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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 3, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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then you're a couple. think of all you'll share... like snoring. does your bed do that? the dual adjustability of a sleep number bed allows you each to choose the firmness and comfort you want. so every couple can get the best sleep ever. does your bed do that? for a limited time save $900 - $1200 on select final clearance beds during our spring clearance event. only at a sleep number store or . tonight, our exclusive on tonight's biggest night. ♪ ♪ >> hot couple pda, wild style. >> as long as i drink the rest of my
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>> then, blow your eardrum out. i don't even know how that happened. >> blake gives us and update on it. >> and the property brothers face off. are we're behind the scenes. >> he's always reaching at the camera. ♪ i want it that way >> nobody wants it that way. >> now for may 2nd, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> red carpet debut. saline gettings down and madonna. it was quite the night at the met gala. also 2k5u8d oscars of fashion. they were insane. >> there is a fine line between fashion and foolishness. we have it all. inclusion ismage inside one of the world's biggest events. ♪ i'm in the
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night ♪ ready to go ♪ >> this is my firsta. gal >> it might be fun after a couple of hours after a gring, but right now it's a shock. >> michael kors is in the house. i love lingerie and this custom north america las. >> is this your first? >> my first. >> who do you look forward to seeing? >> i want to meet j. lo. >> oh, oh, oh, i'm immediating them both. >> j-rod did not disappoint. it was all like, oh, yeah, that is my girl. even though j-low was wearing the most covered up look we've seen in a long time, but, hey, it's valentino ♪ i never met a man lthike
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lo danced. gisele and tom, john legend and chrissy teague an, but our hands-down favorite was selena goals, hugging and kissing and hugging and can we talk about those smiles? they managed to avoid a embarrassing meet you have. >> i told my wife five days ago we were coming. she could have killed me. >> nitoght's my night out. >> katie perry changed to leather and vinyl for her performance. what else happened inside the party? only we can show you that. ♪ ♪ ♪
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danced like nobody was watching. gisele whipped her hair back before walking off bare foot andry an heir got help retying her expensive city lettos. there was this bathroom selfie. we'd like to think that's kiley texting her senior kimm. >> high, guys. >> she gave a peek at how she got ready. there's more of her ralph lauren french coat dress. have you see nthis? katy's elaborate head dress and this is what happened to diddy who laid down on the set. we're all freakingut
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seeing madonna. >> what is in here? i want to know. >> a beverage. >> i see beverage. rose? >> i love rose. >> i am of legal age. i know i look young. >> the point of the night was saline who performed as only saline can. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my god. >> you're great. >> selena's always singing, isn't she? >> she always is singing. >> she looked incredible. some of those other gowns seemed outrageous, wait until we show you what they wore to the after parties. that's ahead. >> it's crazy. right now, an update on again sta fanny's voice coach. new details from boyfriend blake shelton. >> again sta
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update. how's she doing? >> shiez getting better. i -- you blow your eardrum out, that's like -- i don't even know how that happens. she says she can hear now. it's just slow, i think. >> last week gwenn suffered that ruptured eardrum while on a plane forcing her to cancel a charity performancen i los angeles. >> she had a head cold. they say not to fly if you have a head cold but we all do. that's the thing i guess could happen. >> i feel like this is an original for you. >> yeah. >> she was back in her chair last night. gwenn will be singing tonight on "the voice." >> she's doing good. >> she's book at it. >> oh, yeah. she's tough. >> to another health crisis. there is no greater joy
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watching the birth of your child. last night jimmy kimel revealed how their celebration turned to a parent's nightmare. >> i have something to tell about our family last week. i try not to get emotional but it was a scary story. >> kimel fought back tears as he talked about the birth of his son. >> they did an echocardiogram, a sonogram of the heart and found he had a heart disease. >> he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where this surgeon operated. >> it was a success. it was the longest three hours in my life. this is what he looked like on monday. but this is what he looked likes yester
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>> poor kid. not only did he get a bad heart. he got my face. >> billy will need two follow-up operations but is expected to live a normal and healthy life. kimmel had a long list of people to thank. >> even thatson of a bitch sent flowers. >> i am thankful to love and be loved by these brave guys. both cryers. >> send positive thoughts to the families who are still in the hospital now. >> there are few things tougher than going into a children's hospital. >> absolutely. >> all right, there will be guest hosts in jimmy's absence. here's another star parent making a big announcement. >> absolutely.
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world tour and broke her silence about her divorce. ♪ ♪ janet confirmed her split with her husband of five years. >> yes, i separated from my and. we are in court and the rest is in god's hands. >> source close to the family tells us she will be in court touring with baby e, this could be a problem. it's back on, we found oumt. >> so excited, guys, so excited. >> put on hold, the tour will open in lafayette, louisiana. >> i cannot say one stage september 7th. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> janet also admitted to gaining some baby weight when her brother randy chimed in on.
