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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 15, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning. it is wednesday, february 15th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. the trump administration is in turmoil. a bombshell "new york times" report claims members of the trump campaign had repeated contacts with senior russian intelligence officials before the election. and what did president trump know about general flynn's conversati wonsith the russian ambassador? >> an international mystery after police in malaysia say a half brother of north korea's dictator was murdered. police arrest a female suspect over night and looking for more. >> and mark phillips continues his penguins on thin ice series. he says a penguin population they
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disappearing. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eyeopener, your world in 90 seconds. >> generalnn fly's rez igs nag -- resignation is not the end of the story. >> damage control after michael flynn's resignation. >> when we have government employees entrusted with this and leak it out, that jinld mines our national security. >> i think there is significant dysfunction in the national security apparatus of the trump at mgs. >> a russian spy ship off the u.s. coasts a america onfficials say that russia secretly deployed a new cruise missile. >> the female suspects arrested in msialaya in connection with the suspected assassination of kim jong-un's half brother. >> people are recovgeriner aft a baert of the houston area. >> touched to the ground. there was debris flying. >> we are home! >> in california, an evacuation order near the tallest dam is now lifted. >> we're readyo t go if something happens
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but for now, we're glad to be back. >> a scary moment for harrison ford aftheer t sineglng eine plane he was piloting nearly hit a boeing p 737. >> hold on tight! >> in maine, a man rdushe to help a girl after her snowmobile plunged into a freezing lake. pol that and video shows a texas lice officer using his patrol cruiser to push a burning truck away from a restaurant. >> aas p ssingeal desecido t hitch a little ride. >> come on. >> and all that mattered, the westminster kennel club dog show. >> it wasn't one of the animals, it was a human who stole the show. >> my goodness. >> on cbs this morning. >> amazing. didn't occur to him. apparently that u.s. spies might be spying on the phone of the russian ambassador to the u.s. >> turns out we listen in on every phone call to the russian ambassador. who knew? evidently not the
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security adviser, you dummy. dummy. >> this morning's eyeopener is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to cbs this morning. charlie rose is off. anthony mason is with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> after 27 days in office, the trump administration which promised change has delivered chaos. this morning there are more serious questions about its connections to russia. intelligence sources tell "the new york times" that some trump campaign officials and other associates had repeated contact with russian intelligence before the election. sources tell cbs news the fbi's questioned people close to the president including general michael flynn who resigned as national security adviser monday night. former trump campaign manager and former campaign adviser carter page also reportedly talked to russian
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year. he called it absurd telling "the new york times" "i have never knowingly spoken to russian intelligence officers." jeff, good morning zbhchlt good morning. the pressure is growing on former and current trump campaign and administration officials. the fbi and u.s. intelligence agencies are digging into whether trump associates were coordinating with the russian officials during the 2016 campaign just as the russians were carrying out a wave of cyber attacks. according to u.s. officials, the hacks were intended to meddle in the election. cbs news learned that intercepted electronic communications between russian officials and trump associates are providing new information for investigators but so far there is no evidence of coordination. for several months u.s. government officials have been insisting to cbs news that there was frequent contact between the russian officials and trump associates during the campaign. one source
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think it's worse than what we know. fbi agents have interviewed the now former national security adviser michael flynn in connection with the investigation. he was questioned within the first few days of the trump administration about whether as a private citizen he discussed u.s. sanctions with russian ambassador sergei kisliak. if true, flynn may have broken the law. and if flynn lied to the fbi, he could face charges under a 200-year-old law that bans private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. but that charge has never been used to prosecute someone. anthony? >> thank you, jeff. the white house says a lack of trust led president trump to remove his national security adviser. but that happened long after the president found out that general michael flynn didn't tell the whole truth about talking with russian officials before the inauguration. and the president apparently did not
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his vice president. margaret brennan is at the white house. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. it's still unclear if president trump authorized general michael flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador. a conversation that the white house first denied and then said flynn could not recall. >> came down to a matter of trust. and the president concluded that he no longer had the trust of his national security adviser. national security adviser mike flynn had misled the white house about his contacts with the russian ambassador in late december. the president and they asked for the resignation. >> we got to a point not based on a legal issue but trust issue with a level of trust between the president and general flynn eroded to the fact where he felt he had to make a change. >> reporter: but on january 26th, sally yates
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house counsel that u.s. intelligence had intercepted flynn's calls. and had proof that his public denials were false. the white house says that's when he informed the president that justice department was concerned the deception made flynn vulnerable to blackmail. >> the white house counsel informed the president immediately. the president asked him to conduct a review wlf there was a legal situation there. >> spicer said the president's instirvegt was that flynn didn't do anything wrong. but vice president mike pence did not find out he was misled until a full two weeks after white house officials were briefed. that's aren't same time that reports of flynn's intercepted calls with russia became public. >> i tualked to general flynn about that conversation. >> reporter: that angered the vice president who vouchd for flynn in a january appearance on "face the nation." that reaction forced mr. trump to reconsider. now while today general keith
