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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 8, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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emergency after tornados strike leaving behind miles of destruction. mr. president, i am surprised that the words of coretta scott king are not suitable for debate in the united states senate. >> senator elizabeth warren is told to take her seat during her speech opposing attorney general
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nominee jeff sessions and in limbo, the fate of president trump's travel ban is now in the hands of three appeal escort justices. good morning from the studio 57 news room at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anna ree green. a state of emergency remains in effect for louisiana. which is working to recover from a string of tornados that barrelled through the southeast corner of the state. east new orleans was hit hard. in all about 20 people were injured, some of them seriously. dozens of homes and other businesses were destroyed and power was knocked out to about 10,000 customers. don champion has our report. >> clean up is under way in southern louisiana after several tornados touched down tuesday afternoon. >> we have, you know, something for the terrible blow in the city of new orleans. >> the ninth ward of new orleans which suffered extensive damage during hurricane katrina was h
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>> it's devastating. a lot of families that lost everything that they have. >> cheryl mcbride took refuge in her bathtub just before the twister tore apart her east new orleans home. >> it's two down. the roof came off. things started flying. i just asked jesus to cover me, don't let me get hurt. the next thing you know, here we are. >> the tornado ripped through neighbors, snapped tree trunks and toppled power lines. a surveillance camera captured video of a roof flying through the air and an 18 wheeler flipping to its side. governor john bell edwards urged people to stay out of new orleans. >> this is not a time to sight see in this area. we just torn it and it's very dangerous. >> he's sent in the national guard. another tornado we want swept through the town of killian just to the north. >> i heard a train. and that's true what they say. it is a train.. and when it came through, all i could see was trees and debris just fin
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lost electricity. the storm system threatened alabama and mississippi. don champion, cbs news. flood warnings and watches remain in effect for parts of california this morning. days of heavy rains flooded california's wine country. the water covered roads and fields and in some areas entire towns were flooded. this was the third major storm series to hit the state since the beginning of the year. to the trump presidency now, this morning, the administration is fighting battles on several fronts. there's the blockage of the president's travel ban playing out in a federal appeal escort. more on that in a moment, but for the second straight night, the contentious fight over the president's cabinet played out on the senate floor. this time democrats took aim at jeff sessions. mr. trump's pick for attorney general. in a rare act, senators moved to silence one of their own, senator elizabeth warren. during her remarks last night, warren readm
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written by coretta scott king back in 1896 urging sessions -- but republicans took offense. first warren was warned. then mitch mcconnell invoked a little known rule to stop her. >> senators impugn the conduct of our colleague from alabama as worn by the chair. senator sessions has used the awesome powers to free exercise of the vote by black citizens. mr. president, i am surprised that the words of coretta scott king are not suitable for debate in the united states senate. i ask leave of the senate to continue my remarks. >> is there objection? >> object. >> i appeal the ruling. >> objection is heard. the senator will take her seat. >> democrats are outraged. warren is now barred from
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until the fight over sessions is over. now to president trump's travel and immigration ban. the ninth circuit court of appeals says it will rule following the contentious hearing. >> good morning, ann marie. president trump's immigration and travel ban remains in limbo this morning as a federal appeal escort in san francisco considers whether or not to reinstate it. after hearing from attorneys representing washington state, minnesota and the justice department yesterday, the court is now working to get a decision out quickly. the hour-long hearing conducted by phone in a san francisco appeal escort is the most significant legal battle yet over president trump's travel ban. >> the president's determination that a 90-day pause was needed was plainly constitutional. >> a three-judge panel peppered the attorney for the department of justice with questions as he pressed to have the order barring refugees and citizens of
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reinstated. at one point, the judges asked for more evidence. >> there have been nab of people connected to al shabab who have been conduct in the united states. >> is that in the record? can you point to us in the record where you're referring? >> it is fought in the record. >> having already argued the case before, attorneys representing the state fighting the ban were at an advantage. >> he had students and faculty at our state universities who are stranded overseas. we have families twe separated. we had -- we had longtime residents who could not travel overseas to visit their families without knowing that they would be able to come back. >> last week, this family fleeing syria and living in a turkish refugee camp was denied entry into the u.s. but were allowed in on monday due to the halt in the executive order. >> this is the country of dreams and this is where they will rebuild their lives. >>
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he's willing to take the legal fight all the way to the supreme court. >> the hearing was live streamed on several social media news outlets. it's likely the number of listeners topped 1 million. ann marie. >> hena daniels, thank you. president trump and the president of turkey reportedly agreed in a late night phone call to work together to fight isis in syria. isis controls several syrian towns. mr. trump and president erdogan discussed the refugee crisis and a possible safe zone in syria. cia director miem pompeo will visit turkey tomorrow. a setback for president trump's fight against terrorism, yemen says the u.s. can no longer run special operations ground missions in the country. the suspension of commando operations follows last month's commando raid which resulted in a deadly fire fight. children were killed as well as a member of u.s.
