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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 3, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane and we're covering two big stories. we hear from fbi director james comey was testimony before the senate committee about the investigation into the trump campaign and possible ties to russia in a minute. first, mixed reaction to the justice department decision not to bring charges against the two louisiana police officers involved in the deadly shooting of alton sterling. police fatally shot him outside a baton rouge convenience store last year and david begnaud spoke to the family with their out rage where they found out out out the decision on the news on social media. >> reporter: two baton rouge police officers will not face federal civil rights charges in the death of alton sterling last july 5. the dispatcher sent officers blane salamoni and how we like to the triple s coen
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with a gun and the officers tased, tackled and shot 37-year- old alton sterling while he appeared to be on his back. his autopsy showed multiple gunshot wounds to his back and chest. a detective reported a gun in his pants pocket and that he was reaching for it. salamoni and the lake were put on administrative leave. dozens of peaceful protesters held a vigil tuesday outside the triple s. >> we never had grace! >> reporter: the sorrow has not ended for the family. >> we hurt. we hurt so bad. >> reporter: sandra stirling wanted federal intervention after the killing of her nephew. >> it is crazy. we waited all this time for nothing. >> reporter: and attorney for the family told cbs news they were not informed by the justice department of any decision or announcement. >> the new york times and the washington post released a statement and nobody talked to the governor or the mayor. >> reporter: congressman frederick richman tweeted last night that it completely
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transparency of the justice department. >> no matter what the decision is, the process in the protocol, the way they handled it is terrible. >> reporter: the story is not over and federal investigators decided not to file federal charges against the officers. the case comes back to louisiana and goes to the state attorney general, who will now decide whether the officer should be prosecuted criminally. david begnaud, cbs news in baton rouge, louisiana. >> the spokesman for governor john bel edwards said the justice department didn't inform the u.s. attorney's office in baton rouge of the decision not to prosecute. views are mixed on social media today. it was tweeted that alton sterling shooting was justified because he was going for handgun while resisting arrest. you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.
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sadly not surprising miscarriage of justice. these officers need to be prosecuted. >> you can take part in the conversation on any of our social media platforms. rally is held in suburban dallas, to demand that criminal charges be filed against a police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teenager over the weekend. the police officer, roy oliver, was fired from his job yesterday after his account of the shooting did not match with what a police body camera recorded. 15-year-old jordan edwards was shot in the head while leaving a party when police came to investigate underaged drinking. lee merritt represents the family. >> we are declaring a war on that police man. this has happened far too often. >> officials said the second officer at the scene violated several policies but would not specify what they were. police have launched
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investigation. the department of justice keeps records of what it calls justifiable homicide by police officers and our news partners at the washington post have been keeping tabs on all police shootings since 2015 and reports 333 fatal police shootings this year and for 2016, it reported 963 shootings and 991 cases where officers used deadly force. the numbers are based on news reports, public records, databases and original reporting. new at noon, an anne arundel police detective is accused of having sex with a prostitute while on duty. brian houseman was taken into custody and was stripped of his police duties. he is still working, assigned to administrative duties during the investigation. the 13-year veteran of the force face a host of charges including second-degree assault and prostitution. a few minutes ago, president donald trump met with the palestinian
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president at the white house. the leaders are expected to discuss the framework for peace in the middle east. as we said we said earlier, james comey is back in the spotlight. fbi director faces tough questions from republican and democratic senators about the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's private email server and possible trump campaign connections with russia. weijia jiang has details from capitol hill. >> reporter: fbi director james comey is on capitol hill for another round of testimony. >> thank you for having this annual oversight hearing about the fbi. >> reporter: senators from both sides of the i grilled -- from both sides of the aisle grilled call me the use of the private email server by hillary clinton and russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. >> are these mere
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it manipulated our government into chasing a conspiracy theory? >> reporter: it's not just lawmakers upset with james comey. hillary clinton blames the fbi director as one of the reasons why she lost the presidential election. >> i was on the way to winning until a combination of james comey's letter on october 28 -- >> why wasn't necessary to announce 11 days before a presidential election, that you were opening an investigation? >> this is terrible. it makes me mildly nauseous to think we had some impact on the election. honestly, it wouldn't change the decision. >> reporter: president donald trump responded in a tweet. fbi director james comey was the best thing that ever happened to hillary clinton and added the trump-russia story was an excuse used by the democrats as justification for losing the election.
