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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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died caused the fire that killed him. >> the cause of fire has been determined. it was a child playing with a lighter and unintentionally set the garage on fire. >> i think it's important to talk to your kids about fire safety. it's also realizing these things happen in moments. you just turn your back or you're distracted with something and those things happen. >> reporter: neighbors brought by tokens to remember the boy. tragedy taking its toll on this normally quiet street. >> he was. a wonderful little boy. >> reporter: barbara harris says she would take bake cookies for the boy and let him ride his bike in the driveway. >> he was so close to me. and i to him. i feel like i was his mother. his mom and everything, they're just sweet people. >> reporter: a neighbor has set up a go fund me account to help pay for the funeral costs. it's reached
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reporting live in lorton, peggy fox. if you'd like to help the family we do have a link on our website and on our mobile app. breaking news we need you to take a look at the pictures on your screen. the fbi just released the photo of that man there on the right. he's anest tone ya national. it's believed 15-year-old mckayla mattee might be with him. she's been missing since friday. she is diabetic and in need of insulin. her family believes she left home with someone she met on the internet. anyone who has seen either of them should call the fbi at 202- 278-2000. >> let's hope they get that call soon. we find wusa9
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debra alfarone. what led up to this shooting? >> reporter: police don't know what the motive was, whether it was a robbery or something else. what we do know, a masked man shot two construction workers here on alabama avenue southeast right out of view of a camera at this church. >> the only lookout we have is for a male wearing a mask last seen running south away from the scene. >> reporter: a shooting doesn't surprise youth pastor julie taylor. there was one two months ago. >> something happened in the alley. we were able to catch it on the cameras. >> reporter: cameras did capture one of the men shot running for help. it captured emergency crews heading to the crime scene, but not the masked man. our cameras captured investigators surrounded by evidence markers and two construction helmets lying on the ground. police say the two men weren't working, they were walking down the street. the window of community
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church. julie has been working hard for eight years to keep kids busy, engaged and off the street. >> it's sad. it's not surprising. it saddens me because of the work we do here in the community. what can we do more so we can keep that from happening. it's not surprising. >> reporter: police say one of the construction workers went into surgery. he was in critical condition. the other is in stable. i checked back just a short time ago and a police source says the two of them are not doing so well. we'll keep you updated. live in southeast, debra alfarone. police say they don't know what led up to that shooting. if you have any information, give police a call. you are about to see some dramatic video, watch there. this is a fairfax county police officer slamming, right there, in the corner of your screen, into someone driving a van. here's a closer look
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intersection of buleesrg pike and patrick henry drive on saturday morning. the cruiser slammed into a van driven by a man trying to make a turn. a youtube user captured the whole thing on video. the officer radioed for backup and got out of the car to go help that man. the driver of the mini van was taken to the hospital where he remains tonight. investigators say the officer was driving faster than the posted speed limit. he did not have his sirens on. he's now restricted to certain duty during what is now a criminal investigation. so far the officer's name has not been released. aides to president trump will be defending the administration's new policy on immigration when think arrive in mexico. rex tillerson and john kelly will be meeting with mexican president enrique pena nieto thursday. immigrants taught caught at the mexican border will be sent back to mexico, even if
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>> any country who has a citizen that comes into this country and we send back, we'll make sure they comply with this. >> mexico says it has no intention of complying. it will not accept the u.s. proposals and it is threatening to take the fight to the united nations. the trump administration is getting ready to issue new guidance including transgender students. the trump administration seems poised to allow states to decide the matter on their own. head over to should transgender students be able to use the bathroom of their chosen gender identity. we're seeing a lot of response to this topic. dave has one of the most liked comments. he writes, it's okay for a guy to walk into
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when there are other women in there and little girls just because he feels like looking and acting like a girl today? you people are nuts. lauren writes i spent three years working with lgbt youth in boston. through that work that one of the most uncomfortable things that transfolks have to do is use the restroom in public. we're still waiting to hear about what caused a house fire this morning in virginia. that started on the first floor. went up to the second. everyone in that house was able to get out safely. mayor bowser is promoting the progress of the dc fire department under her watch. they talked about the accomplishments over the last two years.