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six william owens. betsy devos was sworn in as the nation's education secretary. >> so help had me god. >> the vote in the senate was 50/50. that required vice president mike pence to cast the deciding vote. the first time that has ever had to happen for cabinet apintment. president trump's nominee to the supreme court, judge neil gorsuch continues to make the rounds on capitol hill. gorsuch met with chuck schumer yesterday. he described gorsuch as very bright and capable, but said he has concerns. schumer did not say if he would oppose gorsuch's nomination. the sanding rock sioux says they will not stop fighting the day
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the tribe says it will challenge the decision in court. the tribe fears the pipeline will contaminate the drinking water for the reservation. seattle will pull $3 billion from wells fargo because the bank backed the dakota pipeline. the city voted unanimously yesterday to divest securities and stop all new investments for three years. the bank says it is one of 17 lenders financing the projects. coming up on the morning news, the return to the back. a transgender boy returns to the boy scouts after forcing the group to change its policy. and a former president enjoys some island time. this is the cbs morning news. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook.
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skillfully kite surfing. not so easy to say. recently in the british virgin islands while vacationing with richard branson. the billionaire and the former president competed to see who could stay upright longe and branson says obama won easily. already looks ten years younger, right? former vice president joe biden, though, is going back to school. and a transgender boy returns to his boy scout pack. those are some of the headlines. the philadelphia inquirer reports joe biden will start new roles at penn and the university of delaware. he also lead classes based on diplomacy issues. the "new york times" says first lady melania trump's $150 million lawsuit against a british tabloid raises conflict of interest issues. the court papers claim "the daily mail" cost her a unique chance to makeil
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business. the paper reported and then retracted rumors that she had once worked as an escort. she denies it. a spokesperson for mrs. trump says she was not trying to make money from her role as first lady. the record of new jersey covers the return of a 9-year-old syracuse boy to scouting. joe moldenado was dropped from his cub pack last year because he is transgender. but the boy scouts of america reversed its policy due to protests in part to joe's conclusion. twitter war, repeat offenders will be blocked from creating new accounts. stopping personal attacks is a top priority for the message service. still ahead, pulling the plug on cyber bullying. advice for kids and parents on how to stop online harassment at a time when children are so connected to their devices. attorneys ve you can talk to through legalzoom.
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for free after he saw a tv report showing her being pestered. the woman says she's allergic, but could not afford the service. he got to keep the honey, of course. it's only fair. on the cbs money watch, guilty pleas over defective air bags and a look at apple's new spaceship. joe jill has more with that. >> good morning. the price of oil slipped again and so did energy stocks. overall, though, the dow gained 37 points. the s&p added half a point. the nasdaq finished ten points higher at a new record high close. japanese auto partsmaker takata will plead guilty in court to settle the world's largest ever recall. last month, takata agreed to the guilty plea, including payment of a $1 billion settlement. prosecutors say takata hid a defect that resulted in the recall of
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worldwide. 11 deaths are blamed on those faulty air bags. ford revealed its redesigned version of its biggest suv, the expedition. it has an aluminum body, grows 3 inches in its wheel base. it will be powered by a v-6 engine. overall, sales of full size suvs were up by 22% in 2016. and we're get ago better look at apple's new headquarters. formerly known as apple campus 2, the silicon valley building will hold up to 14,000 employees. the main building makes use of a very large piece of curved glass. apple unveiled the design in 2011. the building is expected to be finished in the spring. very cool. >> so i read even the toilets are similar to the iphone design. >> i don't even know what that would look like. m
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>> i'm impressed. >> but i feel like you need to start working on maybe a media tour or something like that. we need to know. >> behind the scenes, you goit the. >> jill wagner, thank you so much. still ahead, out of gas. burglars at a gas station try to smash their way in, but run into a bit of resistance. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella- spread the happy! every wonder why they leave? the abuse... the mistreatment... the humiliation... it's time to treat them better. introducting tide pods plus downy. treat all your clothes better with tide pods plus downy. if it's got to be clean it's got to be tide.
