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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 22, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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tonight, george clooney reveals his fatherhood fear. >> baby crying. ahhh, ahhh. that's going to change a lot of things. >> his first interview about amal's pregnancy. is the 55 ready for twins? >> does angelina jolie think
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brad is a good dadd after the custody battle her surprising interview today. >> "flip or flop" face-off. >> hgtv stars on all out head to head flip to get their side of the story heard. new confessions about their break-up. >> there's a lot of false stories. >> and melissa mccarthy takes a big fall for big laughs. revealing how they pull off the epic tumbles. >> i try to do as much as i can until someone goes, what's the matter with you? >> now for february 21, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> throughout the years, joking -- george clooney joking with "e.t." about never having kids. so hear what george now says he can't wait for the twins to arrive. >> oscar winner is in france where he opens up for the first time about becoming a father in his 50s. >> happy. i'm really excited. it's going to be a
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>> that hand some look of desperation is clooney's response to becoming a dad of twins. when ask how he is preparing, he says. >> lock yourself in a room. >> all my friends were my age and i have many that have already done this. the kids are grown up. on their way to college. and they are laughing. >> right now george is in france where friday night he will receive an award from the french film academy. amal is working in london. the 39-year-old was spotted this afternoon leaving an office building along crimson coat hiding her bump, still styling in comfortable military style boots and gray dress. twins are due in june and george says all his friend are supportive. >> we are at dinner. there is a table of eight guys. it's going to be fun. it's going to be great. you're going to love it. then it got really quiet, then they all start making baby cries, ahhh, and the whole table just busted up laughing.
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>> can you imagine how fun it'll be for those twins to have george as a dad? my goodness. meanwhile, has angelina jolie's thoughts of dad changed? her interview this morning on gma. >> in the past you describe brad as a wonderful dad. do you still believe that? >> of course. of course. we will always by a family. always. >> angelina jolie praising her ex brad pitt this morning in what felt like an about face after their nasty breakup. after asking for full physical custody of their six children and according to a source blamed him for kids being traumatized after an incident on the plane. the actress appeared on gma via satellite from cambodia where she is directing a netflix film, after they killed my father. sometimes she felt uncomfortable. and paused before answering. >> you filed for divorce, you said for the health of the family. is your family healthier now?
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>> we are -- we are focussing on the health of our family. and so we will be. we will be stronger when we come out of this. because that's what we're determined to do as family. >> brad and angie mattered two years, together for 11. while it has been difficult for jolie, she says it has been finding comfort in family and routine. >> we wake up, figure out, who will get the dog out, who starts the pancakes and get everybody to brush their teeth. >> so in five years, where would you like to see yourself? where do you think you'll be? >> five years' time. all teenagers? in trouble, basically. >> in other family news, hoda kotb was absent from the "today" show but she called in to break some wonderful news. hoda has adopted a baby girl.
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>> that little girl, haley joy, oh, i'm crying, is my daughter. >> so adorable. haley joy waa born on valentine's day. hoda says she came up with the name because of haley's comet. she pictured her sailing through the sky. and she picked the middle name joy, just because that's what she brings hoda and her boyfriend. also on gma this morning, flip or flop star, christina el moussa opened up about the end of her marriage with her co-star, tarek. the show is one of the most popular programs on hgtv. so the question is, what now? while christina was on gma, tarek was talking about the split just a channel flip away on "today." >> honestly, despite everything, i'm doing really, really good. >> duelling morning shows. >> just really working. >> duelling magazine cov hers,e on u.s. week --
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on "people" posing with their kids. tarek's relationship bombshell, breaking silence on what led up to christina calling 911 on him last year. sheriffs saying they are responding to a call with a possible suicidal man with a gun. he said he just went for a hike. >> there are bob cats, rattle snakes, just a lot of wildfire out there. it was blown out of proportion. >> you were never suicidal? >> no, never. >> christina's revelation says there was no cheating, but their relationship was so broken, she and tarek weren't even driving to the set together. he filed for divorcet lasmonth. tarek asked for spousal support and wanted to terminate the court's ability to award support to christina. back then, a source close to christina said, quote, it's all a joke. they share everything so it is laughable. a rep for tarek said he is not choosing to respond. now they are both responding both trying to make this the narrative. >> the number one goal is to co-pt
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>> so why the big flip? estimated $4 million empire they built together. viewership has not flopped. "flip or flop" is still hgtv's second highest rated show and each earns about $10,000 per episode. the money train keeps moving. the el moussa's also rake in around $40,000 in speaking fees related to their expertise detailed on the show. so the money train keeps moving. >> tarek and i are still doing season 7 of "flip or flop." film together three or four days eka we and we look forward to continuing the show. >> also, each is moving on romantically. tarek tells "us weekly" his tryst with former nanny is over. he is single. christina is seeing their former contractor, gary. tarek said that bothered him at first, but quote she can live her life. tarek is working solo with a real estate firm and christina is writing a book. >> on the other hand, mark wahlberg and hif
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couldn't be more in love. remember this, seeing 50 shade darker on valentine's day, in fact just look that expression on his face. well, mark spoke about putting his wife first with senior news editor, jennifer paris. >> my wife wanted to see it. >> that was her valentine's day. >> not my choice. >> i actually took a picture of the marquee behind me. getting brownie points for being a good husband and sitting through a movie like that. >> something in your near career future in the 50 shades trilogy? >> no. >> no? >> no. we're velory cse to having something before the book came out but i would have just produced, not acted in it. >> now two worlds colliding. >> fighting evil giant robots, more mark's style. back in transformers, fifth edition of the franchise. >> i have so much fun making these movies. i'mmnot going to lie. i really do.
