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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tran. his number: live in fairfax, pete muntean, wusa 9. >> pete, let's hope they get what nay need. thanks so much. learning about a bizarre and terrifying tragedy tonight. said motor of a machine -- mother of a van run over by an suv. stephanie gailhard is live in upper marlboro to share a story of heartbreak. >> reporter: les li, the victim's -- leslie, the victim's mother tells she she was picking her friend up. when she noticed an suv was following them. she said her friend recognized the young woman in the passenger's department. she says her son got out of the vehicle. and that's when all of this took a tragic turn. >> all i heard him say was, hey, look. what's going on? is everything okay? is everything good? anat's all i heard him say.
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moves -- you can hear the car hitting him and pulled away. he falls to the ground. this guy backed up and then runs over his body. runs over his body. >> shareena jones' heart was crushed. nathaniel kinon was her only son, 21 years old. >> reporter: how could dow this -- could you do this to my baby. >> three threw me on the ground -- he threw me on the ground. >> jones said that daughter had a fight the night before. and police arrested them. >> my son did not have anything to do with that. >> she tells me, the three of them were friends. she believes the case of mistaken identity is to blame for her son's death. >> he might have thought it was
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my son -- but his intent was to hurt somebody. >> officers found an assault rifle on navan -- nathaniel kinon. >> it was a long assault rifle, from here to here. so my son could not have pulled that out on that person to shoot him, by no meaning. >> -- means. >> police continue to investigate and jones wants justice. >> to see your son killed in front of your own eyes is the worst thing that could happen to a mother. >> reporter: she says her son was a fleet manager. had no major run-ins with the law, was dependable, friendly and caring. reporting live, i'm stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. detees
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with the state's attorney's office to determine if there will be any potential charges in this case. >> as questions swirl around the resignation of attorney general michael flynn. we want to know what you think. should congress look into the circumstances behind michael flynn's resignation. voting is easy, just pick up your phone gto or go to our mobile app and click on the vote button. they said he was forced to resign because he had lost the trust of president trump. the move comes after flynn acknowledged he misled the administration about his contact with the russian ambassador. at issue was whether the two discussed sanks imposed by the obama administration. after maintaining that they didn't, flynn later admitted that they did. >> the level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded
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he felt he had to make a change. >> democrats are calling into a full investigation into exactly what general flynn said to the russian ambassador, and why it took the white house so long to fire him. general keith kellogg has been maimed -- named the interim acting adviser. a new hurdle for a travel ban. a federal judge in virginia added another judicial ruling for those already in place, challenging the constitutionality of a federal appeals court order. a cal court also turned back. ban. president obama brought joseph clancy back into the service from the private sector back in late 2013. but clancy said it's time to retire for good now. he alerted the white house of his plans to step down next week. march 4th will be his last
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country's tallest dam in california. we've just learned that 200,000 people are being allowed to return home. but they are being urged to stay prepared. blackhawk helicopters are being used to air-lift boulders into that emergency spillway in oroville, california. and the work is taking on more urgency because rain is forecast for later this week in northern california. so far, the news is good. officials say the water is dropping about 8 feet a day. a lot of people are going to be hitting for dinner. chief meteorologist topper shutt says the weather is going to cooperate, too. >> it will, it will be chilly. but not that crazy cold. i think a coat is a good idea. here's a look at your evening planner. 44 at 6:00. temps kind of hold steady as we go through the next four or five hours. so just kind of chilly. now, let's talk about what is ahead. it's going to get colder briefly. then it's go
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51 tomorrow. now, lower that temperature, 43 on thursday. kind of a blustery day. but then we're back up to 50 on friday. and look at this. we're 60 on saturday. yeah, we're in the low 60s on sunday. slight chance of a sprinkle on sunday. but for the most part, the weekend looks dry. a little different scenario than last weekend. so after a brief cooldown tomorrow and thursday, get ready for the low 60s for the weekend. we'll come back and talk about the winds and when they'll return. and we'll tell you how strong they're going to be. >> traffic is moving through frederick, maryland. sky 9 here over the scene earlier today. where the driver lost control of a big rig in northbound lanes of route 15 the cab came to rest down 7th street. look at that mess. the crash caused significant backups while crews removed the wreckage and cleaned up
