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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we start with breaking news from northwest washington. where a trench collapses, trapping a man under a pile of dirt. first responders rushed to the work site on dexter street near fox hall road. she joins us live from northwest with more on what's happening. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. it's still a fluid situation. a lot of details still coming in. and exactly what happened. that's what police and fire are trying to investigate.
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way here to explain to you what's going on. again right now is a a stretcher and you have crews standing by and there are dozens and dozens of fire crews out here. police. as well as osha on the way to help with the investigation. and what we're being told at this point is that a trench collapsed almost two hours ago at a construction site that's here on the 4600 block of dexter street in northwest d.c.. d.c. fire officials tell us that crews were in the process of building a home this morning when the trench collapsed. took place. we don't know whoa yet. d.c. police and now osha are investigating what happened but right now the focus remains on the man stuck inside. he's about 20 feet underground ride now and has been trapped there for over an hour and a half. fire officials are calling the construction site unstable right now. and obviously dangerous. so they say that they are taking extra precautions to continue to get down to the man that's stuck inside. both in a timely and a safe manner. right now, we know few
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what his role is in the construction project. but again, fire crews are out here. osha is on their way and d.c. police say that they will continue to update us with information as all of that comes in. reporting live in northwest d.c., i'm ailiana diaz, wusa9. >> and you can follow this story on our mobile app. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. president trump makes the short trip from 1600 pennsylvania avenue to capitol hill tonight. where he'll lay out his agenda for the nation during a joint address to congress. don champion is on capitol hill with the look at what you can expect to hear this evening. >> reporter: president trump is working on last-minute preps ahead of his first joint address to congress. but he told fox news "fox & friends" that he's ready. >> just speak where the heart and say what i want to do. >> reporter: the president is proposing a budget with a 10% increase in defense spending. that money will come from budget cuts to government agencies such
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the state department. and a large reduction in foreign aid. >> all we did was take his policies and turn it into a budget and that's what you've got. >> reporter: but democratic leaders are already arguing that the president's priorities are wrong. >> to increase defense by such a large amount and then cut e th very programs that help middle class americans seems to me to be just totally wrong and out of whack. >> reporter: president trump will have an uphill battle getting another one of his legislative priorities through congress. the repeal and replacement of the affordable care act. >> i believe the odds are very high. we will keep the aca. >> reporter: republican lawmakers have been hearing from angry voters who are worried about losing their health care. and president trump acknowledged how tough it is to fix the health care system. >> you know health care is a very complex subject. if you do this, it affects nine different things, if you do that it affects 15 different things. >> reporter: president trump says also he'll lay out a case for his immigration policies. don champion, s
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>> and the administration plans to unveil a revised executive order this week, banning travel for citizens from seven mainly muslim countries. stephen colbert will host a live episode of the late show after president trump addresses congress. colbert went live several times last year for the political conventions and the debates. vancouver, canada is getting a new trump international hotel and tower. the 69 story building design has drawn praise for its sleek twisting design. but not everyone is on board. evidently the mayor will not attend and some protestors set to take place outside the building. donald trump's sons donald jr. and eric trump plan to attend the opening with secret service providing protection. >> vancouver is very multiethnic and diverse. and people here tend to be more cooperative. and he is just making everything so adversarial. it's frightening for people. >> president and hotel ow
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can separate the two then all the power to him. at least he has the nerve to say what's on his mind. and people don't league it. they're not used to that. you know he doesn't butter coat anything. >> the vancouver tower is the second trump branded property to officially open since donald trump took office coming shortly after a golf course in dubai. the defense department has presented president trump with what it calls a preliminary framework for defeating isis. the president asked for a revised plan soon after he took office. during his campaign, president trump vowed to wipe out isis and he's expected to offer some details of this new plan tonight when he makes that address before the joint session of congress. now we don't know if the president will address rising anti-semitism in tonight's speech but the fbi is investigating a new wave of threatings against jury -- threats against jewish institutions around the country. right now investigators are looking into this morning's threat at a jewish community center in california's bay area.
