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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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captioning funded by cbs it's monday, february 6th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." the patriots win the super bowl. >> in historic fashion patriots claw their way to victory. the fight over the u.s. travel ban resumes today as president trump vows to get it reinstated. >> putin is a killer. >> we've got to a lot of killers. >> and mr. trump takes on mr. vladimir putin has some republic
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. to describe new england patriots' come-from-behind super bowl win as one of the greatest comebacks in sports history almost doesn't do it justice. trailing the atlanta falcons by 24 points in the third quarter they beat them. it was an almost unimaginable outcome led by super bowl champion tom brady. don champion has the report. >> reporter: the new england patriots are celebrating another comeback. after falling behind the pats roared back in the second half score 3g scoring 31 unanswered points. the game went to overtime and
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win. tom brady now has more super bowl wins than any qb in nfl history and it cast a southbound in which the nfl suspended him in the first four games for a deflated snoobl this is unequivocally the sweetest. >> reporter: nearly 72,000 people packed nrg stadium for the game. it's the third time houston has hosted the super bowl. former president george h.w. bush just out of the hospital for pneumonia tossed the koinl. >> with liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: at halftime lady ga wowed everything with an aerial entrance from the stadium singing all her hits gaga sent a message of inclusion while using fans on the field to light up her performance. the display ended with an electrifying fireworks show off the roof of th
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this was the first overtime gam ended with another new england patriots win. don champion, cbs news, houston. well, tom brady's 466 passing yards are a super bowl record. it earned him his fourth super bowl mvp. brady said the patriots never fell out of it. >> there were stakes played tonight it it's hard to win game in the nfl, and to beat this game and to get down 28-3, you know, it was just a lot of mental toughness by our team and, you know, we're all going to remember this for the rest of our life. >> meanwhile brady's jersey disappeared. following the game it went down and it went missing. now, it may have been someone from the nfl but they are still looking for it. turning to politics now and the legal battle ovre
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today. a federal appeals court ruled yesterday the ban will remain suspended but it will reconsider after receiving more information today. hena daniels is here in new york. hena, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. president trump will meet troops amid a showdown in san francisco over his troeshlg immigration and travel ban. lawyers from washington state and minnesota are set to file legal briefs in the city arguing the president's lawyer unlawny targets muslims. the justice department has until this evening to issue its response. a federal court in san francisco will hear from the justice department today on why president trump's travel ban should be reinstated. on sunday the same court denied the request to resume the ban, days after a asset judge issued a temporary
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blocking the travel ban nationwide. >> we're very confident as we move through the process of these appeals that the president's authority in this area will be upheld. >> reporter: as vice president mike pence talked legal victory the president blasted it. he said if something happens blame him and the court system. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is one who distanced himself from the president. >> we all get disappointed from time to time but i think it's best to avoid criticizing judges individually. >> travelers rushed to return to the u.s. >> coming here. that's what e we've always come here for. >> reporter:. >> among them, a woman who was detained last week and
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to austria where she's a visas for people from iran, iraq, and other muslim-majority countries were canceled when the ban took effect. and nearly 100 prominent tech companies including apple, facebook, and uber are fighting a legal brief opposing the immigration order. it argues economic growth and that are intimately tied. ahead on "cbs this morning," we'll talk with cbs legal correspondent jan crawford about president trump's order on immigration. betsy devos for education secretary, now, it may take vice president mike pence to cast the tie-breaking vote to secure her appointment and jeff sessions following some contentious questioning over his position on raese is expected to be con girled as attorney
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fellow republicans are denouncing his defense of russian president vladimir putin. during an interview with fox news, the president appeared to put putin's actions on par with the united states. >> do you respect putin? >> i do respect him. >> why? >> i respect a lot of people, but that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with him. he's a leader of his country. >> putin's a killer. >> we've got a lot of killers. do you think our country's so innocent? >> that did not set well with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who called putin a thug. >> they mess around in our elections. no, i don't think there's any equivalency with the way the russians conduct themselves and the way united states does. >> the conflict between ukraine and russia starting in 2014 when the ukrainian president with ties to
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oversees they're not talking. he refuses to answer questions. he was questioned for your first time yesterday. he was shot four times after allegedly attacking soldiers guarding the museum. his injuries are no longer considered life-threatening. and here in new york city, dna evidence has led to the arrest of a -- the arrest, rather, in the murder of a jogger from last summer. lewis was arrested yesterday. he dragged her body into a park not far from her home and police say it was a chance encounter. her parents say they are numb with anger. >> inwe've been in a state of shock for six months and we don't know what we feel right now. there's no
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grateful to the new york city police department. she had his dna under her nails and on her back. coming up on the "cbs morning news," authorities in australia make their largest arrest in history and the monarch makes history. this is the "cbs morning news."
