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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  February 26, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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much calmer day today. temps ran 25 degrees colder, but with the sunshine this afternoon those showers in pennsylvania this morning are gone. it really wasn't all this bad. right now 46 in town. we're down to 30 in the mountains and looks like a nice evening. we got a new moon, so you won't see it out there. we'll fall from the 40s to upper 30s by midnight. tomorrow sunshine and we give way to more clouds. we may see a stray shower in the afternoon. looks unsettled moving into tuesday
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and flurries in the seven-ca. he starred in blockbuster hits like take tank and twister. actor bill paxton has died after complications from surgery. his death adds a sad note in tonight's award ceremony. he was never nominated but appeared in several oscar nominated movies. he was in the movie training day. paxton was 61 years old. friends and celebrities posting condolences on twitter. tom hanks wrote bill paxton was a wonderful man. kevin bacon said some of his best memories were floating around in a tiny vessel with big hearted bill packs paxton. he was always funny
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person i will miss. judge wapner passed away. he presided over the people's court. wapner died in his sleep at home. he'd been hospitalized for breathing problems and was in hospice care. switching gears, the new head of the democratic national committee is laying out his plans for the party as democrats try to capitalize on op decision to president trump. a new poll shows the president's approval rating hitting a record low and wendy gillette has more. >> great americans, mr. tom parlaries. >> reporter: the newly elected chairman of the democratic national committee says -- perez. >> reporter: the newly elected chairman of the democratic national committee says we need unity for the party. bernie sanders says the new chairman needs to make changes. >> the way the democratic party has been run for decades has not worked. we need a
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we've got to open up the party to working people, to young people. >> reporter: the party will try to seize on democrats' opposition to president trump. a new nbc news wall street journal poll shows 44% of americans approve of how president trump is doing his job, a record low for a new president. 48% disapprove. as the president hits back against negative news reports and leaks within his administration, he tweeted saturday that he won't attend the annual white house correspondence dinner. >> i think it's kind of naive of us to think we can all walk into a room for a couple of hours and pretend that some of that tension isn't there. >> reporter: president trump and the first lady are hosting the nation's governors at the white house tonight for the annual governors ball. wendy gillette, cbs news. the president will give his first speech to congress tuesday night. his aides say mr. trump will present a proposed budget and a revamped healthcare plan in replace of the affordable care act known as obamacare. we now know the name of the man who police sa
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pickup truck into a crowd of mardi gras revelers. new orleans police say 25-year- old nielsen rasuto was highly intoxicated when he crashed into a crowd of people watching the parade. 28 people were injured. tonight five remain in the hospital. jail records show rasuto was arrested on a number of charges and is held at new orleans city jail. a judge delays the trial of the man accused in the 1975 killings of the lyon sisters. attorneys for lloyd welsh requested the delay. trial is now set to begin in september. it has been scheduled for april 18th. police say katherine and sheila lyons disappeared from the wheaton plaza shopping mall. they believe the 10 and 12-year- old girls were sexually assaulted and killed in bedford county, virginia. in fairfax county a group of young people spent their sunday afternoon swimming dozens of ps
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to help others. wusa9's evan koslof has the story. >> reporter: these kids are diving right in in the fight against breast cancer. stroke by stroke, lap by lap they aren't only getting a workout, but they're raising money. >> i swim 150, that's 300 just from me. >> my sister and i raised 1,000 and every year we've like gone more. >> i'm doing 130 laps. per lap i have about $20. >> reporter: it's all part of the annual swim marathon. the past six years they've raked in more than $100,000. this year they added another 27,000. >> you are swimming. you're raising money that's not for you. it's not for your team. it's for someone else. >> i think for the real younger kids they kind of think of it as oh, i'm going to swim a lot today, but as you grow older, you definitely learn what an impact it has on the community. >> reporter: the event is organized by patty freedman. ou
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patty. teacng them there's a lesson here. >> i'm teaching them they're blessed and if you live in this area of great wealth and great health, if you are able to give of yourself, it will give back to you tenfold and it has. >> reporter: it's a powerful message and event for the kids, but some feel it more than others. audrey bowden's mother died from breast cancer a few years ago. >> it's exciting when you first get in, but then it gets tiring and it hits you wow, it's going to be tough, but you push through it and knowing that you have so much support and me doing it for my grandma i know i have to push through just like she did with her battle. >> reporter: now all this money will go to the avon walk to end breast cancer held later on in may and all that money goes to raising awareness and research to try and stop breast cancer. fairfax county, evan koslof, wusa9. >> the walk is two days