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kchlt you please be quiet, randy? >> she wants to look beth for herb and her fans. >> thank you so much. >> no, no, no. thank you, janet for getting back on stage. >> i will be there, janet. up next, new trouble for krisz soules? what investors are saying at the scene of the fatal crash. >> backstage after dancing's double elimination. >> that was managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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. bachelor chris soules purchased alcohol before causing a fatal crash and looechlg the scene. that is the new allegation from voirsz. tonight they say they found partially consumed containers in and around his truck. a hearing is scheduled for tuesday. >> last night, two couples got eliminated on "dancing with the stars". >> that was amazing! we still got it! we're ready for action. >> what? all of the action? >> you are eliminated. >> what are you going to take away from this experience? >> it's fun to get out of your comfort zone and challenge your. >> will we continue to see you on television in any capacity? >> i have no plans right now. >> you've got a little more mom time? >> i don't have to be anymore. stay at home, c
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>> always the glass half full. >> how do you look so hot after having a little -- seriously. >> it's a lot of makeup and hair. >> i think its you, honey. >> did you ever think you'd be wearing eye liner at this point in your life? >> i did not. >> you should have seen us trying to get it on him. he was like -- >> i put eye drop go .in >> i'm a man who wears makeup. trust me. i get it. still ahead. >> after party fashions. which stars changed their dress three times. then -- >> i was recovering from the ages of
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>> confessions from an empire star. >> and the properties brothers -- >> let's see what he's up to, shall we?
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. that's how you roll into a met gala after party when you are the co-chair. katy perry arrived peering through a hotel privacy door hanger. >> i love it. i wonder if she planned that at the last minutaant isn't surprising since she was wearing her underwear for outer wear. let's break it down. cold sparkly onsie, kwhek. industrial guarder belt, yeah. gala co-chair katy went from lots of gold on the carpet to -- well, we're not sure what to call this but somehow it works for her. >> we love you, katy, that's all. >> thank you. >> after party host
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a white pajama. >> always killing it. >> she's looking through rose colored glasses. >> jennifer mccarthy! >> j. lo's cleavage coverup continued. first baby blue. she channeled her inner flapper in this red fringe number going into the after party and later tripped into this body conscious design. mr. fashion, i got to find out. who was your favorite? >> shoutout susan kay, she looked bask. but halle berry -- >> always. >> every time! goodness! >> i loved her short hair. in la la anthony,
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listen, you need to go home quick, i know you just broke up. >> i'm with j. lo, a blue valentino, she looked like elsa the princess with her prince charm and she proved she can cover up and still look sexy. that was just absolutely stunning, perfect for peacocking. >> it was quite a night. carly steele, quite a woman. she traveled to texas to hang with the property brothers, drew and jonathan cot, hg's busiest twins have a lot going on, including a wedding. >> with the wedding coming up, i take it you're going to be best man. >> he actually said he doesn't know. >> oh. >> maybe it's the older brother, i was like uh-uh. >> both property brothers are off the market. right now, the guy
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season five of their competition show brother versus brother. >> we're here in galveston, texas, with the property brothers. right now jonathan is scattered showering the beach behind me. let's see what he's up to, shall we? >> oh! >> i'm a jerk, i'm a jerk! >> that's like v what life is like behind the scenes. they're always trying to one-up each other. >> this is his strategy. i call it his imagimagic face. he's the zoolander. >> the last show that we did, drew put a crocodile in my house loose. it was an alligator. >> the end of the whole thing. it didn't have his mouth taped. it could have bit my arm off. >> but this -- >> he's always reaching at the
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>> nobody wants it that way. >> linda does. >> oh! >>. ♪ tell me why >> so they have jokes. by the way, did you know that drew and jonathan were actually actors before their home renovation? >> let me hook you up. >> did you know that before she got her oscar nomination for "precious," he was a phone sex operator. >> i did not know that? >> this is all detailed. she showed off her gift of began in person. >> few people know that you're a phone sex operator. >> from the ages of 21 to 24. my voice was just around here. this is like the normal girls, this would be like normal girled. p and there's like barely legal and holly, she's a
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dumb. and then there's dominant girl who yells at you. i actually was doing that not knowing that it was preparing me for like "precious." that was my acting school. that was my juliard. >> can we have a basket please? >> i don't know yet. we'll think about it. >> the 33-year-old oscar nominee is brutally candid in her book. this is just my face, try not to stair. she was diagnosed with type ii diabetes. >> are you happy that's something you did? >> yes. happy. no regrets. >> not yet. >> i feel pretty good. >> i'm really glad about the way i did it. i didn't tell too many people. my body is mine. the only opinion that matters was mine and that's just the way i kept
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i don't tell people when i change my hair, either. i just do it. >> gabby just directed her first short film. the fame is something she's still getting used to. >> you're starring in a dress from the mall, in shoes from pay-less. how did i get here? do you think right now that you're meant to be where you are? >> i think so. i just want to say that this is who i am. and that i'm working on myself. >> instagram is abby three shabby. >> people don't understand how much fun she is. >> she's turning 34 this weekend. happy birthday, girlfriend. >> happy birthday. when we return, we'll tell you about a big honor for two big b music superstars.
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. today we were with actress jane and christopher jackson as they announce a tony award nominees. >> i'm sure you're wondering which broadway show will be this year's
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>> ok. so no playing favorites. this year's race is closed. the great comet o got 12 nominations. hello dolly also got nominations. kevin spacey will
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republican, bob woodall. >> you know you're having a bad day when the group that's going to lecture you on customer satisfaction is congress. >> reporter: they hemade more tn $13 billion in profits last year, while several airlines have promised to never again bump a seated passenger, there are several procedures being suggested to implement protections for flyers. coming up, a fbi translator


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