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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 6, 2017 1:35am-2:35am EST

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♪ beyonce's secret rehearsal. we know she's expecting twins, and now we can tell you to expect another big surprise. queen bey's getting ready to take the stage. but will she perform at the super bowl? >> a confidential set list. drd we go inside lady gaga's essing room. >> i'm going to do it my way. >> the best feeling of the way. >> the evolution of the halftime show. before these big acts, you won't believe who performs. and cindy crawford takes us back to the set of her super bowl commercial. >> these are the actual shorts. >> is her daughter
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the ad? and then an exclusive, thicke's final words. >> you're thinking you're going to come into the driveway, come into the house, and he's going to be there. he's not. now this is entertainment tonight. super bowl li blowout. we are all over the most-watched event of the year. >> we will have all that craziness in a few moments, but beyonce, she is pregnant with twins. the surprise announcement came gee instagram, bey, in underwear. the message, we would love to share or love and happiness, we've been blessed two times over. she released even more intimate photos, some of them featuring her first-born, blue ivy. there's already speculation that beyonce's hinting she's having a boy and a girl. check out the small pink ribbon
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she's wearing along withhe tse mismatched panties. beyonce used her photo upload to shut down the haters. some have falsely claimed that beyonce faked her last pregnancy and used a surrogate. >> there are a lot of people who believe this rumor. >> bey addresses it again, posting her own photos of her pregnancy progression with blue ivy. she's been open about wanting to expand her family. >> lots of them? >> god knows. i don't know how many yet. but i definitely want to have more. >> as for when we'll see mama beyonce next, sources say she'll perform next sunday at the grammys. she was spotted this weekend at the rehearsal. beyonce fans are concerned that she will drop out of coachella music
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so if she's three months pregnant, she would be five and a half months along then. >> she's going to have her hands full. very happy for her. let's move on to other big news this weekend. of course i'm talking about -- >> the super bowl. >> the preps are crazy. we saw lady gau fwau getting ready, and that's where kevin frasier got clues. >> the first will come from kevin frasier. on your instagram today you instagramed a little bee on one of your posts. is that a hint? >> these guys read into everything. >> oh, it wout ldn'be out of character. the telephone singer teaming up again, they love secret surprises. we were there when beyonce reunited with the ladies from destiny's child. but this year, could it be gaga
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visit. >> don't read anything into that bee? >> this crumpled up confidential document has people talking, what appears to be a set list, whether it's real or not. the details are gossip worthy. as gaga performs, she sings "telephone", then these words, beyonce descends, she does a solo and they perform together with over the top pyrotechnics. solange is already in houston. she performed a concert on thursday. >> it's good to be home. >> what does it mean to be home and have this crowd here? >> a super bowl planning event tour said bey hoped to attend s solange's show. there's no confirmation we'll see
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♪ all the baby mamas >> tell me about this custom-made jacket you're wearing today. >> there's only two of them. i am wearing one and the other as just septemb was just sent to lady fgaga. >> i'm going to do it my way. >> you're in better shape than the athletes. >> i don't think so. it's a different kind of shape. it's a different game. >> how sgaw fwau preparing for the big game? we got a peek at her dressing room. gaga's dog is there. >> i'm really eating healthy. i work out a lot. and i also, i
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she's been an inspiration to be on the biggest stage in the world, and every artistry. >> we're extremely proud and honored to have all of our family here. >> and we have so much more on the big game ahead, including our new sit-down with cindy crawford talking all about recreating her classic super bowl pepsi commercial. will the look-alike daughter follow in cindy's foot steps? but let's talk about a tv star son mourning the loss of his father. the son of alan thicke is opening up about the day he watched his hockey-loving father collapse. he is only talking to our reporters. >> he was like the perfect dad. anything i needed he was there for. >> carter was right there when alan