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people before a bomb sniffing dog gave the all-clear. >> to have them have to be evacuated, because of a threat that they nay be blown up is terrorizing and fearful -- and fear inducing. we'd like to see a plan of action put in place many this demands leadership and it demands leadership from the top. >> about 100 incidents have been reported since the beginning of the year. new leads this afternoon over the whereabout of a little boy missing from seven, maryland in anne arundel county. he's 4-year-old matthew carington. the fbi reports a possible sighting saturday of the toddler in birmingham, alabama. that is the same place matthew was last seen in october days after he was reported missing. the fbi believes he is with people who should be considered armed and dangerous. medics rushed a 12-year-old boy to the hospital with serious injuries after a car struck him this morning. sky 9 was over ashland and lowman drives in mans is where it happened just before 8:00 a.m. it appears the cl
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school bus. the driver did stay at the scene but so far, police have not charged him. don't forget your shades if you are heading out the door for lunch. but you might want to grab your umbrella too. since we could see some showers later this evening. meteorologist melissa nord joins bus the first alert forecast -- us with the first alert forecast, what's in store now? >> there are some showers around and that will be entering the area as we go towards this evening andrea, but tomorrow we're already highlighting a yellow weather alert day and we've got a slight risk of severe weather. severe thunderstorms will be possible. tomorrow mid-afternoon toward the early evening hours. so this is going to impact your evening commute tomorrow. and the main severe threat thereby some damaging -- will be some damaging straight line wind gusts in mess of 6 # miles per hour. -- excess of 60 miles per hour and can't rule out hail and the isolated tornado along with heavy rain and lightning. that storm system is going to a multiday severe weather event and already got rounds of storms going to our west. and we're going to see some of these showers passing into our area this evening. before that ve
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threat enters our area into tomorrow. right now, we've got kind of a hazy filtered sunshine outside. temperatures climbing through the 60s and we'll see the clouds really increasing from here as we head towards sunset early this evening. there will be some early showers moving in starting in our western suburbs around 5:00. few pockets of moderate rain some rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out but what we're expecting by 9:00 p.m. tonight is that this is got doing to be to severe -- going to be to severe limits. the receive tree storms that area the intra-- severe storms that enter the area that's for tomorrow afternoon. we're going to walk you through futurecast what future radar will look like tomorrow afternoon and more about what threats we're expecting tomorrow afternoon in just a bit and of course you think always get the weather -- you can always get the weather forecast by downloading the wusa9 app. andrea? thank you melissa. another carnival related crash we're following breaking news today from golf shores -- gulf shores, alabama where an suv driver crashed into a crowd
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people at a mardi gras parade. these are live pictures from the cbs affiliate there. 11 people were hurt and three theme critically and many of -- of them critically and many are members of the gulf shores high school marching band. you can follow this story as it unfolds by downloading our wusa9 app. investigators are on the scene of the house explosion in manassas where one person was injured. prince william county fire essentials athe blast happened -- officials say the blast happened just before 7:00 a.m. at this point, officials are trying to determine what triggered the explosion. a story of tragedy and survival today in a southern california neighborhood. three people on board a small plane were killed when it slammed into two homes, two others are in critical condition. the crash caused a massive fire that burned for hours. mireya villarreal reports from riverside, california. >> reporter: these grainy images captured by a surveillance camera
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six seat cessna twin engine plane dropping out of the sky. >> a plane just crashed into this house around the corner from my house. >> reporter: this video shows a neighborhood in shock. [ sirens ] just moments after the plane slammed into these homes in southern california. >> now we're seeing plane went down. into this neighborhood. that center house behind that tree is the one that is burning right now. and has the most damage. >> reporter: emergency crews rushed to the scene trying to put out the fast-moving fire and searching for any sign of survivors. >> they're working on a victim, they're working on a victim. >> reporter: screams could be heard from neighbors. [ screaming ] as rescuers pulled one survivor who was ejected from the plane out of the burning home. >> i saw somebody crawling out of the house. on the ground. on fire. and you know i started screaming like put her out. put her out. >> two victims that have been transported and we have three deceased. all of the victims are from
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no residents were involved on the ground. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board will be on site with their investigators working with local law enforcement to figure out exactly what happened. in riverside, mireya villarreal, cbs news. >> the plane was carrying five people all on their way back home to san jose from a cheerleading competition. but the plane didn't get very far after takeoff. only making it about a mile and a half from the airport. becoming an eagle scout is hard. next, find out what one east falls church scout did that was even harder. and this woman along with her neighbors are feeling vibrations inside their homes. some are blaming metro's new 7,000 series rail cars. so we sent reporters evan koslof and pete muntean out to investigate. they spent the day below ground and inside one of the houses tracking the shaking, rattling and rolling. find out what they discovered on wusa9 news tonight at 11:00.
