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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello, i'm andrea roane. thank you for joining us at noon. president trump is putting his contentious press conference behind him and heading to north charleston, south carolina. he's expected to arrive within the hour. he'll tour the ei
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jobs to his supporters weijia jiang has more from the white house. >> reporter: president donald trump will spend the weekend at his florida resort but first a quick stop. he will be on hand for the unveiling of boeing's now 787 dreamliner, more than 7500 people worked on the plane at the plant in charleston, south carolina. the president still needs the find a new national security adviser to replace michael flynn. his first choice turned on the job offer. he issued a statement saying his family couldn't support the 24/7 demands of the job. but cbs news has learned ha rward turned down the position because the white house wanted to dictate his staff. reince priebus denied the claim on fox news this morning. >> that's all it is, the family didn't sign off. >> reporter: he will likely
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the battle to have scott pruitt be the mu secretary of the -- new deck tear of the environmental -- secretary of the environmental protection agency. democrats called for a delay to review thousands of e-mails between pruitt and oil gas and coal industry executives. but republicans say the vote will go on as scheduled. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> the white house also announced officials spent several hours thursday night working on an obamacare replacement and hopes to unveil it in march. our editorial partners at the "washington post" say the elaborate lifestyle of the trump family is a lough gestical nightmare when the president leaves south carolina he'll travel to florida today for the third straight weekend. on saturday, eric and donald trump jr. will be in the united arab emirates for the opening of a trump brand golf course. called golf resort rather. and the post says donald trump's three trips alone to florida have probably cost taxpayers about $10 million. an
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they're keeping watch of the trump tower in new york where melania and baron trump live. the city is footing that half million dollars a day bill to guard the trump tower. former republican house leader bob michael has died. the illinois lawmakers spent 38 years in congress and was known for his respectful bipartisan legislative style. president nixon once said he had many opponents but no enemies and experts say civility fell apart during the transition to spiker gingrich and his contract with america agenda in 1994. michael was 9 # years old. -- 93 years old. a generous d.c. family leave bill is on its way to congress. the legislation would allow up to eight weeks of paid leave to new parents. six weeks for people taking care of a sick loved one. and two weeks of personal sick time. d.c. mayor muriel bowser allowed the bill to pass without her signature. supporters hope congress won't block it. a new app is designed to
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pulse point allows users to get alerts if they know how to administer cpr. as wusa9 evan koslof tells us more about it. >> she was aureoleddest daughter -- oldest daughter, a dancer, outgoing. friendly. had a smile for everyone. she was the rainbow in a lot of pipless clouds. >> reporter: you're hearing the voice of joel griffin. as he speaks about his daughter. -almost five years ago that the 12-year-old collapsed at a school sponsored field day. there was of course a panic and a scramble to find an aed or someone to give cpr. ultimately, too much time passed before she received help and she die weeks later from the injuries. >> the question that lingers to this day in our mind is if cpr had been done in a timely manner, would the outcome have been different? >> reporter: that's why griffin and his wife have spent much of the last five years pushing for more training in cpr. it's also why they were thrilled the see that the pulse point app is coming to stafford county.
