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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 3, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. and thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. we just learned that virginia is joining the fight against the trump administration's executive order, claiming it's unlawful. meanwhile, there
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sanctions against certain iranian individuals and businesses, involved in that country's missile program. the move follows a ballistic test iran conducted this past sunday. >> the trump administration issued new sanctions against certain irani individuals and businesses, involved in the country's missile program. the move follows a ballistics missiles test conducted this past sunday. early this sunday, president trump tweeted, iran is playing with fire. they don't realize how kind president obama was with them, not me. >> this administration is going to be pass -- not going to be passive. >> reporter: iran's foreign minister responded to say his country is unmoved by u.s. threats. the president also plans to sign two new executive orders meant to roll back wall street regulations. one of the orders repeals an obama administration directive that cracks down on payments
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planners. the other directs the treasury secretary to revise ways way for the dodge act. that is meant to prevent another banking collapse, like the one in 2008. democrats say dod frank protects consumers. the president says it hurts business. >> frankly, i have so many people, friends of mine, that have nice businesses. they can't borrow money. >> they came up with a discussion with business leaders from around the world. elan musk said he planned to tell the president that his travel ban on citizens citizens from several muslim cities is bad for business. musk isn't alone. a small majority say they disapprove of the president's executive order. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> that same cbs news poll also shows widespread disapproval of president trump's first months in office. 48% of those polled disapprove of the president's job performance, with %
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a final confirmation vote, for billionaire donor, betsy voss to become education secretary of secretary is set for monday. they voted to cut off debate over her confirmation. school choice and voucher programs will divert resources, according to critics from public schools. >> the nominee for secretary of education is one of the worst nominees that has ever been brought before this body. >> the real debate isn't betsy voss. the real debate is generations of kids that are stuck at underperforming schools. that is a trappesty. -- travesty. >> two republicans promise to block her confirmation. she'll end up with a 50-50 vote in the senate. it would then be up to vice president mike pence to break the tie. the confirmation has
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lot of controversy on twitter media. >> i have no idea how people can say achieve qualified. annoyed mom writes, unqualified rich, white devoz, who plagiarized, ready to wreak havoc. and finally, margie tweets, we need republicans with integrity, period. rubber-stamping trump is not patriotic. many have been pretty one- sided. if you think betsy voss is suited to become the next education secretary, please log onto any of our wusa 9 social media pages. we want to hear from you. authorities in paris are trying to figure out what led to a morning knife attack, near one of the city's most iconic sites. the suspect, said to be a young eripgz is alive -- egyptian is alive but seriously wounded.
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>> authorities and terrorists evacuated the area near the museum this morning. moments after a brazen attack on a french soldier. paris police say the incident happened at an underground shopping mall, webeneath -- mall, beneath the museum. as they tried to stop him, they say he lunged at him, shouting god is great narabbic. in arabic. he managed to wound one on the scalp. four others opened fire, hitting the suspect multiple times. >> while authorities have yet to release the man's identity or nationality, france's prime minister says the incident appears to be of a terrorist nature. the incident rattled hundreds of museum visitors, include this group of american students from the university of georgia, who took cover in the basement of the
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paris's mayor thanked officers whose quick actions stopped the attack from being much worse. the liewf is -- louvre is one of paris's main attractions. teri okita, cbs news, london. a second person in the area who was acting suspiciously has also been detained. however, investigators don't know what is linked, if any, that person had to this incident. police later checked the suspect's bags for bombs, but say none were found. notorious mexican drug lord, joaquin guzman was in a new york federal court. at first, the judge ruled el chapo would rather appear by video, rather than have him escorted. he is charged with running a massive drug operation for decades. u.s. authorities are not seeking the
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but rather wants the report at $15 billion in assets. right now, accused d.c. mansion killer is in a d.c. courtroom, where a judge could spend a trial date. it's been almost two years since the killing. firefighters found the bodies inside a burning home may 2015. savo savoplous, and their house keeper, wife and children. he is accused of killing them and setting fire to the home, after getting a $40,000 ransom payment. two people are fighting for their lives after an early morning fire swept through their prince george's county home. sky 9 was over the burned-out home on mill gan road, shortly after crews knocked down the blaze. crews managed to pull two people out of the burning home. medmedics rushed them to the hospital. investigators are still working to find out how the fire started. no injuries. but three people are looking for a place to stay, after this
