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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> tonight, another turn in the immigration battle. trump is defending his immigration ban after a judge halted the order. the department of justice is asking the court to lift the order. meanwhile, a small window of opportunity opens for immigrants once barred to enter the country. that is, until a decision is made with the president's immigration reform is deemed constitutional. a lot has happened in a weekment matt yurus joins us now at the airport to break it all down. >> reporter: a lot sure has happened. i'm right here at the airport in the international arrival center. right where i was a week ago when it was pack. it is now largely quiet. only a dozen or so protesters here. why? just as you said there has not been time to react to the latest court order. >> what is your message
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here tonight? >> that to come to the united states, going through the process is a hard one. someone is willing to do that, they want to come here and better themselves and better this country that has welcomed them with open arms. >> reporter: others echoed abra's sentiment. some saying freedom of religion, no ban, no wall, and welcome. >> there is a place here for everyone. my parents are egyptian. they are muslim. i'm first generation. this is something that hits very close to home. >> reporter: there are comrades on the other side of the airport helping with legal help. >> we are hearing from worried families at baggage claims. over the last few days people wouldn't be coming out when their family expected them to so they came to talk to us. >> reporter: a all volunteer group is here. a week ago, a small group of attorneys were on scene pursuant to
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order. >> no ban, no wall. >> reporter: scenes like this could return. however,. >> a huge group will come in tomorrow. and so, we would love to have people out here ready to welcome them home with us. >> reporter: the dulus justice coalition expects the influx of people. it is possible this court order is reversed. the department of justice under donald trump's order has filed a repeal. the white house stands by the order as lawful and appropriate. i'm matt yurus, wusa9. >> thank you so much matt. in washington around the country today, tens of thousands of people gathered to protest president trump's immigration ban. >> for every single immigrant and refugee family who is scared, please do not lose hope. please do not start marching until we have worn out every single
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until our arms can no longer carry signs. >> those signs were carried today by several thousand protesters who gathered in downtown washington for a third straight weekend. chanting stand up, fight back. the demonstrators marched from the white house to the capitol. president trump is now standing by during the protests. and people once banned from entering the u.s. are not standing by either as wendy gillette reports. >> i find that the court should and will grant the temporary restraining order. >> reporter: the department of justice filed notice of its intent to appeal that restraining order that blocks president trump's travel ban. people from seven predominantly muslim countries. up to 60,000 foreigners whose visas were electronically canceled can travel to the u.s. many are rushing to airports before the window potentially closes. the decision by the federal judge who was appointed by president george w. bush through the scorn
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commander-in-chief on twitter. because it was lifted by the judge, trump said, many bad people may be pouring into the country. a terrible decision. what is the country coming to when anyone even with bad intentions can come into u.s.? wendy gillette for cbs news new york. >> legal experts believe the hearing for the president's appeal could happen as early as next week. taking a closer look now at how americans feel about the president's immigration order. it turns out, we are sharply divided along partisan line. according to a new cbs news poll, 51% of americans disapprove of banning foreigners from seven majority muslim countries. 45% approve. of those that approve, 85% are republicans while 85% of those who disapprove are democrats. the supreme court will hear the case of a virginia transgender teen who wants to use the boy's bathroom at his
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born female, but identifies as male. the glouster county school board acquired a policy requiring students to use the restroom that corresponds with their biological gender or a single stall restroom. the case is set to go before the supreme court march 28. dc police need your help finding a missing 13-year-old boy. his name is shawn welden. he was last seen yesterday evening at the intersection of tenth street and maryland avenue. that is northeast. john five feet tall, 120 pounds with brown eyes. call police if you have any information that could help find him. well, many of you are getting ready for super bowl parties tomorrow. howard bernstein taking a look at your game day forecast. looks like it will be a pretty good one around here today. it was a chilly one. we barely got into the 40s . just tracking a few passing clouds. that, and a little bit of a
