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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  May 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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back there. you can spin it and watch it dance a little bit. peter: he's going to try and spin it, practicing with acceleration through the hitting area. jim: just want to welcome those of you tuning in at the top of the hour in the final round of a suspensionful at&t byron nelson. former world number one jason day leads it by one over billy horschel. by two over hahn. we're delayed because of the thunderstorm that came through the area earlier this morning. we're going to go out to the sixth. gary: he's all geared up. he's got his mark and hopefully got the strike. you heard him, as soon as he hit it, he went ah. which kind of caught that a little clean. peter: yeah, the bounce got
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and didn't get the spin he was looking for. gary: and he is 10 under par and two shots back so he needs to birdie this. he needs to get real heroic with this putt he's going to have from off the fridge. peter: jason day is -- this is right to left then left-to-right putt but really, he's just going to visualize the flagstick being right on that ridge. try and hold it there. if he can get to it almost stop there, gravity will do the rest. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] in this case. gary: and he really doesn't have to hit this very hard, does he? this is like a five-foot putt, basically. peter: he's going to hit it six or eight feet max. gary: 57 feet, four inches just in case another three-pointer goes in, or half court.
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now it really starts to go downhill now. grow teeth, grow teeth. peter: that was carrying a lot of speed when it hit the ridge. gary: billy, from his angle -- he's got the same flow so he knows how fast this thing is. jason's ball got so where you were killing about, peter, it got there way too quick. 17. ian: a little bump and run here. oh, that's nicely played. a little check up the hill.
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exquisite. of course, the texan i mentioned that sergio will be marrying later in july. angela akins. daughter of university of texas standpoint marty akins back in the 1970's. let's head back to 16. gary: 44 feet, two inches. watch how much easier this putt is hit than jason day's to the crest right there. now it's just straight down the slide. that's pretty good. that's pretty good. good putt. very nice and then about three feet straight back up the hill. that's billy horschel. he would tap that in to get to 12 under. jason day's got 8'8" left. so all sorts of things could happen here and mr. hahn has it off the green. this putt is really going to go from his left to right.
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ian: jason kokrak looking for his first victory on tour in his 146th start. one would think he needs to go birdie-birdie finish. a couple of times second. that's a good line if it gets there. oh. it would have been three in a row. needs a birdie at the last. back to 16. gary: peter, coming out of these bermuda fringes, you hope you get the top rolling and smooth. peter: yeah, it's got to be the right speed when it hits the green. gary: come on, come on. oh, man that was some -- coming in the side door perfect. and that is going to be a that, distasteful 5. on this second to easiest hole on the golf course.
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and after those bogeys, boy, he needed one here badly so he is looking far in the distance now if jason day knocks this in from, again, 8'8" and peter, straight up the hill. nothing to this one. a little slide to the right. peter: maybe. i don't know that you have to give the hole away with pace. and he did watch it as it went by the hole the whole way so he knows pretty much what this is going to do. gary: right line, wrong pace.
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well, it looks like we just might have a tie here going into the 17th hole. as two players now fail to get the ball up and down from the back of this green for their birdies and billy horschel. sergio made his par at 1. he was happy about that. there it is. right there. co-leaders. we've got day. we've got horschel. we'll be back at the at&t byron nelson just a moment.
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jim: 18 tee. kokrak at 10 under. which is tied third. and he's groaning because this is leaking right. there's a bunker over here. and trees. nick: yeah. with that wind, 1 is playing a little longer. -- 18 is playing a little longer. jim: again, next week, the cbs sports spectacular, 32 pro football players compete over two days for the arm wrestling championship. and at 3:00 eastern time, back with the pga tour. dean & deluca invitational. historic colonial ready to welcome the woled's best again. jordan spieth defending.