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kellogg will advise president trump in his meeting with the prime minister, the two conned dates in the tleed replace flynn are former cia director david petraeus who will be at the white house tomorrow and retired vice admiral robert harward. he has close ties to defense secretary mat is. >> thank you. >> some republicans are now joining democrats on capitol hill in a push to examine general flynn's conduct. house and senate committees are already investigating russian influence on the election. and now there is growing debate over whether congress should conduct a separate investigation to the circumstances vounlding flynn's dismissal. good morning. both sides agree that flynn was right to resign and that the public deserves to know more. but democrats argue that gop which controls congress is holding back and needs to aggressively investigate any and all ties between this white
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>> general flynn's resignation is not the end of the story. it is merely the beginning. >> reporter: democrats renewed called for a watergate style committee to investigate the administration's ties with russia. >> our committee held three or four hearings, emergency hearings on hillary clinton in a matter of a week or two. if there is any emergency at this moment in the history of this country this is the moment. arms services committees said the flynn resignation should be examined. one of them, senator john mccain, said this administration's foreign policy requires more oversight. >> the whole environment is one of dysfunction in the trump administration as far as national security is concerned. >> we're still gathering information. >> reporter: the house and signal intelligence committees are already examining russia's meddling in u.s. elections. for now,
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of flynn's contacts with russia will be folded into those investigations. >> i think it's likely that general flynn will be asked to come and talk to the committee about both post election activities and any other activities that he will be aware of. >> reporter: some argue that it's the problem is not flynn but the leaks about the phone calls. >> we're concerned that any time intelligence is publicly talked about. >> a very candid rand paul of kentucky sned a radio interview that republicans in congress shouldn't waste too much time investigating republicans in the white house. it gets in the way of their shared agenda which includes repealing obamacare. >> all right. nancy, thank you. john dickerson is also in washington. john, good morning. >> good morning. >> two big questions this morning center on this. foreign
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government actions and the credibility of the white house. what concerns you the most? >> well, there are just so many questions here. the two big ones which is what role did the president -- and the president is at the center of any question that needs to be asked, what did the president know and when did he know it about michael flynn's contacts with the russians? both after president trump was elected and also beforehand. you remember president trump and michael flynn were getting briefed by the intelligence agencies about on going russian efforts to meddle in the u.s. election before the election had taken place. and so the nature of any contact between michael flynn and the russians while the election was still going on has to be seen in that context. so what did the president know about that? but then when the information came to the white house, what did the president know? how did he hand will it? is it that michael flynn didn't tell the truth or caught not telling the truth? and then, of course, there is that question of the vice president. he went out on "face the nation" and defended michael flynn
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strongly, a series of questions. but he didn't know when the white house knew. and what was the reason for the delay? >> what you are hearing about that? about why mike pence was kept out of the loop? >> one xplan explanation i got is when the department of justice delivered the information to the white house, the lawyers were assessing that question of if any laws were broken? it was strictly seen in the legal context. sean spicer said that question was quickly decided. if they were checking out whether there was anything illegal with what michael flynn had done, at the center of that question is the new revelation or would have been new to some people in the white house that he had in fact had the conversations about sanctions with russia while president obama then president obama was enactsing the sanctions on the russians. and somebody should have thought to tell the vice president given that he had gone out and made that very strong statement. so it seems a little confusing that
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that -- and we still don't really know what the answer is. >> john, the president has tweeted about this this morning at 7:08 a.m. this russian connection he writes, not this russian connection nonsense is merely an attempt to cover up the many mistakes made in hillary clinton's losing campaign. what do you make of that response? >> i think -- when the national security adviser has had to resign for not telling the truth to the vice president when he is involved in the conversations with russians, he said he didn't have, i think you can't go back to the hillary clinton well. donald trump is the president of the united states and he has a serious issue here on his hands which is that trying to build the plane while he's flying it. and so that's really the central question. e
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ago happened long ago. >> is there any way that republicans on capitol hill can avoid not investigating this? >> it seems difficult. it would seem very hard for the republicans. this is not a small deal. this is the center of truthfulness which is there have been problems with truthen into explaining what happened here. but it's also a crucial national security question that many republicans are still wonldering about. >> all right. john, thank you. always good to see you. >> russia is denying it violated a treaty by deploying a missile capable of destroying a nuclear warhead. it was deployed in december. it has a range greater than 300 miles. that type of missile violates a 1987 treaty signed by russia and the u.s. the deployment is a test of president trump's goal for better relations with moss koechlt a russian spy ship is currently on patrol in international waters off the east coast near delaware. the ship expected to move up the co
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base before turning back south for cuba. president trump will welcome israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the white house this morning. the meeting could signal a dramatic turn for u.s. mideast policy. the administration is suggesting it may move away from the goal of a two state solution that has guided u.s. peace making for decades. mr. trump called peace between israel and the palestinians the ultimate deal. a mass of natural gas explosion overnight sparked a huge fireball in south texas. witnesses up to 60 miles away told our houston affiliate that they felt the pipeline blow up. it happened in an area outside of corpus christi. that fire is under control and so far there is no word of any injuries. >> people are assessing damage after at least six tornadoes swept through a coastal area southwest of houston, texas. the severe storms yesterday toppled trees and tore through homes ripping off the
