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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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our mother again. >> they haven't seen their mother for several years. >> how happy are you? >> happy, happy. >> a yemeni family of seven returned on a flight to dulles after being detained here along with the aziz brothers. >> they went through a year and a half of background checks. >> reporter: it was a happy reunion for aquel aziz and his two boys tarque and ammar. >> tarque who is 21 says they plan to work at their father's gas stations in flint, michigan. >> what do you think of your dad? >> he is the best dad alive. he works hard to get a better life for us. >> reporter: that's what the family from somalia said as they headed to their new
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and that family is driving back to kentucky. relatives meeting them here this morning. the aziz family, they're about to board a flight headed back to detroit where they'll drive home to flint, michigan. those boys say they plan to sign up and plan to become a naturalized united states citizen in due course. live at dulles airport, peggy fox, wusa9. >> the legal fight over president trump's travel ban is focused on an appellate court in san francisco. >> attorney generals from 15 states have filed briefs in support of lawsuits -- 97 american companies are challenging the ban saying bad for business. visa holders from seven majority muslim countries are allowed to enter the u.s. today is the deadline for the justice department to file its response to the lawsuits. we're hearing from some people who wonder just how a judge can overturn
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well article 3 of the constitution addresses that issue. federal courts have the power to interpret the constitution and they can declare an executive order illegal or unconstitutional. article 3 also gives the courts jurisdiction in all cases where the united states is a party. president trump's executive order is likely to end up in the supreme court. cleanup is underway at savoy elementary school after bedbugs found at the school on friday. getting rid of those tiny critters is no small task. >> the students are left with nowhere to go today and tomorrow. ileana diaz is live with the story. we understand there's a lot going on. >> reporter: that's right. the last couple of years this building has been empty. while from the outside it appears to be empty, inside there are dozens of crews trying to -- [ unintelligible ]
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-- a bedbug infestation shut down savoy elementary school. this oversized dumpster with furniture inside, rugs, sofas, chairs. pretty much anything that could house the bedbugs have been tossed out and crews are starting to clean and disinfect the school. the school has been empty for years, broken glass and lights are evidence of that, but today it's undergoing a major makeover with a tight deadline. savoy elementary students will be here on wednesday. crews are checking vents and air-conditioning systems throughout the building. new furniture now sit in the cafeteria and still need to be unwrapped. the kitchen is getting new ovens so the students meals won't be interrupted. until this campus is ready for kids, hundreds of paper bags filled with breakfast, lunch and snacks are ready for pick
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we were there nearly all day. only a handful of students stopped by. now this new location is about a mile away from savoy elementary so the district says they're going to be busing students from there to here beginning wednesday. they won't be releasing the details until tuesday. >> all right. thank you. all that furniture that you saw out there, let's hope the city gets that out of the way because we wouldn't want someone to take that into their homes. that would be a big, big problem. our colleague bruce leshan is on the other part of this story and we're wondering how you get rid of these bugs. bruce. >> reporter: yeah, the first thing is do not panic. if you have bedbugs in your home and not fleas or ticks or something else, you can treat them. but it can be a real hassle. a warning about the video coming up, if you're heating right now you might want
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it aside for a sec. bedbugs have developed resistance to a lot of pesticides. reaching for a spray can may not work. heat and maybe cold are among the best ways to deal with them. bedbugs inif fest things, not people. they are great hitchhikers. they will jump on luggage and backpacks. deal with them by cleaning up the clutter in your home. in case your mattresses in a special bedbug cover. regularly wash and dry your clothes. [ inaudible ] >> wow. i feel itchy just thinking about it. if your home, your school is i fested. you may need to hire a professional to help. the agency says you do not want to use a professional that just sprays a bunch of chemicals around your home. you're looking for
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called integrated peand less toxic chemicals to control those bugs. >> thank you. it's worth reminding people if you're throwing out the mattresses and furniture to get rid of the bedbugs you really need to slash or destroy is in some way so that someone else doesn't take it home and get infested. the pilot of a small airplane is being treated for injuries he received in a crash today. the plane went down this morning in fort washington, maryland. the pilot was able to walk away from the scene. we'll learn more about the pilot and the crash coming up at 5:30. we're tracking a yellow weather alert. it could make for a wet commute tomorrow morning. it's warmer though; right? topper shutt with the details. >> kind of a soft weather alert. some could argue with temps in the 60s who cares if we have showers. i'm in that camp, really.
