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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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seven muslim majority countries in the original order but will exempt green card holders and travelers en route to the u.s. when the order is issued. the department of homeland security is ready to release sweeping new immigration guidelines, including expediting proceedings. >> the administration's immigration policies brought hundreds to dc's not my presidents day protest rally. >> supposed to be a country that welcomes everyone. we're all immigrants. >> sin galling out muslims is un-american. >> president trump spent the weekend searching for a new national security advisor. announced h.r. mcmaster will take the job. >> he's a man of tremendous talent and experience. i watched and read a lot over the last two days. he is highly respected by everybody in the military. >> the president chose mcmaster
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misleading white house officials. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. former un ambassador john bolton also interviewed for that job. president trump says he has other plans for bolton. vice president pence was in brussels for meetings with leaders of nato and the european union. the vice president said the u.s. is committed to a strong alliance. he said america expects its allies to boost their defense spending. pence said nato must keep russia in check. >> with regard to ukraine,ed a i said before, our alliance will continue to hold russia accountable. deescalating violence in eastern ukraine. for the sake of peace and innocent human lives we urge both sides to abide by the cease fire that began today. >> pence talked about the forced resignation
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flynn. he said he was disappointed to learn that flynn had misled him about his contact with russia. u.s. defense secretary jim mattis made an unannounced visit to iraq today. the battle to push isis out of mosul entered a second day. >> the iraqi army continues to surge against the enemy on the west side of mosul. we'll go after them until we destroy them. >> mattis met with soldiers and military commanders. mattis told them he believes u.s. forces will be in iraq for a while. he confirmed the u.s. is not in iraq to seize anybody's oil, despite early suggestions from president trump. russia's ambassador to the united nations died suddenly this afternoon, just a day before he was to turn 65. officials say vitaly churkin became ill this morning. medics rushed him to hospital
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an autopsy will be done to determine what killed him. russian president vladimir putin is deeply upset over churkin's death. newly released video shows the assassination of the half brother of north korea's dictator. security footage from the airport shows a woman in a white shirt and an accomplice appear to wipe a cloth across kim jong-nam's face. he alerts police. he died on the way to the hospital. the alleged attackers and others are in custody with even more suspects being sought. it's a day so many of us have been dreading. bao bao's last day in dc before heading to china. it's been quite a sendoff. people have been flocking to the national zoo to say their good-byes. bao bao got cake for breakfast. a suitcase covered in honey. >> it's so cool. i'm kind of
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tomorrow. i'm just glad i saw him. >> i've been following bao bao ever since she was born. i'm just totally in love with her. >> bye. i hope you have a nice trip. >> certainly going to be a long trip. tomorrow bao bao boards a flight at dulles. all giant pandas born at the national zoo must be sent to china before age 4. bao bao was born in 2013. her brother will take over her enclosure. he gets her space. the too will be closed tomorrow. >> 19 hours on a flight. >> that's a long flight. >> we have strong connection to all the pandas. >> our love was never more evident than during a facebook live stream of bao bao. my son is crying saying he will miss you. kay wrote i cried when tyshon left. we'll miss bao bao also. from lisa, i'm going to
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you. watched you grow up. have a great life in china. i am so happy you gave the dmv the opportunity to make us smile. you can leave your messages on our facebook page. one of virginia's most powerful politicians announced he's retiring. republican house speaker william howell of stafford will not seek reelection when his term ends next january. howell is 73. he wants to travel and spend more time with his family. he was first elected house speaker in 2003. say so long to the 60s, at least for now. topper shutt is tracking something a little cooler on the terrace. >> it's a nice change. it isn't crazy cold. 58 tomorrow for a high downtown. 56 in gaithersburg. almost 60 in cumberland. 59
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in tomorrow. we'll let you know if that's going to lead to showers tomorrow night and wednesday.