7:16 am
including a mother who shielded her children when their mobile home flipped over. today parts of the gulf coast and southeast could see more stormy weather. nearly 200,000 people are finally able to return home in northern california after they were forced to evacuate on sunday. billions of gallons of water continue to pour down a damaged spillway from lake orville. if repairs do not hold, everyone may be forced evacuate again. john blackstone is there to talk about how the crews are trying to keep the tallest dam stable. john, good morning. >> good morning. so much water is being released from the dam that feather river is running over its banks here in some places. new storms are headed this way. and people here are now living under an evacuation warning, meaning, they can come back but they still need to be trod leave at a moment's notice. >> reporter: water continues to surge out of lake
7:17 am
california officials are confident the spillways will hold. >> it is safe to reduce the immediate evacuation order currently in place to an evacuation warning. >> officials say the main spillway is damaged but stable. when the lake overflowed into the emergency backup spillway, it washed away the land next to the reservoir's wall. this is how the hillside looked prior to sunday. more than 125 construction crews are now working around the clock to reinforce that hillside. they're loading the spillway with 1200 tons of heavy rocks and bolders every hour. even with the mandatory evacuation lifted, for the nearly 200,000 people living below the dam the threat remains. >> they have to be vigilant. stle to pay attention to what is going on. and there is the prospect that we cou
7:18 am
evacuation order if the circumstances change and the risk increases. >> reporter: for this pastor, dennis day, returning home is a mixed blessing. >> you think there will be some people who are now uneasy about living under this -- the highest dam in the country. >> absolutely. i think you would be not authentic or not sincere to say this somehow doesn't impact you. >> so far the coming rains are not expected to be severe. officials say the dam will weather the storm. late tuesday president trump declared a state of emergency here, meaning the area can now receive funds and help from fema. >> all right. that's good news there. thank you very much, john. german shepard named rumor came out of retirement to win best in show. >> best in show at the 141st annual westminster dog show, the german shepard dog. >> best in
7:19 am
>> he's a beautiful girl. the crowd burst into cheers and applause when hoover won the top dog title. she was a favorite after finishing second last year. rumor was named after adelle's hit song "rumor has it." she is only the second german shepard to win best in show since the westminster kennel dog show began in 1977. you'll hear that song a lochlt i heard the trainers and owners saying they almost didn't bring her out this year. >> great looking dog. yeah. >> actor harrison ford came very close to flying into a passenger plane carrying more than 100 people. ahead, the mistake he made that led to the near disaster at los
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the penguins that inspired the movie "happy feet" are quickly disappearing. ahead, we'll talk about the dramatic changes to their habitat. >> and
7:26 am
tomorrow in studio. >> i love them. >> me, too.
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michael flynn resigned from his position after income there for 24 hours. bad when the national visor cant last longer than the bachelor. >> admiral joseph t. fruitfly. >> i think it's only appropriate that we take a few minutes to look back on as many highlights as america's national security adviser. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> all i can think sf a "saturday night live" writers are taking all this in. not the way you want to start a new administration. welcome back to "cbs this
7:31 am
coming up, who's behind the parent assassination of a close relative of north korea's dictator? the half brother of king jong unwas targetted inside one of the world's busiest airports. ahead yshgs his death may be a sign of the regime's vulnerability. >> plus, harrison ford's close call at a southern california airport. the actor, an experienced pilot, narrowly missed hitting a passenger jet that was ready for takeoff. could have been a huge disaster. ahead, we'll talk about what led to the confusion. >> time to show you the headlines. "the washington post" reports on a call for disciplinary action against kellyanne conway. her allegedly breaking ethics rules. last week during a tv interview, president trump's counsellor told people to buy ivanka trump's fashion line. the office of government ethics says it is vie lafgs a federal rule. and a republican and a
7:32 am
both support the opinion. white house officials did not respond to requests for comment. usa today reports there is an analysisst nation's bridges. 56,000 bridges are structurally deficiency. vehicles cross them 185 million times a day. more than a quarter of the bridges are 50 years old. the deficient spans need repair but they may not be unsafe. >> in "the new york times" reports a former store clerk was found guilty of murdering etan patz 38 years ago. he was one of the first missing children to appear on the back of a milk carton. he vanished on his way to school yesterday. yesterday, rather, pedro hernandez was convicted of kidnapping and killing the boy. first trial ended with a hung jury. he faces up to life in prison and he would have been 44 years old. i remember this story. >> everybody in new york remember that's case. >> because his parents that was the first time his parents had allowed him to walk to school by
7:33 am
i can do it. i'll never forget it. >> police in malaysia say a woman with vietnamese travel papers is in custody with connection of the assassination of a close relative of north kor korea's leader. kim judge-nam died after an tack at the busy airport. he is the half brother of north korean dictator kim jong-un. he was considered the heir apparent. now the killing follows a series of political purges by kim's regime. we have a reporter in beijing and good morning. >> good morning. the 28-year-old woman was afrlted at the same terminal where kim jong-nam was attacked. she was identified from erat footage. police are looking for five other suspects in this growing investigation. kim jong-nam, the estranged half brother of
7:34 am
waiting for a flight at the airport monday morning. when police say an unidentified woman and an accomplish threw a cloth laced with liquid on his face. 46-year-old kim was rushed to this hospital but died on the way. even more sinister version of events is being reported in south korean media. the female assassin sent by kim jong-un attacked his brother with poisoned needles. if the north korean dictator is behind this, it would play into his pattern of purges. since taking power in 2011, kim jong-un executed dozens of his officials including his uncle though all were on north korean soil. >> to do there in a foreign kun r country is quite unusual. >> georgetown university professor victor cha says the purges may point to kim jong-un's growing vulnerability. >> the high frequent of purging over a long period of time suggests that there