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weijia jiang, cbs news on capitol hill. >> the investigation into the trump campaign connections with russia continues. next week, former acting attorney general, sally yates, is expected to testify before congress. you have to love today's cool weather with the breezes. cloudy skies could move in with the yellow alert into the weekend. here is howard bernstein with our forecast. friday morning is the key timeframe when we look at potentially heavy rain and thunderstorms. the friday morning commute -- there may be less people working friday -- will be slow and painful. temps in the 60s in town and many of the areas are 50. cumberland is 50. the warm stuff, richman, norfolk and ocean city in the low 70s. the clouds are a sign of the cool weather that is around. we have daytime clouds but nothing is falling out of them. kerry is well north and west are overcast near harpers ferry and fredericks has mostly
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cloudy skies south and east with more sunshine. futurecast, find through the evening and late afternoon, temps in the 60s with no real problems. the problems come tomorrow night as the clouds pick up and by friday night, thursday night and friday morning, the rain will be around. friday at 5:00 a.m., you can imagine what that will do to the commute. the forecast can be had anytime or anywhere on our wusa9 app. andrea? thank you, howard. for every 1000 euros in the u.s. between 15 and 19 years old, about 24 of them are teenage mothers and in some communities, the number is higher. in prince william county, the rate is 3% of that age group and a new nonprofit aims to help them. as devon kozlov reports, it was created by someone who knows the struggles firsthand. >> reporter: what was it like being 17 years old and hearing the words you are pregnant? >> i was
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i felt very helpless, probably the most helpless in my life. >> reporter: 25-year-old, autumn williams, said her life turned upside down eight years ago, months before going to college on an athletic scholarship. she found out she was pregnant. >> i didn't expect that to happen to me. i had good grades, i was a good student and had good grades in that kind of thing shouldn't have happened to me. >> reporter: it did and months later she gave birth to her son. she said the road was rough and there was a stigma. >> they look at me like i was crazy and didn't know what to say to me, to be honest. >> reporter: she created a pregnancy center in wood ridge for teen mothers called the two percent project. the name comes from a startling statistic. less than 2% of teen mothers go to college before the age of 30. >> that shows you that programs like these are needed and i feel like there's a lot of stigma that comes behind being te
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why these programs aren't here for them. >> reporter: with two kids of her own, autumn is proud of her title, mom. that is not all she is. she is also a college graduate and pursuing a master's degree. her message for teen mothers is that they could do the same. >> maybe you should go to college, finish high school and go after my dreams? >> reporter: wusa9 from woodbridge, devon kozlov. >> the funding comes from community donations and they've already had 13 clients in just a couple of months and they plan to create a similar project next year focusing on teen fathers. our special assignment team peers into an innovative training program inspired by a mother's love for her son. >> they understand if they see something, they won't look at him weird or different. they know what to do. >> she teaches barbers and stylists at a maryland salon how to help children
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autism from narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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welcome back to wusa9 at noon. have you heard about the blue whale challenge? it's described as an online challenge that asks teenagers to complete risk we, potentially life-threatening tasks. someone wanted us to verify the facts of the challenge. we learned more. >> it's started with an email sent to the verify account last monday. the email was sent, but the name was not disclosed and asked us to verify an article posted online. when you click on the link, you get an article with the headline, are your children playing the blue whale challenge? they warned over this suicide game over hundreds of teen deaths.