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fuel that got spilled. results are in from an internal audit to determine how montgomery county reacted to the natural gas explosion and fire at the flower branch apartments last year. the county council found some of the victims were not able to get help because. lack of spanish interpreters. montgomery county's office of emergency management and homeland security is now leading an effort to draft a permanent emergency fund. just in time for valentine's day, comes the story here of the cecil county prosecutor, who was sentenced today for a very public show of affection. >> yeah. edward rollins was arrested this summer on indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. prosecutor says he was having sex with his wife and committing other acts in front of a sliding glass door. rowlings
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sentence today and probation. and he resigned yesterday as the cecil county prosecutor. a disturbing development in virginia. somebody paint a gang symbol on the wall. it's apparently a reference to the salvadorian gang. the office the first lady melania trump says the white house will open again for public tours starting next month. the white house visitor's office, traditionally delays tours. but capitol hill lawmakers have been critical of the trump team, saying the delay has been unusually long this time. the new white house tours are set to begin march 7th. we asked you, should congress be looking into the circumstances behind michael flynn's resignation. right now, we is see 78% of you say yes, while 22 percent say no. we'll keep that going throughout the newscast. vice president mike nc
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apparently does his own shopping. a tweet shows the veep buying valentine's day flowers at the whole foods. not far from the official residence. we are back with more news in ♪
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two love birds, sharing their valentine's day messages with twitter this morning. president obama tweeting a photo of the former first couple in the white house writing, happy first valentine's day in the white house. she saying, happy val type's -- valentine's day to the love of my life and favorite island mate. and check
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card. it's even got a little red line going through it. that's pretty good. >> okay. >> well, valentine's day is here. obviously you know this. many of you either gave, received or received a gift. but was it the gift you wanted? that's our next question today. >> what is your perfect gift? head to wusa 9/vote and vote now. >> i bet the one thing you wanted is not the thing you told your significant other to get you. you made us try to figure it out. and usually, we blow it. >> true. would you come through with valentine's day. >> i always do flowers for the wife. and she actual he surprised me with chock thrait this morning. chocolate this morning. -- with chocolate this
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chocolate. is that wrong? >> and you? >> flowers. for the kids, too. the countertop was covered in flowers. >> that was nice. >> i got chocolate and flowers. two of us got the memo. one did not. >> i was not thinking today. i was worried about thigh 3- degree guarantee. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. we went for a high of 52. i actually kind of lowered it. may not have lowered it enough. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. i thought the clouds would cheer out a little earlier. live look outside. live 45 now, dew points come up. remember, they were in the teens last night. now they're in the low 30s. and winds have turned out of the south. that's a good sign. not as cold tonight and a little better tomorrow. not as cold tonight. your valentine's day plans are
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safe. bus stop temp, 44. but we'll have clouds in the morning and light rain south and east of town so if you're walking the kids at the bus stop in saint mary's county, i would bring an umbrella. and behind it. dress for the 30s. i'm in search for arctic air. because that's one ingredient you need for snow i can't even find any arctic air. only 26 in hudson bay. normally, this time of year, they'd be 10, 20, 25 below zero. look at this. only 40 in bismarck. probably golfing in the middle of the plains right now. 70, atlanta. and we stand at 45. now, the next five days, well, 51 tomorrow. 43 on thursday. then we go back to 50 on friday. the weekend looks great. 60 and 62, respectively, saturday and sunday. 10:00 tonight, we've cleared out. not for long. but for the time being. 44 downtown. 39
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42 in fairfax. clouds return tomorrow morning. and this is the light rain we're talking about. right now, we're going to keep it south of waldorf and la plata. but it could inch you up closer to la plata and even fredericksburg. south and east of town. i would say an umbrella and a coat tomorrow morning at the bus stop. then midmorning. a lot of clouds still. and temperatures still upper 30s, low 40s am rain beginning to work its way across the bay and across into the delmarva. clear out tomorrow afternoon. that should get us back to at least 50. notice the arrows. okay? so winds are now turning northwesterly behind this system that will usher in the colder air tomorrow night and thursday. good news for the skiers. this is president's day weekend. big weekend for our friends west of the divide. by 10:00 tomorrow night. 34 in gaithersburg. 35 in frederick. and/or 40 doubt. -- 40 downtown. not crazy cold. look like thursday night will be thld
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winds, they're coming back, not ferocious winds. but winds to gust to 25 miles per hour at noon. and winds gust anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour. not damaging wind. but it will add a chill, no doubt about it. tonight, clearing, breezy and not as cold. but clouds return by dawn. 32 to 40. winds southwesterly at about 10 to 15. on the day planner. 40 to start. a lot of clouds to start. 45 by 9:00. 49 by 1:00. and the clouds beginning to give way to more sunshine in the early afternoon. blustery on thursday, though. 43. rest for the thirsts. -- 30s. pretty pleasant day on friday. not much wind and a fair amount of sun. not bad. next seven days. low 60s on saturday, sunday. low 60s for president's day. i'll throw a shower in for sunday. wouldn't plan around that. and 65 with sunshine next tuesday. oh. so sad. all right, top. thank you. there's a new tr