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ no, you're never gonna get it never, never gonna get it ♪ >> two would-be florida burglars may not be that bright, but they knew when they were licked. security video shows them trying repeatedly but failing to break the glass door of
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station. police are hunting for the pair. advocates for children's safety say mobile devices are making it easier for cyber bullies to target vulnerable kids. craig finds out what with parents can do to fight internet predators. >> 18-year-old brandie was tormented by kids in her texas city school for a year and a half. her parents and police tried to help her, but vella took her own life right before thanksgiving. >> i want to see these people locked up. i hope they get what they deserve because i didn't deserve this. >> 0% of bullying cases involve instant messenger services, 30% on social networking sites and 20% while playing online games. >> we want to make sure kids are staying safe while they're online. >> parents used to keep the computer in the living room, but not the computer is in the child's pocket. so it's in the b
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everywhere they're going. >> walsh's brother, adam, was kidnapped and murdered in 1981. since then, their father, john walsh has dedicated his life to helping kids stay safe. 8 million reports were fielded last year ranging from cyber bullying, to online predators and a relatively new crime, sextortion. >> they hack an account and use it to blackmail that child for further explicit images. >> the center has created an animated safety searry toes teach young kids how to protect their privacy early. >> we try to teach kids and empower them to make smart decisions on their own. >> experts say children being bullied should not respond and tell a trusted adult, save any evidence and block the bully. in some cases, cyber bullying can be considered a crime. coming up after youroc
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right now at 4:25, hold the floor. you're looking right now at live pictures of the senate. they are pulling yet another all nighter. this time over the confirmation of senator jeff sessions to become our next attorney general. >> we are in february and going back to the 60s again. could we breakno
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it could happen but snow is also in the forecast. here we go. thank you for joining us on wake up washington. could we be using the snow stick for the first time this year? could it happen? >> in dc i don't think that the snow stick would be worthwhile. if we took the snow stick to hagerstown they will see a couple of inches if not near 6 inches. the gradient will be very sharp. meaning a lot of people further north and west would see a lot of snow. the details coming up. it's 60 degrees out there. it's quiet warm. highs today, back to near 70 degrees. possibly another day with record highs. yesterday we smashed the record. we got to 71 yesterday. our record high today is 68. that's our forecasted temperature. then within 24 hours we are going to have snow on the ground. i'll show you where the watches are coming up in just a bit. ellen, good morning. >> good morning, allyson. your still here -- you're still here. >> yeah
4:27 am
yesterday and i thought it felt like summer, the beginning of summer. >> out on the roads 95 northbound you have an accident right by route 17. a little bit north of there some construction. luckily which is the opposite way as you head southbound right as you pass by courthouse road. even further north of there, route 1 construction going on in the northbound lanes. larry. >> hell ellen, thank you. >> reporter: i'm -- ellen, thank you. >> reporter: i'm larry miller. police are asking for your help finding people caught on camera damaging vehicles on inauguration day protests. a person through a flare into a limo. another person damaged a car. if you have any information in terms of who those two people are contact police. >> reporter: the army cleared the way
4:28 am
dakota access pipeline. it will allow the pipeline to cross under a reservoir near dakota. that crossing is in the final big chunk of work on that projekts. project. the standing sioux tribe are afraid it can taint the water. the developer said the pipeline is safe. >> reporter: the department of defense is looking to seek to rent space in trump towers. it could funnel money into the president's business. they said it's needed to support the resident at his new york residence. that's a look at what is going on this morning. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you a lot, larry. last niemen -- last year at this time we were digging out of snow that was this tall. not so much to do. we may break a record high today. >> i'm jan jeffcoat along with mike hydeck. we had to bring out the measure stick. gues
4:29 am
what today is? >> wednesday. >> it's crossing guard appreciation day. >> all right. >> you know, they are out there rain or shine. allyson, today will be sunshiner tomorrow could be -- sunshine, tomorrow could be perhaps snow. >> it's going to be a big difference in 24 hours. thank you to the crossing guards. they have a lot of weather to go through. this winter has been more mild but tomorrow is not going to be comfortable. what we will deal with for today, a mild day once again. not as windy as it was last night. i can see the low pressure system starting to develop so we are tracking ing snow. there is going to be a big difference of who sees a lot of snow and your travel will be impacted versus who seeing slushy wet roads. for dc not so much. we will see a good bit of snow but a lot of it is going to melt. we have winter storm watchings for these areas in yellow. in frederick county and off to the north and west you could see 5 inches if not more of snow. it's going to start as snow and stay as snow while most areas see rain changing to snow. take a look another
4:30 am
into the mid 60s before the lunch hour and then the northwestern winds will drop our temperatures. if you look up through cumberland and hagerstown you're starting with snow and sleet. showers for leesburg, dc. this is first thing thursday morning. at 5:00, now we are changing over the snow. dc we are still at 412 -- at 42 degrees. through 7:30, still looking at snow but it's startling to wind down. so this is a morning event. coming up, totals and the impacts on the roads depending on where you are. ellen, over to you. >> we will be watching that tomorrow morning especially to see if it's going to impact your commute. this morning your commute looks good so you're. if -- looks good so far. there was an accident sudly road heading the opposite way of dc. it looks like it has cleared. there's really no delays westbound on 66. northbound on route 1 as you pass through woodbridge the left or the right lane might be closed because of construction happening there. not major back ups there. might be just a


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