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this hockey rink. alan collapsed but never lost consciousness. he was even joking with his son and told him to snap a photo of him with the emts. >> the ambulance came and the paramedics stabilized him. everything seemed fine. he was back to joking. i've been in a couple of his emergency room situations, when a lung collapsed, i was there. and every time he's made me take a picture of him, pause he thinks it's hilarious for some reason. he thought it was funny in that state he looked so funny. so yeah, he asked me to take a picture of him in the stretcher. he's telling all the emts to smile and put the thumbs up. he was cheery and happy and doing well, so i took the picture. >> did you have any sense he wasn't feeling well? was he sick before? >> no, he was hilarious in the locker room, full of life, very energetic. he didn't seem like he was out of shape or anything. >> so you were completely shocked. >> completely
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>> the 19-year-old looks just like his dad around the same age. he recalls alan's final moments. >> what did he say to you after the thumbs up? >> no, i followed him to the emergency room, and the last thing he really said to me before going to the operating room was, you know, he was being moth morbid as he usually is, and he said oh, got to play hockey with my son and got to watch him score a goal, what a way to go out. and before he got to the operating room i got to give him a hug and say i love you and that was the last time i saw >>m. it all hit home for carter the day his dad was laid to rest. >> being one of the pallbearers of the caskets, that was brutal. that was really rough. and obviously, watch beiing th s casket go down, you realize he's being buried and that's it. >> the day before the
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his "growing pains" family all paid tribute to america's dad at an emotional private memorial. >> one of the moments when the cast got together and leo was speaking, it was such a fabulous way to honor him, what did that mean to you? >> i've kind of grown up with all of them and their children. and so it was really, really incredible to have them there. and then leo is just the most amazingfy. i didn't even have his number. he went out of his way toen sd me a text. you could see his genuine love and respect for my dad. >> alan's widow, tonya, is also continuing to heal. she and carter have shared a special bond, since i whe was j 7 years old. >> one of the important things was spending the wedding with your family, and we have amazing footage of you. >> where's the
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carter? >> i don't know. >> you're the ring boy, i've got you covered. >> i hope you have a good life together and i'm really excited for you to be my step mom. >> good with the ladies. look at that. >> carter says his dad's death has brought him closer to his brothers robin and brennan, but he still can't believe the man he called his best friend and idol is gone. >> you think you're going to come into the driveway and come into the house and's going to be there, and he's not. there's always the hope that it's a crappy dream, it's going to be fine. >> what has been your reaction to the celebrity outpouring? could you have imagined the twitter and social media tributes? >> getting to see some ofis h best friends like bob sag et cetera -- saget. he did touch so many hearts. that was a shining momen
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be the number one trending topic on twitter. >> he told us his favorite memories of his dad is when they played hockey together. >> alan lived two hours away, so he would drive eight hours a week just to spend time with his son. good dad. now coming up, we have the first look at season 12 with gwen and blake back together. >> then everything you need to know about "50 shades darker." >> the cast talking about the love scenes, the steamy sound track and kim basinger's deductive new role. wow! this toilet paper reminds me of a washcloth! that's charmin ultra strong, dude. cleans so well... keeps your underwear cleaner. (secretly) so clean... you could wear them a second day. tell me i did not just hear that!
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off, and we remember we lowatch blake and gwen's romancelo bssom on the show. now we can see if they can survive a full season of going head tod. hea >> i got the hookup. >> that's so inappropriate to talk about us hooking up. >> these two first became official. remember season nine? and all the flirting they used to do? >> and then there's make who's very -- >> now there'll be more of that, and even though there's a lot of love right there, when it comes to winning "the voice", all bets are off. >> i only have one goal when it comes to this show -- to win with an artist. this feels so good to say to that person, i knew you could do this. >> i love to p seeeople work hard and make it. >> being competitive, it's more about nurturing these people and theirre dams.