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for impacts. wet commute, low to moderate. best chance will be north of town. hagerstown, cumberland. i think that's a low risk. record highs, i threw that in there. that's a high impact. lunchtime showers, just low. might be able to take lunch outside tomorrow, that's how nice it's going to be. record highs are in jeopardy. some of these are going to fall. 65 record high tomorrow at dulles set back in 2009. 64 is the record high in national, downtown. 1887. also 2008. and 64 is the record high in baltimore. all of those are in jeopardy. warm today, record high was 74. tomorrow is sort of low hanging fruit, if you will. 6:00 in the morning. most of the showers north. a lot of clouds, but not a bad commute if you're coming up from the south. dc to gaithersburg. upper 40s to 50s. by 10:00, most of the showers confined right along the maryland, pa border. by noon we're talking
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temps near 60. by 3:30 we're talking about temperatures at 66 degrees. that would be a record high tomorrow. notice the arrow. generally a south-southwest wind tomorrow. it's going to be screaming too late in the afternoon. we'll talk about how strong the winds can get tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. and we'll talk about, can't be lulled into a false sense of security. when some snow could fly later in the week. dc police want to know who killed a teenager in northeast. 17-year-old derronn stove was found shot last night. he was rushed to the hospital but doctors weren't able to save him. no word on a motive or suspect in the killings. president trump is facing criticism after he praised russian president vladimir putin. told the commander in chief that putin is quote, a killer. president trump went on to say america killed a lot of people
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>> putin's a killer. >> a lot we g a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? >> i don't think there's any equivalency between the way the russians conduct themselves and the way the united states does. >> russia is demanding an apology from fox news and host bill o'reilly for calling president putin a killer. president trump received a warm reception today in florida. the commander in chief received a briefing from the u.s. central command and the u.s. special operations command. in his remarks the president said the u.s. strongly supports nato but he criticized some members for not paying their fair share. repairs are needed at a movie theater in fairfax after a car crashed through the front door. sky 9 over the scene of the university mall. the crash happened about 11:30 this morning. the driver suffered a minor injury. it's unclear what caused that crash in the first place. the departure date ha
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set for bao bao. the move is part of a long standing agreement. cubs born in the u.s. have got to go back to china around the age of 4 and be made available for breeding programs. some egg-citing news from southwest. >> you really sold that. >> liberty and justice, two bald eagles are taking care of one egg in their nest and a second one could be on the way. the progress is being monitored by the oldest eagle cam in washington. liberty and justice have been raising young for 11 years. their nest is 100 feet up in an oak tree on the grounds of the police academy. >> that old eagle cam we've been watching for a while, that's just an old cam. this is the been there for a while cam. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 00
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back. i mean his locker. but it's gone. why police are involved in the disappearance of tom brady's jersey. >> probably follow the smell; right? i don't know. why brady dedicated last night's game to his mother. the super bowl ads that still have social media buzzing tonight. we'll look at those. plus you heard topper say there could be a little snow flake flying later this week. he'll tell you all about it. >> i think that's more of just his wishful thinking. as we head into break on this sixth day of black history month we bring you a scientist and mathematician credited with helping design the blueprints for washington, d.c.