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location. >> reporter: chief mark lockhart says it can save lives. >> essentially like getting a text message except it pops up with your location on the map and shows you the location of the reporting call. >> reporter: the county is signing up for a five year subscription to the app thanks to a $50,000 donation from the stafford hospital foundation. >> minutes count. >> reporter: kathy works for the hospital. >> to have to tell a family member that their family member is no longer with them. that's not a -- that's not a conversation anybody wants to have. so being able to have people help us take care of our community, i think is key. >> you don't necessarily just need to be a bystander, you can be involved. you can get the training so that you can respond and in an emergency. >> reporter: in stafford county, evan koslof, wusa9. >> the pulse point app will also tell you where aeds are located nearby and by the way this app is already used in other areas in
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including prince william and prince george's county. faith leaders came to fairfax today to protest immigration raids at a local church. i.c.e. officials reportedly got six men exiting a hypothermia shelter on february 8th at rising hope mission church in alexandria, virginia. the move appears to violate c's own policy to not conduct enforcement actions at or near sensitive locations like houses of worship. >> we know that the churches and shelters could be places of safety and should be places where people feel free to she can shelter from the elements -- seek shelter from the elements and to feel safe in their communities no matter their immigration status and i.c.e. has no business arresting people on mass without reasonable suspicion to think they may have committed some kind of violation of the law. >> more than 800 congregations have pledged to support immigrants and refugees as part of a nationwide
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assessing -- assessing rather the damage to a house in silver spring. a pickup truck rammed the rear of this home this morning. skyed was over the scene on oak view drive and we're told driver is being treated for minor injuries. fortunately, no one inside the house was hurt. it's unclear what caused the pickup truck driver to lose control. it took more than 100 firefighters to contain a four alarm fire in baltimore. the flames broke out in a vacant warehouse last night. after several hours, the flames were extinguished no word yet on what sparked the blaze. well, this will probably be the coldest we'll experience for a while. we're in for another big change this weekend. howard has the smile on his face to tell us about it especially if you want to get in maybe a round of golf? >> oh definitely golfable. bikable. whatever you want to do. it's unbelievable how warm. and how early we are on the sustained stretch. i mean we can get some 60s in february for here or there but for al
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doing. we had a couple of clouds this morning starting to break up and a lot more sunshine west of town. and it's already in the low 50s in charlottesville and richmond at 49 and still kind of cold here. thankfully the winds are light but we're sitting at 40 at reagan national and still 39 for columbia and owings and north beach. more sun west and they're seeing their temperatures generally in the lower 40s like the 43 in manassas and fairfax. for today, more sunshine this afternoon. we'll make a run forward 50 if not in the low 50s. a much milder than finish than what we had this morning. widespread frost in my neighborhood. 47 by 6:00 and down in the 30s tonight to around 40. and then andrea, well into the 60s tomorrow. sunday, monday. you can check out that forecast anytime by downloading our wusa9 app. right to rain shower smart phone and -- your smart phone and hey it's free. that's always a good thing. andrea? well, what's so funny? we'll tell you about a new movement that combine laughter and yoga. flush. plus, disappearing act. we'll introduce
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app whose messages disappear nearly the moment after they've been read.
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[ laughter ] an unusual style of yoga is keeping students in stitches laughing yoga combines traditional stretching and gut busting laughs. the instructor first introduced on laguna beach in california a dozen years ago and he thinks the benefits are no joke. >> i used to be sick about three weeks a year. now i'll go years with no cold, no flu. we're starting to understand laughter much better than we ever did. >> i first reported on the healing power of laughter in 2008 and new research confirms laughing lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress hormones. it
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immune system. when you think of italian food who doesn't think pasta? but you have to be careful what you pair with the noodles to stay heart healthy. pasta marsalle is a better choice than butter or alfredo sauce. now to help you make healthier meal choices especially eating out, on monday, february 20th. we'll be hosting a free heart love food tasting with more tips. and we want to invite you to join us. i'll be at carmine's on 7th street in d.c. from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. however, due to limited space, reservations are required. so do it today and go to to our wusa9 facebook page and please do not contact carmine's directly. come on down join us for a healthy nibble or two. or three. or four. monday night. and not everyone can afford healthy food. so we're teaming one wal-mart -- up with wal-mart for a project we call heart love. collecting foods
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stores in fort totten, for instance frederick -- prince frederick and la plata and chantilly. everything will go to area food banks and i'll be at the wall hart in prince frederick, maryland in calvert county next friday the 24th. so i hope to see you there. new apps are court reportedly being used in washington to leak sensitive information to the media. the apps are designed to automatically delete messages after they're sent, leaving no paper trail. president trump is promised to crack down on leakers but new technology may make that difficult. sad anywhere duet yay has more. >> i just received a new message. >> reporter: john broad didn't set out to make a leaking app but parentally many people use confide for that purpose. >> you unveil the message by wandering over it with your finger. >> reporter: once they are read, broad claims they vanish without a trace. >> it's gone forever and you can't print it or save it. agju