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following a developing story in southeast right now. a family and friends are grieving the death of a man who was beaten to death with a bat. walter clark was 63 years old. a husband
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he played in a local jazz band. dc police charged a woman for his murder. bennett is 76 years old. >> i'm still in mourning. i'm still shocked. still think pick up the phone and he'll call and say i'm all right. one of those type things, you know. but it's not going to happen. >> still trying to figure out a motive in all of this. the killing happened friday afternoon inside a northeast dc residence. one police officer was killed, a second officer was wounded when they arrived at the scene of a traffic accident. a driver opened fire. >> this all happened in wittier, california. a man suspected of driving a stolen car ran into two other cars at a stoplight. when the two officers arrived he started shooting. officers returned fire. they wounded him. he's now in custody. no one else was hurt. a judge in florida is hearing arguments over whether a retired police officer should face a murder trial for shooting an unarmed man inside of
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central to this case is florida's stand your ground law. curtis reeves says he feared for his safety when he shot chad olsen during a confrontation in 2014. it started when reeves asked olsen to turn off his cell phone. eleven unidentified passengers walked through a security lane without being screened at jfk airport early this morning. all because the tsa lefts the area open and unattended. this is according to a new york daily news report. law enforcement source tells the newspaper that a metal detector went off three times as travelers walked through that screening lane. tsa says it's reviewing the incident but says it's confident the incident represented no safety threat. coming up next, people in texas are cleaning up on this presidents day after a series
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new at 6:00, we have the back story to this photo. firefighters plucked a dog from a burning building. this happened last month. the crew is getting a pat on the back. wusa9's pete muntean reports. >> reporter: i just talked to firefighters at arlington
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call was about a month ago. not too far from here. only a couple miles. all of it was pretty routine, except for one lucky little life. >> this is probably her worst nightmare. >> reporter: sadie is a border collie mix who knows how to be rescued. erica davis saved her from a shelter three years ago. it was firefighters who made the latest save. erica's building on lee highway started burning. a balcony fire spread to her ceiling. but erica wasn't home. she got a call from a firefighter on the scene. >> the street was blocked off and so i'm running down the street just, you know, where's the dog, where's the dog because that was all i was concerned about. >> reporter: there was sadie in the parking lot with the firefighters of arlington county station 6. a firefighter was holding a hose when he saw sadie inside the smoky building and grabbed her. he left the scene. this is the first time he's meeting erica. >> how's it going? >> i'm erica.
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[000:13:58;00] you look better than the last time i saw her. >> right place, right time. >> she's my everything. i mean, everything else could be replaced. >> reporter: this time the thank you comes in the form of barbecue. firefighters say they were just doing their job. but here every dog has its stay day. >> it is definitely nice to be appreciated. and nice to see sadie is doing good. >> they just did more than was required. they knew that she was my family and yeah, so grateful. >> reporter: after all this, erica's stressing one big thing. she says all pet owners need to get the stickers you can put on your home. they let firefighters know if there are pets inned that need to be rescued. she had one on the back door. now she's putting one on the front door too. pete muntean, wusa9. from one incredible story to another. this is some video from the aftermath of overnight tornadoes in texas. at least three of them
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confirmeto left mind. behind. this happened in and around san antonio. the extent of the damage is visible from the air. homes literally ripped apart. towers for those high tension utility lines turned into twisted metal. reporter luke simon shows us what the storm did to one downtown restaurant. >> reporter: good evening. we're in alamo heights, just a little north of downtown san antonio. this area has already been
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working very hard to clean up after today's tornado. that roof off of power lines to make this a safe area to travel. we've seen major damage in this area of town. even a soccer goal moved about 100 yards and caused major damage to a mini van. other houses have suffered damage as well. residents have never seen anything like it. >> we had the bad hail in april, but it was just big hail. look at it, it's like a war zone. >> reporter: there was damage to a school. because today was a holiday, no school is going to be missed. school officials will be back at school tomorrow. reporting from san antonio, luke simons, back to you. in all more than 150 homes were damaged, including several that collapsed. a tree fell on a car. >> i nearly had a heart attack and i do have heart trouble. i couldn't believe it. >> fortunately there were only minor injuries reported.
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storms also hit the austin businesses there. the winds and the rain even knocked a train off its tracks. it is powerful. >> having school open is a good thing. it gets people to a building where it's safe. >> we have a temperature correction coming up, but it's going on okay. we'll go from like 68 to 58. can we hand that'll? okay, good. good. let's talk about february. it's going to end up probably as number two or number three in terms of the warmest februarys on record. we stand in fifth place. average temp of 44.3. i think by the time we get to the end of the month we'll be around 45.5. which would put us in at number two. cooler than that, maybe we'll end up number three all time warm. live look outside. live michael and son weather cam. down to 59. dew points come up. winds northeasterly at 9. they'll become south-easterly tonight and tomorrow. temperatures down along the bay.