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something about the energy of michael bay's set that is unlike anything else. >> we're not giving up, okay? >> i get to see things that, you know, i never thought i would see in my life. >> the cast and director michael bay attending the annual toy fair in new york to reveal the new hasboro line inspired by the movie. >> i would steal my brother's action figures. >> which ones? >> anything i could get my hands on. g.i. joe. we would take the football players and make them into break dancers. >> are you a cool dad and bring boxes of free toys home? >> when i do that, i'm cool. when i tell them i used to be a rapper or something, it mortifies them. then i'm back to being a bad dad. ra>> tnsformers hits theaters on june 23rd. up next, j.lo's love life confession. >> first of all, stop.
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ellen did a little -- >> i don't date younger men. it's not like you have to be younger. bo, he was younger. the first i ever dated that was younger than me but i got labeled right away. >> j. lo getting candid on dating style and drake rumors. >> and you were song writing with him. right, song writing? >> we did a song together if that's what you're asking. >> is that how you write a song. >> we're not talking about j. lo. >> drake giving rihanna a sweet 29 birthday shoutout at his show in dublin last night. instead of singing the usual happy birthday, he got the crowd going with their hit song. they broke up in october but drake has never been shy about his feelings for riri.
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just listen to him back at the vmas last year. >> she is someone i've been in love with since i was 22 years old. she is one of my best friends in the world. >> and finally, gwen and blake are flying high. >> we had really good three-day ekend. about ready to get on the plane. >> "the voice" coaches having a little fun before the premier of the show next week. there's gwen's son, kingston, walking the tarmac with blake. check out matching camo. gwen snapchated the whole thing. >> we are getting on the plane. decided to snap it. so did king. >> heather locklear's new tv role. a sneak peek. >> and will nick hook up with his former flame? her ex fiance going off. >> i think they are perfect for each other. >> i'm with melissa mccarthy's stunt double. >> we have her on wires flipping around through the air. >> how they work together. to pull off
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flips, flip and flop. >> closed captioning provided by --
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vacuum. offered to me at a lower price. it's just who my aunt judy was. >> that's heather locklear guest starring off fresh off the boat on abc. despite her past struggles, heather continues to move onward and upward with her career and she is doing it with a sense of humor. >> want to take mine, too? i already put my mouth on it. seems to be your move. >> i have fibromyalgia. >> in this exclusive sneak peek, heather pokes fun at her rumored past troubles with substance abuse and goes head-to-head with her ex's new wife. >> i'm leaving. >> me too. >> stop following me. >> there's only one door. >> heather shot the episode mid >> heather shot the episode mid december, a couple weeks before a tabloid said she had suffered a nervous breakdown and checked into rehab aga
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she did not confirm or deny those reports but heather said i'm feeling great and taking steps to enrich and better my life. currently i'm tying up loose ends on current issues so i can hit 2017 full steam ahead. >> nice negotiating. >> oh, they are real. i think about the bargains i missed in the past to get me in the right head space. >> her guest appearance tonight reminds us of the melrose placedays but slightly less combative. >> to get the tears flowing i think of all the kittens that died during the filming of "milo and otis." >> i like you. >> she also has an appearance on tyler perry airing tomorrow night on tlc. >> your girl melissa mccarthy is one of the funniest people in the world. part of what makes her so funny is all that wild, dangerous physical comedy we get to watch her do. how much of that is melissa? i found out. >> i try do as much as i can until someone goes, you're not doing that. what's the matter with you? ♪
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melissa, usually stepping in is this woman. 35-year-old stunt woman luci romberg. >> three, two, one! >> what kind of injuries have you had? >> i've been super lucky over the last 12 years. only had to go to the hospital once. for stitches. >> that's amazing. on identity thief, that's melissa. luci. ghostbusters. melissa, luci. that's melissa. and that's luci. >> she wants to do all the stunts herself. on "the boss" we're doing this section where shegs flung across the wall from the bed, she said i can do it. her husband is like, yeah, you can do it once. >> luci, famously on her super bowl commercial, luci said that is mostly melissa doing stunt work. >> we had her falling down the crevice, picked up by the rhino, shook around.