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steve menuchin was confirmed and sworn in late last night. the former wall street exec was one of president trump's most controversial picks as a man with deep ties to the world of finance. the combination doesn't quite line up with the president's message of populism. here's what we know. he worked for goldman sachs. he'll be the third treasury secretary to do so. he left wall street and founded a film festival called one west, which was accused by some homeowners of carrying out abusive foreclosures during the housing crisis. ivanka tweeted the picture yesterday of her sitting between her father ask canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. some people took offense. one person tweeted, the oval office should not be a prop for the president's daughter.
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others, however, applauded. one wrote, ivanka is truly a role model for all women. many latino immigrants are planning to not show up for work. it's part of a day without immigrant's protest. the goal is to illustrate how important they are to the economic engine of our area. according to the washingtonian, some are trying to figure out how to keep their businesses that day. some of the eaters say they they have to close their doors. honoring a beloved principal at a school in prince george's county. county ceo, kevin maxwell and others. and the memory of tanya washington was heavy on the minds of educators and students. today, they honored washington the best way they knew how. >> we wanted to find a way that would, you know, honor her memory. but also help children. so the scholarshi
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launched as a way to make sure that her legacy, you know, goes forward. >> maxwell announced the creation of the parkdale high school homeland security academy. it allows student in grades 9 through 11, to study military science as well as homeland security. today, your washington wizards held their annual media challenge. so how would we hold up? we sent our debra alfarone to show us what she's got. looks like air balls. there we go. nice. and look. she's just playing it off. she's like, yeah, i knew i had it in me. couple of misses in there. and then moved on. i saw a picture she tweeted out, significantly shorter than a lot of the players. >> juv a little bit. so the incredible love stories we hear from everyday people on this valentine's day, are truly inspiring. a little later, why a little dancing and a lot of patience could help this couple through the tough times. plus, a popular fa
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-- fast casual chain, closes dozens of stores. and lawmakers try to fast-track those self-driving cars. i'll tell you more in my consumer alert.
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in tonight's consumer alert, noodles and company says it is closing about 55 underperforming restaurants and giving its menu a makeover to boost sales and improve the bottom line. the fast casual pasta chain plans to release a list of locations that will shut their doors in the coming weeks. noodles and company has store fronts in at least 34 states states and here in washington, d.c. stor there's a new bipartisan effort to get legislation. they want to clear the hurdles for autonomouse triving. and if a scoop of vanilla ice cream would be your preferred treat
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day. a shortage of vanillapines is send -- vanilla beans is sending the prices way up. 79% of the vanilla beans are in that country. >> who knew. >> and a shortage has driven the cost from $11 a pound in 2011, to nearly $200 by the end of 2016. >> switching to sorbet. there you go. here at wusa 9, we are forever grateful to the quick thinking of the cameraman, paramedics and incredible skill of heart specialists. all of them played key roles in helping to save the life of our colleague bruce johnson, who suffered a massive heart attack, while on the job. that was almost 20 years ago. and today, bruce is sharing his heart love story in hoping of -- hopes of inspiring everybody. >> it was not something i would wish on anybody. i was not a candidate for heart attack. i was young, had a great job, great family, and
5:25 pm
didn't know family history, that was my first mistake. didn't go to the doctor that was my second mistake. and i ate just about anything i wanted to. third mistake. that all added up to coronary disease. i came back from my heart attack and able to run the marine corps marathon and do all the things i approximate put off doing. this is a thing that can be arrested if you take matters into your own handses. be aggressive. be your own best advocate, starting right now. >> bruce inspires all of us not only with his reporting but with his life choices as well. tomorrow, bruce johnson and i will be hosting a heart health screening. it will be heldary on the wusa 9 studios. -- held here on the wusa 9 studios. we'll be doing blood, cholesterol and glucose tests just to name a few. and it's all free. the heart love screenings as we like to call them goes from 4:00 to 00
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>> hope to see a lot of you come out tomorrow. coming up, why a third family has pulled a child with diabetes out of the local public school system. z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty hambone! sally! 22! hut hut! tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!!
