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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  May 21, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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and money. jim: he came here needing some help if he wanted to take the title but that doesn't appear likely at all. nick: right on that last umbrella. that's a perfect line. jim: now that day is in close, had a -- has a short shot, here comes hahn. nick: no-no go, go! you are kidding me. what an effort. jim: oh, my goodness. lips out, the chance to tie. incredible shot. how did that? nick: that was so good. come on, what an effort and that would have been exciting. that's what he was trying to do. that was not an accident. jim: wow. nick: so billy can go two umbrellas to the right for the safety because he's just got to getid
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peter: 104 yards and he's got a sand wedge. jim: oh, left it out. peter: this is really out to the right. that's been his miss of the day, nick. he's hung everything out to the right. nick: that's the trust in the follow-through. that's the nerve. but that hahn shot was fantastic. that's what he was trying to do. pin high, yard to the right and spin it. he was within 1.68 inches of doing it. that's the size of a golf ball, folks. half a golf ball. half a golf ball and he would have made it. oh, what a try. yeaughter]
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[laughter] jim: smile, you're on can did camera. nick: who says we don't react, you know? jim: wow, and to see hahn from back there 100-plus yards away, he could see the ball kind of just jump out of a hole. and now day is going to get a little help. it's not exactly the same lie but he'll get an idea of what the last part of the putt will do because horsele -- horschel is outside on a similar path. jim: think we'll have a make here from those two? nick: billy horschel's is a tough putt. up over a ridge, big break. that could move more than two feet right to left. maybe it's a little more uphill than i thought.
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he'll be coming up the hill a little more but a late hooking break. jim: strokes gained putting for the week. horschel number one. daye jason day is second. peter: traditionally the winner comes from the bust putter of the best ball strikers that week and that will be the first in wins here. jim: got to feel good for jason day to be feeling this again. just the intensity of competition coming down to the last hole. nick: yeah. billy's got his read pretty quick. jim: he'll get a confirmation of that watching horschel. from 26 feet. nick: just keep it
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is it hard enough? . no nick: well, it didn't break as much as we thought and if he'd just hit that one, who knows? you're not going to give that a rush of blood down the hill. what's he gesture interesting? i'm not sure. maybe he thought it was more downhill. jim: well, it certainly has been a memorable final at&t byron nelson here at t.p.c. four seasons. ellie and dash. lucy is also out here, their little girl. peter: i suppose we've had so many playoffs here at this event, it would be fitting to have another one in the finale. jim: you might be right. first came here in 1983. the purse was
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ben crenshaw won it, took home a check for $72,000. the purse now is $7.5 million. of course, byron nelson just loved the fact -- such a charitable man -- how much they were able to generate for his community and specifically for that great school impacting the lives of so many young people. the momentous school mere. -- here. now, having got an little education on the horschel putt, let's see what day can do. this is for the win. nick: i have a good feeling about this one. you watch. jim: i kind of do too. he pulled it. nick: no, that was a misread. jim: that team seemed like it was going left right off the face. nick: everything,er
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i thought he was going to hang that a cup right and just dribble it and it was going to turn the last. he tried to main line and it that was maybe not a good read. just gives himself enough to think about. billy is in. i'll give him that one. so this to stay alive. peter: and this one is going to require his full attention. nick: yeah, i was just thinking, peter. that's not in the script that -- you're expecting somebody to hole and it may be a bit of a gaveaway for a win but i doubt it this man is pretty solid at these. jim: all right, knocks it in for the par. and just a horschel tap-in away
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three birdies and one bogey. 68. horschel, who certainly had a chance to, you would have thought, make something more out of it with just 104 yards in nick: yeah, he let that one go. the pressure got to him on that one. that would have been -- that was a shame. if we were going for a playoff. it would have been great. hahn, bond -- james bond would have holed it, wouldn't he? so he just misses out.
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jim: got the birdie. had it gone in, he'd have been the man with the golden wedge. and we're off to a playoff. hahn finishes one behind them. bike, these two have certainly -- boy, these two have certainly provided some highlight material this weekend and now they'll go at least one extra hole to decide things. this was on saturday, jason day. from outside 60 feet. horschel was playing right
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and he provided fireworks of his own. and then today, horschel, with what we're told is the longest putt he's ever holed in his pga tour career. nick: i found that very surprising. must have slapped a 100-footer in somewhere. jim: 59 feet, three inches. nick: and the very next hole, jason day just slices it perfectly. jim: a little visit with the family before he signs the farled, gets ready
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horror schill's last win was the tour championship in 2014. day's last win was the players championship last year. prestigious wins. they're both anxious to get another title.