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celine dion and john legend. the show's had two female coaches and the guys better watch out. >> please, please. >> i know two women really work it. ♪ >> and congratulations are in order to former coach pharrell and his wife helen. they've welcomed triplets, and they also have a son robwho's 8. and a santa clarita diet that stars drew bear earrymore. >> i had a whole attitudinal shift. plucked my eyebrows and started thinking like a woman again, and it was amazing. >> that was a year ago, and this
1:51 am
ermemb c forehang her outlook on life. talk about how this show has helped you restart. >> well, my character dies, basically, in the first episode and becomes a zombie, the undead, and with that comes an awakening for her life, and that gave me one, too. >> i satisfy all my cravings, and i only eat the foods that deserve it. >> that's right. in the ten-episode dark comedy, drew goes from working mom to an undead california realtor who craves eating human flesh. >> i have endless energy. and i sleep two hours a night. >> i can parallel park in one move now. >> all of this with her tv husband who helps feed her can balancistic cravings. >> what were you really eating? >> dehydrated apples or
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jolly rancher. sometimes it was wet cake. always a different thing. >> there was another big premiere in hollywood, this one with plenty of eyes on it next weekend, the sequel to "fifty shades of grey". we were there at the bringing premiere. ♪ >> think of a pre-fagame ritual. he does pushups, and i sit there and drink which skey. >> you think he's better at everything, but he's really not. >> you brought with the dirty jokes. >> i grew up with four brothers. i will win. ♪ >> 63-year-old kim basinger plays christian gs
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jamie was just a 3-year-old boy growing up in north ireland when her sexy film "nine and a half weeks" came out. >> and then i watched it subsequently when i was a young adult, and i thought, okay. i still can't believe i'm in a movie with her. >> on her way backstage ae t th sag awards, we caught up with the unexpected moments. >> i'm a bit of a -- >> and the fashion everyone's still talking about, plus, actor bachelor corinne with a cat fight. >> who's stupid now? >> her music debut following in the footsteps of so many bachelor contestants. and ♪ 48 hours of protection. i don't have to reapply this... not once! it's really soft and almost velvety... as you put it on. it's like reaaally soft. try dove advance care.
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>> you tell me. i de're with sexy stars of "50 shades darker." finding out what it was like shooting those steamy scenes. monday on "e.t.." bachelor bad girl corinne was back at it this week again, but she hasn't just made waves on tv, corinne like so many former contestants has a music video past. yep, that's corinne, chilling on the music video. it's from 2011, way before the 25-year-old stirs up drama on theac bhelor, and considering she loves napping on the show, we're pretty sure she didn't need a lot of practice for her role in the video, which
1:57 am
with her eyes closed. she's not the only one of the ladies to pop up in a music video. that's 32-year-old danielle, a neo-natal nurse. how exactly does a nurse end up starring in a music video? danielle is also an appearing model who's represented bay agency in nashville. she auditioned and shot the video this summer. and remember juan pablo, dubbed one of the most-hated bachelors ever? he extended his 15 minutes of fame when he played the love interest of former "voice" contestant. and luke powell appeared after wrapping the bachelorette with jo jo. he's now focussing on his own country music career.
1:58 am
>> you know it is actually good to see there is life after reality tv. if you don't land in a music video, there's always fame show -- game shows, right? >> next week they are trying their luck on "whoan wts to be a millionaire". >> you know a dumpster fire, you have to stop and watch a dumpster fire? that will be caitlyn and sean. >> he makes everybody feel so relaxed, even though he just called us a dumpster fire. >> every time i'm around that guy it's so dramatic and intense. >> maybe that's because one of the last times we saw these three together, sean was proposing to her. now they live together in nashville but have yet to start planning their wedding. what about a wedding? >> we thought you'd never ask. >> if we get the million dollars today, we'll pick a date. >> promise? >> yes
1:59 am
favorites include deanna, jp and ashley from season seven and current farmer chris soules. >> my regular job, bachelor, ba bachelorette. >> i would love for chad to be out here playing millionaire. not like it, choke me out. >> you think it's fun and games? >> you would be my phone-a-friend. >> get ready for this new show coming in the spring. >> it's getting a little side eye. the series is arranged by a celebrity self-help person. >> he's offering you a contract marriage. >> a super star leading man
2:00 am