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ot surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next? another parent with a child with type 1 diabetes has pulled her child out of public sc
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out of concern for safety. >> that makes the third. >> 12-year-old gavin and his best friend diana want desperately to go back to school. they both have type 1 diabetes and have pumps to give them life-sustaining insulin. but both of their mothers pulled them out of school because they say their lives were at risk. >> they failed to put on the risk. but they also weren't following doctor orders, for emergency plans if the pump were to fall off. >> reporter: jody took gavin out of school after the third time he was hospitalized from school. >> we asked them to get trained so they could come back. >> reporter: she said the last time she heard about the -- from the school system was november. >> she said in order for him to come back, there would have to be a transition meeting. since september 23rd, i have e- mail weekly, asking for this transition meeting. and they just ignore it. >> reporter:
5:30 pm
also pulled her daughter briana out of sixth grade. >> i want to know that my daughter is safe. if i don't want feel that she is safe and being taken care of properly, then no, i'm not going to allow her to come in. >> reporter: he said he doesn't know why the kids aren't in school. >> absolutely. we follow the law in everything we do. not only follow the law. but as the law requires, we follow the requirements and the man dates of the doctors. and sometimes those can be interrupted differently by different people. but the reality is, we're looking out for students, we're looking out for their health and we want to make sure that they stay in school and get educated. >> they worry not only about the kids falling behind. >> i made a promise that he would try out for basketball. and he took that. >> because of his many absences, the sports teams won't allow gavin to play. in manassas, peggy fox, wusa
5:31 pm
schools to properly care for type 1 diabetes. also here to provide full transparency, gavin's father is an employee of wusa 9. in prince george's county, police are releasing more information about a man found dead in a car yesterday. his name is timothy sharad of glen arden, maryland. he was found on st. mary's view road in accokeek. police say they don't know who pulled the trigger or why he was killed. but there's $25,000 out there for information that leads to an arrest. someone stole an atm in laurel. the whole machine. just after 4:00 a.m., a driver backed this van into the side of an exxon gas station. the clerk said two people grand the machine, tuts it in -- put it in the truck, didn't say a thing and rolled out. they were last seen driving toward the washington baltimore parkway. analysts say north korea, latest tests of a ballistics missile.