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it disappears. >> reporter: taking a screen shot of the message? forget about it. >> the message self- destructings and i can't go back in and try to piece together a number of screen shots into the actual message. and it notifies both the sender and a recipient that a screen shot was detected. >> reporter: features like that are attractive to officials who don't want to be outed as leakers. it also means not having to use unsecure private e-mail accounts. >> any newsworthy hack leak vulnerability of digital communication leads to a corresponding spike in our usage and engagement metrics. you can't hack or leak something that no longer exists. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that at least three prominent trump white house staffers have confide accounts. on thursday, the president vowed to prosecute leakers. >> we are looking into that very seriously. it's a criminal act. >> reporter: it's unknown if secure messages apps like confide, telegram and signal were used in recent leaks of classified information. >> they're likely
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law. if they are revealing that information through any means whether it's through an e-mail or through a -- disappearing chat app. >> reporter: cbs news, new york. >> now broad says he wants all confide users to act lawfully. that's especially true he says for those who work in sectors like government, finance and medicine where disclosure of sensitive information is highly regulated. a florida man who was accused of plotting to blow up at least ten target stores in police custody. authorities say mark barnett was turned in by an accomplice. officials chai planned to plant -- say he planned to plant explosive devices on the shelves of the target storesful he wanted to make the value of the stocks drop to buy cheap shares and make money when values rose again. southern california is bracing for major flooding today as the storm moves in from the pacific. most of the state is under storm watches and warnings ahead of
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describing as the worst storm in years. flash flooding and la could occur throughout the region. the los angeles fire department says it has extra crews on standby. >> we have 49 people on this department that are trained up to swift water technicians. >> and in northern california, officials are watching the oroville dam after 200,000 people were evacuated. >> region this week. feature -- in the region this week. officials fear the spillways would fail and cause tsunami downstream. crews are confident it can handle any runoff. down under in australia, the problem is fire. not water. kangaroos could be seen fleeing an out of control wildfire. at least 15 homes have been destroyed. a firefighter was injured with burns and rushed to the hospital and emergency warnings have been posted for several areas. not a lot of 100-degree heat and much of australia the last week or so and in california, it's not
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i mean which has been really good to help with their drought situation. but -- >> too much is -- >> too much too soon. the winds with this storm could be 50, 60 maybe up to 70 miles per hour. so they're going to get a double whammy out of that and you know, there's good and bad in everything. and at least with the water situation, it's being liveuated let's talk about the allergy index because we are both discussing and commiserating because we feel it. it's high. but the allergy index came in and it's actually tree pollen is low and mold spores are low. but i have a feeling through the weekend especially with temperatures climbing well into the 60s, on the next few days, that the tree pollen system going to be going up. if that's something that affects you keep that in mind. start your allergy meds if you haven't already. hey temperatures this afternoon we're going to make a run to 50 if not the lower 50s and i know it's a little chilly now but the winds are light. the sun is going to be more pref lent this afternoon. so -- pref lent this afternoon. so -- prevalent this afternoon. so it's really a nice day. it's going to
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tomorrow. lot of warm weather coming. right now 40 the dew point only 19 and the relative humidity to that 40 is 43%. and barely a wind out there at all. east/southeast at 3 miles an hour. and while it's still chilly in the upper 30s in frederick and gaithersburg and hagerstown. we warm up going down i-81. jump to 43 winche asternd 54 in luray. the warmth is moving in slowly. and looks like a pretty nice afternoon. and what will be in the low 50s today. warmer temperatures definitely are on the way. 60s through presidents' day. so you can got the holiday off on monday? boy it's going to be nice. have some folks who are going to be setting some tee times here shortly if they haven't already. but the rain chance is fairly isolated on sunday morning. by sunday looks pretty good. in fact i think it's going to be mostly dry through tuesday. our next chance of rain, looks like some showers possible wednesday afternoon. and while it's february, even i'm amazed at how warm it's been. d
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the codest ones are up in the -- coldest ones are up into canada and northern maine. but much of the country 60s. 70s here. we're only going to see this warmth in the middle of the country move more toward the east by tomorrow. upper 60s here low 70s down in raleigh. even in new england, most of new england is going to be above freezing. still chilly there sunday. but 60s and 70s from the plains all the way to the mid-atlantic of the deep south. that's an 87 in miami where they've had one of their hottest winters on record. believe it or not. yeah very warm there. and you can sort of see what's happening here with the big ridge in the jet stream and the middle of the country. we showed you the video from california. here's a look at the satellite and radar, just look at all of this walter pouring off the pacific along the whole california coast. heavy snow in the mountains and they're getting slammed. really nice in the middle of the country and then here we have the clouds earlier breaking up. so looks like nice afternoon. chilly now. but the milder temperatures are going to be moving in. saturday starts out with some sun.