7:35 am
be some sort of challenges internally. >> kim jong-nam was thought to be the country's heir apparent but fell out of favor with his father after reportedly trying to visit disneyland in japan with a forged dominican republic passport. cha says his murder coupled with the missile launch on sunday suggests increased instability. >> this is a sequence of events that lead you to think that we're going see more provications, tests, perhaps more purges from north korea. >> an autopsy is currently under way to determine the cause of death. the toxicology report could shed light on whether or not poison was used. questions still remain on who ordered the hit and why. >> wow, what a case. >> the faa has launched an investigation after actor harrison ford was involved in a close call at a california
7:36 am
airport. ford's plane flew right over an american airlines passenger jet. ben tracy is at the john wayne airport where this happened. ben, good morning. the problem was that passenger jet waiting to take off. >> harrison ford pictured here with the husky narrowly averted disaster on monday afternoon. the 74-year-old actor was cleared to land on runway 20 left at john wayne airport in orange county, south of los angeles. instead, he landed on a parallel taxiway, passion over american airlines flight 1456. a boeing 737 with 110 passengers and six crew members onboard. after ford reportedly asked air traffic
7:37 am
meant to be underneathe? >> it is clearly marked with markings indicating that it is a runway. a taxiway has its own separate identification lines. so you should be able to see them. >> such mistakes while rare have occurred before. in 2009, two pilots mistakingly lined a jetliner filled with 182 passenger onz a taxiway in atlanta. monday's incident wasn't the fi trstime the screen legend and respected pilot had trouble in the sky. >> efrpin 2015, ford was critic injured when engine failure forced him to make an emergency landing on a santa monica golf course. ford, an avid airplane collector, described his love of flying to charlie rose in 2003. >> it tak
7:38 am
which allows you to forget everything other aspect of your life. and be in the now. >> we did try to contact harrison ford but his representatives declined to comment. the faa is investigating this and ford could face disciplinary action including having his ilot's license revoked. >> wow. everybody knows his passion for flying and how much he loves it. some are saying maybe he should just take a little break. >> stay on the ground for a little while. >> just for a second. that could have been really disastrous. ben, we thank you. scientists at a u.s. research base in anlt arctica are seeing a dramatic change in the area's penguin population. our climate series continues from the bottom of the world. >> i'm mark phillips in anlt arctica, a place often thought of as froze non time. not really. it's changing fast. that story coming up on cbs this morning.
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in our climate diaries sear ridz, mark phillips continuing reporting from antarctica. it's one of the most remote place on earth. dinlt try to match a penguin this morning. i do think that is funny. he shows us the dramatic shift happening around a half century old research base. >> good morning. antarctica, it can seem like a landscape froze non time. it's anything but. and we have been to a place they have been keeping the records of the changes for 50 years. >> this is palmer station for about 40 people work at a u.s. research base that have clung to this rocky outcrop on theant 5:00 tick coast since the mid 196 o's. he has run the station for the past 18 years. if anybody knows hoe things have been changing here
7:44 am
>> palmer was put here because it was a great place to study antarctic wildlife. it sat in the middle of the perfect habitat for the hen gwynn who nest here in the tens of thousands. these are the bird that brought you "happy feet." they don't seem so happy anymore. >> we're counting them every year. >> they call shawn the bird man. lately, he's had a lot fewer birds to study. >> these look for 43 years now the decline by 85%. >> 85%? >> on this island, at the peak there were 9,000. this year there was about 1200. >> the penguins need one essential condition to thrive, they need sea ice to hunt from and there is less of that around now. >> in the last several decade, the ice has declined by about -- well, three months of sea ice. >> it is three months shorter?
7:45 am
penguins moved further south in search of the ice they love. sadly, it seems not. >> we do workplaces looking for them. >> not just the sea ice is retreating in palmer. the base is next door to a spectacular glacier that is less spectacular than it used to be. they have a photograph showing the extent of the glacier ice in 1975 and where it had retreated to by 2013. then a funny thing happened. >> normally in places like this you talk about things moving at glacier speed taking their time much not here. here they know exactly when that glacier split off from this place. march 14th, 2014. this became the trick island. >> they thought the island was part of the mainland until the glacier linking it to the shore collapsed
7:46 am
remember bob, the old anlt arctic hand? the speed of change has shocked even him. >> when you come back here after a year and you see, wow, the glasher is quite a bit further back or you have people coming back who hadn't been here for quite a while, they're shocked by it. yeah, it's really remarkable. >> they've got a little bet going on at palmer station where they thought the base was on the mainland. now they think it may actually be on an island. they may not have to wait long to find out. >> you heard the little penguin. >> that's a dramatic image. >> and when you think of the numbers, 9,000 and 1200, the pictures are amazing from there. >> yeah. incredible reporting. mark phillips and the team down there in antarctica. >> cold therapy helps breast cancer patients remain a important part of the identity. the chilly procedure, how it helps many women on chemotherapy keep
7:47 am
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for patients like lynn, advanced genomic testing may lead to other treatment options that can work. learn how genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at give him a lot of slack here. >> this is amazing. a helmet camera captured a daring rescue in maine. three strangers put themselves in danger to save a 16-year-old girl who fell off a snowmobile into a frozen lake. she was fighting to stay afloat when the men arrived with a rope. they were able to reach her and pull her across the ice to safety. the men said they don't feel like heroes, they're just happy the girl will be okay. >> so impressive do for someone you don't know and then to say i'm not a
7:52 am
sure. >> absolutely. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising
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8:00 am