5:32 pm
weapon. sunday's test was also of donald trump. that could pit against north korea's only major u.s. ally. china insists it's doing its part by signing on to stringent united nations sanctions against north korea. meantime, we're learning more about the death of kim jong- un's half brother. kim jong nam was found dead at the can youala lam pong -- kuala lam pong airport. two women may have jabbed him with poisonous needles. both of those women are still on the loose. amazon opens this newest location tomorrow in camden park. the location near the university of maryland will serve as a place for students and others to pick
5:33 pm
return amazon orders. and here's the really cool part. if you're a prime member and you order certain items by noon, you could pick them up later that day. whether you're celebrating valentine's day with your loved ones or galon -- gallentine's day with your girlfriend. have you heard that term. >> not before today. >> but you know about love, right? >> sure. people are celebrating with exception -- exceptions of love on their own -- expressions of love on their own. >> you won't find many people who refer to washington, d.c. as the city of love. >> washington can be a little bland. >> reporter: but there's nothing bland about this home. on 16th street. >> they call me mr. holiday. >> also known as gregory nelsonful. >> my philosophy is everything is better with a theme. >> reporter: every holiday, mr. holiday's home is decorated. people love
5:34 pm
kids take their field trips here. >> we bring the kids out here because they love it. >> reporter: families make it part of their tradition. >> we even had a proposal at the eiffel tower. the gentleman said, i can't afford to take you to france but i can afford to take to you the eiffel tower, will you marry me? >> we got a quirky neighborhood. >> reporter: just a few blocks away is the famous barbie pond. they're known for more risque display. these little signs of love are all over the city. inside, you'll find instructions for a do-it- yourself valentine, complete with a pen, paper and envelope. >> reporter: no one knows who is responsible for these valentine's boxes. but the intention behind each of these displays is all the same. >> and i really believe if you can leave a thumb print on someone's life, you really have a great gift to give. and this is really my thumb print for the community. >> as for mr. holiday, he gets
5:35 pm
to my face. >> in northwest, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> just fantastic, right? >> it s. i love seeing -- it is. i love seeing these stories. next project. not for president's day. he's going to be decorating for st. patrick's day. >> there's a lot of green over there, i'm sure. a few minutes ago, we asked you, what is your perfect valentine's day gift? i wrote it down. apparently those flowers that you guys get us are nice. but what your wives and girlfriends really want is a romantic night out. that's the number 1 perfect valentine's gift. 44%. followed by netflix and chill, follow by flowers and followed by bling. >> is getting out of work a good excuse to do that. >> no. that means you have to do it another night. >> so pick. >> okay. >> we'll getback to you on that. trending now on
5:36 pm
valentine's day. you're going to love this one. provocative toys being offered at some fast food restaurants. the king is getting kinky. >> not for the kids. and i -- things are about to go horribly wrong. oh, no. look at that. >> we'll tell you what that's all about. >> oh, no. okay. if you're headed out tonight. a coat is a good idea. stays try. lows overnight. not that cold. 39 downtown. 34 in frederick. most of us stay above freezing. however, we'll talk about colder air coming in. and who actually could have a wet commute tomorrow morning.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz.
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well, let's just say this is not the kids meal this. is a whopper of a valentine's day offer from burger king. >> it's the adult happy meal. the fast food chain is offering adult toys with its meals. but only in israel. why? from 6:00 until close, adult meals come with either a feather duster, a head massager or a blindfold. that's in addition to the two whoppers, two fries and two beers that come with that order.
5:40 pm
bko. they got it going on. the only catch here, purchasers must be at least 18 years old. at least they've got some standards, right? israel, of all places. you wouldn't think. >> you never know. there's a real good reason america's top fortune cookie writer, quitting his job. turns out, donald lau got writer block. >> he's been writing for the wonton food. his claim to fame when 100 lottery winners used his numbers. apparently he used to write 100 of these fortunes a year am now he's down to two or three a month. >> when you run out. >> if you get a whole batch and everyone has the same fortune now we know what happened. >> when you're out of good stuff. you're out. tough
5:41 pm