feet and he happens to be a member of "the institute for a higher mind." is this based on tom cruise and the church of scientology? >> this contract is about my reputation. >> there have been unsubstantiated rumors about tom and katie's marriage, the show's executive producer says the story is fiction. >> we had no interest in capturing the headlines and doing a ripped from the headlines show or story telling in that way. it was really about how can we put people into this situation, very unusual and sometimes hard to believe and make it believable. >> josh henderson is the charismatic star. you might remember him as j.r. ewing's son from "dallas". >> a lot of people are
2:01 am
as a result, are you backlash f church? >> not at you will. y -- all. you said church. our show has nothing to do with religion. we're just, we're doing a scripted series on, you know, hollywood and self-help organizations and a relationship. i don't put a lot of thought into it. we're very unique. >> this isn't a documentary at all. >> we also asked if he is up for an alias reunion with jennifer garner, he said yep. there are no plans for it right now. he does get together with jen and victor garber for dinner every now and then. >> the styles ripped from the runway and straight off the racks. closed captioning provided by
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he are this week's top five stories. number five, oprah joins "60 minutes." >> it's very hard to keep a secret. >> this fall the woman behind some of the world's biggest guests is coming to cbs. >> i always believed i could get here. i always believed it. >> that's oprah after the launch of her show. >> it will do well. and if it doesn't, i will still do well. i will do well, because i'm not defined by a show. number four, selena and the weekend. while their love fest continued in italy, fans are hoping we see them at the grammys. selena isn't nominated, but the weekend is, and he's starring. number three, prince harry, pda. it's the video the world'see
2:06 am
the royals holding han with actress megan merkel. the couple were snapped on a dinner date. >> it's nice to see him in an unguarded way, her being led out of restaurant, making sure she feels safe and secure. there are rumors of a ski trip. it's a very exclusive ski destination. harry loves to ski. and i'm sureha tt he's excited to introduce that side of his life to megan. number two, do gaga's halftime plans include beyonce? >> you instagramed a little bee on one of your posts. is that a hint of someone who could show up during your performance? >> you guys read into everything. >> these two, her parents are in houston to cheer her on. >> from the time
2:07 am
until now, she's been an inspiration. >> we're extremely proud and honored to have all of our family here. and our number one story this week? beyonce's pregnant and performing at the grammys. ♪ freedom, freedom >> "e.t." spotted the soon to be mom of twins at a secret rehearingal in l.a., prepping for the awards. her former band mate reacted to the pregnancy. >> you're excited. >> there's speculation that beyonce is hinting she is having a boy and a girl, wearing a small pink ribbon and mismatched blue panties. go to "e.t." for the latest. also the screen actors guild awards. it was a night of a few upsets. you got to hang out backstage with quite a few surprised stars. >> they were being honored by their peers, and perhaps no winner wass
2:08 am
"la, la land" star. >> that was so sweet. >> i forgot everything that i ever have thought in my life. um, okay. >> emma stone was at a loss for words. the "la, la land" star seemed surprised. >> i know have to wrap up. i feel like i'm going to faint. all i did was go off stage and go what? >> emma did manage to pull it together to thank ryan gosling. >> you're the best. >> you made him blush. >> oh, really? >> >> he's like oh. mr. cool and suave. >> oh, that's nice. >> ryan has another admirer in the crowd, meryl streep who
2:09 am
>> denzel washington. >> he won outstanding actor. and his speech probably made emma stone feel a little better. >> you ain't going to win, so i didn't even prepare. >> you seem genuinely shocked. >> well, you know, casey's been winning everything. as the night was going along, i thought, boy, you better start thinking of some things just in case. >> "stranger things". >> another upset, "stranger things" wins for outstanding drama ensemble. >> who was expecting "stranger things" to win? >> and check out winona ryder. she deserves an award just for facial expressions. she fueled a twitter storm, including one that said never seen someone experience so many emotions in a moment as winona ryder. d
2:10 am
floor. >> i'm a bit of a klutz, and that's what makes me human. >> stars were also out the night of at the producers guild awards. john legend and chrissy teigen. >> award season is very special for us. we have a baby now. we're usually in bed by 10:30. >> she made an entrance in this sexy gown. and this mens wear-inspired outfit. there was a lot of gorgeous fashion, and stars were sharing how they made it look so easy. >> got any secrets going on with this dress? >> spanx, baby, spanx. >> i have a really good secret. i was sewn in to this dress. out with the zipper. sew up the dress. >> how she ld
2:11 am
ready? taylor dress guts, reveg alinthe sewn in bra. and sofia vergara lost the belt and well, she bought her gown offer the rack for $309. >> my daughter always says, are you getting dressed up so nobody recognizes you? from kiersten dunst. >> i'm always trying to emphasize my skin tone. >> this is gorgeous. >> actually, it was really lucky. it just came off the runway last week. >> oh, my gosh. >> and crazily