. welcome back to "cbs this morning". there is more real news ahead including chaos in the trump white house with no national ago security viz adviser and ties to rush yachlt squeal -- rush yachlt first, here's today's eyeopener at 8:00. >> intelligence agencies are digging into whethermp tru associates were coordinating with the russian officials during the campaign. >> still unclear if president trump authorized flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador. >> democrats tharg the gop which s needto aggressively investigate ties between this white house and russia. >> foreign influence and the credibility
8:01 am
what concerns you the most? >> when the information came to the white house, what did the president know? how did he handle it? is it that michael flynn didn't tell the truth or that he was simply caught not telling the truth? >> people here are under an evacuation warning meaninghe ty can come back but they still need to be trod leave at a moment's notice. >> the 28-year-old vietnamese woman was arrested at the same terminal where kim jong-nam was tacked. police are searching for five other suspects. >> harrison ford was cleared tloond but he land ond a nearby taxiway and the problem was that passenger jet. >> a russian spy ship was spotted off the east coast of the united states. yeah. yeah. it was here to give former national security michael flynn a ride back home. >> i'm gayle king with nora o'donnell. charlie rose is recovering nicely. thank you for asking. we have a lot o
8:02 am
how char sli doiore lay is doin. he is doing okay. >> the trump administration is in turmoil and faction allegations about connections to russian officials. intelligence sources tell "the new york times" that in the year before the election trump campaign officials and other associates had repeated contact with russian intelligence officials. >> now so far there is no evidence that the two sides coordinated. sources tell the times that officials were surprised by the frequency of the contact. cbs news confirms the fbi examined people close to the president including former national security adviser michael flynn. the president tweeted this morning information is being illegally given to the failing "new york times" and "washington post" by the intelligence community just like russia. >> this is how the events surrounding general michael flynn and his communications with the russian ambassador developed on december 25th and 28th. flynn communicated with russia's u.s. ambassador. the white house initially said those communications were not about
8:03 am
on december 29th, the obama administration announced sanctions against russia in retaliation for u.s. election cyber attacks. on december 30th, the russian foreign minister recommended that russia retaliate but hours later president putin said russia would not. that true praise from the president-elect who tweeted "great move on delay by putin." >> on january 15th, mike pence said on "face the nation" that flynn did not discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador. but on january 26th, the justice department told the white house that it had proof that flynn's public denials were false. now the president was briefed by white house lawyers that day. pence did not find out until two weeks af whoit officials were briefed. knew is around the same time that reports of flynn's intercepted calls with russia became public in the press. on february 10th, the president was asked about the reports on flynn. >> what do you think abohe
8:04 am
conversations with russia about sanctions before you were sworn in? >> i don't know about it. i haven't seen it. what report is that? >> white house press secretary sean spicer said yesterday that president did not lie. he was only referring to the specific report in "the washington post." at 4:00 on monday afternoon, white house counsellor kellyanne conway insisted that flynn still enjoyed the full confidence of the president. but the president forced flynn to resign hours later. spicer said yesterday the level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make a change. a senior adviser to the romney-ryan presidential campaign in 2012. he joins us at the table where there is much to discuss. >> good morning. >> i've seen some people say #hotmess over at the white house. what are your characterization? sean spicer said it was a matter of trust. why did the trust erode finally this week when the president's known about it for several weeks? >> the problem is there's a lot of threads here to pull
8:05 am
potentially simple scandal where it is cause an effect. what we do know is clearly flynn had to go. clearly this is an inflection point for this white house in terms of reorganization. not just bringing potentially new personnel but reorganizing the structure. i don't think the president should rush to replace flynn. i think he should take a step back and think about what he needs. this is a serious set of decisions he's got to make in terms of who he wants and who he wants. the three or four weeks we have have gone through. they can the beginning of a pattern which we can be living with for some time or we may look back three or four years from now and say do you remember that crazy month? it is a moment in which the white house organized. at the time it seemed like a crisis in
8:06 am
>> who is nancy reagan. >> the clinton administration. >> is this is three tracks. >> it's going to take time. it's a slow bleed with many layers and many threads, the different players are pulling on. so that is one track. but next track is what the administration does. not only with regard to its own hiring but also getting a handle on what appears to be and i'm not absolving flynn of any responsibility here, there seems tore a
8:07 am
in the government going on. the intercepts, the transcripts, when i was in government, the notion that transcripts of interseptembers of conversations and private u.s. citizens which flynn was at the time were treated with the upt most sensitivity. these now are being leaked. it could be episodic or part of a campaign to isolate flynn. >> shouldn't he know he was recorded? >> he should have. any time a u.s. official is talking to ab official of foreign government, they should assume so or nonu.s. official. but look, he -- again, i'm not absolving him. the white house needs to get a hand will on the internal staffing issues, they need to get ahold of what is going on with the federal government at large where this stuff is leaked out. >> i said this at the top of the show. president trump promised change. so far he delivered chaos. >> right. >> what about tax reform this year? there was a promise about repealing obamacare by march. where is that? >> this is what worries me most. the ability for the white house to work with congress. congress will work with the
8:08 am
done if they believe that the white house is organized and has its act together. fit seems chaotic, congress is going to be less incentivized to work with the white house. in fact, going to be worried about what can be done. just -- there's unbelievable things that can get done over next year. tax reform, health care reform, i mean just getting the supreme court justice confirmed. of course. you need every possible second. >> thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> cia director mike pompeo met with mahmoud abbas. it came a da before israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's white house meeting today with president trump. this is netanyahu's first visit after years of frosty relations with president obama. jan crawford is in washington with how jarrod kushner is playing a key role. >> so he is really emerged as a quiet force in the trump white house. he serves as the main