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the afternoon with that stray shower chance. see that little blip of green there? saturday night sunday morning. at 3:30. but sunday is pretty nice, some sunshine and a northwesterly winds we'll be well up in the 60s once again sunday and monday as well. so -- you know spring is going to come early why not right? but i'm a snow lover and there's been a painful few months for me. 52 today. tonight 40 and lighter winds but 0s in the suburbs. tomorrow 68 and that stray shower saturday night into sunday morning and sunday spring-like again in the upper 60s and presidents' day staying warm at 64. only around 60 on tuesday which is still 12 above the average high and some showers possible wednesday afternoon and back in the 60s on thursday. we got more coming up right after this.
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a southwest airlines plane is out of service after it clipped the wing of another aircraft in phoenix. the boeing 737 was tack sealing after landing -- taxiing after landing when it hit a plane from frontier air. passengers were put aboard another flight to denver about 50 minutes later. frontier had to make a different arkments for its passengers as well. the national transportation safety board is investigating what happened. delta is bringing back free meals to passengers in coach. the airline says it will offer meals on 12 cross-country flights like those between california and new york. delta like many airlines took away free food in coach a few years ago during a slowdown in see industry.
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many companies offer paid leave for new participants but how about for new puppies? the craft beer company brew cup dog -- the craft beer company brew dog has introduced puppy parental leave. a paid week off to take care of a new dog. after that, workers are welcome to bring their dogs to the office. the company says it's the first company in the u.s. to offer pawternity. oh. nice idea. one final look at the weekend forecast when we come back. it's nice too.
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network. get this amazing offer: 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. pretty good weekend. after today's 52 we'll be in the upper 60s just a slight chance of shower overnight
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and looks pretty good right through tuesday. maybe get outside and start tending to the garden as we're getting reports from the southern states and coast of the crocus already coming out. >> that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5: fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network, and fiber optics can do amazing things. which is why over the last 10 years, we have received 6 times more awards than cable,
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>> victoria: hey, hey, hey! hey, you're not ready! >> reed: ready for what? >> victoria: dinner at the ranch. >> reed: i thought i was exempt because i'm an irresponsible kid. >> victoria: no, your grandmother and grandfather want to see you, so go on. get ready. we're gonna leave as soon as billy gets here to pick up the kids. >> reed: i'm already in hell. i mean, you take away my phone and my laptop and my guitar. now i have to go spend time with the family? >> chelsea: ooh! >> nick: mom! dad! we're here! here. allow me. >> chelsea: oh, thanks. >> nick: maybe we're the first ones. >> chelsea: well, i don't see any blankets on the floor. i guess this isn't a, um, picnic and sandwiches type of soiree. >> nick: no, no, that was a nick newman party. this one's a little more highbrow. we have, like, silverware and stuff. >> chelsea: don't i know it. it's not my first newman family dinner. i think i can handle it. >> nick: well, it's the first one i had to coerce you into coming to. >> che


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