2:12 am
the model. >> and who knew birds were in? meryl streep had them on her vallen t valentino. >> favorite accessory? >> my husband. >> obviously, your husband. >> he's not my accessory. >> i was concerned. you might be in trouble for that one. >> no, he's my rock. he's my rock. he's my protector and my rock. >> i know you're waiting on pins and needles. >> i'm dying to know your vote for best dressed. >> naomi harris. in that jumpsuit, amazing. >> all right, on the way -- ♪ we are the champions me new details on the freddie rcury movie, straight from his queen band mates. plus, we are back stage with
2:13 am
star super fans. >> i'm just swooning up there. and our cindy cra
2:14 am
2:15 am
welcome back, everybody. last weekend i got real nostalgic. i'm talking knee-deep in crimped hair and shoulder pads in san jose, california where the new kids on the block stole
2:16 am
at the i hearte about the '80s? >> there's an innocence tha '80s had that even though we young, things seemed more innocent. ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, >> yeah, those new kids sure have grown-up since we first met them in '89, performing for a bunch of screaming teens. and now, jonathan knight is finally tying the knot with long-time boyfriend harley rodriguez. congratulation >> pick a date! >> have you not picked a date? >> candace cameron bure has been a fan forever. >> my crush was joey mcintire, who was yours? >> i was a joey girl. but now that they've all been on "fuller house", i have a crush on all of them. >> and
2:17 am
forever". >> what's the difference doing it back then and doing it now? >> i'm old, baby. i need more rest. ♪ baby hold on to me >> eddie money's been holding on for four decades. >> the best music in the world was in the '80s. you'll be hearing '80s music 30 years from now. >> he was backed up on stage by three of his kids. blake lively's older sister robin couldn't say enough about her nieces. >> what is it like seeing your little sister as a mommy now? >> this is where she belongs. >> we all so happy to see james coming. >> she stole the show. >> she's the best ever. >> i'm telling you, look out. >> that concert was about as epic as james at the walk of fame ceremony. let's stick with music. you kno
2:18 am
going back on the but when we sat down with the boys, the topic was about the movie and their late front man, freddie mercury. >> the fans are excited about bohemian rhapsody, the movie. can you confirm rahmy malik is playing freddie? >> this is where we are. it's a big tour. we have to do freddie justice. we get one shot at it. ♪ we are the champions my friend ♪ >> freddie's legend will live on even the big screen, and the queen tour? yes, adam's wearing that crown. ♪ we will, we will rock you >> adam started touring with the guitarists back in 2014. he first performed with them in 2009 when he was a "american idol"
2:19 am
♪ >> this combination is so phenomenal. attended this ntour in 2014. why does this work so well, queen and adam lambert? >> it just happened. really, along came adam out of the blue. we saw him on "american idol," and we already had an avalanche of messages. we felt good about it, organically, suddenly we were a band again. >> i think it keeps happening, because it's fun and people like it. simple as that. audiences are over the moon every show we do. ♪ >> queen plus adam lambert kick off a tour this summer in phoenix. >> freddie would have loved it. no doubt about it. >> i wish i had been able to meet him. so inspiring. >> for the record, adam came
2:20 am
second that season on "american idol." remember, the winner was chris allen. still to come, we are with cindy crawford, back on the set of her classic super bowl commercial. >> these are the actual shorts. >> is her look-alike daughter recreating the ad? plus, our most memorable halftime show moments at the big game. that is ahead. but first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which boy band members hit solo album hit 7 million copies in the hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow. moms don't take sick days. moms take nyquil severe: the... ...nighttime sniffling,sneezing, coughing, aching, fever best... ...sleep with a cold, medicine. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me
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the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. welcome back, everybo every. this weekend is all about super bowl li in houston. >> we at "e.t." have been covering what is always a major celeb-packed event. for more than three decades, the big game is a big deal. >> how excited are you to be doing the super bowl? >> it's amazingly overwhelming. >> "e.t." was with katy perry who had the most-watched halftime show ever. 118 plus million viewers in 2015, 4 million more than watched the actual game. beyonce in 2013 set the record for tweets, 268,000 per minute. ♪ all the single
2:24 am