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of the city's ambulances, fire trucks and more. we have more transport units. our first response and transport response times are better and faster. we vastly improved the condition of our fleet. >> she is introducing legislation that will close gaps in insurance coverage. we are one step closer to answering one of the great mysteries in the universe. are we alone here on earth. or is there life, maybe intelligent life somewhere out there in the void. seven earth-like rocky planets orbiting a star that isn't so far away. bruce leshan has this assignment. >> i do love this stuff. fly of these
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habitable zone. the right distance from their star to be awash in liquid water. close enough to us that we may know whether they can support life. it is the first time scientists have found a treasure-trove of seven earth-sized planets circling a car state's attorney our tone. the view from their surface would be very different from ours. one side locked on their star. huge, red. the planets, so close to each other you could see the other orbs in their sky. each is potentially warm enough to be blanketed by water. their orbits are as close to their sun as mercury
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ours. scientist says all the extra solar planets they've found so far even make it more likely we'll find life. >> around every star there could be one planet. take three, take five, take seven. you can just imagine how many worlds are out there that have a shot at becoming a habitable ecosystem. we could explore. >> almost 40 light years from earth. 235trillion miles. a neighbor in the university so close nasa has already drawn up a fictional travel poster. close enough that the soon to be launched james webb telescope should be able to search their atmospheres for signs of water and oxygen and life. >> the expert opinion keeps swinging
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>> they smolder coldly in their old age. but maybe and if not this system maybe the next. >> more to come on this for sure, it sounds like. for now the potential habitable planets are designated trapist 1. e, f and g. scientists did nickname them though. they celebrated their discoveries. if they find signs of life they plan to come up with something more appropriate. bao bao getting used to her new home in china. there were no issues during that 16 hour trip. will go through a month long quarantine. then she will eventually join a panda breeding program. we're just getting started
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topper. well, you know what, warmer tomorrow. check out the record highs for tomorrow. 73 at dulles. 72 in martinsburg. we'll talk about which ones are in jeopardy. when our reality check rolls in here. that warm weather is good news for everyone. we head to the tidal basin where our balmy temps are a mixed blessing. the incredible video here of four dc police officers saving a man from a burning car. we'll hear from those brave cops. new video of actor harrison ford's botched landing at a california airport.
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all right. rush hour is just a mess outside of baltime
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a tire shop on fire. so both directions of traffic on the highway near the fire are shut down at this hour. that fire has reignited a couple of times since firefighters started battling this thing around noon today. no one has been reported to have any injuries. city officials expanded the evacuation zone today in water- logged san jose, california. flooding overwhelmed a trailer park and contaminated water forced people out of neighborhoods. crews spent the day rescuing dozens of people who were stranded. more than 200 people were taken to dry land. the rain has stopped for now. more storms expected over the weekend. warm air here. while most people are excited about it, it's not good news for everybody; right? >> it's not. i don't know if you've noticed. maybe a sniffle. east coast, winter has been on
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melissa, our meteorologist at the tidal basin talked about some of the good and bad for signs of spring. >> punxsutawney phil may have predicted six more weeks of winter. clearly he's been wrong. our first indicator of spring arriving started showing up on the tidal basin this week. the first signs of green showing up in the cherry blossom buds. so what does this mean for the peak bloom this year? >> it's been a mild winter. very little snow. the forecast even for the next couple weeks is warm. some of the trees are starting to show a little bit of glean. so based on that i don't think we're giving any state secrets away when we say before the average date, april 4th, before that date is not unlikely. >> although it's likely we'll end up with a peak bloom before the average, the next few weeks will be critical for the exact timing of this year's peak bloom. if we continue with warmer than average temperatures, which our ea
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towards, we will be looking at a very early peak bloom. last year the peak bloom was on march 25th, about 10 days after the all time record peak of march 15th set back in 1990. it's nothing out of the ordinary to have green color in the blossom buds showing up before the end of february. the real time teller for when that peak bloom will hit is the first sign of the blossom floor ets beginning to show, which usually occurs just under three weeks before the peak bloom. meanwhile, while we wait for cherry blossoms to bloom, pollen counts are on the rise. tree pollen remains a the a high level, which is fueled by warm and windy days. and for the third time in just over 20 years the grass pollen counted is showing up before the end of meteorological spring. whether you're enjoying the crocuses beginning to bloom or suffer allergies, you have this february to thank. at the tida