8:09 am
with foreign contacts in mexico, china, canada, among others. but when it comes to israel and the middle east, the stakes are especially high. >> if you can't produce peace in the middle east, nobody k. >> president trump declared that czys sonl jared kushnec broker the toughest deal in the world, lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. >> his agenda is not confused. it is perfectly aligned with the president's. >> reporter: critics point out that 36-year-old businessman and husband of ivanka trump has no government or foreign policy experience. but the trump family friend and real estate mogul says that is an asset. >> so you take his mind and ability and dedication and focus and fresh basis without a preconceived notion is better than having somebody in foreign policy for 60 years. >> reporter: foreign leaders were skeptical of him. >> they sort of assum
8:10 am
over his head. he may be a spoiled kid of the president. and, yet, he's been very impressive to them. >> he has been pivotal in shabing the relationship with mexico. >> jared kushner led them into the oval office where they talked to president trump. and they advised him to tone down his rhetoric about mexico. >> president trum dp just that in a speech. >> and we also understand that a strong and healthy economy in mexico is very good for the united states. >> reporter: but kushner's council was short lived. >> he got into a feud with the president of mexico and the whole thing seemed to blow up. >> reporter: his value, according to thomas baret, lies the n. the ability to distill information and do so without an agenda. >> he understands how the president thinks probably better than anybody. >> critics say an orthodox jew is pushing trump to a more hard line stance onsr
8:11 am
administration over the course of four decades has been able to solve the arab-israeli conflict w a new set of lead nertz arab world wanting a solution, the timing is right. >> israel aligned with toll ranlt islam is the answer. i think that's what jair said pu -- jared is pushing towards. trying to use the influence on the president to say have a soft hand. be culturally sensitive. this will be an opportunity for you, mr. president, to maybe do something along the lines of what president reagan and margaret thach der in bringing down the wall. >> kushner had dinner with netanyahu and secretary of state rex tillerson. we don't expect there to be any policy pronouncements coming out to have day's meeting though. iran will be at the top of the agenda. >> thank you, jan. we shoeld you how cold cap therapy is helping women with cancer and new research confirms the cooling trent
8:12 am
patients during their care to help patients keep their hair during chemotherapy. but first, it is will
8:13 am
>> the gold the standard of all cross word puzzles is celebrating the 70th anniversary coming up on cbs this morning. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd,
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8:17 am
in our morning rounldz, hair loss is one of the most devastating side effects of chemotherapy. a pair of new studies on cold cap therapy in the "journal of the american medical association" gives hope to breast cancer patients. the emerging treatment gives some women on chemotherapy the option to keep most of their hair. barry peterson who has been following this story shows us the new research. >> reporter: this machine called a dignacap sends cool noonlt a patient's head. for many women on cheem owe for breast cancer and facing baldness, it is a gift because of it helped them keep their hair. clair lindsey just finished her
8:18 am
chemo. >> what was it like wearing this thing? >> sticking your head in a snowdrift for five hours. >> but just released study shows it does work. half the women who got scalp cooling kept at least 50% of their hair. while every woman without the cooling lost all her hair. a second study found scalp cooling helped two-thirdsst women keep their hair. clair feared that going bald would frighten her 11-year-old son and her 9-year-old daughter and draw stares. >> what would have been done in terms of how other people looked at you? >> i think everyone would know you're sick. and people look at you differently in the grocery store and people are not comfortable with that. >> dr. virginia borges is director of breast cancer research at the university of colorado hospital. she sees not just a physical but a psychological effect. >> they have more energy. they really feel like a return to themselves and their sense of
8:19 am
self. much faster because they don't have to wait for their hair to regrow. >> experts think either the cold freezing the hair follicles, keeping the chemo out, or the cold may keep the chemo away. more research has been urged to make sure keeping chemo away from the scalp will not allow cancer to develop there which most doctors consider a minimal risk. the fda has cleared the caps for use. the university of colorado hospital has one of only a handful in the nation. >> it feels good, yes. >> far more popular are these cold caps that my wife used last summer. chilled to well below freezing and n. dry ice and changed every 20 to 30 minutes. it is a grueling eight hour day. fast forward to this day. she kept about 70% of her hair. >> i used to have stick straight hair and now it's curly and wavy. it's sort of fun. >> for women on certain
8:20 am
chemo, going bald is not an inevitable outcome. now there is a choice. for cbs this morning, barry peterson, denver. >> i think this is terrific this option. >> i do, too. >> glad to hear they may have an answer. >> and mary looks great. >> yes. >> nice to have an option. >> actress christine beranski is known for her role in "a good wife." she'll share what is in store for her new character and find out what caused this mysterious light in the california sky that had a lot of people looking up. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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8:23 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup.
8:24 am
mysterious light in the sky have a lot of people talking in the san francisco bay area. people posted pictures and videos on social media describing a baffle light slowly moving across the sky early yesterday. it was not a ufo. the navy confirmed it was doing tests and had launched two missiles toward the sea. >> all right. more than a million and a half people a month try to solve "the new york times" cross word puzzle. ahead, how celebrity authors are helping the cross word celebrate a major milestone and what the puzzle means for devoted fans. your local news is next.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:30 am
there's a word that appeared in the "new york times" cross word puzzle more than 1400 time. ahead, find out what it is as the paper celebrates a major anniversary for the puzzle. >> do you know what it is? >> i don't. >> do you know?