of set the standard? because you worked so hard? >> it feels good to know that the hard work paid off, the biggest show inme a.rica and so many things can happen, and god was on my side. >> music's biggest names have all taken center stage. >> a lot of fun, a lot of fun. great time, great crowd. woo! >> my hands are still shaking. amazing, it's america! >> how was it? >> great. loved it. great crowd, great event. >> great occasion. >> incredible. really an adrenaline rush. >> but the halftime show was mainly marching bands. in '88, it was the rockettes. but it shifted to a-list pop stars. in 1991, enter the new kids, michael jackson, and
2:25 am
spears along with justin timberlake and in synch. >> they called me up and asked me, and i was like, ooh. >> diana ross headlined. her most memorable moment was her exit, a helicopter landed on the field, scooped her up and flew away. when miami hosted the game, stevie wonder and gloria estefan. we were there in '94 when the crew had five minutes to prep for clint black and tanya tucker and the judds. >> i see you're wearing red and blue today. does that mean you're rooting for the patriots? >> no, this is just slung on, honey. >> the black-eyed peas were lowered from the stadium. lady gaga, take
2:26 am
this time it was in wor fnt. >> headlining in 2014? bruno mars. >> the drum solo. >> pbruno was back last year joining beyonce and coldplay. >> are you riding an emotional high? how do you top this feeling? >> i don't think it's possible. >> now the peas were lowered to the stage for that performance. of course this year lady gaga has to one-up a stunt like that by playing suspended from the roof. of course this year besides the halftime show and the game itself, so many millions of people will be tuning in just to see those commercials. >> this guy being one of them. i can tell you that right now. and remember cindy crawford's pepsi commercial? that was 25 years ago. kevin frasier sat down with the super model, taking a walk down memory lane. >> me be being sexy and getting out of a car, but
2:27 am
then that line that they're not really watching me, they're just looking at the cans. >> that great new pepsi can or what? >> now 50 years old, cindy was just 25 when she shot the icconi ad. we got together for the cbs special, freig greatest commerc. >> these are the actual shorts from -- which were my pants. these are the jeans that i was wearing to the commercial, and do you mind if we cut your jeans? and i was like, no. so these are them. >> how many pepsis did you drink during the original ad? >> i don't know, six or seven, but after two, when you're fwuzling real pepsi, after two i was like, i got to switch to water. this isn't going to be pretty. >> last year she did a parody with james corden, and she still looked the same. >> cindy! >> i thought james was going to be one of the little boys, and i see james, but he's not dressed
2:28 am
he's wearing cut-offs and a white tank top. and i was like, oh, my god. after doing the thing with james i was like, instead of me remaking this commercial, some day maybe kaya should redo this commercial. >> cindy's daughter kaya is 15 and already a successful model. >> what about your daughter following in your foot steps, do you have any advice? >> i think in terms of modeling and the social media generation, they have the conception that they're already models in their life. they know their angles, honey, i'm like, how do you do that selfie? i can't quite figure out the selfie. >> and cindy says kaya actually does listen to her advice, despite many teens thinking their parents don't know anything. kaya
2:29 am
2:30 am
2:31 am
travel consideration provided by look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. laura linney is 53. and jennifer jason
2:32 am
which boy band's albumsol sd 7 million co ipiesen th u.s.? that is bobby brown. happy birthday, bobby. monday on "e.t.." more with lady gaga after her super bowl halftime show. gaga, how was it? >> you tell me. i don't know. >> monday on "e.t.." we're almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late breaking hollywood news, go it our website. >> but before we go, check out the new video from ed sheeran. >> it's off his album due out march 3rd. it marks the first topping the u.s. singles chart. we hope to see the new nominee at the awards. >> enjoy theis video and the ret of your weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ m
2:33 am
♪ ♪ i'm in love with your body ♪ ♪ i'm in love with your body ♪ i'm in love with your body ♪ come on ♪ i'm in love with your body ♪ i'm in love with the s
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2:35 am
addition to fighting for his travel ban, four of his cabinet nominees will be up for confirmation votes. excluding the vice president, only four cabinet member posts have been filled so far. >> errol barnett, thanks. oversees, the prime minister of israel still hasn't decided whether to call for a vote on a controversial bill legalizing dozens of unlawful settlements in the west bank. last week, an israeli court ordered one of these is the elments to be demolished. the new bill covers thousands of israeli homes built on private palestinian land. the palestinian owners would be paid, but have no right to object to the sale. seth doane visited the west bank and filed this report. >> reporter: this is not a neglected neighborhood in america, but an israeli settlement built on land claimed by palestinians. this man has called it home for 40 yes.


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