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the mall. so roy elementary school reopens tomorrow after -- savoy elementary school reopens tomorrow after being closed three weeks due to bedbugs. crews removed the soft materials where those bugs like to leave and gave the school a thorough cleaning. in the meantime the students went to ferebee hope school instead. he won the state title for wrestling in texas, but he said it's not about him. it's about his team. >> and preview of the big show, the 89th annual action -- academy awards. >> our lesli foster tells us things about her alma mater she never
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the warmer weather has folks dreaming of home remodeling, fixing up their decks. 24,000 people headed to the dulles expo center this weekend for the capital remodel and garden show. one vendor is helping homeowners cultivate their own beehives to make their own honey. >> we actually have beehives on
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rooftops, on decks. so really any kind of almost, you know, guaranteed that will be good for the bees. >> it's probably your best investment. you invest in your home. it increases your resale value and you don't lose that money and that's where you spend most of your time when you're not working. it's a great way to invest. >> the expo also featured some hg tv stars, a flower mart as you see there and electronic vendors. are you ready for that warm weatagher ain? i know i am. howard bernstein says it's not that far away. >> and the red carpet
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they carry your fans shpassions, hopes, and dreams.s.
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because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff. . max biggs is a transgender boy who won the wrestling title for the girls in texas.
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athletes must compete based on the gender on their certificate. so max fought and won for the girls title thrusting him into the national spotlight. >> we trained hard every single day, every single day, and that's where the spotlight should have been on, not me, all these guys. i would not be here without them. >> another family has filed a lawsuit saying that that puts other athletes at risk and some also say it gives him an advantage. fans are lining the red carpet as the stars come out for hollywood's biggest night of the year. chris martinez is outside the dolby theater with the preview of tonight's academy awards. >> reporter: hundreds of fans waited for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. >> it's incredible. we've flown a long way to be here. >> reporter:
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kimmel hosts on a night expected to stand out from the movie musical la la land could make hollywood history if the film wins all 14 of its nominations. this year's oscar acting nominees are among the most diverse ever. after two years with no nominations for minority actors, this year a record six black actors are up for awards. >> the world population is much more diverse than hollywood realizes and i think the studio executives and people who fund movies are realizing that, too. >> reporter: one of the biggest questions tonight is how political will the show get. many people expect a lot of nominees and presenters to voice protests over the policies of president trump. the nominee for best language film is not attending the ceremony to protest the president's travel ban from several predominantly muslim nations. meryl streep who criticized the president in a speech at the golden globe was
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totalis of tonight's presenters. she's -- to the list every tonight's presenters. she's the most nominated performer now in oscar history. chris martinez, cbs news, hollywood. it certainly didn't feel like a day in l.a. today. >> no. it was a little chilly, but we were back to where we should be, average. this is what it's supposed to be like at the end of february, high temperatures right around 50 degrees. >> we're a little skewed now, yeah. >> this will be another whacky week. i'm showing you the temperatures that we're expecting, more ups and downs for the region, a little milder tomorrow, mild tuesday, warm wednesday, but there's a price to pay in the form of showers and storms. we clear out thursday and friday could have, yeah, flakes in the air, not a lot but a change coming our way of temps today got to 50 at national. that's average, but lots of 40s and low 50s across the board and we've cooled down now in some cases into the upper 30s like in gaithersburg
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can in the mountains, ski areas in the 20s, fredericksburg sitting at 45. michael and son weather cam, you're looking at the capitol and national harbor lit up on this sunday evening. it's 46 now at national, feels like 42 with a light northerly wind. that's going to go near calm many areas. i wouldn't be rpsurised if a few of us got to the mid-and upper 20s with dew points in the teens. the area is dry. we can cool off down to the 20s tonight. weather headlines, milder monday in the 50s, tuesday could see late showers. that may hold off till tuesday night, could be some showers monday night, mid-60s wednesday, 70s , yellow weather alert wednesday with showers and potentially strong storms. we'll have to watch that on thursday and flurries possible on friday, highs only in the 40s. there's a lot of energy. this is often what happens going from winter to spring. the atmosphere starts to juice up and you saw