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virginia. officials in fairfax county say the claims were shooting out of the second floor of the home on mitera way this morning. authorities are working to find out what sparked this blaze as well. staying in virginia, firefighters in fairfax county are still on the scene where a massive overnight fire happened inside an incinerator, after recycling in lorton. it started around 9:00 last night, in the industrial park on furnace road. that's about a 25-mile drive from the district. mikeya turner was there and tells us, the fire crews aren't going anywhere for quite sometime. >> you can still see thick smoke billowing out of the top of the social center here, when the fire broke out late last night. it wasn't easy getting it under control. >> from sky 9 thursday night, you can see the flames shooting through the roof. wasted to energy facility in lorton, virginia. we spoke with fire chief reginald johns
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some areas were still burning. >> we have debris that is in the building that is on fire at this time. >> when fire crews arrived last night, they found a fire on a trash pile that was three stories high, inside the incinerator. because of so much waste and the size of the pile, johnson said crews had so much trouble reaching the flames to put them out. >> it's encased in the metal building itself. it's difficult to get in, and gain access to the seat of the fire. >> the energy facility is one of the largest in the country. here, it sits on 23 acres of land. the facility processes more than 3,000 tons of waste a day. the privately-owned operation takes waste, burns it and turns it into renewable energy. enough to power 80,000 homes in the area. back on the scene, often familiar to what we saw in 2016. fire crews were on the scene for close to two weeks as the building
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a mechanical issue was to blame. here at the lorton facility, there's still no answers about what happened. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live from fairfax county, mikea turner, wusa 9. we are off to a cloudy, cold and breezy start to the weekend. meteorologist howard bernstein joins us with the first alert forecast. hi, howard. >> overall, doesn't look like a bad weekend. doesn't look like a bad weekend coming our way. lots of clouds. notice a few returns here in the form of these light snow. on the radar. what we are also seeing is very little of this reaching the ground. because the air is so dry. if you are on the west side. mountain, i wouldn't be surprised if you pick up snow showers there. for us, generally cloudy, maybe a few peek -- peeks of sunshine. we still have a wind coming out of the northwest. even locally, while
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the district. we have springfield, 33. rockfield, columbia, 34. 36 at joint base anderson. a cold day. even levittsville, 33. expect the clouds, most of the afternoon. a little sun here and there. temperatures won't move much. 40, maybe 42. we'll be in the 30s 30s this evening. clearing tonight to some extent. that will allow temperatures to drop into the 20s. quick preview for your weekend. milder sunday. 51. still have a decent sized storm system headed our way next week. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. reminder, go to our wusa 9 app. you can always check the weather whenever it's convenient for you. america's love affair with beer goes back to the first settlers. next, meet a woman whose
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or@ and we'd also like to hear your stories. you can share our stories on facebook or twitter. just use the #heartlove and join us all month on wusa 9news. some studies suggest that moderate drinking may be an effective weapon against heart disease. and like wine, beer has been consumed in countries in part because of such claims. we're talking about the national museum of american history. where they've hired a historian this week whose sole purpose over the next year will be to study the history of deer. i know a -- of beer. i know a lot of people would like that job. evan koslove sat down not@bar but at the museum. >> you have the best job in the world. >> i do. i have to say that, now that i've been here several weeks. >> we're joining teresa at the national museum of hisry
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now doubt, we're pretty jealous. for the next year, she'll be studying history of beer in the u.s. >> it's about labor and users, producers and consumers. the way people work to make a beer. but also how you kick back at the end of the day or watching the super bowl. >> reporter: she'll dig through smith sonian archives. a dream come true for an historian with a culinary degree. but mng mc-- mccullen said there is a personal reason for her love of beer as well. >> i grew up in a household where my father was a home brewer. late 80s. and i would have -- he would have my siblings and i cap the bottles in the kitchen on bottling day. >> reporter: as she begins her trip across the country, one question still remains. why study beer? >> we like to say beer is ciedged of the entry point of all aspects of american history. if you look at beer, you can understand stors
