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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the firing of fbi director james comey hunted
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[ chanting ] group is gathering to demand an investigation into the trump campaign's alleged collusion with russia in the 2016 election. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. political washington is reeling from the surprised sacking of fbi director james comey. the president said in a tweet, republicans and democrats will soon be thanking me for firing fbi director james comey. members on both sides of the aisle questioning the timing. director comey was leading the bureau into alleged ties between the trump campaign and russia and as seth lemmon reports, many wonder about the future of the investigation. moments ago, president donald trump explained why he fired james comey. >> why did you fire director comey? >> because he wasn't doing a good job, very simply.
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>> reporter: the white house is vigorously defending president donald trump's decision to fire fbi director james comey. >> he has to have confidence in the impartiality and the non- politicalization of the fbi bureau. mr. rosenstone apparently concluded that is not the case. >> reporter: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein recommended the firing because comey broke with protocol last year citing his announcement that the fbi had concluded the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private email server. >> honestly, it wouldn't change the decision. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news the decision to fire comey was made after he testified last week that he would do it all again. democrats on capitol hill are not buying the claims that director comey's termination was about how he handled the clinton email investigation. >> we know director comey was leading an investigation and whether the trump campaign colluded with russia, a serious offense. where those investio
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president? >> reporter: they're calling for a special prosecutor independent of the department of justice to lead the investigation and majority leader mitch mcconnell said that will hurt the investigations already taking place in the senate. >> partisan calls would not delay the considerable work that chairman burr and vice president warner did. too much is at stake. >> reporter: senator richard burr, leading the senate probe, said comey's dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by this committee. james comey was set to testify before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow but that will now likely be delayed. seth lemmon, four cbs news on capitol hill. with the firing of director comey, the speculation game is under way and who president donald trump might select as his successor. an obvious name is that of the deputy, the current deputy director, andrew mccabe. mccabe is a duke
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has the support of a vast majority at the bureau. on the negative side, he is the primary target of a department of justice investigation over clinton emails because of campaign contributions accepted by his wife, jill, during her unsuccessful run for virginia state senate in 2015. it was headed by governor mcauliffe and other names floated as possible director is new jersey governor chris christie and bill bratton, former new york city police commissioner. james comey is the third person involved in the russia white house investigation that has been fired. sally yates was dismissed after refusing to defend the first draft of the trump's travel ban and new york-based attorney preet bharara was fired in march after refusing mr. trump's request to resign along with 45 other u.s. attorneys across the country. he received regular intelligence briefings and was not making day to day decisions in the russian white house investigation. as you can imagine, social media is on fire over the comey dismissal.
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one person tweeted, knowing comey had goods on him, trump fired him and created a disgruntled employee that can give goods on him. great cover-up. another one, it's sad our country's leader fires people investigating him. i'm no fan of comey but, come on, president trump. keep the conversation going by clicking on the wusa.non--- website. the ex soldier confused of leaking -- accused of releasing information is said to be released. chelsea manning, formerly known as bradley manning was born male but revealed after being convicted of espionage that she identifies as a woman. president obama commuted the 35- year prison sentence before leaving losses and the white house said the service will end on may 17th.
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confrontation on a plane. three passengers getting into a fist fight on a southwest airlines flight after landing in burbank, california. no word on what caused the scuffle. as chris vancleave reports, airlines are struggling to contain tensions boiling over on planes and airports. >> reporter: [ screaming ] get off! this video was captured on board a southwest flight and shows anger turning to violence. two passengers traded punches and wrestled in the seats shortly after landing at the burberry -- at the burbank airport. >> get off! >> reporter: a flight attendant got caught in the melee. one of the passengers was eventually arrested. michael krause was on the flight. >> southwest airline never had a problem before. they did a wonderful job. >> reporter: there is no word on what caused the fight but airlines have been struggling to contain tensions boiling over on airplanes and airports. why?