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last night's super bowl was one for the 31 records were broken or tied during that thrilling game. most of them by tom brady and the patriots. the pats came back to win the first ever super bowl that went into overtime. it is the fifth super bowl title for brady. the cops are on the horn to find tom brady's super bowl football jersey. >> who does that? it was in a locker room last night in houston, texas. lieutenant governor dan patrick has asked the texas rangers to join houston police in the search. now patrick says the jersey will likely go to the hall of fame some day and it's impot rtanthat history does not record it was stolen in texas. >> too late. it's gone. tom brady's victory took on even more poignancy. he did it in front
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this was just the second one she's been able to year because she's undergoing chemotherapy and radiation while battling cancer. brady told reporters he was playing it for his mom. while all the talk today is about the comeback, the super bowl commercials do have people chatting. >> not that much. they really -- >> compared to past years. >> several advertisers didn't shy away from politics. more on some of the most talked about commercials of the night. >> the most controversial commercial of the night goes to construction company 84lumber. the spot features a spanish speaking mother and daughter who leave their home and walk for days to reach the u.s. at the end the pair discover a border wall and then a door. the message after the door opens, the will to succeed a
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the original version was banned by x being too political. >> welcome to america. >> budweiser's super bowl ad shared the story of its founder who immigrated from germany and his pursuit of the american dream. there was humor too. >> with star melissa mccarthy playing an ecowarrior. hena daniels, cbs news. >> shelled out $5 million for 30 second commercials. the total spending on ads was expected to be $385 million. we weren't really blown away. >> they weren't blow you away like in years past when you're really talking about it. >> i got something going on facebook. you guys can continue the conversation. the overtime yesterday, you know, i would have liked to have seen atlanta
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possession. i can't imagine what patriots fans had they made that comeback, lost the coin toss, had atlanta go down and march and score a touchdown, game over. >> that's how the rules are. that's how the rules work. >> rules can change, you know. >> but not in the middle of a game. >> i'm saying going forward after all those 16 games. i get the rule. rules are fine in regular season. man, the most important game -- falcons have never won a super bowl. anyway. just food for thought. let me know what you think. three degree guarantee. little concerned today. might see a few more clouds. we'll see. we went 55 for a high. let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. now a live look outside. it is our live michael and son weather cam. temperature right now, 57. that's okay. dew points in the mid30s. remember last week they were in the teens. end of the week, moving in and out. opposite. we'll see warmerr
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so clouds move milder. bus stop temperatures, 38 to 50. yellow weather alert tuesday. wet tomorrow for some. not for all. record warmth. 10:00 tonight, clouds on our doorstep. look at the temps. upper 40s. pretty much, pretty strong south wind. by 5:30, 6:00. some showers developing west of town. i really feel i-81 west, you can have a much better chance of having a wet commute. by 9:00, okay, couple sprinkles. nothing really heavy. 51 downtown. by lunchtime there'll be some breaks in the
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62 at 1:00 tomorrow. by 6:00 p.m., we're 65. that would be good enough for a record high. when you walk the dog, probably don't even need a jacket. winds will be an issue. don't see anything terribly damaging. by noon tomorrow, gusts up to 24 miles per hour. potentially from the south- southwest. which is a warm -- in fact, one reason we'll get into the 60s tomorrow and again on wednesday. increasing cloudiness late. a breezy, milder. only 38 to 48. winds southwest 10 to 15. by morning, yes, there'll be showers around. not everyone is going to have a wet commute. 38 to 62. that's crazy. by afternoon, mostly cloudy, windy. record warmth and
5:20 pm
high temps around 65. 49 to start. maybe a shower early. mainly north and west of town. peeks of sun. 62 by 1:00. temps fall on wednesday. just looked at new guidance. wish we were in heartford or boston or new york. the storm may develop and intensify. that'll leave us with morning snow showers and that's it. look what happens. near 60 on saturday. upper 50s next monday. >> we can arrange to sent you to hartford or providence. celebrating a milestone for queen elizabeth. how the monarch made history today. >> the blue chip company joining the fight against president trump's immigration and travel ban.