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just yesterday. out west we've got a storm system in the northwest and you can see the onshore flow with the subtropical jet in l.a., phoenix moving into new mexico and texas, actually a couple rain showers here in the mississippi valley. some of those clouds will be here tomorrow. tonight, though, clear and colder, 20s and 30s, a little morning sun, but the clouds thicken up, go into the low to mid-50s by lunchtime with some isolated showers mainly north and west of us, but isolated being the key tomorrow. tomorrow night we in a see a few showers overnight -- we may see a few showers overnight into early tuesday morning. that should scoot out quickly before this activity tuesday night comes through, then a strong cold front wednesday, showers to our west will try to approach in the afternoon. with 70s and a cold front i expect some thunderstorms to be around once again. our forecast tonight clear to partly cloudy, 28 to 36. we could even see a few spots in the mid-20s with a light wind
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tomorrow morning clouds increase, 30s and 40s. we'll be in the 50s in the afternoon with just a stray shower possible. looking at the three-day forecast, tuesday some late day showers, better chance tuesday night, 66. 76 on wednesday, but you got to watch out on wednesday for showers and storms. breezy and cooler thursday, flurries friday and then we bounce back to the 60s next sunday. >> flurries he says. >> it happens. >> okay. it does in february. let's go down to florida, guys, america's great race, the daytona 500, yes. who would take the checkered flag? we have the story
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flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle. now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> you know, nascar has it a little backwards. they got their super bowl to start the season. we got to deal with it
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daytona 500 as let's go racing drivers start your racing down in daytona and this was a good race. you know what? if you enjoy the wrecks, you had the wrecks today as you see right there. one of the leaders, kyle busch, he won the first stage, but he was in a bit of a wreck and he was not going to finish this race, but his brother did well despite what happened there earlier to his bro as kyle busch takes the checkered flag, wins daytona 500. all right. since maryland women joined the big 10 three years ago they've been pretty much unstoppable winning the conference tournament the first three years going for at least a share of it hosting minnesota this afternoon in college park. final regular season game for brionna jones and shatori walker-kimbrough and they went
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out in style. she buries a three. she had 27 points. later kimbrough to the other senior brionna jones gets a bucket plus one. she finished with 24. terps finish the regular season with a share of the big 10 title. head coach brenda frese gives the team all the credit. >> we're so proud. i can't say enough about the girls and all the hard work they put in behind the scenes this past summer to be able to win a regular season. it just speaks volumes to their consistency level and all their hard work. maryland men had a pretty good season, although they dropped three in a row to likely drop from the top 25, but still some hoops to be played. yesterday i caught up with former maryland head coach garry williams as the school celebrated the 15th anniversary of their only national title in 2002 and got the coach's thoughts on this year's team. >> they're a young team, so you got to go through some things, but this time of year it doesn't matter. they're an ncaa tournament team
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times this year that it's ds, r all of a sudden it's the conference tournament and the ncaa tournament. things pick up again. so i'm lyrealnf coident these guys will do well the next month or so. got a local rivalry george mason at george washington, close game, 2nd half greer gets the layup and mason holds within a point of the colonials. cavanaugh scores two of his game high 22 as the colonials win 83-74. some nba, wizards trying to play some better basketball lost to the sixers the other night taking on the jazz. jazz up 13 heading to the 4th. bradley beal was held scoreless until the 3rd quarter. wizards are in a little bit of a funk, got to get out of it taking on the jazz, can't lose to philadelphia on the road. >> you want to get these funks like the capitals out of the season before you get to
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>> i like that positivity from weatherwise we get milder tomorrow after a cold night in the 20s and 30s, mid-50s tomorrow, mainly dry, late showers tuesday, a few showers monday night, but tuesday 66. wednesday we watch for the potential for maybe some strong storms again in the afternoon before we turn colder to finish the workweek. >> if you like all kinds of weather, we've got the week for you. thanks for watching! we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight.
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