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chilly night with light winds. bus stop temps, 36 to 38 seasonably mild considering we're still in february. afternoon clouds. some showers maybe tuesday night and wednesday. few and far between. they are not yellow weather alert worthy. the 70s are going to return. after our little correction, 58 tomorrow and 62 on wednesday. we can certainly bear these corrections. we go back to 70 on thursday. low 70s friday. mid60s on saturday. by saturday, a cold front rolls through. lower temperatures to more average levels sunday and monday. meantime, 10:00 tonight, we're clear. temperatures mid to upper 40s. by 6:00 a.m., we're 40 downtown. 37 in fairfax. by 9:00 a.m., clouds roll through. high and mid level clouds. still. 42 in leesburg. 43 in fredericksburg. 1:00, back in the 50s. by 6:00, we're hovering around low 50s in the downtown area. gets to 52 by 1:00. increasing clouds.
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just high clouds. some showers on wednesday. but warmer, 62. 70 on thursday. maybe a shower late in the day. look at friday. a lot of clouds. 72. mid60s saturday. best chance for showers. cooler. 53 on sunday. only in the upper 40s to near 50 next monday. when you think of italian food, you might not think heart healthy. there are some good options. >> we're about heart love this month at wusa9. our andrea roane is at carmine's. we're sponsoring a food tasting that is all about treating your heart right. andrea. >> hi, bruce. hi, lesli. here's a sample of what people are getting. think about the color. beautiful color of the salmon. general manager of carmine's. can pasta be heart healthy? >> depending on the sauces you
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put on it, those choices are very for example we have the sauce we're putting on the salmon. we offer this on pasta here. very heart healthy. olive oil-based sauces heart healthy. >> we're talking about the color. the tomatoes is what makes it healthier rather than some of the cheese-based sauces. brian was telling me earlier, red wine is good for the heart. one glass a day for women. two glasses for women. what is it about red wine? >> the tanines is going to be a great antioxidant for your body. cleansing your digestive system. cleansing your palate for all the oils in your palate. >> are you pleased with the turnout? people wanting to get heart healthy? >> i'm very pleased. >> very good. we thank you for being a partner with us if. heres to you. i'll put the glass down before i say something. i do want to let you know that we're talking not about tips for being heart healthy when you go out but for tips of
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preparing these meals in so channel 9 is showing heart love again is partnering with some walmart locations for a food drive. nonperishable heart healthy food drive. these are the locations where they'll be accepting your donations. the 28th of this month. prince frederick, landover, la plata. i'll be at the walmart in prince frederick this friday. i hope to see you there. all of the foods you bring will be donated to area food banks. back to you. >> great information. my nutritionist said to me you can still have some of those things you like, you just can't have them every day and three and four times. >> have them in moderation. >> that is tricky. if you want your ideas on eating heart healthy, go to our wusa9 app or our website and search heart love.
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free agent wide receiver this is the time of year where baseball players make us feello jeaus. every member of the washington nationals is at the teams spring training facility in west palm beach, florida. it's the first time they've been together on the field since the game five loss to the dodgers in october. how could we forget that? bryce harper shagging some flies.
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new shortshop the very bearded steven strasburg could end up being the opening day starter. >> some guys came in in great shape. that makes it easier to get your work in if you're not as worried about them being injured or getting injured. came out good. >> so the first spring training game is saturday afternoon against the mets. bad news for the maryland terrapins mens basketball team. junior michael sakovsky is out after breaking his ankle in yesterday's game against wisconsin. coach expects him to make a full recovery. just for next season. despite the loss, the terps still come in at number 24 in this week's ap poll. down from number 23. how long they remain there rethin maybes to be seen. they remain winless against ranked opponents. next up, minnesota wednesday night in college park.
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could redskins wide receiver be on his wa washington? today the free agent posted a picture of himself on instagram with the caption y'all hiring? the post seeming to insinuate that he might not resign with the skins. deshawn jackson also a free agent. so far there have been no new contract talks with either player. >> rut roh. >> he brings a lot of attitude. a lot of experience. >> helps the clubhouse. >> i can't imagine the room without him. >> yeah. do we have time? >> real quick. we'll drop from 68 to 58 tomorrow. hope everybody can handle that. we're back to 70 on thursday. low 70s on friday and little bit more of a change over the weekend. >> okay. that's wusa9 news at 6:00. cbs is next. >> you guys will be back at
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