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the moment that meteor appears to have shot across the sky. people reportedly heard loud bangs. google, apple, facebook along with nearly 100 tech companies have signed a legal brief condemning president trump's recent immigration and travel ban. they say the order makes it harder to compete in the international market place. nissan is recalling altima vehicles. the doors of the car can open if the back window is lowered. it impacts those manufactured from 2015 to 2017. strong sales gave hasbro a boost in 2016. earnings were up thanks to cinderella and board games. the
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dolls after winning the contracts from mattel. you're at greater risk if your parents have suffered from heart disease. our friend and fellow news correspondent tells us how his life changed after losing his loved ones. >> my dad died when i was 18 months old. he was working at the bottom of the driveway and he collapsed he left behind five kids. my mom who had a hard time dealing with it my brother died in his 50s of a heart attack. so i've always paid attention and so far -- [ unintelligible ] --
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risk screenings. you can get free blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. february 8th in virginia we'll be partnering with inova urgent care. those screenings will take place from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. for those of you in dc we'll hold screenings later in the month. straight ahead, how a dog left outside in freezing temperatures inspired legislation to keep other animals safe. angel on the airplane. a flight attendant explains how she saved a teenager from human trafficking. right after the break, new details on a plane that made a hard landing in prince george's county.
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a pilot is recovering after his plane crashed in prince george's county. this happened near potomac airfield in fort washington, maryland. >> steveny gailhard is live at the airport. that's where he took off from? >> reporter: exactly. he took off from the runway right here. he didn't get very far. the engine quit and he was forced to make an
5:30 pm
crash landing in a remote field about two miles from here. >> i could hear it from my window. >> what this neighbor heard next was shocking. >> you could hear it shut off and turn. turned funny, actually. >> reporter: the plane came through there, took off tree tops and crashed into the hillside here. the pilot is lucky to be alive. the front end of the plane collapsed like an accordian. >> he contacted 911 and gave us the information that we needed. some landmarks that help us identify where he was. >> still first responders had a difficult time finding the 64- year-old pilot. the piper saratoga went down in a remote field. >> he was calm. he was alert, oriented, calm. very matter of fact about occurred. he just wanted to get out of here. >> reporter: medics took the pilot to prince george's hospital center. he has a head and chest injury but is going
5:31 pm
the pilot's windshield didn't break but the passenger side windshield shattered. that's exactly where the pilot's wife would have been sitting but at the last minute she backed out of this trip because of a sick grandchild. reporting live tonight in prince george's county, stephanie gailhard, wusa9. >> usually these stories turn out to be a lot worse. very lucky here. thank you. an investigation is underway to determine what caused the plane to lose power. a dc council member is hoping to bring attention to the need to protect animals from extreme weather. legislation introduced by ward four councilman brandon todd would establish temporary protections for dogs left out in the bitter cold. this is referred by some asthma ma's law. mama is the name of the pit bull left outdoors in very cold temperatures in
5:32 pm
outrage about the inhumane treatment of animals. a boxer from prince george's county who made international headlines for his stellar performance during the summer olympics is getting ready to go pro. gary russell came up short in his quest for the gold medal in rio. now it appears he will make his professional debut at the many, gm national harbor in march. that's according to a social media post. russell is expected to be on the undercard. two of his brothers, also named gary, will be fighting that day. they might be the last line of defense against human traffickers. in a story being shared around the country, a flight attendant explains how she saved a teenage girl sever several years ago. she knew something wasn't right. >> he was well dress. that's what got me. why is he well-dressed and she is looking all disheveled and out of sorts, you
5:33 pm
>> the man wouldn't let the girl talk to frederick. the flight attendant kept at it. she left a note in the bathroom for the girl who left a note saying she needed help. the man was arrested for human trafficking. here now are warning signs. someone who appears to be being controlled or maybe bruised and battered. or someone who won't answer questions or make eye contact. >> let's hope more people can be as proactive. queen elizabeth became the first british monarch to spend 65 years on the throne. >> the queen is marking her sapphire jubilee with modest plans. >> even a though key sapphire jubilee comes with a little pomp and circumstance when you're the queen of england. she chose to spend