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nord, wusa9 news. >> that's incredible that grasses are showing up already. growing season is just around the corner. our three degree guarantee. worried about this, quite frankly. despite the clouds. we'll see how we did tonight at 11:00. live look outside. it is our live michael and sun weather cam. 59 right now. not a good sign. dew points in the upper 40s. it's going to be a warm night. a lot of clouds. winds out of the south at 9. folks in the beltway hold at the 50s. mostly cloudy, milder. chance of a shower in. few and far between. bus stop temperatures, 45 to 60. those are the temperatures between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. 70s return tomorrow and friday. just a stray shower possible. warm on saturday. we'll pay the price. a cold front approaches. showers and perhaps a thunderstorm. getting cooler late in the day. not quite record warmth. 75 tomorrow is our forecast high. 75 on friday and 70 on
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78. we know this is big. 84 for a high on saturday. the record high at dulles is only 73 tomorrow. that is in jeopardy. looks like really in jeopardy. 10:00 tonight on future cast. a lot of clouds. look at the temps. 55 downtown. 55 in romney. even crossing the divide it's 51 in oakland. you might have seen a few showers push through overnight. just a slight chance of a shower overnight. don't worry about it. driving to work, it'll be dry. 50 in gaithersburg. 50 in hagerstown at 6:00 a.m. clouds kind of thin. now we're in the upper 50s down to the south. 55, 56 in martinsburg. by afternoon, 70 downtown. 72 in fredericksburg. by 6:00, future cast triping to develop a few showers, albeit light up to the north. might
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past frederick and to hagerstown. not yellow alert worthy. we're 64 downtown. 62 in fredericksburg. that's crazy stuff. for tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, milder. shower possible. 45 to 55 for lows. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. so between the clouds and the winds, very, very mild night. in fact on the day planner we start in the 50s downtown. when you start in the 50s, not that far to 70. 65 already by 11:00. 70 already by 1:00 headed to about 75. friday, 75. a stray shower. we're going to keep saturday, 70. going to keep it green for now. maybe a shower, perhaps even a thunderstorm. not a bad day for february. 70 with showers. reality check here. low 50s sunday. low 50s on monday. showers developing. back to 60 on tuesday. back to 64 next
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showers again. how about this, a new twist into the investigation of the assassination of the half brother of north korean dictator. >> malaysian police say the two women seen wiping a poisonous cloth across the face of kim jong-nam practiced the attack several times. video shows them rushing to wash their hands shortly after. a search is underway for two additional people. security is being increased at the morgue where nam's body is being held after someone tried to break into it last night. >> who does that? new video capturing the moment actor harrison ford's plane narrowly misses a passenger jet liner when he was landing at a california airport last week. his plane flew right over an american airlines flight that had more than 100 people on board waiting to take off. problem is, yeah, you're not supposed to land there. he had enbe cleared on runway 20 l, instead he landed on the taxiway that ran parallel. >> this is
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mistake. it'll be almost like you and i kind of entering the freeway the wrong way. >> that's not cool. the faa is investigating the incident. ford could face punishment ranging from a warning letter to a fine or even suspension or loss of his pilots license. want to update you now on our poll question that we asked you a few minutes ago. do you think transgender students should be able to use the bathroom of their chosen gender identity. >> a bit of a change here. 40% say yes. 60% say no. there's a rather robust conversation about this on our facebook page. we encourage you to go there, weigh in and you can even weigh in now. another delivery company could begin air dropping packages to your doorstep. and how you can get a nice little discount on amazon orders. you won't want to miss it coming up in my consumer alert. after the break, why a shirt on a windshield raised a red flag for this young woman. the story that's being shared
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one woman's warning about what could have turned into a dangerous situation is
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tonight. >> 19-year-old ashley heartacre was leaving work at a mall in flint, michigan. when she got to her call somebody had draped a shirt over the glass and wrapped it around her windshield wiper. that was an immediate red flag for her. she also noticed there was a car running nearby. she got in her car, locked the doors and drove to a place where she could safely remove that shirt. >> my mom had told me about human trafficking and how this was something that they could use to lure you in. i actually have security walk me out now, which i wish i would have done in the first place. >> mom teaching those lessons there. >> many people are praising her for her quick thinking in this situation. authorities say there's one thing she didn't do and that's call 911 as soon as she noticed something was off. so if you have something like this happen to you, be sure to call 911. in tonight's consumer alert, no