1:58 am
>> picked up like a rag doll and literally thrown around. >> she can do the splits. >> i saw that picture of you both in the splits. holy -- >> yeah, she is incredible! >> what is the craziest stunt that you and melissa have done together? >> i would probably have to say the helicopter sequence on "spy." >> meaning a lot of that work was mccarthy herself. it took three days to shoot that scene. >> your hand go numb. and you have weird blisters. and i really love that stuff. >> luci stays in shape by free-running as competitive type of running that includes gymnastics and acrobatics. >> you just got to show off. >> and crazy me. sti ju t hado try it. >> you can do it.
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>> i think i'm impressed. >> i'm surprised i didn't end up in traction. >> i think i'm impressed. >> all right, right. >> things got physical last night on the bachelor, but in a much different way, shall we say. and also a shocking cliff hanger at the end when nick's former flame pops up. >> yes, always a big bachelor favorite. but wait until you hear what andy's ex fiance thinks of her. >> oh, holding nothing back with lauren zima. >> hello, nick. >> nick invited ex, andy, in for a drink on last night's episode. something her former fiance dash murray says he will never do. >> i have no intentions of ever seeing or talking to her again. there is a life outside that garbage, and i'm not going down that path. >> andy picked josh over nick on the bachelorette.
2:00 am
months before breaking up. josh says she is perfect for nick. >> they are perfect together. honestly. knowing who they are, they should have ended up together. >> he's pretty clear he's not a fan. andy slam josh in a recent tell-all book, it's not okay, which he still isn't happy about. >> we heard she is working on another book. what are your thoughts on that? you think you might be in another book? >> who knows. i try to separate myself from the negativity. just deal with positive people and good people and she's definitely not one of those. >> would you write a book? >> i've been asked. believe me, there's a book that could be written that would be full of bad but that's not something i want to do. >> are you and nick on good terms right now? >> oh, lord. how do i say that in the most mature way possible? i'm not friends with nick. >> nick took acting classes before becoming the bachelor. >> i never took acting classes for the bachelor. i'm always myself. i wish the girls luck.
2:01 am
>> maybe should take an acting lesson. >> something. don't get me started. >> despite the photos this week, of him kissing amanda, i'm sure everyone remembers, met on bachelor in paradise. >> coming up, my favorite star on the planet. from "line," a dream come true. god, i love this kid. we will show you when we come back.
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sexting. >> mama, what are these on your phone? >> it's all on tomorrow on "e.t." the countdown to oscar is on. we're with jimmy kimmel. >> this i guess unbelievable. >> -- is
2:05 am
>> which stars will he be making fun of. tomorrow. >> the star of the oscar nominated film, "line" he is so adorable. >> he stopped by, a total treat. he's been to disney land and all over the country. another magic moment, he got to meet wwe. sunny is a massive wrestling fan and triple h gave him this and he busted out his wrestling moves on me. best of all, sunny's wrestling nickname is. >> got to be the lion. >> the lion, so perfect. >> i said that not because of the movie but because
2:06 am
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candidates, but this year, hospitals must also weigh whether a candidate's visa will be denied, leaving crucial jobs unfilled. >> well, in this county-- >> reporter: before the ban, kruse expected international graduates to help shorthanded regions like morgan county in central illinois, but now -- >> well, the travel ban has made it more difficult just because of the atmosphere that's developed. >> reporter: hakemi is still happy he came and despite the anxiety he has a message for colleagues back in syria. you're recruiting them. >> i'm trying to do my best to encourage them. it's very disheartening to tell your friend, "no, it's not worth it anymore." >> reporter: president trump's first attempt at a travel ban did not include an exception for doctors. anthony, we reached out to the white house to see if the revised ban would include that exception, but an aide told us they could not yet say. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.


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