5:34 pm
privately. on sunday well wishers presented her with flowers after a church service. royal watchers say it's a milestone in british history. >> it will be marked, i think in various quiet and subtle ways. but it is a remarkable achievement. and she really is the best example of somebody, why people shouldn't retire. >> reporter: elizabeth became queen at just 25 years old after her father king george vi died of lung cancer in in 1952. now 90 the great grandmother has worked with more than a dozen british prime ministers, beginning with winston churchill. and is head of state in the uk and 15 commonwealth countries. queen elizabeth is the world's oldest and longest serving living monarch. after all these years she still draws a big crowd. >> i've got a lot of respect. she's 90 years old and still works most days. >> whenever we have a crisis we know she's there and she will always be the same. >> reporter: in commemoration
5:35 pm
released a portrait of her majesty wearing sapphire gem stones, a gift from her father that's fit for a queen. >> now the queen came down with a bad cold over christmas but she bounced back. royal watchers say she's in even better shape than her mother who lived to be 101. george abbott held on to a hyundai suv for five nights and six days. >> and you won a car! >> he's not letting go of it now. the federal worker from springfield won the tucson at the washington auto show on sunday. then we found out about his story. he tells show organizers he's slowly losing his eyesight and he's not going to be able to drive that car at all at some point. before that happens he's taking his dad,
5:36 pm
on a cross country road trip. can iwith one another. a fun trip. holding on to that car for five days. >> that is a feat in itself. >> determination. trending now, why the annual white house correspondents dinner might be in jeopardy. >> white house press secretary responds to melissa mccarthy's impression of him on saturday night live. check out these forecasted high temps for tomorrow. 67 downtown. 66 in gaithersburg. 68 in leesburg. there'll be some 70s tomorrow. we'll talk about two days of warmth and maybe record highs and then the possibility of winter returning by late in the week.
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whenever you can use the podium at a press conference as a weapon, that's going to be trending. facebook has been buzzing all weekend long about this saturday night live sketch. melissa mccarthy doing her best impression of sean spicer. >> does anybody else have any
5:40 pm
questions? >> yeah, journal, are you okay? >> you cannot come at me like that. i'll put you in the corner with cnn. >> we're not fake news! >> even spicer said he thought the skit was funny. the press secretary thought mccarthy could have dialed it back a bit. he thinks alec baldwin's impression of the president has gone from funny to just mean. there are calls calling for a boycott. the annual event brings journalists, politicians and news makers together. why wouldn't you want to just put them in a room and hang out. samantha bee is
5:41 pm
alternative event. as long as the people are entertained. in oregon a pot bellied pig that has been eluding police for months has been captured. >> police in the town of forest grove posted a picture of piggy smalls. alias, notorious. >> notorious. >> we don't know if he raps or snorts but he's been harassing neighborhood residents and eluding police since november. police intend to release him into the custody of animal rescue outside. adorable video now of an animal that will likely grow up to be more dangerous than piggy smalls there. this roy rhino was born last week at a
5:42 pm
racute now. then they turn into beastly killers. one of 49 rhinoceroses. whatever. born in the safari since it was established. the flight landed five minutes ahead of schedule. 16 hours and 32 minutes. >> nope. >> 16 hours and 32 minutes. that's 10 different time zones. four different pilots and a cabin crew served up 1,100 cups of tea and coffee. >> that doesn't make any sense. why would you want to stay awake for that be. >> maybe they had a party. >> if they had a party they'd have been drinking something else. it es
5:43 pm
crooks to gain access to your personal information. >> they had social security card, driver's license, wife's maiden name, all that stuff. >> it's crazy. but identity theft is on the rise and we're going to tell you how tote pro
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
by now most of us have those chip-based credit cards. it is forcing con artists to change their tactics. the recent study says more than 15 million americans had their personal and financial information stolen last year. that's up 16% from 2015. here's dana jacobson. >> there's nothing i could have done to stop it. it was the bank -- >> reporter: mark found out that hackers had taken over his bank account when he got a series of e-mail notifications that his online i.d. and password had been changed. the thieves used personal details he believes were stolen when the office of personnel management was breached in 2015. >> had all my pedigree information. social security card, driver's license, wife's maiden name, all that stuff. they couldn't pass th