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phil mickelson will be in the field. jon rahm. sergio. ian: yes, it's been a great field this week and equally or even better next week. players champion going to be there as well. young si woo kim. peter: ian, when you walk on this tee and you look down at that flagstick, you wonder if they missed the green. ian: yeah, it's intimidate for sure because it's so far down hill and the wind swirls around. the flag flaps around. you do not want to miss short right and long left is tough if you go a little long over the green, like this. peter: that's an 8-iron that he does not like. nick: whoa. ian: that will be down towards
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the bank so not so bad. he holed a bunker shot here yesterday. but just a little safe. that's what happens, nick, doesn't it? thinking about the wind and you know the water is right there. nick: he's such a left-sided player and that right arm really took over there. ian: this was yesterday. he watched his two fellow competitors with the same shot and i just got through saying the only way you can stop this is to hole it and hole it he did. peter: he's been out of sync with his golf swing all day and i think done a marvelous job of managing his game to be where he is right now. ian: that was his fifth birdie. to be one under for the day. back at 16. peter: jason also, 189 yards. has an 8-iron as well. ian: he's gone over to the left side of the tee like he's going to hit a high draw.
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just left of the hole. ian: made sure he had enough club. straight over the top of the flag. oh. can't believe i just hit 8-iron 200 yards. well, he avoided the water anyway, peter. that's makeable from there. his first victory on tour was here in 2010. this would be his 11th, and as jim nantz mentioned earlier, the great byron nelson, known for his never to be beaten record of 11 victories in a row. so there's a little side story. and this is the third 8-iron for the group.
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ian: oh, that's 130 feet of apex there. oh, set up. all right. no trouble. just off the edge of the green. he might just be able to chip that one in but he certainly needs a couple of birdies, does james hahn.
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jim: well, again, the next three weeks we will be with you. first from fort worth. jordan spieth defending at dean & deluca invitational. then off to jack's place, dublin, ohio. muirfield village where william mcgirt won last year. and then finally to memphis where daniel berger took the title in 2016. all these tournaments aligned with icons. terry middlecoff was mr. memphis. one of the real under rated careers in golf history and one of them used to sit at cbs in the chair that's occupied by you now, nick. ken venturi. nick: yeah, that was a few moons back. jim: ken would have celebrated a biay
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will be remembered at the nicklaus tournament. going into the memorial hall of fame in two weeks. and there's peggy nelson. such a positive, wonderful person to be around, peggy nelson. by the way, jerry tardy will be the media honoree at the memorial tournament in a couple of weeks. here's horschel. 17. ian: excellent effort there, peter. that was not easy. peter: that was actually, i think three putts in one. ian: fantastic. peter: that was superb. ian: and a good choice of club too. he's not feeling as comfortable with the pitching. i thought that was well thought out. 18. jim: kokrak, second shot.
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you're not sure you're going to get a flyer. tight line down the left side. we've seen this. oh, that's an awkward chip and run that. little knoll bleeding into the back of the green. jim: back to 17. ian: pretty makeable shot from right here, i believe, for james hahn. a little upslowly. peter: yeah, upslope. the lie is reasonable. not perfect but reasonable. ian: just going to read that -- peter: come down too steep and hit it too high in the face you will definitely come up short. ian: good try. aggressive go. knew he had to do it. didn't have anything coming in here either this week, either,
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top 50, 60 each week. nothing special. peter: same with billy horschel. he made a lot of progress he felt friday at the players championship, even though he missed the cut. he'd missed the cut four in a row and here she in the final group. you can turn it around very quickly, can't you? ian: yes, you can. maybe you're just grinding it out for 40 on the sunday before and you come up with something you felt good with a feel. all that hard work might pay off months down the track or as nick knows well, maybe that next major you play. peter: all right, he's got to get the speed through this fringe judged perfectly. ian: he was quick to take the putter as well. i thought he may have gone with a
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surface. a little downslowly. -- downslope. ooh, he's left himself one of those, peter. a little four feet right to lefter. peter: that bobbled a little bit in the fringe and i don't think it came out on the line that he wanted it to. ian: so all three players here now with a little work left for their pars. end of the day as well and nerve endings are a little rawer. than programs they were three or four hours ago. a lot is on the line. james hahn in a position here for a chance to go to the last tied
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under par. tied third. lots of fedexcup points. good check and a good confidece boost after a slow start to the season. in fact, just one top 10 for james hahn so far this year. back at the cuimb classic. let's head to 18. jason. jim: kokrak, on a little slope here. nick: fine -- tiny slope on the other side of that ridge that worked perfectly. jim: he played that one nicely. had a five-shot lead through two rounds. going to close with 72 and 0. to 17. ian: needs to knock this one in. pretty firm and straight. i wouldn't give the hole away here. very
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james heads to the last tied third, two back. two wins in his career. and this man looking for his 11th. should be just a fraction right to left, peter. peter: yeah, again, if it's struck firmly, probably on the edge. ian: jason's mom denny is doing well. she's gone back home. has had surgery. everything has gone well, doesn't need chemo. beautiful short stroke. good 3. back on
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had an amazing run there the second half of 2015 through the players championship, which was his last victory in may of last year. just an amazing run. now billy horschel. keep that held steady, billy. just stroke through it. there you go. good, aggressive. great two-putt there, peter, from off the green. awesome stuff so horschel and day head to the last at 12 under. now, a lot of putts holed. most feet of putts. this is over the four days, in his career, billy horschel. 500 feet. at 2014 when he won. that was the second of his three victories and this week, 453. if he could hole a long one at the last. a good week normally -- 300 would be a really good week. over 400 is
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let's head to the last. jim: cameron tringale hit one close. he's got there to get to eight under. the different between being in a tie for ninth or tied fifth. oh. didn't quite break what he thought it would. played it outside the hole. i think that's how he read it. hit a good -- stroked it well but it's a par for tringale. 72 coming in. earlier in this groups, sergio finishing up with a birdie bid.