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breeze keeping temperatures from dropping off. 20s and 30s in most areas right now. so when we are looking at tomorrow, a cold start. we will be down 30s , maybe some 20s even to start the day. if you are up early. in the afternoon, more sun than in the morning. we will make it up into the lower 50s . 10 degrees warmer than today. mild start to the week. monday looks pretty good as well. tuesday, rain and 60s . we will jump into the lower 60s . cold air is returning wikileaks wednesday afternoon. back with the full forecast if a few minutes. >> thank you very much howard. last night, two rival high school basketball teams from montgomery county were on the same ten. team austin cohen. he is a 16-year-old student fighting for his life fighting a rare form of cancer. he couldn't attend the game because he was home resting but his friends, family, and many stranger came out in full force all for austin. our nikki burdine was
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average high school basketball game. >> we thank you very much for your time. your efforts. your love. >> reporter: for one, the teams wore the same color. >> and your desire to be a part of something bigger than yourselves. >> reporter: so did the fans. then, there are the capes. so many yellow capes. the focus was not on the score or even who won. >> all the money in the world would be awesome. but it is not the most valuable thing. >> reporter: it was about the one thing we can never get enough of. >> the most valuable thing is time. >> reporter: especially when it is time spent with austin cohen. >> let's just say i started bawling. >> reporter: they attended the game without their high school son. but he was all everyone would talk about. >> he is an amazing person. i love being his friend. >> he is just one of those kids that, you know, he is going through a lot of problems and you say what can i do to help him. >> reporter: 16-year-old austin was diagnosed three years ago with a rare form of cancer. >> he finished a
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radiation therapy to slow the growth of some of the tumors. >> reporter: the goal here is to raise money for a special conference dedicated to researching this kind of cancer. >> help to the future. it will not help austin, but hopefully, it will help other people. >> reporter: and that is why they are all here. to be on austin's team austin's parents have learned a lot since their son's diagnosis. some of which they wish they never had. >> two minutes i have spent looking into everyone's eyes, two minutes i have spent talking, we can't get that time back. >> reporter: about the cancer that is eventually going to take their son away. >> the goal in life is to be smart and have fun. joanty time you have. enjoy the time you have. because there will come a time when you wish you had more time. >> reporter: more time with austin. >> what matters is if you have fun and you cherish every moment. just enjoy. >>
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>> the patriot and the falcons are on the eve of what could be the biggest game in the history of the franchises. each team wants to make their mark. the patriots are hoping for redemption. for the falcons, they hope to win their first super bowl. they lost in 1989. bob whitlow played on the first falcons team and hopes the numbers are in atlanta's favor. >> i think they are peeking at the right time. they seem to be getting a little better. a little bet. >> fan ifs both teams, they are ready for a win as well. this is the crowd at the convention center today. the nfl says this super bowl could break record attendance numbers. if you rent out part of your home through airbnb or a similar site,
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limit the number of days you could rent it if that is approved. it one unit at a human. you could only rent in your permanent home and it would set the max numb amount of days you rent to 15. the legislation will promote affordable housing, but as evan koslov reports, they are upset that it will hurt business. >> reporter: it is play time here at the home of matthew and his 16 month old daughter cora. when cora was born, dad quit his job to spend more time at home. he makes money on airbnb. >> we can get by on my wife's salary and our airbnb income so i can stay home and take care of her and we don't have to send her to day care. >> reporter: his home goes between 200 and $300 a night. and they do so for about 60 days of the year. that would soon be illegal. if a bi
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cap at 15. >> that would be50 $7,0 we would be losing out on. so yeah, we are not the target, but it would have a big impact. >> a serious affordable housing crisis. >> reporter: the bill was proposed by kenyon mcduffiey. they are not meant to be the target of the bill. rather, it is supposed to regulate the so-called illegal hotels that are popping up in residential buildings. valerie irvin from the working party's family says the buildings are all over the city. >> you can buy a building. you can buy several buildings. and you can live in delaware. and not live in the district. and, displace entire communities and drive up the price of housing in the district. >> reporter: and while airbnb is not used just for short term housing, anita william rents a room in her home year around through airbnb. that would be illegal if it passes. >> i would be forced to go to an alternative.
