winds west, northwest at 10. on the day planner, we will start in the upper 30s, and then looking at 45 by 11:00, and 47 under partly cloudy skies at 1:00, and now on friday, colder, and low 40s, and then on saturday, colder, low 40s, and i think the suburbs are in the 30s for 2 days. sunday, there's the little wimpy flake and drop. 47 own monday, and back to the 50s on tuesday, and showers and 60
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all right, you know dc. people like to freak out if the caps lose one game. they say the sky is falling, and you have lost your mind. coming off the caps' loss last night, everything is okay with the world. washington is back in the win column, and they beat up on the bruins tonight. chinese cultural night. it was broadcast on tv in china they got to see a good one, what we have been spoiled with for so long. alex ovechkin, the power play there. 25th goal of the season. washington is up for the lead. 3rd period here, and easy goal for brett conley. the caps win it 5-3, and it's their 8th straight win at home, and nobody has seen a loss at the verizon center for the wiz or the caps until back in december. >> we hope they can keep it going. we have been talking a lot
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and stephanie ramirez says that's what a few officers in montgomery county got thanks to someone sneak around in rockville and silversprings. >> reporter: they don't know exactly who did this, but this is what someone is doing for
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this was the first, the blue heart melting hers. >> i'm happiest doing this job helping others. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. life is ridiculously awesome!!! and with the billion point giveaway, it's about to get more awesome. to claim your share of a billion shop your way points during the big game, download the shop your way or kmart app today!!!
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ground hog day tomorrow. he's only not seen his shadow 18 times. maybe a flake over the weekend. >> two seasons in one week? >> pretty much. >> we will take that that's
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