5:47 pm
password. >> reporter: hackers drained his bank account children's savings accounts in under 45 minutes. his bank, usaa told cbs news while they can't talk about any particular case, quote, we have extensive security measures in place. we regret we got prevent all fraud from occurring. >> online is now the new battleground to protect consumers. >> reporter: working on creating more secure technology. it generates a unique code for each transaction. >> it's on apple pay, master pass. this technology, if if someone gets a hand on that scrambled card information, it's useless. >> biometrics like thumbprints will eventually replace passwords and make purchases more secure. >> you're shopping online. >> mastercard is at work on identity check or selfie pay, a way to check out using your phone's
5:48 pm
could be feure. >> mark has changed his phone number, passwords and put a freeze on his credit. over the weekend his bank allowed him to regain access to his accounts and funds. now to prevent fraud, experts recommend consumers use mobile or e wallets, sign you for two factor authentication, monitor transactions, add account alerts and be careful about how much you share on social media and who you share it with. our very own service dog in training is saying good-bye. >> he's off to serve his mission to help a wounded warrior enjoy a better life. it's been almost two years since andrea took on the role of dog mom helping to train him. they've been on assignments together at the white house, the capitol, crime scenes. this ray of yellow lab sunshine has made working at wusa9 that much happier. join us
5:49 pm
say our final farewells. people in the seattle, tacoma, washington area are not used to this kind of snow. these folks are loving this blast of heavy snow from over the weekend it continued on monday. the things that normally happen when it snows all happen there. the sled rides, people helping stuck drivers. if you had a four wheel drive vehicle you got more than a chance to use it. we say this over and over again. when they have snow in seattle, washington we don't do well here in washington. that's just the way it works. that's not their first snow. portland and seattle have had a lot of snow this year. live look outside. live michael and son weather cam. it's still 57 degrees right now. winds out of the south today. they'll pick up tonight and really pick up tomorrow afternoon. clouds will move in tonight. it'll stay milder. bus stop temperatures, 38 to 50. that's nice. slight chance of a shower. better chance gaithersburg, leesburg, north and west. yellow weather alert tomo
5:50 pm
morning commute will be wet for some but not all. we'll have record warmth tomorrow. no doubt about that. i think the record highs in the mid60s are going to fall. they're in jeopardy. tonight on future cast, notice the air. southerly wind. 49 downtown. even 47 in hagerstown. by early morning, again, most of the showers west of town, cumberland, romney, west of i- 81. temperatures still 49 downtown. a few showers roll through. mainly north of i-66. north of 50. just pale, light green. temperatures 51 downtown. look what happens. by lunchtime, clouds linger. there'll be some breaks for folks along i-81. temps in the 60s. 60 in cumberland. 63 in la plata. i thk you're going to hit 70 in fredericksburg. by 6:00 p.m., southerly winds continue. 65 downtown. breaks in the
5:51 pm
now. in fact, shers will fall. most of the activity will be wednesday night into thursday. 10:30 tomorrow night, 61. so we're looking at like april temperatures here. this is crazy. 62 in leesburg. couple of sprinkles out in the mountains. that is about it. winds will pick up tomorrow. thankfully it will be a warm wind. so this is a forecast, 24 mile- per-hour wind gust possible tomorrow at noon. downtown, 26 in fredericksburg. then by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, about 24 hours from now, 36 mile-per-hour wind gust downtown. leesburg and martinsburg. winds will pick up tomorrow in the afternoon and evening. again, at least it's a warm wind. so 50 to start. maybe a sprinkle or shower. then just some clouds and sun at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 62 by 1:00 p.m. so wednesday, temps fall in the afternoon. but still they start 68. then fa
5:52 pm
a few showers, not that much. most of the activity will be thursday. rain or snow possible. temperature about 44. that's a midnight temperature. it'll be colder during the day. with sunshine on friday, a cold finish to the week. low 40s. doesn't last long. back to near 60 on saturday. 65 on sunday with a few showers and still hanging in the upper 50s next monday. how about this, they've won seven in a row and nine out of their last ten games. well tonight your washington wizards are sitting on top of the southeast division but they're gointo have their hands full as they take on lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. frank hanrahan with more. >> wizards all star guard john wall said this is the biggest regular season game in his career. wizards taking on the cleveland cavaliers tonight at verizon center. wizards arguably the hottest team in the nba right now.