8:31 am
stay right here. >> okay. twint know what is the word. >> right now, time to check in on this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports on how human gene has won the support of an influential scientific panel. the process involves altering sperms, eggs, or embryos so babies don't inherit a disease that runs in the family. the panel says it is open to gene modification under strict oversight. critics say it would lead to designer babies. >> story in usa today reports that milania trump says tours will continue the 27th. she is excited to reopt white house to hundreds of thousands of visitors that come every year. mrs. trump is not scheduled to move until june. >> the "wall street journal" says the biggest star on youtube had the show canceled under anti-sa mettic jokes. they canceled the second
8:32 am
they said he showed nazi imagery in nine videos since august. he says it was a joke and he denies he is anti-semitic. he can sfil post videos to his own channel. and fortune reveals the newest american girl is a boy. logan is the first boy in the doll maker's 31-year history. mattel, owner of american girl, has been trying to make toys more gender neutral. britain's independent reports on the discovery of dozens more planets up to 114 planets were spotted during a 20-year study. one of them is a hot super earth called glese 411-b. they think all the stars near our son areun are orbitted by a planet. >> what a nine letter word that has been in the "new york times" for 75 years. if you guess the cross word, you're correct. to celebrate the
8:33 am
celebrities like lisa lobe and isaac mizrahi are coming up with special puzzles. jim axelrod is here to show us the evolution of the cross word. good morning. >> good morning. the special guest authors of some of the latest puzzles have been away to mark the runup to the very special day in the history of the world's best known cross word. >> why is a man whose job description is to frustrate people to tears for a quarter century being hounded for autographs? because if you love cross word puzzles, will shorts is a rock star. >> thank you so much. >> there is something about this puzzle that grabs people. what is it? >> well, first of all, if you're a puzzle person and you look at an
8:34 am
naturally fill compelled to fill in the squares. that's part of the appeal. partly the testing of yourself, solve ag cross word is one way to affirm that you can still think. keeps from you, you know, losing your mind. >> the cross word gets progressively more difficult through the week. >> a million and a half people each month try to pack will the times cross word. >> i love it. it's the best there is out there. >> and yet, the times is a curious home for the gold standard of cross words. >> so the cross word puzzle became a national and then a worldwide craze in the 1924 and '25. "the new york times" ran an editorial saying that cross words were a waste of time and predicting their swift demise. >> literally, having to eat their words. >> the time was the last major metropolitan daily newspaper to start a cross word. >> the united states of america was suddenly and
8:35 am
at.cked >> "the times" debuts it two months after pearl harbor. the first cross word had a world war ii theme. to play off the day's headlines. >> seems crazy. the cross word really should divert you from the harsher parts of life. it's really cross words are escapism. >> reporter: there are v. only been four puzzle editors at the paper in the last 75 years. shorts took over in 1993. the most common answer in the history of the "times" puzzle is arian, having appeared more than 1400 times. but in the will short's era, the most common answer has been -- well, era. >> the nice thing is there is lots of ways to clue it. it's the historical period. it is the earned run average in baseball. it is a name of a laundry deterge enlt. there are lots -- equal rights amendment. >> in november of 1996, "the new york times" published one of the most memorable puzzles.
8:36 am
favorite. >> yeah. >> which was election day of 199 6? >> right, the country was decided between bob dole and bill clinton. >> and some so were the puzzles. >> the answer could be clinton elected or bob dole elected. either one worked with the crossings. for example, the first down answer across that was black halloween animal. and you could fill in cat forming the c of clinton or bat forming the first b of bop dole. each of the answers did double duty just like. that it was the first time a cross word ever was schizophrenic like. that first time a cross word ever had two answers. >> the puzzles thrive on short words with plenty of vowels. that's why cross word's favorite cookie is the oreo. the favorite music producer is brian eno and the favorite skater is appall low ono or ma dory. tichlt o. the cross rd
8:37 am
matter after dapting to tdigita age of a world moving faster and attention spans growing shorter. the latest innovation is the mini. one-third the size of a regular puzzle and available only online. >> the thing that excites me about the mini is uncharted territory. >> this 24-year-old is the editor of the mini. >> there are ways to experiment with a diblgital cross word. >> for instance? >> i put in an emoji as a clue. there is what excites bhe about the digitsal era. >> it's so millennial. >> it might be, yeah. it may be a little millennial thing. >> crass word traditionalists not worey. at least that's what will shorts is telling us. >> cross word is the best variety of puzzle ever devised. it's just a very versatile puzzle that appeals to people. >> "the new york times" cross word puzzle going to be around in another 75
8:38 am
to stay. >> so today we have a movie star to mark the big day. but yesterday's puss will author might have been even more impressive. his name is daniel larson. and at 13 years, 4 months old, he's the youngest person in the history of the times cross word to create one. >> so anybody can submit a puz snl. >> anyone can submit one. not anyone did get it accepted. >> do you get paid? what do you get snad. >> $300 for $360. if you want big money, the sunday cross word, $1,200. >> there is nothing that can humble me more quickly and feel more stupid than a cross word puzzle. >> that is nice, jim. >> now you know the word that's been used many times. >> area. >> the spinoff of cbs drama the good wife and the actress is here to talk about "the good
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
steeped, three sninz. >> yes. >> 2% mill snk. >> yes. >> warmed separately? >> one teaspoon sugar? >> raw suge? >> yes. >> it's cold.