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welcome back to the news at noon. now this is quite the accomplishment. this young man from east falls church became an eagle scout and then went even further. he's done something that only a small percentage of scouts have done since that i have started keep -- they've starts keeping records -- started deeming records in -- keeping records in 1908. hilary lane explains and she is scout leader and loves this story. full disclosure, my mother was a girl scout leader and she loves the story. >> i -- was really sad. >> reporter: it's tough on any kid. saying good-bye to a father as he puts on his uniform and travels overseas. to defend our country. >> i was deployed to afghanistan. >> reporter: that was in 2010. michael hollins was just 11 years old and feeling down about himself when his dad left. >> i wasn't really into
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anything but video games and i didn't feel like i accomplished anything. my mom was like why don't you get all the merit badges instead of focusing attention on my dad and him potentially being lost in the afghanistan war. >> reporter: with laser sharp focus michael began the journey, taking trips. >> we went -- white water canoeing. >> reporter: doing hands-on activities. >> made a chess piece. >> reporter: learning from professionals and different fields. >> probably learned about -- about 300 different careers. >> reporter: and when eric returns home 13 months -- returns home 13 months late every, michael didn't stop. -- later, michael didn't stop. >> remember when we did the personal fitness merit badge and you drove me like you did your soldiers? pushed me. >> pushed you. >> reporter: a way to bond and make up for lost time. after seven years and 5,000 hours of work, michael has accomplished his goal. he
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merit badges but also self- confidence, pride and a sense of self-worth. >> i felt like this really helped me achieve something and make me feel better about myself. >> i'm extremely proud of him. >> hilary lane, wusa9. >> we congratulate michael as well. he realized his true passion is animation and he's hoping to attend byu next year. all this month, we've been helping you to be more aware of your heart health through an initiative we call heart love. here's wusa9 anchor bruce johnson talking about what this means to him 20 years after he had a massive heart attack. >> reporter: it's not something i would wish on anybody. i was not a candidate for heart attack. i was young. i was confident. i had a great job. great family. and i worked out. didn't know family history. that was my first mistake. didn't go to the doctor regularly. that
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and i ate just about anything i wanted. third mistake. that all adds up to probably coronary disease. which is what i had. i came back from my heart attack and was able to run the marine corps marathon. and do all the things that i had put off doing. didn't want to miss anything. this is the disease that can be arrested if you take matters into your hands. be aggressive. be your own best advocate. starting right now. >> watching what you eat like bruce said is important and eating heart healthy though can be expensive. so wusa9 is teaming up with wal- mart to offer a little help to those in need. we're collecting heart healthy nonperishable food at area wal- marts through the end of the day. and the stores where you can drop off the donations are in fort totten, prince fred lick, land after, mr.-- frederick, landover la
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>> i found the word active. and i said that's the way to describe the weather you're going to be talking about. ending this month and starting the next. >> it really is. march is going to come in like a lion and we're not only tracking severe weather, but also the potential for snow showers before the week is over. >> wow. come on february was the warmest february on record and now we're talking snow? >> not -- accumulating snow much. but snow showers. yes and that's something we really didn't get in february. a wild romer coaster -- roller coaster ride and tomorrow specifically a yellow weather alert for that potential for severe thunderstorms. now with that being said, today we are going to see some showers around but these showers that we're tracking, these will be happening in the evening hours. mainly starting to arrive between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. continuing through 10:00. a few more showers lingering tonight but tomorrow afternoon, after we make it to near 80 degrees, it's going to be warm and humid. and that will be fuel for a dynamic weather system coming in that will spark
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so there's the possibility of some storms to come strong to severe. now the critical timing for these in general 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. but specifically the metro area between about 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 or 7:00. is when we're expecting the storms to move in. behind the storms, it's going to be turning colder. yeah we are talking about that snow shower possibility for the end of the week. multiday severe weather event getting going in the storm prediction center really highlighting areas in indiana and illinois that could have a tornado outbreak later today. this setup is going to be a little different as this makes it into our area tomorrow. damaging winds i think will be the primary threat. but the entire area in a slight risk of severe weather. here's the futurecast. this is a glimpse into future radar what it potentially could look like and this gives us a good idea of how things are going to time out. futurecast this evening we talked about the few showers coming in. they'll start to arrive 5:00. and our western suburbs and going into 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 making their way through the metro area, don't be surprised
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thunder but the rain is moving through for the evening and a little bit of fog and patchy drizzle tonight and tomorrow rapidly is going to warm up. we're starting in the 50s to 60s tomorrow morning. and by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, we broken out into some sunshine. that's bad for weather that's fuel -- severe weather that's fuel for thunderstorms and with the temperatures climbing to near 08 ramly see thunderstorms -- 80 rapidly see thunderstorms developing. it's going the start earlier than model is showing but it's the idea we're going to have storms forming tonight northwest and continuing to track further east as we go into the evening commute when you're heading home from work, so 6:00 right on top of the metro area. 7:00, rapidly moving into st. mary's county and parts of southern maryland it's moving out and turning a lot colder behind the storming moving in. damaging wednesday gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour that's the key severe weather threat. could see some hail and can't
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as well. next three days look like this. tomorrow we're warming up with the yellow weather alert. to just shy of 80 degrees. windy and warm with thunderstorms aad around. and -- around. in the afternoon through the evening hours. we go through the rest of your seven day forecast, a rain or snow shower can't be ruled out on friday and warming up into the low 60s by sunday. we'll be right back with more wusa9 news at noon after this.
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if you needed it here's another reason why you shouldn't go around those gates at railroad crossings. yeah. look at that. that driver in poland was nearly killed when he went around the gates into the path
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here it is again. maybe hard to believe but police say the driver was sober at the time. right now, he's in serious condition in the hospital. we'll have one final look at the forecast when we return.
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i'm on does weathertech go to protect your vehicle? ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, a strange story. it's about the same dog stolen over ask over again from a farm in -- and over again from a farm in southern maryland. n new details -- new details on a boy in prince william county hit by a car while trying to board a bus and possible plans to have the businesses buy naming rights to metro stations. it's warmer today and tomorrow with severe thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon. through the early evening. so stay weather aware.
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that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. until then have a great afternoon and we'll see you tomorrow. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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