5:53 pm
games. they put that 17 game home e li tonight. cleveland defending champions and had the best player on the planet in lebron james. the wizards look like a contender in the east. a solid test for them this evening. inside the paint, i'm frank hanrahan. we caught up with lebron james earlier today during the practice and shoot around. his thoughts on the patriots super bowl win coming up. one more super bowl nugget here, people in florida and possibly others received this edition of the boston globe. oh. the headline says a bitter end with tom brady collapsed on to the field after throwing a pick six. that was the early edition of the paper, assuming that the patriots were going to lose. it does mention that the game wasn't over. of course the next version of the paper reflected the final score and the proper outcome. somebody had to have woken up and seen that this morning. their ow
5:54 pm
moment in the paper. >> i think all is forgiven though because the team won. we're going to pivot just a little bit at 6:00. a college student from our area is being remembered for his selfless acts after being killed in a fight off campus. up next, characters from a galaxy far, far away surprising a young star wars fan at the airport. at 6:30 on the cbs eke news with scott pelley. a look at the political tone taken by this year's super bowl
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the force must be with a 10- year-old boy who wasn't supposed to make it to the age of one. beau chance suffers from a rare life threatening illness that caused his intestines no the to work properly. this weekend just as beau and his family were about to get on a flight the michigan boy got a surprise greeting from a galaxy far, far away. >> reporter: 30 students making sure beau felt the force. as beau and his family made their way to their gates, an announcement was made. >> southwest airlines friends and our passengers here at
5:58 pm
gerald r. ford international airport, we have a special arrival. it is the star transporter has actually just landed in grand rapids. >> at that moment through the jetway door they walked out out one by one. straight from a galaxy far, far away. >> it was an incredible surprise. so touching to me. we've never really experienced this kind of support in such a public way. it's been amazing. >> reporter: beau had a chance to mingle with each character. even got to engage in a light saber duel. >> real kodak moment. >> yes. >> reporter: make a wish michigan is sending beau and his family on an all expenses paid trip on a disney cruise. hanging out with star wars characters isn't a bad way
5:59 pm
>> have a little quiet time. come boosting in. do something -- [ unintelligible ] >> fantastic for that boy. to top it all off, luke skywalker himself sent beau a message. actor mark hamill tweeted, all my best wishes to beau, the force is with you and will be always. right now at 6:00, the legal battle over president trump's executive order on immigration escalates. a justice department brief calling for the lifting of a temporary restraining order on that travel ban is due within the hour. good evening, i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson. it appears more likely this evening that the u.s. supreme court may eventually decide the fate of president donald trump's executive order on immigration. the justice de
6:00 pm
to reverse a ruling that's and refugees from seven predominantly muslim countries to once again enter the u.s. >> reporter: inside this federal appellate court, hundreds of pages of legal briefs were filed overnight. lawyers for washington state and minnesota say allowing president trump's travel ban to resume will bring more chaos to the nation's airports. they submitted arguments early this morning. the justice department has a deadline of later today to file its response. >> we need strong programs so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. >> reporter: three federal judges from phoenix, hawaii and san francisco will discuss the arguments on a conference call. the court already denied a federal request to overturn friday's ruling by a seattle judge that temporarily halted travelers from seven


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