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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  February 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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heads back to texas, home state. area o the fort worth tomorrow to the dean & deluca. defending champ. talk to the e to crowds and the media at colonial country club, one of my favorite courses. we'll be there in may, of ourse, on cbs to watch him defend. nick: do you think you could ck us up some of those wonderful jelly beans? an: how about the coach? nick: those wonderful peach things. watering y mouth is already. let's go to 1. tringale.yes, he's even got camouflaged pants on. cool. very camouflaged pants and face. ane: are you saying he looks like he's in -- jim: are you saying he looks like he's? isguise? nick: heavily. jim: and p c
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d.j. heads ove to 13. little sunday stroll know, as he took the fire out of e leaked as far as the competition with that third-round 64 this morning. genesis open. it's going to be dustin johnson's tournaments.
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it up and over those eucalyptus ees and cut it back into the fairway. gary: what are those trees, 150 feet tall? those trees right there. unique limit us are gum trees. eucalyptus 'tis -- eucalyptus trees. not indigenous to the area. planted. basically just a desert out here. nine. jim: and rose. hat gets away. there's a lot riding on this next putt. ick: that's to stay tied for second. jim: which right now has five at 11 under. et's go to the 14th. ian: and charley hoffman on the tee. five birdies and a bogey so far too. little offline but still, a good birdie opportunity. back to nine.
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to be the first to post 11 under. just caught the edge and falls for a round of 68, including an the playing today with jimmy walker, two-under par round under.finishes at nine currently one spot out of the top 10 for walker. ck: so he's first in the clubhouse at 11 under. he's got eight behind him. another four on 10. there's their target to finish off their day. they would be very happy if they could get past mr. rose and next fattest check of the week. the ajavet 18th green, thomas -- adjacent 18th pieters has this to move into second alone. nick: this would mean so much to his campaign in america. jane:
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nick: as they said at the ryder , rory mcilroy said this kid s the real deal. 6'6", might e 6'7". great golf swing. fearless. jim: just when you thought rose econds in front of him was doing all he could maybe to get second-place money, pieters drains a birdie putt and 63. al round 3 from wesley bryan's early this morning, low round of the tournament. l.a. of maybe getting the olympics in 2024 and in their plans they submitted riviera as the olympic golf 2024. in thomas pieters already with an individual ncaa championship in second. ht now let's go down to 10.
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ian: not a bad putt from that far. already represented well in ryo last year. belgium. pieters. out thomas martin laird right there at 10 under. to ey hoffman right now fete to 12. tie thomas pieters for second. an diego native. still a little work left for the remain at 11. let's go to 1. ary: we've got ollie schniederjans. that's a lot of hook on 245 ball 151 -- a good line here. line right dead wn zprack it just kind of -- kind of lost some air out of good golf shot. peter kostis, give me some intimate details of this
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146 yards, 9-iron. ary: 9-iron. peter: well up in the air. just a little right of the hole where you have to play it. gary: come on back. there you go. but little bit redundant about 12, 15 feet there for his irdie. . , world number one started in 1986 you see right guy sir we have our nick faldo, he's up there. that is trying to get on list. that's a nice list, isn't it? left there, he's still winning. nick: you'd think we'd get a tie for, that wouldn't you? jim: nothing, huh? of the l for the love game. zoip hardware, nothing. 15.
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nick: oh, wow. that was like a windscreen wiper follow-through. how did he do that? the looked so late, like clubhead arrived monday morning or the golf ball and it was -- 'm flesh gasped. m: well, the tradition continues in april. the 6 through the ninth, masters on cbs. the an april 9 finish, final round. preceding that final-round a pble we're going to have special with arnold palmer, the last interview, which was taped year's masters tournament at butler cabin. of course, partner earning up with us thursday and friday. we'll have the
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highlights thursday and friday and then full coverage over the weekend. the tradition unlike any other coming your way. goosebumps going already, the thought of that. love it. love it. jim: uh-huh. 7. ian: and martin laird. been playing well. played well in phoenix a couple ago. ks resides there in scottsdale. his for birdie to get to 11. see gimme anymore today after watching dustin johnson about 18 inches back at the 11th but he's six under par. and charley hoffman needs to this one to remain tiled with martin laird at 11 under. well done, charley hoffman. third. guys tied for he, too, having a good round.
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to the last. jim: and bryan from the fairway. needs birdie now to pull even with pieters. 214.e: a 5-iron from wind helping. plays three yards up, cancels it out. you jim: ok. he's got just inside 40 feet. at the genesis open in just a moment. at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always wngorki to be better.
