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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 9, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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it is february. we're lack to reality. rain to one side and that snow is in the distance and when you wake up and head to work, there's a chance you will see it this northering. >> not just here, all over the country. some places along the east coast. as you can see here gets hammered with snow and other places down south dealing with tornadoes today. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. we're outside where it's raining. >> back to reality. this is a roller coaster ride. this will explain it for you. >> it is gorgeous out here. >> yes. that is changing dramatically
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this morning and you will notice it as we head to work today. >> we have meteorologist melissa on the road and allison, you can see temperatures from yesterday to today, it's a little chilly. >> give it another 12 hours or so and your hair will be blown in the wind and feel like 20 degrees this afternoon with the wind factored in so quite the change absolutely. saw them with the umbrella and rain showers. rain changing to snow and that transition is happening off to the west. farther south still very mild, 50 for the county. good old fashion rain and take a while there for that transition to happen. quick check of futurecast. looking at sleet to move in business 5 in the
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to snow. this is a very fast moving system. by 7:00, much of the activity off to the east and drive off for the rest of the day. however, by 5:00, still dealing with isolated snow showers. this is what we're looking at as far as timing. heaviest precip. before 6:00 a.m. through the metro spots, 5-7. after 6:00 nor areas in southern maryland and a just been uncomfortably cold. how we'll see the sharp gradient from rain to snow. where are you this morning? >>reporter: well, we've been taking the storm tracker up to 70 in maryland. really crossing into frederick county at the moment. north of clarksburg and 10 minks out of frederick. we've transitioned from all rain into a
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wet snow flakes mixing in. you can see some of the white showing up as the wet snow flakes mixing in with rain heading for the front lights of the car. still seeing wet roadways but as we continue up north toward haggers town, we expect to see more in the way of snow throughout the morning. update coming up in just a bit of how we're seeing the conditions chaining and talk more about what impact we're going to see for places in northern maryland versus places in the metro coming up in a bit. >> looked like traffic was moving okay out there for the most part. if you're in the dc area, further south from melissa, do have construction but no accidents to talk about really. construction prompts are ones you probably know about. 123 between route 50 and
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some closures. around the pentagon and washington boulevard, and down around the capital. 395 heading northbound and pass by second street north capital area, you are going right in front of the capital building, you'll slow down as you're heading north otherwise you're looking pretty good. good morning. i'm larry in the news room. because of severe weather up and down the nice, as of right now 2500 flights have been canceled. half are supposed to start in new york or boston and it'll have a ripple effect on delays and cancellations across the country. so you want to check in with your carrier before you head out this morning and download our free app. in the louisiana, the national weather service confirming that a small tornado touched grounds outside of new orleans making it the fifth twister to hit the state. about 70 homes
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severely. no reported death but five residents suffering from severe injuries. the city's major said he's not spoken with president trump about getting a federal disaster declaration. tense moments for passengers as their plane flies off the runway in idaho. many left stranded with no idea when the next flight would be available. all 47 passengers on board and crew members were able to make it out safely. quick look at headlines. back to you you. >> thank you, 50 degrees in northwest dc but rain snow mix line is encroaching on our area. melissa in upper montgomery county into frederick and seeing snow flakes mix in. parts of the northeast braces for major winter snowstorm today. that system is expected to disrupt the commute for philadelphia, boston, and
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power out ages, and flooding to some areas. >> crews loaded up sat trucks and treated roadways ahead of the biggest storm much of the northeast as seen so far this winter. >> we're ready. >> quick hitting snowstorm is threatening to bring heavy winds, flooding, and up to a foot or more of snow for the region. >> up to 3-inches an hour and will create whiteout conditions. >> people in massachusetts and main are gearing up to take the brunt of the hit. the states get 12-18-inches of snow. >> stay indoors as much as possible, dress in layers outside. hazardous travel so stay out of the roads. >>reporter: it comes a day after people in the northeast soaked up unseasonable spring like temperatures. >> whether is confusing us a bit but while it's here,
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enjoy it. >> some spent the day riding bikes and others went to stock up for other essentials for the storm. >> it was mobbed. >> the storm is forecasted to leave behind frigid temperatures as it moves out of the area by friday morning. hannah, cbs news, new york. >> a lot of schools canceled in the areas already. >> no word of closures or cancellations yet or delays but as we did mention, airlines across the northeast have canceled thousands of flights so if you're heading out this morning, check your airline. >> team coverage continues and keeping an eye on conditions throughout our area. melissa headed toward frederick and evan standing by now. >> seeing anything yet, evan? >>reporter: yeah, right now, it's very wet and way colder than yesterday. i think we were getting used to that warm weather we had but that's gone. it's col