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which is not as secure. and requires a more extensive vetting process. >> councilman mcduffie is hoping to get a hearing on the bill in the next come of months. there is a similar policy in arlington county with a big difference, you can rent out your home for 180 days. that's the limit there as opposed to the 15. heart disease, the leading cause of death among women according to the centers for disease control. today, the organization sisters for sisters sponsored its annual matters of the heart luncheon to tall attention to heart disease among african- american women. at the community center in largo, women gathered for mini massages and stress reduction techniques and heard from heart attack survivors. >> i started having chest pain. i broke out sweating and it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. and i went to the mi
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said i think i'm having a heart attack. and then ... i looked at myself. i said no. i'm too young to have a heart attack. and, the pain got worse and i said yeah, yeah. i'm having a heart attack. i said if i make it through this, i am going to speak out so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. >> rhonda's heart attack came just five days after the birth of her daughter. now, a survivor, she has become a spoke person for the national coalition for women with heart disease. all right. a sad but proud day. our very sewn service dog in training bunce is saying good- bye. he is off to start his mission to save the life of a wounded warrior. it has been almost two years since andrea mccarren took on the role of dog mom hoping to train bunce. he has been on assignments all over. the white house, th
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crime scenes. and, this ray of yellow lab sunshine has made working at wusa9 that much happier. andrea and bunce have an incredible bond. she will miss him, but she knows he has an important role to fill. >> think about the pain of deploying a love one to iraq or afghanistan. think about the pain when they either don't come back, or, they come back broken. with visible or invisible injuries. if i can do something i have had such joy in doing to help that veteran, win, win. >> join us monday night at 11:00 to help us say good-bye to bunce. he is the sweetest dog. and he is so cute. having a dog around you, howard, just, it lowers your blood pressure. >> andrea took video of bunce jumping up on me. >> we all have a little bunce slobber on us. >> if you go
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page, you will see that. you can't help but feel some unadulterated joy when bunce is jumping on you and licking you. good guy. >> give me more bunce. we will miss him so much. >> andrea did a great thing. we salute her for that. let's talk weather. three degree guarantee. it was a cold one. the forecast high today was 42. we did pretty well. we got to 41. so, i will take a degree any day. tomorrow, i'm forecasting a three degree guarantee temperature of 52. so, we will be significantly warmer. right now, it is a cold one. temperatures over the upper 20s . we are holding onto 34. kennedy center looks nice tonight. on our michael and son weather camera. 34 in town. clear skies, dead calm winds. we would be falling into the tetoens night. we have a few clouds out th
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. about 30 or so in town. we will not get too much cold tore night. but it will be a cold one nonetheless. milder sunday. 52. rain, and 60s tuesday. monday looks pretty good. tuesday will be yellow weather alert. possibly mid 60s . keep in mind our highs should be in the mid 40s . no winter weather in sight. this one doesn't look like it is going to be a long one either. we get these little shots of cold. this winter has nod been one for you. another reason that we are not expecting it to be cold. look at the clouds coming off the pacific. there is milder pacific air. floods into the country. the lower 48. alaska certainly has been cold at times. even there, it has been rather mild. and you see the rain still in the west coast. in the northeast, on the great lakes, we are watching snow showers. it is cold enough for that. the lakes are open. the lake effect snow machine. there have been spots in new
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feet of snow in the last seven days from lake effect. around here, passing clouds. a beautiful sunset for many. and we will go partly cloudy to mostly cloudy at times tonight. high pressure nearby. don't expect a lot of wind. but as it moves to the east, keep that southerly flow. it will be a few mountain snow showers here. late tonight, early sunday. but, by sunday afternoon, a little milder. monday will be mild too. in the sense it will be low to mid 50s with high pressure nearby, not a bad monday at all. a decent amount of sunshine. clouds will build late in the day. we could have some showers developing by midnight. monday night into tuesday morning. tuesday, look at all the rain starting to shape up. tuesday morning through midday. looks like we could have several waves of showers through the day. tuesday will be a yellow weather alert. and colder wednesday. 25 to 30 tonight. a few spots may get into the lower 20s . south winds 5, 5 to 10. tomorrow morning, 20s and 30s rt
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sun is up at 7:10. 49 to 54 sunday afternoon. sunset, 5:35. partly to mostly sunny. looks pretty good. on mono, pleasant. 54. tuesday, numerous showers. yellow weather alert, 63. wednesday will be mild in the morning but turning much colder in the afternoon. chilly. thursday and friday. but next weekend, back above 50. >> a little bit all over the map there. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> not bad time to be in washington though. and torques be a washington wizards fan. >> yeah. just win, baby. so the wizards are looking to do that. another win at home tonight. got the details, pelicans next in sports.