competitive runner. who never saw this coming. all of a sudden, gets las ode by some sort of shenanigans. >> it's a giant rubber band. the announcer claims he got attacked by spiderman. according to dead spin, he finished 8th out of 9 runners. it was being used by pole vaulters who were warming up inside the track. >> were they doing it on purpose or an accident? >> he was like, what did i just -- no, no. >> he's like can i have that back now? >> glad to hear he's still qualified. straight ahead. the effects of thc in breastmilk. a new study is turning a lot of heads in places like d.c., where recreational pot has become legal. in sickness and health. a special meaning
5:42 pm
z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty
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a historic night to remember in stores. connecticut. university of connecticut, women's basketball team. yeah, they won their 100th game in a row. oh, the
5:45 pm
sixth ranked south carolina. 66-55. connecticut's last loss was in 2014, stanford. some of the girls on the team. >> wow. >> former new york knicks, charles oakley, welcome back to madison square garden. james dolan had him banned last week. he was heckling the owner who then had him ejected from the arena. he was arrested after allegedly shoving security guards. apparently everybody is friends again, after a meeting that included the nba commissioner and michael jordan. m.j. could make everything better. >> a love that started in the classroom for husband and wife, takes on a different meeting. marcus brings us their story. it begins with a missing text book. >> he came, pulled his chair up next to mine. and
5:46 pm
i need to share yours. and i hadn't really ever noticed him before. and by the end of the classes he had my phone number and we started talking to the phone that night. >> reporter: and the rest, as they say, is history. they have been married now 49 years. and in case you're wondering. >> she runs the show. >> i don't know about that. >> that's how we have been married for 49 years. [ laughter ] >> they have lived in various states and even overseas and raised kids. life experiences experiences that create a bond that cannot be broken, not even when beigy was diagnosed with parkinsons disease 15 years ago. >> you accept the fact and you deal with it. >> reporter: he joined the parkinson voice project. they remember to do voice exercises on a regular basis. it helps slow the debailitating -- debilitating effects of the disease. so does the ballroom dancing they both pick
5:47 pm
so on this valentine's day, they won't do anything special. >> we say every day is valentine's day. >> reporter: but they will spend time with their friends at parkinsons voice project and get plenty of time on the dance floor. all the while exemplifying what true love really means. >> learn to work together with all aspects your life. because something like parkinsons affects all'ses of your -- all aspects of your life. >> they're proof that despite it all, life and love does go on. >> how sweet. >> you gotta know just how to work it out. it's symbiotic. give and take. yin and yang. >> you have been married for a long time. >> we have. over three decades. >> god bless her. well, yes. and as she always reminds me. any time a man marries, he marries up. which is true. i was scared to ask her. >> you're a good guy. that's why she married you. ou> let's take a live look
5:48 pm
this is the ferris, the big wheel. did you know today is national ferris wheel day? you know why? because george ferris was born today. and he had the first ferris wheel in chicago. kind of cool. that's right. live look outside. it is our michael and sons weather cam. 45 now. dew points in the low 30s. winds out of the south at 6. temps are not going to fall much tonight. not as cold. valentine's day plans are safe. bus stop temps are 32 to 44. morning clouds tomorrow. there could be light rain, south and east of town. everybody okay over there? south and east of town. then we begin to clear out in the afternoon. then behind that system. blustery, mostly sunny on thursday. but rest for the 30s. we'll talk about 40s. but dress for the 30s. we're looking at 51 tomorrow. 43 thursday. back to 50 friday. wow. low 60s on saturday and sunday. okay. tot,
5:49 pm
nicely. 37 in frederick. 44 downtown. and by morning. here come the clouds. here comes this system to the south. and i think the rain could get a little further north. maybe as far north as fredericksburg. south of la plata. if you're walking the kids. then that begins to work its way to the east. but even by 9:00. whole metro area is cloudy. then we begin to clear out. by 1:00, notice the arrows. boom. here comes the northwest winds. temps start to fall. and tomorrow night, at this time, it will be blustery. temps in the 40s. and it will feel like it's in the 30s, winds gusting, 30, 35 miles an hour. around 40 to start. 45 at 9:00. 49 at 11:00. and 49 at 1:00. with increasing sunshine as we go through late morning early afternoon. bluflter -- blustery on thursday. thursday, pretty nice on friday. and then, really nice. 60 saturday. low 60s on sunday.