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right now in lees burg as we're slowly making our way towards the west virginia border to take a look at conditions. don't need to be a meteorologist to look at radar and see there's snow apparently on the way and it's coming quickly towards us but for now what we're looking at is a lot of wet roads, vdot is aware that the didn't of transportation from spot virginia saying if you can, wait till it passes. if you need to go to work, obvious advice. it's wet, right now as i'm looking arnold me, just rain but definitely not the warm day we got used to yesterday. it's getting chillier out here. we'll make our way a little closer to west virginia border to give you more of an update as we go towards where that snow is apparently coming in. all right, guys, back to you. >> thank you, evan. we concur. definitely colder today
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yesterday. for all your weather re-rated concerns in our area, use the weather app. so the president will be meeting today with airline executives. american, delta, and united will be there according to the white house press secretary, this is all about focusing on jobs amid the u.s. disputes with foreign carriers. he'll discuss economic growth and job creation with the airlines ceo,s. alabama senator jeff session social security expect today be warn -- sessions is expect the to be sworn in as attorney general. west virginia democrat joe mansion joined republicans in votes yes. >> he was an enforcer on the court and apparently former new york knicks charles oakly was arrested and charged with three counts of assault after a scuffle in the stands and looks like from the video, he was arguing with knicks owner james dolan. two th
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square garden last night and oakly started heckling the owner and he was especially the courted out of the -- escorted out of the arena. >> he would not go peacefully. >> he's a big man and strong and i'm not surprised. still ahead, have you ever try today work on your abings a at museum? >> coming up, we'll show you where you can admire both while doing squats in front of a vincent van georgetown chimes part rat. it is windy, cold, and rainy but winds bringing in cold air and it'll transition to snow. we'll time it out for
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this is a yellow alert day. now t here's wusa9's weather. >> here's a look at our michael and son camera. a windy one, so you'll want to grab a couple layers, because this evening is going to be noticeably colder than it is now. and now is noticeably colder than it was yesterday. we're at 48 degrees and notice where we are already into the 30s. just wet roads for the metro. for most areas within the beltway, this is going to be a nonevent. it's a short drive up 270 where we could see some problems on secondary roads as well. still expecting a trace or so for the metro spots. it's once you head through hagerstown and over the border that the snowfall totals are going to add up. with that said, a lot of it is on grassy and elevated surfaces. the roads have been so warm for so long, it will take awhile
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4 to 8 inches for martinsburg and hagerstown. so showers continue and heavy rain at that. you see that transition starting to happen right through frederic. we saw melissa with the snow starting to melt on her windshield. here's a live look. you can see it there. we're going to go to her a little later. transition time before 6:00 for most areas west of 95. go through the future cast hour by hour and an update in just a little bit. the rain is causing problems on the roads. >> not sure if it's rain or not, but we have our first accident of the morning. not on any of your major lanes. we're seeing an accident. so, be careful. otherwise, your main interstates look fine. this is a look at the fast five. 95 in virginia, the entire week, your northbound lanes have been faster than
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stafford up to the beltway. don't forget about long-term construction areas. mike and jan. >> thank you, president trump now defending his daughter after nordstrom cut ties with her, but does that create a conflict of interest? >> we'll check that, plus, why hundreds of students are dressing up like beyonce. that's still ahead. 'j
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well, good morning, we have a yellow alert because snow is on the way. here in d.c., it's about 50 degrees. you look at the skyline there, but guess what's coming? see the radar? see the white and the blue in the upper left hand corner? that is slowly descending our way. you'll see some of it as you
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here is storm tracker 9. this is near frederic county, maryland, we also have a crew in virginia as well. and check out new york city, right outside cbs this morning: the flakes are falling and that is moving south. we will see it as the morning progresses. >> a lot to see this morning. >> donald trump says he was defending his oldest daughter on twitter when he called out nordstrom, because the department store severed ties with her. he said the retailer is treating her unfairly. >> opinions on this were mixed. >> i don't care. >> i think it's a good thing. >> i don't think she should be subject to his issues. >> mixed reactions to nordstrom's reaction they will no longer carry the ivonka trump brand. nordstrom says their decision is based purely on business and not politics. a spokesperson told us in part, we've had a great relationship with the team. we've had open conversations with them over the past year to
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ivanka was informed in early january. >> what does it have to do with her father being president? >> we found displays and racks full of ivanka trump clothing. a spokesperson says in part, we respect our customer's right to choose the brands that work for them. our customer's choices inform on what products we choose to offer. while you may find her merchandise inside the store, you won't find it on display. the parent company of tg max and marshals sent this. instructed stores to mix this line of merchandise into our rack, not to remove it from the sales floor. >> mixing politics with business, never a good thing. >> secretary spicer came to the
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>> in woodland hills, kpix5. >> you heard what sean spicer said. others called for a boycott of nordstrom. >> this is going to be interesting to see. who would not defend your daughter,. >> absolutely. it's hard, too, because when you're a dad and thinking about how this is affecting your children. >> also speaks just how complicated the business relationships are when you decide to take business and put it aside and try to run the country. it's not an easy thing to unravel. >> it's his daughter's business. if you're looking for the best job ever, this could be it. the maker of oreos and cadbury is offering chocolate taster position. the company says it is looking for someone who is capable of giving objective and honest feedback. the job is formally titled, chocolate cocoa beverage taster. that's pretty