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>> you do not have my permission to videotape. >> reporter: over the weekend, a man trying to catch a united flight to san francisco from new orleans that he was prevented from boarding after recording a disk viewed between him and he united representative over a baggage fee in last week, delta took a family off a flight in a dispute over a seat. >> oh my god! >> reporter: last april, a doctor was dragged off a united flight when he refused to give up his seat. and later that month, american airlines flight attendants were grounded. passengers were confronted over a baby stroller. >> i will knock you flat. >> reporter: one year line is having anger. anger at spirit airlines nearly turned into a riot at fort lauderdale airport. thousands had a flight canceled due to a work dispute with pilots. we should tell you
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american, united and delta have apologized for the incidents in the story. chris vancleave, cbs in washington. >> with all we've seen, and maybe hard to believe that the faa statistics actually show the number of disruptive passengers is down. only nine reported to the faa through early april. more on the spirit airlines a slowdown. a court granted a temporary restraining order. it compels spirit airline pilots to go back to work and not participate in boycotting or work slowdowns. is slowdown stopped this brawl at the airport and please arrested three people monday night that turned violent -- the police arrested three people monday night that turned violent. thousands were left stranded and the pilot union said it will comply with the court order. it seems airline passengers can't get a break. a missouri nurse was forced
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airlines flight. nicole harper said even though she saw other passengers get out of their seats, when she started going to the bathroom, a flight attendant told her to sit down because the pilot was expecting turbulence. eventually, she asked for a cup and the flight attendant returned to tell her to empty her cup in the bathroom. >> she was reprimanding me and talking down to me. you know, she was talking with other people and listening. >> she said the flight attendant said they would report her and the pilot would speak to her and the plane would have to be cleaned by a biohazard team. finally, a peaceful story from above the clouds. astronaut peggy whitman captured breathtaking views from urged to -- from earth. it was released through rachel mott -- helmet camera's. they fixed the station and got stunning shots. during the spacewalks, one of the shields was lost
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wusa9 first alert weather rated dc's most accurate forecast. it has been so nice, absolutely perfect. leave your windows open and it is a special day with blue skies and we are starting off with clouds and will and the day with more clouds, as well. at the last picture perfect day before those suffering with allergies may well come showers. we warm up nicely, and already 67 degrees. cloud cover on the way in and it will be nice. around the region, 64 in frederick. martinsburg, 64 and waldorf at 67 and pretty easy and consistent temperatures around the region. low to mid-70s. 72 in washington and a more typical seasonable day as we go through gh
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night for sports at nats town a course, the capitals on the wizards playing. good weather for that and cloudy skies. we will stick around and if you are doing double duty, trying to watch the games, as well, you can have this for the weather and we will time out the showers coming up in a little bit. the wife of longtime espn broadcaster chris berman has died in a traffic crash in connecticut. state police said 67-year-old catherine berman was one of two victims in this two vehicle crash in connecticut yesterday afternoon and investigators said the car rear-ended the other driver causing both of them veer off the road and her car went down and a bank and and overturned in a body of water. the utility pole was struck and the driver was killed. a boy crossing the street was killed by a car in bowie, maryland. the child is between eight and 10 years old.
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it was just before 8:00 this morning on cedric leighton and the buoy police chief said the boy was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries and is a good to be okay. the driver of the car remained on the scene. at times, there is comfort from a dog. meet raven at a local funeral home. he is therefore petting and a good snuggle. how more funeral homes use comfort dogs to help ease the pain of losing a loved one. all of these children are missing and their faces are on display outside our wusa9 studios. we hope by sharing their photos we can work to bring them home. as part of the effort to help find this in children, we have a special that you won't want to miss on all of our platforms. it's on television, web and facebook
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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in today's family health, did you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the united states? fortunately, one of the most preventable forms of cancer and highly treatable when detected early. to talk about risk factors and how to protect yourself is dermatologist, dr. jennifer desimone with the skin cancer center. thank you for being here with us. talk about who is at greatest risk for skin cancer and the severe form of melanoma. >> thank you for having me. there are several risk factors we've identified that place people at a higher chance for developing skin cancer and melanoma. referred to it as the light phenotype, which is how much coloring is in your skin or how much pigment you