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jim: again, there's lineup onight on cbs. 6. gary: after that good-look shot in here from ollie
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schniederjans, this little nudge for his birdie. there you go. played, ollie. shots out of thomas pieters. no pars, just a bunch of stuff. bunch of geometric figures. well, after 7:00 eastern time, i just want to alert everyone that we will continue coverage on cbs on the west -- and golf channel will on also have feeds and cbs, taking you to the finish of the enesis open. to see if dustin johnson can make a birdie or two
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and maybe even set a new tournament scoring record. when lanny set the record back , he had a 9-year-old golf following him for nine holes who one day would see his manage this very tournament. tiger woods was in the gallery tching lanny set the tournament scoring record. nick: was he really? wow. he in a red shirt on sunday? jim: he must have. bet he was. the longest putt he's had for bdie on this second nine. huge.t would be dottie: it certainly would. jim: this to tie second. come on now. well, he certainly this morning made a statement when he shot
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six-under, 30, on this side of the golf course that featured an birdies. four dottie: i think he was helped by have to that he didn't sleep on that career best round. he just kept playing. not able to keep same kind of moment up going. putt for a at one-over par 76. this time s side around. hat at the 15th. hit it. nick: it was the best line we've seen. jimmy walker managed to keep it ft of the hole and get a past but everybody else has lost that one rell to the right. steep.etty it's about 3% or 4% in that corner of the green. you go through the years, you seldom see anyone make that putt. used to years ago be stationed in the tower on that hole. i never saw anyone make a putt
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of any significance there. look at the pieters round of 3. good call there, nick. yesterday saying he would be your dark horse and he certainly stepped over a lot of players day with his rounds of -- 71 not so much so but 3, eight under par, the fourth round. patrick rodgers. late starter because of his good through the first two rounds. jordan spieth, who was a part of championship team at texas. they won it right here, the one pieters won the individual title. there was that perhaps concern about a cameron tringale rules situation and go over to the 13th. peter kostis is out there. have you seen
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the concessions stands and it for him to get a ruling. took forever for him to get his shot. this is his third. it will be a routine four on the ard. nick: did he have a misunderstanding with the rules guy? peter: no, it was one of those a couple drops here, a couple of things. kind he didn't particularly walk quickly up the fairway after his shot either. jim: at 15, that knocks it in his par. i think -- i thought tringale another -- give us well, he hold one yesterday from about that same distance on the 18th hole on the fly. 18. over at bryan, who's going to have his best career finish. knocks it in. big three-footer. he finished eighth last year, last summer at the
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classic and right now he's tied for third. suddenly gotten into that third-place tie with a ole to play at 11 under. that, hoffmann, bryan, laird, and rose. come some of the projections. move johnson is going to into the top 10. rose just on the outside and little souvenir presented by the rookie from augusta. startinghe hillside is to fill in. let's see what dustin johnson can do wi
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the 13th. reinsit's time to let the out and let the big thoroughbred go. have some dies and fun coming in. that one. ng to be peter: further putting uphill again. hard to see but it's there. 1934 was the first time they had some rains and they skied to bring this grass in africa. kikuyu grass and they built it on the banks so the banks in. n't fall the grass went over the banks golf course the and provided a lush cover to this beautiful golf course. 15.s go the nick: to a lush lie at 15. jim: hoffmann. don't want to miss it right. my goodness.
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we know already that's almost a uaranteed bogey. im: 1. gary: come on, kevin. hole?he doing on this birdie, birdie, birdie and he's hooked that one to the left. to the left. that will be the top of it right there. a birdie clip. that bad one from position. dustin on his way to become world number one. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive
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for more s coverage until the finish. to 14. -- final group on the 149. peter: it's a 6-iron from dustin way. 82 yards back into the breeze. let's academic with amanda. goal this as, your year was to get your full pga tour card by the end of the season. has gotten thank you majority of the way there. you have to be happy. with , i'm very happy today. i'll hopefully get very close to that status and i'm playing next week in mexico and hopefully get it done there. amanda: when you won here, how
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scenarios from college till now? > i feel like i'm a bit more skilled but the course played very similar. i love the course. it's a great layout. it's one of those you just want o keep on playing. never get bore of the playing it. i'm a very big fan of this place. amanda: you said last time you were here only six people were her -- here. a lot more people cheering for you this time. congratulations. some hole he 17 to come out of that logjam. ick: oh, no. didn't quite get the strike. gary: went to his knees. do that. you have to
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one shot back of second and a shots back of the lead. let's go to 1. jim: martin laird out of osition. having to play his third and e's in that tie for third. nick: couldn't quite do the he's tringale dunk but fighting his heart out to stay at 11. 11 under. third right now. hostile man also in trouble at 11 under. back to him. and if he isn't careful, this could go right valley in hat little the middle of the green. and made the par! looked a -- that was a picasso four, wasn't it? eyes, seven four legs. jim: look at it on the card. it just looks
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four. that was huge. at that. took a good chop at and it got zip. zip and trundle. beautiful. you know you've gotten away with you've smiled all the way across the green from the other side. about 30 yard. i would say his odds of making six were significantly played han four when he that shot. and again, there's that look own below. just a gorgeous sight here wedged right into the santa canyon. sunshine helping to dry out los angeles. after three two three and a half here on rain dropped friday. created all kinds of issues in areas.rounding somehow a golf tournament that ju
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wrong date because they've had some really good weather. through it. a remarkable job by the grt folks at riviera. is, laird at 18. for par. nick: you have to start it nline and just stay -- say a prayer that it will track on ine. jim: 16. ry: for his par after that nice chip. 4. ian: difficult to get it all the way to the hole here, peter. it's going to move right at the beginning then left at the end. ian: oh, he did get it up there. that's a good, solid putt. good that is really speed. jim: so again, we will
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so long to about 80% of the country here on the cbs network. be on cbs west coast field. mountain and western time zones, there on your ht local affiliate. meanwhile eastern and central go to the golf or cbs or we'll have continuing coverage in just a couple of moments. onight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" for all of you who are cbs ng aside off the field. in the meantime for nick and all he crew, this is jim nantz saying so long from riviera. is on his johnson way to world number one.
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