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wells fargo fired four senior managers connected to the sales practices scandal. workers opened up to 2 million bank and credit card accounts without asking customers first. 53 lower level employees have been let go because of that scandal. u.p.s. is now testing drone delivery. they launched the drone from the roof of one of its trucks in tampa, florida. it flew to its destination, dropped the package and then returned to the truck. the shipping company says delivery by drone may be particularly useful in rural areas. amazon is saying thanks to you with an $8.62 discount on almost all orders that add up to $50. follow me now. why the number $8.62? well, amazon scored 86.26 in a harris poll snagging first place for the second year in a row. this offer is only good for today and you have to use the
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promo code bigthanks. if you use it at the checkout, you'll get the discount. straight ahead, thousands of metro riders use them every day. tonight the agency is warning customers about the dangers of escalators. a virginia congressman takes a verbal beating at a town hall meeting. the issues that brought hundreds of people out in force. right after the break, dc police officers save a man from a burning car. what the heroes are saying, that's next. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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their jobs are dangerous by nature. every day dc police officers put themselves at risk to keep us safe. >> some days that risk is greater than others, like on monday when four officers ran toward a burning car to save a 9tn trapped inside. nikki burdine has video from the rescue and the interviews with those heroic officers. >> most of us would like to think when faced with an opportunity to save someone's life we wouldn't hesitate. until you're in that position, this position, a very scary one, you don't really know, especially if it involves risking your own life. for four dc police officers on monday night, they didn't hesitate. in the end they saved a man's life. near the end of their shift, four officers did something amazing. >> it was definitely heroism at its finist. >> officer steven hines was first on the scene. he saw the aftermath of a car h
5:31 pm
block of bladensburg. >> you see the fire coming from the hood. >> reporter: he turned on his body camera and jumped into action. >> i believe there's one inside. i'm going to break the window right now. >> reporter: he broke a window. then fellow officers stopped to help. they pulled a man, who was nearly unconscious, from a car accident, out of the vehicle. >> is anyone else in there? is anyone else? >> that was probably like the main thought in my head. hopefully this car doesn't blow up and we can get the guy out of the car. >> we went back to the car. started to bust the windows. >> reporter: the driver was alone but throughout the entire ordeal there was never any hesitation. >> anyone else in there? >> reporter: good thing too. >> if we hadn't been there, it'd be a different story. >> the officers recognize how dangerous it was. if you ask any one of them, they'd do it again. >> we helped save somebody. a lot
5:32 pm
this for, to help people. i'm very proud of the work we did. >> the victim is going to be okay. he was treated and then sent home from the hospital. we also want to recognize officer roberto adams who copt be there for the interview. >> thank you. now police have told us the name of the victim is michael smith. we're tracking metro. the agency says you're safer on the rails now than a year ago. but it is still not meeting its own targets to keep you from getting hurt. new safety data was released. transportation reporter pete muntean found the biggest trouble spot may surprise you. >> your biggest risk happens before you get on the train. escalators are hurting more people than ever. metro wants to fix that. >> please watch your step and keep moving upon exiting the escalator. >> reporter: this sound is what riders should hear coming into
5:33 pm
tough. a band drowned out the sound. mike taylor and his mom donna say they like the idea -- >> i mean there's got to be a better solution. can't really hear it. >> hold the handrail. >> reporter: this new test program is meant to tackle metro's new safety problem. just released documents say there were 113 slips, trips and falls on escalators last year. that makes up more than half of all customer injuries. >> i'm surprised that i'm not. i think -- if it's an issue then they're doing the right thing. >> reporter: this test is only at one escalator bank at the 7th and f street entrance. it started last week and will last five more weeks. >> i think it's a great thing. >> reporter: arlene did hear the announcements. maybe this will keep peoples eyes off their phones and on this growing hazard. >> i wish it wouldn't happen but a lot of people, you have to pay attention. you really do. >> reporter: metro says the tripping hazard doesn't stop on
5:34 pm