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immigration, urbanization. transportation, advertising. you name it. really beer touches on all of those point. >> there you go. next time you grab a beer, you might be writing the next chapter from american history. evan kozlov, wusa 9. >> and evan wanted to point out that teresa will be traveling all across the country, to be visiting breweries, big and small. and she'll be collecting histories to be saved in the smith sonnian archives. -- smithsonian archives. not bad. >> you like beer? >> some beer. i'm not a big beer guy. >> i like a 3% belgian beer because it really tastes like grapefruit juice. i'm really not good at it. >> maybe mike's hard lemonade is better for me. desire snow -- snow. we've got cold. but not going to see anything out of this. it's going to get mild again. >> very mild winter. except for a few da
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today. today is going to be a chilly one. we're going to get temperatures, struggling to get to 40. if not 40, 41, 42. a little breeze. a little chill out there. yes, one of those days, where the boots, the gloves, the winter coats. and this evening, if you're going to be out, it's going to be dry, but certainly on the cold side. 30s, wind chills in the 20s. we have 38. feeling like 33 with a north wind at 7 miles per hour. notice how dry it is. dew point is 11. got a 20-degree spread between the dew point of the temperature and looking at radar, saw a couple of returns, it's so dry, it's evaporating before it reaches the ground. we've got the cloud and the cold. 30 in hagerstown, westminster. still below freezing. 37 annapolis. down toward reedville. fredericksburg. very popular number. and our weather headlines, yes, the cold, dry start to the weekend. in fact, the whole weekend looks dry. with a cold saturday. we are going to be milder sunday. i think by sunday, we co
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back toward 50 degrees, after being only above 40 and barely on saturday. rainy and rm by tuesday. and when i say warm for february, talking 50 degrees. upper 50s, low 60s. yeah. that is warm for this time of year. but it will get cold again by thursday and this looks like a pretty good shot of cold air. but again, probably not much with it. 18 today in bismarck. it's a little cold. caribou, 12. but i'll point out again, no real arctic air, anywhere across the lower 48. and one of the reasons this is happening on the west coast. look at this storm system, spinning like a top offing off -- off oregon, right? former rain and mountain snows. good news for them. that means the arctic air stays way up north. doesn't have a chance to come our way. some cold, sure. we've got snow showers in the great lakes. up in new york city. look at this going into the tug hill plateau. they'll pick up a ton of snow out there. but around here, pretty quiet. rain to the south. and that's going to be the case as we go through the weekend. some clearing tonight. so it's going to be cold
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pressure building in saturday. that means lighter winds. northwest to southwest, late 5 to 10. sunday, more of a southerly flow and southwesterly flow. that will boost temperatures up. monday morning, milder air starts to move in. i think monday, we'll be in the upper 50s. see the rain monday morning. western tennessee, western kentucky. that's likely what will be headed our way as we head toward tuesday. for today. 43. maybe. thinking mid- to upper 30s to 40. that mean a little optimistic, especially if we don't see sunshine. after today, tonight, 20s. couple of upper teens possible. the cold stuff. 42 on saturday. chilly, but more sunshine. sunday, milder. mix of sun and clouds. 51. on monday, you know, we're going to be in the upper 50s. tuesday, rain and showers, around 60 by wednesday. we'll see colder temps in the afternoon, after some morning rain. and thursday, looks blustery, with temps only in the mid-30s. wind chills in the 20s. we've got
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just a moment. please, don't go away.
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dental and vision coverage. even a fitness program at no extra cost. call a medigap specialist now to learn more. and get the support to find the answers, to every fearless question. carefirst medplus. live fearless. tonight, on wusa 9news at 5:00. a hero rescues three people fr a house fire in prince george's county. plus, new questions with how fairfax handles its trash. and today's incinerator fire in wharton. and smart trips used during the women's march? they're not going to wait. cloudy, with a little sun here and there maybe. 42 today. more sun tomorrow. before turning milder, super bo
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60 and cold again by the middle or latter part of next week. >> that's it for us. we'll be back at 9:00. until then, have a great day and a terrific super weekend. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, the only 100% fiber optic network, with uploads as fast as downloads, their half house has full internet. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their downloads. now you might think it's a little odd that the wilsons have a half house,
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>> hilary: you're impressed with me? i never thought that you would compliment me ever again. >> devon: well, hilary, i know how difficult it is for someone as proud as you to admit when they made a mistake. especially on live tv. >> hilary: well, it was the right thing to do. for mariah, for the show's credibility, and for me. >> devon: yeah. i haven't seen this side of you in a long time, and it was nice. kind of missed it. >> hilary: sometimes the right words can save a relationship that seemed unsalvageable. >> devon: you know, coming clean may have cost you a few fans. >> hilary: devon. the only opinion that matters to me is yours. >> billy: why do you want to sell brash & sassy! to us? >> jill: because i have accomplished all my goals.


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