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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  February 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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reminder how they played the 1th already today. 145. n from nick: this is perfect. robably a 4-iron for these guys, downbreeze. lovely hop forward. easier ave it in an spot, six feet up the hill. m: which he certainly cut to complete a round of 64. and then matsuyama. left him onlyshot 74 yards in. nick: can i buy an inch? jim: maybe not even an inch. think of what a superstar he is back in japan. explain to hard to an american all of a sudden how japan nalists from follow these professional golfers and arguably the greatest of all
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was there to watch the early career, iwida. we all knew him out here for years. a prominent newspaper paper man in tokyo and covered for 40 years and was given the lifetime journalism at the memorial. he just passed away recently. of this great prospect that japan has delivered to the world stage in matsuyama. we mishim very much. miss him very much. all those who are fortunate to living.lf for a nick: a few more yards back. 152, nick. seven yards farther than the rst time around but he's pumped up, going with a pitching wedge. have to be careful.
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enough, you'll be a long way off that front edge. nick: that sounds a long way for webb, to be honest. wanting it to go. it's there. nick: he threw it up there. jim: look at that. nick: a bit of extra twang in swing. jim: that's the putt coming up we've seen several times that you'd move as much as think. jim, deki's one-hander, 338. necked it. im: where did he lose the 19 yards since 20 minutes ago? ick: by hitting it one-handed. nancy: 90 yards. s right at comfortable lie. much more fuller shot. it nice he crunches and solid, he's going to stop absolutely dead. tt
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noted, could be the sixth to ever defend this johnny h the likes of miller, arnold palmer, ben hogan. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] there action? nick: not a whole lot. away? can't tell who's matsuyama? ick: i'm going with yes, just. by those angles. jim: we could very well be eeing this all over again too. it's the next playoff hole if necessary. meanwhile, tonight on cbs,
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minutes" and then "ncis" takes ver. that's all tonight. i was thinking of "ncis: well and gone city." do you think they could do that one? jim: your home city? someone broke into somebody's shed. that's about the most exciting hing that happens there. jim: that's episode one. episodeadblock would be two. jim: waiting to find out, we ve dottie and peter both greenside. it's a very similar distance ere. who's gors
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here? dottie: it looks like it's going to be hideki and very much the had in regulation. jim: good point. the a little more behind hole. he was ing over where before. as irked get my book out well, see if i can guide us. i'd be willing to place a wager on this ball not being short again. right. u're he knows how straight it tracks because he's coming from hill. ter down the dottie: that's right. that little bit of a left-hand on the first putt he hit in regulation won't be there time. but it is certainly in the same area cold.
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nick: wow, it's almost like a would the left edge, i have thought. strike ave the nerve to it that squarely and send it on its way. puffs, get huffs and ourself relaxed. 21 feet, sixk says inches. dottie: 19 the last time around? jim: that's correct. nick: so about an inch more stroke. inch.he missing nick: the missing inch needs to yeah, this ckswing, time. just add that tiny bit
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omentum. oh, is that a bug? how about that for high def? he's got to start again, all because of a bug. former bulge. -- bug. bug. late he lined it up perfectly with a harpie line. ope he's not nervous, jim. over that jitterbug. thoughts that go through your mind. this is how you were able to for six major comp olice departments -- championships. nick: it's a compliment to say i've got a mind. wow, that
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looked like he started that right. unbelievable. there's the tiniest shake of the halfway down. they saw it. that was amazing. can't s a great read and believe it went that much right to left. webb simpson will have a 17-footer for the win. e did start this to the right. it was a good read. nick: see that tiny litt dot there? he just turned it to the left, amazing. that bug's almost like was a coach calling a time-out kicker to ice him. it looks like this one wants to is to thet the valley right. i don't think there's much in this. agreed. he can hit this right or left edge. jim: it doesn't take long. his first win since 2013. oh. n
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swing that stick. jitterbug on the that one. ll right, settle down, please. jim: can we delay the kickoff? nick: well, the only thing that when my dwack starts going brown. jim: this is great action. see the 18th hole again and if it extend beyond that, we'll go over
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dottie was right, he didn't leave short. on this ment twice green toda what about the third time? we'll find out. ♪ ♪ whether you're after supreme performance... ...advanced intelligence... ...or breathtaking style... ...there's a c-class just for you. decisions, decisions, decisions.
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players have returned to the 18th to face this tee shot many. daunting to hasn't been for them today. third time in a span -- webb is notr, any strategy here. peter; no, he's still got the and look for hands this to be a low draw off the bunkers. nick: test a little bit of your ncentration as you come down for the third time. 72nd hole as he well. she comes. d here ame -- just make sure it doesn't go in the same divot. jim: he's got that shot down, oesn't he? that's just automatic. nick: so for the
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ideki pound one out there over 330? im: i would say yes. nick: yes, that's an interesting all. o glasses this time. dottie: the light has definitely much flatter in the last 15, 20 minutes. nick: more leaning this time. oops. towards the ding sand. yes. there.way down that last little bunker. still only going to be
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that. but awkward lie. im: we'll be right back with more golf action from the waste management phoenix open after this.