it's trying to tackle other housekeeping problems like loose floor tiles. pete muntean. >> here's an interesting fact. metro has more escalators than any transit system in if north america. 618 system wide. metro says their pilot program will be expanded to a handful of additional escalators for a six month pilot period. the political debate shifts from capitol hill to home districts now that congress is on recess. voters are crowding town halls across the country, expressing their concerns about the trump administration last night in blackstone, virginia, much of the meeting centered around the push to repeal and replace obamacare and the president's immigration orders. republican congressman david brat got an eitherful. >> hope you'll listen to all of us. >> i'll listen to all of you. >> and not just your supporters. >> most of what i've heard him say before, i don't feel like i really learned a
5:35 pm
unfortunately. >> blackstone, virginia is not the only town seeing this response. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell faced protesters before giving his into etch in kentucky. president trump tweeted last night the so-called angry crowd did the home districts of some republican -- . there is a new law on the books in had the district tonight protecting animals from extreme weather. mayor bowser signing an emergency bill known asthma ma's law. the measure is named after a pit bull left outside in freezing temperatures last january the new legislation permits the humane rescue alliance to seize dogs subjected to extreme gold. brendan todd says he's working to make mama's law permanent. it's that time of year again. people toss good money hoping to win the lottery. tonight's powerball jackpot is a whopper. it's above $400 million for the first time in nearly e
5:36 pm
it's the tenth largest prize in the game's history. powerball is played in 44 states, the district of columbia. the odds of oning are astronomical. if you don't buy a ticket, you won't win at all. >> you can still dream big. that's free. >> awesome. trending now, a debate over lezza toppings has one world ader walking back a pretty strong statement. >> a maryland college student is shocked after opening a package from his own mother. oh, what's inside? we'll give you two good reasons not to invite a softball of pitcher to a dodge ball game. >> not a good thing. low temperatures tonight. this is a good thing. 54 downtown. 47 in frederick. only 49 in hagerstown. we'd be jumping for joy if those were our high temperatures. they're not. maybe record highs tomorrow.
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we just love throwing you curve balls as we go trending every night. who invited the softball pitcher to the dodgeball game? this video is being shared around
5:40 pm
the girl she knocked down, no chance. the next blast is better. she'll knock it off her feet. addison slayback. the pain. the 15-year-old phenom was playing dodgeball with her softball teammates just to blow off a little steam. >> we can confirm there were no concussions as a part of this, although she's holding her head like what just hit me. to the ice bath, batman. the president of iceland has had a change of heart on a very important issue. an issue that could lead to the next world war. we're talking about pizza toppings. >> specifically does pineapple belong on pizza? well, the iceland leader says pineapple on pizza is disgusting and he would ban it if he could. today the president is walking that back. he said listen, i don't have the power to make laws to keep you from putting pineapples on your pizza and i wouldn't want
5:41 pm
could. >> that's a good thing. a woman suspected of trunk driving didn't really help her cause with this next stunt. police in new mexico, look at them red eyes. they just released dash cam video. a 22-year-old was spotted driving recklessly and later found out passed out behind the wheel. officers asked her to complete a series of field sobriety tests. instead, she said, how about i do some cart wheels. >> was that sort of her attempt at being an overachiever? >> maybe it was showing them look, i'm not drunk. as i fall to the ground and crack my skull with my red eyes. she's charged with drunk driving and other offenses, including being an idiot. >> don't do that. >> no. a college student thought his mom was sending him a care package. you get the brown box in the mail at school. mom, she cares. he found out he was very wrong.
5:42 pm
>> so connor tweeted out this picture. it was a bag of trash. it turns out that's the trash he forgot to take out while he was at home in leonardtown, maryland during his winter break. that's a good mom. she sent it to him to make a point. take the trash out. it worked. many twitter users cheered her on calling her mom of the year. none of that entitlement stuff. >> i'm sure he got new twitter followers out of it. national margarita day is getting all kinds of love on twitter today. that might explain why there are people drinking those frosty beverages this evening. there are at least six theories on the origins of the margarita. >> a man created a drink at his restaurant back in 1938. according to legend, he mixed it up for a customer who was allergic to all liquor except
5:43 pm
lime to make it taste better. >> can you imagine if that was your life? jose cuervo started running ad campaigns for the margarita in 1945. the first margarita machine was built and used in 1971. >> that is the heavy rotation today. a young boy is rescued from strong ocean currents in hawaii. it is all caught on tape. new technology helping to heal broken hearts. not talking about breakups here. how this device saved one woman's life. that's up next.