5:50 pm
mid-60s tuesday. slight chance of a shower sunday. but right now, generally a dry seven-day. >> looks good, top. with the legalization of recreational cannabis in colorado, public health officials have seen efers -- evidence that more pregnant women are using it to combat nausea. and that's turning heads in d.c. >> not a lot of information on this. thc, is harmful on unborn babies. they're wondering how much is in the breastmilk of nursing mothers. >> reporter: jamie leone loves being a mom. but it hasn't been easy. >> it was a tough pregnancy. >> reporter: jamie has battled depression all her life, and after giving birth at age 20, she became suicidal. >> i would even have thoughts that maybe if i was gone, my kid would be okay because my mom would raise him. >> it was her husband who
5:51 pm
suggested she try cannabis edibles to treat her depression. >> he said, just take a few see how you feel. >> since then, she's been consuming edibles a few times a weekful. >> it makes it easier for me to interact with him. >> reporter: but the concern is, jamie is using cannabis while breast-feeding. >> i think it is perceived as a medication, a drug that is safe, it's organic. but we just don't know what the ill effects are of that. >> reporter: leading the state's first pilot study. >> when it is consumed into your body, it stores in your fat stores. and our brain and nervous system has a lot of fat content as well as breast milk has high fat content. that's where our primary concern is, what are the effects on the baby's developing brain. the body of evidence does point to problems with cognitive development, as well
5:52 pm
childhood and adolescents. >> they agree to discontinue cannabis consumption. >> about half of them said they couldn't stop using marijuana. and it signals to me that we have like a public health issue. if women are thinking that it's better to use marijuana and take that risk and that gamble. >> and she is not alone in her concern. in 2014, tricounty health, the state's largest county health department, quantified the number of mothers in its women, infants and children program. who self reported. 95 admitted to tac us use in the previous 30 days. among that use, 36% reported using while pregnant, 41% after pregnancy, and nearly 14% while breast-feeding. what's more, a national study, published recently by the journal of american medical association, ow
5:53 pm
marijuana among pregnant women, has increased more than 60% since 2002. the colorado department of public health and environment, has issued guidelines for pregnant and nursing managers saying there is no known safe amount of marijuana use during pregnancy. but jamie doesn't see it that way. because she says definitive research has not been completed. >> there is something out there that is a research that sos -- if there is something out there that shows it's bad for me or my baby, i wouldn't do it. but there's not. and it does me good. >> we need to find more evidence to support what the exact effects are and be a little more patient before you harm your child. >> if a newborn tests positive for thc in its system, social services may investigate the family for possible child
5:54 pm
fearsfear about the future of public schools under president trump, should not stop everyone from working together to improve the education system. meet a 7-year-old who turned his home into a food warehouse. then 6:30. hear from two canadian citizens who say they were blocked from coming into the united states because they're muslim.
5:55 pm
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he's just 7 years old and already changing lives. the dallas area boy you're about to meet has a big mission. ends childhood hunger with foods kids like to eat. kevin reece explains. >> it's cool that way. we have this much food here. >> and the reason caden newton's living room is full of so much food and the reason he's sitting on a case of -- >> chef boyardee. >> is entirely his fault. he went to the food bank with his parents but didn't like what he saw. >> not like kid-friendly. they didn't have like chef boyardee or pancake mix. >> reporter: so he started his own company called mac and cheese and pancakes. >> he made an amazon wish list and asked friends and family
5:58 pm
do donate. >> my mom was like, one time. and i was like, 5,000. >> we never expected to get this kind of response. to get this kind of response is absolutely amazing for us. >> reporter: because when the helpingands food bank folks arrive, caden had more than 7,000 items ready to go. >> let's get mac and cheese in there. >> to make sure he helped with every one. >> i got a little excited about all the kids who are going to have food. i heard you might need a little more pancake mix. >> caden was still working when the food bank stopped to sing his praises. >> he was showing us that you can't forget. you gotta continue to push forward and continue to provide for those less fortunate. >> reporter: when we interviewed caden, he explain said his simple reason for doing all of this. >> it made my heart feel happy. >> reporter: and after loading trucks. >> -- >> what did you feel about this? >> it's awesome. >> you told me it made your
5:59 pm
your heart feels now. >> it's even better. it's awesome. >> reporter: yes, it is awesome. but then again, so is he. >> so after the helping hands truck left with its full load of donated, kid-friendly food, the amazon shipment delivered more food, it's going to be donated as well. lawmakers on both sides was aisle are calling for investigation into national security adviser michael flynn's conversations with the russian ambassador. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us tonight. less than a month into office, president trump's white house is getting tough scrutiny, following the resignation of the national security adviser. the white house explains the president had lost trust in michael flynn, this after he lied to the president about his talks about the russian
6:00 pm
sanctions imposed by the obama administration. they said prumple has known since january 26th, when briefed by the department. >> reporter: general michael flynn is out as national security adviser. after admitting he gave incomplete information about a phone call he had, with russia's ambassador to the u.s., prior to president trump taking office. flynn reportedly was caught on u.s. surveillance, talking about u.s. sanctions. but he told vice president mike pence, he didn't discuss the topic. >> the level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make a change. >> reporter: the justice department first warned the white house on january 26th, that flynn had misled the white house about the phone call. but flynn was allowed to remain in his job until monday night. >> the president was informed of this. he asked the white house council to review the situation. the first matt


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