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would never believe it after what we saw yesterday afternoon on this last nine, that he would come out today and be left in the starting gates. final round 74, four over. horschel. water left. nick: puts it on automatic beautifully for that drauf. peter: that's well positioned right there. jim: ooh, look at that. three-time winner but it's been since the fall of 2014. peter: this hole is fairly substantially downwind right now. nick: but we haven't had that many. we had more past the bunker yesterday than today. a lot of guys are aiming at that bunker and just leave it in front of it. amazing. for 425, just the five birdies.
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peter: well, i think driver is not going to be in jason's hand. he's going with a long iron. nick: he knows the priority. just aim at that bunker and smash it. peter: he's turning it over down the right side. nick: that's perfect. peter: what you really hope for is they end up in a really good yardage for whatever club you have. nick: yeah. jim: earlier at the 18th. kokrak, finishing up with a tap-in par. tied for third with hahn.
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and here is hahn. peter: he's going with a 3-wood. nick: yeah, just copy jason's flight would be perfect. jim: he drilled that one. three good ones by the last three. day and horschel trying to decide things on the 72nd. sergio, the defending champion, sees peggy. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time
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ur family ♪ ♪ cuz the two of you are about to be three. ♪ ♪ a little help can go a long way in your life. ♪ ♪ and nationwide is on your side. ♪ jim: tonight on cbs, back-to-back episodes, new edition of "60 minutes" and then season finales for both "madam secretary," and "elementary." ok. see how this plays out here at the 18th hole or do we go an extra hole or two? peter: it's going to be interesting because jason day is back at 140. james hahn as 119 and billy horschel only had 104 yards left and with that pin placemen
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more inviting, if you want to take it on. nick: what's that breeze doing? peter: it's downwind, maybe a fraction from the right. nick: that's perfect. swing it on the wind is -- wind and get that nice little side spin. so you have to believe they should be able to get three of these inside 15 feet. jim: you'll remember this, peter, you were there. but in 2010 when jason won for his very first tour victory, he knocked it in the water with his approach three of the four days with his second shot, including on sunday. nick: he's a different golfer now. jim: and the family awaits near the green. he hit it in the water on the 72nd hole. blake adams was in the
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didn't realize he was in the water. he followed him in the water and day went on to win it even with a bogey at the last. peter: 140 from the right and he's taking a gap wedge. nick: that's the way he likes to play it. there's the 15-footer. there's your marker. jim: smart shot. nick: he wanted to it just tip over, just turn a little over and kick towards the left because billy horschel can definitely get inside that one. peter: now james hahn has 119 yards left. nick: he's got to now? go for it. pipe birdie would make himol
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and money. jim: he came here needing some help if he wanted to take the title but that doesn't appear likely at all. nick: right on that last umbrella. that's a perfect line. jim: now that day is in close, had a -- has a short shot, here comes hahn. nick: no-no go, go! you are kidding me. what an effort. jim: oh, my goodness. lips out, the chance to tie. incredible shot. how did that? nick: that was so good. come on, what an effort and that would have been exciting. that's what he was trying to do. that was not an accident. jim: wow. nick: so billy can go two umbrellas to the right for the safety because he's just got to getid


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