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four words at the top of the washington post home page are getting attention today. the new slogan, democracy dies in darkness. that refrain can be found on our news partner's web page. many see the new slogan as a clear stand against president trump's recent attacks on the media. in today's heart love, we're putting the focus on helping others on the road to heart health. eating the right things can be expensive. >> it is not cheap. we are teaming up with walmart to help those in need. and here's how
5:47 pm
we're collecting heart healthy, nonperishable food at the walmart stores in several cities. everything you donate will go to area food banks. on friday, andrea roane will be at the prince frederick walmart. she'll be there from 5:00 until 7:30. so come on out and say hello. one in four adults is born with a hole in their heart. some close on their own, but what do you do if it doesn't? >> right, so a couple months ago the fda got clearance for a device used to repair those holes. recorder sonia azad sat down with a woman alive because of it. >> reporter: art is more than a passion for heidi. it's therapy. >> always use art for healing. >> reporter: the 37-year-old mom and art teacher had a strange and scary experience at her home. >> i couldn't see anything out of this eye. it just
5:48 pm
i would try to read something and a full letter would move. i couldn't read the phone. i just threw it in a panic. >> reporter: it was an ocular migraine. a visit to the a neurologies confirmed that and more. >> i just started uncontrollably crying. i'm 37 years old. how can this happen? how can i have a stroke at 37 years old? >> reporter: heidi had a mini stroke caused by an undiagnosed hole in her heart. the size of a pencil eraser. >> they can be devastating. >> reporter: the heart center of north texas says the old way of treating this problem was with blood thinners. >> we deploy one disk. >> reporter: now they're using this, a small device taken through a vein from the groin all the way to the heart. two disks that close the hole in the heart. the whole procedure takes about 5 to 10 minutes. >> closure of that hole is meant to reduce recurrent strokes. >> reporter: the first time the fda cleared device was used in text was on
5:49 pm
important art pieces i've done. i just know that god was there. >> reporter: now she's back to filling her heart with art. >> i know it's good. that i'm fixed. it's all going to be okay. >> well the fact that the fda cleared this device is a big deal because it takes care of smaller holes in the heart. when it comes to dealing with doctors and insurance what's covered and what's approved, people like heidi can get the procedure they need sooner rather than later. that time is precious. an 8-year-old boy is safe today thanks to quick thinking heroes who saved him from the ocean's current. this is video that shows ryan playing in the water at a beach during a vacation in hawaii. his grandfather gestures him to get out. ryan gets sucked back in. for a few seconds ryan's mother and grandfather struggle to reach him. that's when christopher raced in to help. >> i dive in right
5:50 pm
disappearing. i'm not only thinking about saving him, but what's going to happen if i get dragged in. >> there were no life guards on duty at the time. her son swallowed a lot of water but he's otherwise okay. the family snapped this photo to always remember their heroes. it's amazing how fast you can get swept up in that current. >> it wasn't even that deep. rip current as the water goes from land back into the ocean. that's what can get you. wow. quick thinking. live look outside. live michael and son weather cam. 59 right now. cloudy. might night because of the southerly winds and the clouds. we'll keep a slight chance of a shower in. bus stop temperatures, 45 to 60. that's 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. 60 in some spots by 9:00 a.m. 70s return tomorrow and friday. maybe a stray shower. warm on saturday. showers and perhaps a thunderstorm as a cold front
5:51 pm
showers tomorrow and friday, don't worry about planning around. showers on saturday could affect your february golf game. reality check on sunday. 75 tomorrow. 75 on friday. 75 on saturday. only 50 with clouds and showers on monday. that's going to be above average. we'll be complaining about that. 10:00 tonight, clouds. 53 la plata. dry. 50 in if frederick. couple of sprinkles roll through between dc and fredericksburg in the predawn hours. by 6:00 we're all just generally just mostly cloudy. temps in the mid50s. mid50s to low 50s. we're approaching 60. even up in romney. 57 degrees at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and 58 downtown. by 1:00 we're 70. these numbers are low. i think some of us are going to be 73, 74 by 1:00. especially down toward fredericksburg. 6:00, maybe some showers to the north. wouldn't plan around e.