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can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everythin comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. mccoast business. built for nebusiss. >> now, wusa9 game on sports. with frank hanrahan. brought to you by xfinity. >> what is it going to take to convince you, the wizards are for real? maybe 17 wins in a row at home? that's what they were looking to do tonight against the new orleans pelicans. it was polish heritage night at verizon. we have to show
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from the poeish machine. john wall rushing gortat for the rush. yes, he is from poland. in transition, wall, attacks the d and gets the lay in. he is pumped. he is juice. later, wall with the dagger j. pull up jumper. he had 24 points. 13 assists. wiz close out the game. a great sign there, 17 straight home wins for the wiz. capitals with some faithful at the border. caps at montreal tied at 1-1. washington has the numbers. caps take a lead. in the third, on the power play, nick backstrom. capping would hang on for the 3- 2 victory. not a win for joe jacoby. he will have to wait another win again. he didn't get enough
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year of eligibility. many felt like this was the year for jake. for the three time super bowl champion. and four time pro bowler. but not to be or joe jacoby, maryland basketball may be under a young coach and a young team. but, they are good. 20 and 2 start headed into today's big 10 matchup with a solid purdue squad in college park. melo trimbal. the terps with a red out. they get out of the gates red hot. demonte dodd with the jumper: maryland led by as much as 12 with that lead evaporating. half a tick left. they had a chance to win it. purdue hangs on. beats maryland. 73-72. tough loss for the terps. >> it definitelywa
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opportunity. but, i think there's going to be a lot more opportunities coming up. it would have been a good win for the home crowd. >> all right, georgetown needs to win. get a chance maybe at the ncaas . last minute regulation. lgp gets a jump against georgetown, but the pirates rally forces overtime. desi rodriguez puts ceton hall up one. lj peak. the tough one on the uppull three. no good. georgetown. they lose 68-66. all right, gw on the road here. bumps into richmond player. and watch out. careful. cooler heads evpr ail. c.j. e
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george mason. marquis moore drains the three. led all three at 28. george mason wins 95-75. american hosting lehigh. patriot league actions. lehigh wins. so, a lot to do. and then the super bowl tomorrow. >> a big game. what are you thinking? >> there's a football game tomorrow? >> this guy. i tell you. >> we are back to the roman numerals this year. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> well, stay with us. we with a look at the seven day forecast. >> i thought that was for
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. >> people will be going out tomorrow to watch the super bowl. what is it going to be like? >> by then it will be fun. cold start. 20s , 30s for the low tonight. tomorrow, look at that. sunshine, more in the
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afternoon. low 50s . sue so that is above the average of 45. we have rain and showers, tuesday into wednesday morning before it gets cold again. thursday and friday. doesn't stick around that long. >> not bad. this is not bad for february. >> no. >> we will take it. >> it is a mild winter. we have been fortunate. >> what do you think tomorrow? >> i'm taking the underdog. atlanta falcons. >> you heard it here. thank you very much for joining us. goodnight! [ laughter ] z25eiz z16fz
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