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jim: if you're looking for something to do tonight, there's cbs.ineup on it all begins with "60 minutes." a look at the field for the ekend and how they all finished. that -- you co--- do there's jordan spieth. he ends up with a top 10 here. tied for
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jordan 67-6 over the weekend. if matsuyama wins this nick, he'll win ck-to-back years in playoffs both years. nick: that's pretty good. im: who do you think was the last player on the tour to do that? you were there to see it. peter: i know. ick: oh, really? jim: yes. nick: not feel it? i've won back-to-back playoffs. im: that's it. it was you. nick: oh! moons ago. jim: how about that? that, peter? i thought you said you knew it. i thought it was nick. im: it was nick. the last player to win back-to-back events in the same a nick faldo. according to our maestro over here, mr. spencer.
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jim: that's a good one. peter: so far now, this is the webb's played this hole. this time 5, 152 and 143. nick: he doesn't need that hard wedge. go back to the first wedge he played on the 72nd hole. two yards of be help right now. >> 35 is our goal? >> yeah. >> in regulation, five more of -- in regulation. i don't think so either. is w you feel like ball going to go to 15 feet. let it. we'll make it. you good? yeah. 35 our goal? there? somewhere around >> yeah. >> hang on one second.
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it's 29, 37. trying to land it 35. two yards of help. just commit to it, that's all i ask. discussion r a long with paul tesori, one of the here, top caddies out simpson changes clubs. nick: that was good stuff. e with a gap on wedge, taking into account more help from the wind. really, he's gone down a wedge? he belted it. pumped up, he could have hit any wedge on the green. im: i hope he was paying attention to matsuyama's putt. nick: yeah,. jim: now what about the lie here, dottie? very much the same lie he had yesterday in the third round. upslope. he's about 15 yard closer than he was. right at
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he's chosen a gap wedge. getting your shoulders set with staying quiet are absolute keys for this shot. that's going to be short. nick: yeah. hated it right away. ick: yeah, i was totally dictated by that lie. you have to concentrate so hard. down in the little trough line where the ball run in, just to
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he g it a good inch fat. gave it a ng guy, he good pounding. trying to s toes help it up. but that was a scary one to strike. gotten it super thin perfect, he could have clipped of him. in front what do you think the yardage of the quarterbacks will be oday, jim? hideki's three drives, 1 total, yards. [laughter] jim: the total between ryan and brady? 500-yard performances? nick: not quite. jim:
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was pounding them out there, the range, we could see that from each of the quarterbacks today. nick: there's our similarities golf and quarterbacks. jim: how often do you think -- good evening all the scenarios here, the pressure. do you get up and down from here? thinking of holing this. this is really easy. beautiful tight lie. just got to trap it a couple of ified it o the green or up there. 's not going to do any crazy breaking. slope is eing on the up a plus. an up and making down here seem routine. nick: as long as he doesn't jam it.
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jim: three feet. nick: it's all in webb's hands now. at a huge opportunity, worth taking. worth getting this one really right. reat read, great putt. in thebb simpson will be field next week at pebble beach the will be paired with man who was the winning ago today in year super bowl 50, peyton manning. a couple of players in this playoff, nick, aren't particularly spiffy at this moment with the putter. nick: they're tough to read. we're looking at will it -- everybody is not quite on the same li
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this should be left edge. jim: and this is for the victory. short the first extra hole. gone the other way again. wow. that is tough to read down that ill. jim: matsuyama will have to be careful. be too complicated but again, so much factored into it moment. a tournament, to they, that gan on thursday, groundhog day. it's starting to feel like, that out. pointed dottie: i'm thinking they move the date on the calendar to today. happened to be the birthday of our esteemed barrow. mr. february second. mr. to now, to send this
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hole is where they would go next. we go. par,r-pa par-par. they'll head to the 10th. we'll head to a short break.
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pay stubs and bank statements to refinance your home. w2s, or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] for the ready now third hole of this playoff and the 10th hole is going to be local resident gary mccord. it is all yours, my friend. jim. iend here we go, 433-yard field goal. take it to the right side. see that white stuff? that's 325.
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peter: going with a driver off this tee. his tee.t to get i'm guessing he's in the fairway or he's in the bunker. the festest i've ever seen a guy pick up a tee he hit it can -- good. no way he can fly that ball 25. now, hideki could. nick: not much gap out there driver. gary: nothing. nick: got to go left of that ittle white speck in the distance. gary: nick, that bunker on the 260. used to be at now they keep moving it back and and back. tt is very high and cutting. like it but he doesn't like anything, and there's a reason he doesn't like hat. so both players trying to win this golf tournament have put
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bunker. s into see what kind of lie we've got. see, we got two pars by both players. we have to get this thing done here.
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gary: there's webb simpson. in thela pyoffs he has one three defeats. he's going to have his ball in the bunker. players in the bunker. webb will be first to play. 125 oing to have about yards, something like that. nice lie, nice and flat. a pretty clean look at it. peter; he's got 127 and it's a good lie. gary: and dottie, there's ball.'s is it going to be ok? dottie: just fine. 10 yard. 1 7 better. what do you think, guys? a sloppy ou can hit hook with there with a wedge. bounce u get a bit more with one of your wedges, which a got to make life just little easier. mind you, the green was very irm before, wasn't it? gary: the bad thing, we mentioned a second ago. none of these two


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