5:52 pm
downtown. all right. on the day planner. 50s to start. yeah, 50s to start. that'd be a good daytime high. no, no, 70 by 1:00. pair of 5:00s thursday and friday. -- 75:00s thursday and friday. low 50s on sunday. showers on monday. back to 60 tuesday. back to 64 with more showers on wednesday. the washington wizards kicking off the unofficial start of the second half of the nba season friday in philly. all eyes are on the nba trade deadline which is fast approaching. frank hanrahan looking at the team's needs for the second half push to the playoffs. >> wizards right now the three- seed in the east. but they may feel like they need to get better and they could by tomorrow afternoon. trad
5:53 pm
wizards make a move to at least bolster their bench. need a backup point guard and a score off the pine. likely atop the wizards needs. we shall see. as for the rest of the wiz, they're at philadelphia friday night as the unofficial second half of the nba season begins. inside the paint, i'm frank hanrahan. the wiz have reportedly made a move. acquiring to the vertical the team, organize according to the vertical the team has acquired a guard from the nets for andrew nicholson, marcus thornton and a first round pitch. averaging 14 points and would add some depth to the wizards guard rotation. coming up at 6:00, a councilman's campaign manager faces jail time for an illegal robo call being called a hateful, political, dirty trick. how a wedding between two service dogs is helping an officer heal.
5:54 pm
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call today. comcast business. il but for business. it was love at first sight. a wedding that couldn't have come at a better time. todd unger takes us inside the ceremony helping
5:57 pm
>> reporter: if this good looking boxer walks with a little pep in his step it's probably because the 3-year-old is off the market. >> she had a little veil piece on the back of her head. trooper wore a black tux with tails. and a small top hat. >> on sunday a rescue named trooper walked down the doggy aisle with sophie, who stole his heart in school. >> they would find a way during that one hour class to work their way over to each other and play. >> it wasn't just any class. trooper has been undergoing intensive service dog training so he can provide paralyzed fort worth cop the help she needs. >> once i was in it and stood up he came over to me and he wanted to make sure
5:58 pm
was okay. >> lisa took some steps on her own, the first time she since she was shot in the line of duty. carefully watching is trooper just off camera. it's easy to see how he captured his owner's affection while finding love in the process. >> they even exchanged dog tags with their names on it he's wearing one that says trooper and sophie. sophie lives way out in keller. she's a good 45 minute drive for us. so. >> long distance. >> yeah, it's going to be a long distance relationship. >> a tale of puppy love cemented by a trip down the aisle. >> you know the bride and groom were hot under the collar; right? while the wedding was the main event, the weekend proved significant for another reason. trooper is now a fully certified service dog. he's adepted a opening doors
5:59 pm
that lisa accidentally drops. at 6:00, key trump administration officials look to mend fences with mexico. while discussing a tougher immigration stance. good evening. >> thanks for joining us tonight. secretary of state rex tillerson is in mexico to deliver president trump's new immigration strategy. the trip comes just 24 hours after the white house announced guidelines that expose 11 million illegal immigrants to possible deportation. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland security secretary john kelly are traveling to mexico. >> any country who has a citizen that we send back we'll make sure they comply with this. >> reporter: the directive the give homeland security the authority to expedite deportation of immigrants. immigrants caught at the ca
6:00 pm
back to mexico, despite coming from other countries and hire 15,000 more border patrol and immigration agents. >> yesterday was focused on going after people who are concerned -- public safety concern. >> reporter: the trump administration is considering rolling back the practice of so- called catch and release allowing immigrants to remain free in the country while their cases were pending in the court system. >> there's a prioritization of how we deal with immigration both illegal and legal. we'll have more on that later. >> reporter: mexico says it will not accept the proposals and threatened to take the fight to the united nations. secretary tillerson met with the australian foreign minister this morning to reassure her of america's commitment to working together. president trump reportedly had a contentious phone exchange with australia's prime minister weeks ago over an obama-era deal. it requires the u.s. to accept 15,000 immigrants from australia. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. house spear


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