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challenge has believed to result in several does but we can't verify if or how many may have been hurt because of this game. we know the challenge was important enough for national police and friends to issue alerts to teens and parents. it was posted on their verify twitter account translating in part -- don't allow yourself to be influenced. the game is not worth risking your life. in a tweet from media outlets in town talked about awareness of the challenge and we checked in to see if the challenge was a trend regionally. someone who works in the office of communication sent us an email and said as of now we are not aware of any suicide cases linked to the blue whale suicide game in the district. additionally, it does not appear to be a trend in our region in both montgomery and fairfax county police said they have not heard of anything and we have not heard back from prince george's county police. a dock therefore
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-- andrew said suicide can be prevented. you have to know the warning signs like loss of interest in daily activities, a feeling of helplessness and change in attitude. you can contact the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-talk. i'm larry miller. >> to verify something, send an email to verify or contact us by facebook and twitter. search wusa9. we go to a live picture from the white house with our breaking news story. president donald trump welcomed palestinian president to the white house for the first meeting, ever. there are expected to have discussed a framework for peace in the middle east and they are talking and doing a photo op for the press because we heard from the white house that they won't be taking any questions. if that changes, we will let you know. we can verify this. netflix is adding warnings to episodes
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based on the best-selling young adult novel, about teen suicide. some say the show sparks important conversations and others believe it glamorize a suicide and could inspire deadly copycat behavior. it already carries the tv ma rating and netflix will now put up a warning screen before each episode. digital detox week. if you are easily distracted by your smartphone or computer, listen up. we can help. we sat down with an expert, a professor and researcher at the university of maryland. they said there are three simple ways to spend time checking emails, text messages on social networks, especially without wasting a lot of time. >>
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decide what works for you. you probably don't newly -- don't need to be on linkedin, facebook, snapchat and instagram. that is a lot of time. pick two or three that work for you for your social media goals. if you have a goal to stay with friends and keep up, you may enjoy facebook. if you know you enjoy photographs and sharing them, you may use instagram. the third tip is to set a timer. >> work mode can help, a free download that lets you block all social media sites for as long as you need and when it is on, you can't log on to it. for your phone, there's an app that can track how much you use your phone and can help you decide when to come off. let's face it. kicking the digital habit can be hard when you realize how many people have internet access. in north america, 78.6% of the population have access, compared to 15.6% in africa. asia has the largest number of internet users making more than 45% of the worlds total
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howard is on some of these social media platforms with important information and updates about the weather and sometimes pretty pictures of our beautiful environment. the azaleas were up last week and i have an update on the allergy count. tree pollen and gas pollen -- grass pollen are in the high category. temps are in the mid-and upper 60s and breezy conditions will come down as we go into the afternoon and evening with high pressure getting close and the bigger headline -- if you will -- the yellow weather alert for friday with heavy rain a high potential and damaging wind low potential with storms coming in. it looks like it will happen early in the day so the morning commute may be the worst with showers left over by mid-to- late morning and into the afternoon. slow comm m
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there will be some soggy ground and here's a picture of harpers ferry. her plans for the weekend? it won't be that nice. showers and storms on saturday and a stray shower and a little more sun but not a lot on sunday. the winds will be gusting at near 40 miles an hour and in leesburg, there may be windy conditions with temperatures in the low 60s in town and upper 60s at the naval air station and in the 50s in the shenandoah valley with clouds around. they will not warm up a lot. we are watching for friday, in the middle of the country, more rain and flooding getting bad in st. louis. severe tornadic storms across louisiana and southeast texas with these clouds having a couple of sprinkles into nn
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and tomorrow, the clouds will thicken up with rain tomorrow into friday night, especially. the friday morning commute looks nasty and telecommute if you can. by mid-to-late morning, the heavy stuff is along the east coast pulling into new england with showers wrapping around and behind the area of low pressure. friday, it will be in the morning for the worst part. easy at times and 68. tamara 68 with increasing clouds and showers developing toward midnight, if not at night with heavy rain on friday and over the weekend, cold with showers more so than
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morning. warmer and then cool this weekend. that's it for wusa9 and noon. we will be back at 5:00 today.
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>> victoria: you and her... you're together? >> billy: look, it wasn't -- this is not how i wanted this to happen, victoria. >> phyllis: i'm sorry you had to find out this way. >> victoria: yeah, so am i. >> lily: hey. >> cane: hey. >> lily: is this where the elevator got stuck? i had to take the stairs. everyone's okay, right? no one got stranded in there? >> cane: sweetheart, you should come with me. >> victoria: this couldn't get more humiliating. not that you care at all. >> billy: of course i care. i never wanted to hurt you. >> victoria: you have said that to me so many times, but you keep doing it. >> phyllis: how many times have you hurt billy? why is it so hard for you to understand that he wants a woman who treats him with respect, who doesn't toy with him, who doesn't building up his hopes to just, like, toss him aside, like he's nothing? i have always cared about billy, and i think he deserves a lot more than you're capable of giving, victoria.


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