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lampoon lampooned white house press secretary sean spicer. queen elizabeth sparks a new anniversary today and a new commissioner in the u.s. the "washington post" reports that president trump will have vice president pence lead an investigation into his claims of voter fraud. in an interview before the super bowl, mr. trump claimed up to 5 million illegal votes cost him the popular vote against hillary clinton. yesterday majority leader mitch mcconnell said there's no evidence of such fraud adding he does not want federal funds spent on a legal investigation. subway riders took action. they used hand sanitizers to erase graffiti. more than half a million facebook users
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effortsing. >> she is the far right-handed aide. they want to dump the euro, leave the european union and crack down on illegal immigration. tons of cocaine helded on a yacht for australia. authorities made six arrests in what they call the nation's biggest cocaine haul ever. the drugs were said to be worth more than $240 million. and people look at displays of the queen. she's shown wearing sapphire jewels to mark her 66th year of the throne. elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch. a little girl in china accidentally falls between the train and the platform. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the...
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arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. travelers in china rush to save the life of a 3-year-old girl. she had slipped between the train and the platform. while some riders waved to keep the train from moving, others rescued her and got her back
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how nerve-racking. twhebig carmakers team up, the world's longest commercial flight touches down. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. it's another busy week. banking stocks finished the week strong as the trump administration rolled back stricter banking regulations that were eneighthed after the financial crisis. for the week the dow lost nearly 26 points. the s&p gained 2. the nasdaq finished 5 points higher. two japanese automakers toyota and zukie are expected to announce a partnership today. the deal would include new technologies. it could give toyota access to suzu suzuki's expertise. google says it plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling that it must turn over e-mails stored
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the fbi search warrant stems from a d google handed over e-mails that it knows were stored in the u.s. but refused to release e-mails from outside the u.s. the multiple personality thriller "split" topped the box office for a third straight week. it added another $14.6 million bringing the three-week total to $98 million. "a dog's purpose" came in third. and the world's longest airline flight landed in new zealand. qatar airline landed after traveling 9,032 miles. the flight time, 16 hours and 32 minutes. the long-range boeing 777
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the cabin crew1,100 cups of tea and coffee and 2,000 cold drinks and over a thousand meals. anne-marie, a lot of coffee. hope they have a lot of bathrooms on that flight. still ahead, one step at a time. a paralyzed man is on a journey to raise money for those who can't walk. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in a california marathon this weekend, perhaps the most amazing effort was turned in by a man who was not running at all. joy benedict of our los angeles station
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>> reporter: runners hit the along the california coast with a lot of encouragement along the way. but adam seemed to draw more cheers than most. he didn't win. he wasn't even going that fast. but when you are paralyzed, every step is worth cheering for. >> my life changed in the blink of an eye. >> reporter: that was 205. since then he's been in a wheelchair until a year ago. >> i always held out hope. >> reporter: he can't feel his legs. despite his movement he's still paralyzed but if you listen closely, you can hear him walking. he's wearing arewalk robotic ex-o'skeleton. when he walks he moves his arms,
4:22 am
moves hislegs. >> it's a different kind of feeling. you're walking but not feeling the ground you're working on. it's a great workout. my abs are completely destroyed. >> reporter: it's step by step. >> we're helping victims walk again. >> reporter: his foundation is "i got legs." xo skeletons cost around $80,000 and they're not covered by insurance. he walks the last five miles. he vowed to walk a million steps and races all over the country and raised a million dollars. and although most runners complete about 50,000 steps in a marathon, gore lit ski feels good a h