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it is a part-time position. oh yeah, it's also all the way in england. >> that could be a plus for some people. >> it sounds good to me. all right, abs and art. the metropolitan museum of art is offering a museum workout. part performance, part workout, part tour at the same time. member pes of the company started this and they in four weeks said all of these workouts are sold out. nothing like a sweaty, smelling museum. >> as an art, my two least favorite things in the entire world, which is why mike is making fun of me. i also do not like snow. it is february, we should be seeing some snow. >> we get about two days worth of cold weather and some snow for some areas. a lot of snow is going to fall in the district, it's just going to melt. a nonevent for most people. however, not most areas. so as we head off to
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already at 34. so, not only is that going to support snow, now our roads and bridges and overpasses starting to get on the cold side. we have meteorologist, melissa in storm tracker 9 and keeping an eye on how the rain is changing to snow and how that is going to compare to the road temperatures. melissa. >> reporter: yes, allison. and road conditions and what you're going to see on the roads, especially northern maryland, highly critical to what the road temperatures are. because of that record warmth we had the last couple of days, road temperatures right now where we are moving through northern maryland, they are running around the low 40s and upper 30s. so, with that being over freezing and road crews being out, we're seeing the roads are wet. as we head from frederic towards hagerstown, we are seeing snow. that transition happened right as
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county. in terms of what we're expecting, we'll go back to the road, we are expecting some roads to become slushy and slick, but the metro area will see a huge difference. road temperatures far too warm to see any impacts on the roadways. >> and that's why we have just about a trace to an inch right through the metro. it's when you jump up in elevation that we could see some grassy surfaces start to add up with those inches. we could be measuring in inches. for most areas, this is going to be a messy, cold commute. we do see that snow transition. now it's approaching upper montgomery county and through upper parts of loudoun county. we'll have evan check in on that a little later. you'll be the last to see that transition to snow. this is a fast moving event. if you don't have to leave the house until 7:00 a.m., good for you. basically over at that point. what
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conditions and also a few lingering snow showers. this is 5:00 today, notice the temperature, 35. a couple snow squalls and it will feel in the 20s for most of the day. it's mild right now, i would dress for chilly weather tomorrow as well. afternoon temperatures, 40 for tomorrow. lighter winds for tomorrow and then we are back to near 70 degrees by sunday, ellen. >> that's so crazy. i thought when i was in my track jacket yesterday without a coat, i can't wrap my head around what is happening tomorrow with all the snow we're seeing coming in. the last time i told you about an accident, allison mentioned the wet roads. this is an area close to where we had that accident on dale boulevard, it is wet out there. you want to take some time if you're heading around this morning. show you exactly what we are talking about. right at wayne avenue, and this is the only accident
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quiet out there. you are down by the capital this morning. earlier, i mentioned some delays on 395 as you headed northbound in front of the capital. those are all gone. mike and jan, look much better. 395 near 2nd street. >> thanks a lot. 4:25. a bucket list unlike any other. >> northeast portland woman started her flag list. here is amy fraisher with her story. >> rebecca has been busy with life. her family, her young daughter, her job as a researcher. in her 20s, she was diagnosed with the same type of muscular dystrophy that has her mom in a wheelchair, where your muscles break down. >> i have no idea how much longer i will be on two full legs. >> so, she made a list. >> i call it my leg list, because it's a list of things that i want to be able to do on my own two legs, with my own gs
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>> at the top of her list. >> it's been a dream since i was little tiny person. i wanted to teach the apes sign language. that was after i wanted to be a fighter pilot, of course. >> also on her list. >> dancing at a cindy concert. >> it's really challenging to be, this one is about me. part of me hopes it's not about me and maybe somewhere, someone will hear about this and be like, i'm going to write down my list, i'm going to do this. >> i hope she gets the whole list. also trending this morning, university of texas students are channeling their own beyonce. hosted a concert concert promising students in their best queen b costumes they would get tickets to the grammys, and it was a hit. a sophomore, colin, was the winner because he recreated one
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of beyonce's photos. the one from the pregnancy shoot recently. >> it wasn't that one right there. that was it? >> okay, that must be one in a series, we saw the one where she was sitting. okay, the whole thing makes me uncomfortable. speaking of beyonce, she is now in the the middle of some legal drama. it's all about this song. ♪[ music ] >> all right, so yes, it's formation, apparently beyonce sampled work from a youtube rapper. now, his estate is seeking $20 million in damages from beyonce on behalf of the artist. this is tricky. you see an artist
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copy write infringement. all right, still ahead, something that is getting the internet fired up. comedian george lopez is telling people, okay, just get over it, it's comedy. his racially charged standup routine has twitter on fire. >> when does comedy cross the line?
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well, good morning, welcome to wakeup washington. it's 4:30 and the rain is here. it's definitely colder than it was yesterday morning. >> we're covering this lovely map right here. >> you don't want the ladies to get wet. you'll hear it for the rest of the morning. >> let's go to allyson rae, you know it's interesting, some of the rain drops are starting to turn into snow, like you mentioned. >> you are going to see that transition period, where it's the heavy rain drop, where there is a little bit of snow mixed in there. then we'll see some snow. through the metro spots, we are looking at a


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