8:43 am
"the big bang theory" is among manufacture your credits. she entertained audiences for four decades with roles like in the movies like "chicago," "the bird cage," and "momma mia." >> she starred adds an attorney in the drama oit good wife." she returns to that role in a spinoff called "the good fight." it picks up one year after the events of the good wife finale and the preview of the season premier. her characters gives advice to her god daughter and new associate at the law firm. >> can i ask something? >> sure, go ahead. >> are we on the right side on this one? >> we are on a necessary side. people have thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent. and people i thought were saints,
8:44 am
that's why you don't go on instinct. you wait. you listen. and watch. eventually everyone reveals them self. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> seven great seasons. a hugely successful show. what did you think when they offered you a sequel? >> i said bring it on. you know? seven great seasons we -- so many of us did not want it to end because so many people, the audience, the viewing audience such intelligent writing, how wonderful to see female characters who were in authority positions, educated, articulate, in the work space. i didn't want it to end. we all understood why "the good wife" had to come to a conclusion and julianna was due for a rest after carrying the show on her back for seven years. but when they approached me about continuing this character and continuing, you
8:45 am
later after "the good wife" what happens to diane and her world? i thought, yeah. we have the same -- many of the same crew members. >> was it a difficult decision for you to make at that time? >> it was. i got another very big offer. i had to make a decision on a weekend. and it kind of forced everybody to really decide. are we going to do this? >> so what tipped it for you? >> the writing. and knowing that i would continue playing this character. because, you know, at this point in my career, it's as good as it goats play a woman like diane lockheart. >> but the platform is so different. were you worried about that? we have never done this before. >> i had just done seven years of 22 episodes a year. and that is a grind. and this new way of showing television is 10 or 12 episodes that liberates you to maybe do plays or maybe do other thins with your career or just enjoy your life. that was very appealing.
8:46 am
i also -- >> enjoy your life. >> enjoy my life. and also a ten episode arc is possibly more in line, dramatically more -- you can stay within a certain narrative for ten episodes. 22 you have to really almost keep generating new story lines and crisis. so i'm really excited about the venue. it's the first time cbs has launched all access. and they will watch it like they do netflix show. and that really is kind of the future. >> yeah. >> people stay home and they binge watch and for people who love "the good wife" this is going to be, you know, more of that same great writing, great ensemble acting and can you look forward to seeing sox the guest actors who the audience loves. it's great theater actors. >> there's no doubt it's going to be a huge success. "the good wife" had such a loyal following. so smart. "the good wife," "the good
8:47 am
fight." so where is diane? she is considering retiring and moving to france. then what happens? >> about a third of the way in, after she announces, you know, i'm retiring, she's got the house in south of france. i'm out of here, i've done it all. she is in a dengs and gets a phone call and the accountant just has to talk to her. i say well tell him i'll call him back. i go into my office and find out that all of my money has been lost in a ponzi scheme like madoff. and that's when i -- that's when you are diane lockheart on cable dropped the f word. >> there are f bombs. >> you then try to go back to your firm and they're like, no thanks. so you go around. >> yes. i actually have to look for work. i'm in my 60s. i think so many women will relate to. this it's how "the good wife" began with her having to go back to work. the fact that diane after announcing her retirement has to look for work is xwust
8:48 am
>> and nobody wants you. >> nobody wants you except the head of an african-american law firm. he says you'll be our minority hire. >> i cracked out loud at that one. i cracked up. >> and so the sister girls don't want through either. >> no. >> such great dynamic. >> so the second episode is about my entry into, you know, and there's just african-american -- you know sh i'm one of the only. >> you're an island. >> indeed. so that is a brilliant jumping point. so you'll recognize the good wife but then by half way in it's a whole new thing. >> is that something you took in being the only one at the table? >> i love it. yesterday i was shooting with lou gospit and frankie fason. i thought how lucky am i? i'm with thez great black actors. >> it's a great cast. >> bravo. >> thank you. >> very, very good.
8:49 am
it premiers on cbs all access on sunday. go to to sign up for a special broadcast which will air. this is what i think is genius too. simultaneously right here on cbs so you can see it on cbs first and at the same time and then after the premier, all the new episodes will be available weekly on cbs all access. if you don't have it, you need to get it before sunday. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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i'm hoping that got people excited to watch "the good fight". >> it's a very loyal audience. such a great character. >> she has a built if following. that will do it for us. we hope we have a built in following, too. we invite you to tune in to cbs evening news tonight and we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." take it easy. >> bye-bye.
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. good morning. are you talking to yourself?
8:59 am
>> i'm markette sheppard, i have this your piece that puts voices in my head. talking to my producers. chris, i love a great day viewers. can i tell you what happened? >> every single one? >> you, you and you. let me tell you why. yesterday on the show i mentioned was looking for heart shaped meat to cook for my husband for dinner. and alexa in maryland found my email address, i think that's so enterprising and she wrote me about a grocery store in maryland or you can get heart shaped chicken, beef and trim. it was a little too far from my house but i appreciate it. >> what is your address? >> going to post it later. don't do that. that is a joke. the butcher cuts the meat, and she said there is a heart
9:00 am
it's probably on sale now. >> i will take it. >> but that's perfect for heart month. and more good news. when it comes to your health, washington ranks as one of the top 10 cities in america. this according to research by while a hub. 150 of the most populated areas were compared and they rounded up 34 key indicators like access to healthy food, green spaces, cost of a doctors visit in fruit and vegetable consumption. dc ranked number 9 with the highest ranking for access to green -- green spaces and healthy food. a little more -- baltimore is number 84. can you guess which city was number 1? >> san francisco. >>


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