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individuals with red or blonde hair, green or blue eyes, freckles, never 10 and always sunburn, they have no natural protection against ultraviolet and little natural pigmentation and they will incur the most ultraviolet damage. additionally, if you increase genetic risk factors, some have more than 50 moles and these are healthy benign moles. more than 50 puts you at greater risk and also a regular or unhealthy moles and having a personal or direct family history of melanoma or skin cancer puts you at higher risk. the bigger risk is environmental risk and that is the only one we have control or ability over and that amounts to, essentially, ultraviolet exposure and it can be sunlight or in some instances, tanning salon exposure that increase your risk for all types of skin cancer. >> doctor, how do we practice
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>> we like to educate patients using the pneumonic abc def ellen -- melanoma. any brown pigmented spot that shows asymmetry, regular border, more than one color, a diameter larger than a pencil eraser or enlarging or evolving characteristics. if you identify anything like that, go straight to a dermatologist. dr. jennifer desimone, thank you. we want people to learn more about skin cancer with the washington nats eye to skin cancer event tonight. thank you. >> that's right. go nets! speaking of rocking the red, the capitals play a winner take all game at 7:00 tonight at verizon center against the dreaded team. three games to one, washington
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tied up the series and it is do or die, whoever wins tonight advances to the eastern conference finals. it may knock them out of the playoffs and they won the stanley cup last year. washington sports fans will check out the wizards. game five tips off in boston at 8:00 p.m. and the series against the celtics is tied at 2, all. whoever wins will face lebron in cleveland in the eastern conference finals. the nets are home against the orioles tonight at 7:05 at nats park and they played in baltimore last night where the orioles 15-4. who would think the orioles would give them such a tough time in the battle of the beltway. it will be a lovely night and maybe chile. for nats fans, they will be outdoors. everyone else will be indoors. >> an exciting night. >> i love it! >> we have the wizards in the caps on the edge and we are going forward. i hope so. >> re
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>> it will be exciting and the weather will cooperate. in the next few days, it won't wash out all of the games but we will have rain to contend with as we look at the nats forecast over the next few days and today, perfect baseball weather and on mother's day, if you are spending the day at nats park, and looks great. we will detail where the rain will be on thursday, friday and saturday. those days will have chances for showers, especially thursday, friday and again on saturday. we start off gorgeous. great days in spring with cool mornings and nice afternoons and 67 degrees with cloud cover moving in for this evening. not as dry and into the 60s. low 70s and we will keep track of this. it will be kept cool through the night with clouds
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temperatures on the nice side. it is dropping down kind of chilly for a cool night with rain chances on their way. they died down in time for your mother's day plans. you can make your out door plans with mom, no worries. sunday might not be quite as nice. the only thing there is mold and spores and hopefully more rain will wash away some of the pollen. it has been a bad season for allergies. cloud cover stays in and we stay dry for through 7:00 the evening and tomorrow morning, after the early morning rush, more of the late to mid-morning rush, we will see showers approaching the region that starts to spin in the afternoon and through 5:00, at 7:05, there are some showers and it won't rain all evening. as we go through friday, we will deal with scattered showers and friday, your evening commute will be dicey. from 7:30 on friday overnight
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it sticks around and we will see this rain for a good bit of saturday. 530 on saturday evening, if you have dinner plans, it looks drier than the middle of the day and by sunday, we dry out and back to the 70s on sunday. good-looking weather for sunday and it may be a dreary saturday but we will be okay through sunday.
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caught on camera, it looked powerful and things turned out all right. a motorcyclist didn't stop in time and ran into a truck fuel tank. it and
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orary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose™.
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our special assignment unit turns the spotlight on man's best friend. this is raven, and labradoodle. she plays a special role of people that are grieving. it's a growing trend and this will be a special on wusa9 at 11:00. it's nice with increasing shouds and at the 70s and rain
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friday night and into saturday. andrea, mother's day will be nice. that sounds good. that's it for us. we will be back at 5:00. have a great day and remember to
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[ doorbell rings ] >> victoria: oh, hey. >> billy: hey. >> victoria: come on in. >> billy: morning. sorry. maybe i should've called first. >> victoria: no, it's fine. what's up? what's going on? >> billy: how's katie, after our phone conversation last night? >> victoria: well, your little talk did the trick, because she slept like a log. >> billy: good. do you mind if i pop up and say hi before they take off to school? >> victoria: hannah actually picked them up early because they have a special assembly this morning. >> billy: oh, right. right. >> victoria: yeah. >> billy: well, now that i'm here, there is something else on my mind. maybe we could has that out now? >> phyllis: hey. how's it going?


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