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right now 4:25, patriots fans including this one over the moon. tom brady leads the team to another super bowl title in
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stunning historic fashion. >> what a come back that was. >> yeah, he totally clutched. >> you can be 1000 dlrs -- $1,000 richer this morning. >> that eco friendly might be rat friendly too, costing a pretty pen new ing -- penny when it comes to repairs. it's sunny this morning, not just in boston too. >> that was quite the game. what a kom come back. okay. we are looking at a mild day. we started off yesterday cold but ended nice. today we are going to start the day mild and end the day mild. 43 for martinsburg, 43 in washington. highs in the 50s. we are not done increasing the temperatures just yet. we are headed to record highs this week also with a chance of snow in the forecast. i have everything for you. ellen over to you. >> allyson, you're b
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a good sport overat because miko you? >> i have to give props to brady. >> that was a good game. i woke up for the end of the it. southbound 95 by route 216 there's an accident blocking the shoulder. not any of the lanes being blocked. once you pass by 32 you won't see back ups down to the beltway. construction between route 85 and i-70 northbound. i'm not seeing slow downs on 270. it looks okay headed north. larry. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm larry miller in the news room. we are following breaking news from over night. we know more about a victim killed in a shooting in northeast dc. police describe the victim as a 17-year-old boy. he was pronounced dead at prince george's community hospital at around 10:00 last night. police still don't have any suspect information at this time. that investigation is on going. >> reporter: meantime, in prince george's county police are on the scene
4:28 am
this accident shut down brandywine and gibbons church road. the driver was heading head and lost criminal of the vehicle and hit a utility pole. the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver was taken to the hospital. >> reporter: firefighters are responding to a basement fire in northwest in the 900 block of hamilton street. fortunately everyone in the howells was -- house was able to get out safely. dc fire that said that the blaze is under. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked that fire. jan and mike. >> thank you. that's a look at what is going on right now. the news at 4:30 starts right now. >> this is wake up washington on wusa 9. the boys did it again. they beat the odds. a history making win , the new england
4:29 am
win their fifth title, beating the falcons 38-24 in the first over time super bowl as well. what a night. i'm mike hydeck. i'm a little excite d. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. check out his shirt. he will -- we will talk more about this coming up. >> never finish. >> you never count them out. >> al lyson, you have to hear it today you know that don't you? >> all day and all year. i'm going to be a good sport because it was quite the game and quite the come back. that was good by tom brady. temperatures today, we are going to be in the 50s. it's a nice day. enjoy it. maybe you're just trying to get through the day after staying up late last night. well, it's going to be an easy weather day for that's sure. we will see a lot of sunshine to start, partly cloudy skies and we will stay into the 50s today. very mild and pleasant. this is tonight at 11:30. we have showers starting to approach the area. this is for tomorrow's yellow weather alert today. record highs with showers in the
4:30 am
don't get comfortable. we are talk ing about snow in the forecast by thursday. we are going to detail that out coming up in just a little bit. sunshine today, we'll lead to the mid 50s. >> sunshine today sounds wonderful, allyson. you're going to like how your drive is looking. it's 4:30 and we have one incident. i also think there's something on 66 because of that long term construction. that long term construction right between 50 and 66 not slowing down traffic on 66 though. you drive time from centerville to the beltway just 14 minutes. southbound on 95 up in maryland, watch out, once you pass by route 32 here as you head somebody over on the shoulder there's been an accidents. accident. when you pass by route 216 you will notice that car. you should be okay from 100 down to the beltway without any slow downs. mike. >> thank you a lot, ellen. new this morning, a report out in t


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