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jim: there's the lineup tonight on cbs. "60 minutes" twice. "madam secretary," "almost "elementary." those are season if i al -- finales for those last two. we're going to go extra innings here. nick: back on 18. jason day will go with iron. horschel with driver. you kind of like jason day because you think he's guaranteed to hit the fairway till in play whereas billy horschel could do something. then after, that they'll know exactly what to do. they could almost replicate what we've just seen. jim: anybody the favorite at this point? nick: maybe jason you'd kind of think but they're both looking good. they are both enjoying themselves, both looking good. but you hav
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has been on that biggest stage that little bit longer. jim: he had that absolutely brilliant stretch, including the pga championship that spilled over into the start of 2016 when he won three times early. everything. and now to go dry here for almost what a year? so what would this mean to him? nick: it's an amazingly fragile game. when you're winning and you're on form. you get out of bed and go win a tournament. then all of a sudden, you can't quite put your finger on it. slight difference in his golf game. obviously his mom's issues with her healthful but she's doing well. he's backswinging well. for either of these guys, it's just the icing on the cake to get that win under your belt and say
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there. jim: horschel's last win, it was an amazing stretch. he'd won the week before, the b.m.w. championship and got all these points in the fedexcup playoffs and backed it up the next week with another win at east lake. won by three shots over rory and jim furyk and went on to take the fedexcup so after that big win, massive payday, he hasn't won sings. two and a half years ago. [wedge hit] you'll find us here. [♪] you'll find us everywhere. you'll find a bunch of us up here. we might be talking about a great round. [explosion sound] or tweeting about a low score. or making a sunday charge. [♪] players all over the world. [wedge hit] all over the world. all over the world. [explosion sound] are trusting the total performance of titleist. this week and every week. [explosion sound] titleist, the most trusted choice in golf. ♪
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jim: it's the second playoff for each of these participants. jason winning at the farmers at torrey pines, which set him on quite a streak. take a look at the final 72-hole leaderboard. hahn third alone. kokrak fourth. a four-way tie for fifth. kuchar in that group, inside the top 10. includes taylor, dahmen, tringale. lori lee. >> you'll go in that order.
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nick: one, that was easy. >> let's go, guys. peter: nick, do you think we'll see the same club selections in the playoff? nick: i would have thought so. if i was jason day i'd grab my corner right now and stand on the corner of the tee and lean on a it just to send a message. i'm going to found one. jim: he did give up, what, 36 yards to horschel with the seconds -- second shots coming in. horrific, -- of course, horschel didn't execute that second one the way we wanted to. but it's a lot to give up if you're going to play back one with iron. nick: i don't think so. it's all control for these guys. jim: we'll see. horschel has driver here.
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it's not going to turn over this time. peter: yeah, this one's headed out to the right. that will stick. oh, he's going to luck out. that's a good lie up there. peter: just short of our cameraman and in a perfect position. jim: good angle. nick: just a little hooky, a little springy, that grass. jim: iron again. nick: yeah. it's only 425.
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nick: needs a little more hook. jim: went with the control and he's well back and in the rough. both missed the fairway. an be sg to life beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. ♪
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peter kostis is following the playoff action from the fairway. what do you see first view? peter: jason day is 41 yards behind billy horschel. he's got 164. billy has 123. they have similar lies and similar angles but coming out of the rough, i don't believe either one of them are going to take on that hole location. nick: what's billy's lie? a little
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peter: a little shorter grass and a little bit firmer. nick: if that was me, i'd maybe wander guard, look at that. i believe that billy has a shot. he could try and play the same shot, a little right of the flag, get the slowly. hopefully get inside 15 feet. jason day has got to push himself. he's got to pull off a great shot here. peter: billy has to figure out what's causing him to leak everything out to the right with his irons. one of the reason he's made so many feet of putts is because he's not hit it very close. nick: yeah. well, i talked with colin swatton before and he said sometimes that little right knee goes outside his shoe and obviously he hangs back a touch and gets a touch under it but that's hardly been noticeable today. jim: here's the guy that was just an ama r
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cowboys. ' zeke yul elliott. he's checking out the action. peter: jason's got a 9-iron. i believe that's a good yardage for him, good club selection. wasting no time. nick: he's aiming right. he's definitely going to scoop this one in on the lie. fractional fat, wasn't it? that's a tough putt from up there. jim: and horschel with about as good a lie as you could ask for being off the fairway. peter: for where he is you're exactly right. 123 yards left. jim: what's he going to do here, nick? nick: just play 10, 15 feet right of the
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because severing going to hook anyway. let it swing and it should spin left. the most important thing, make a good follow-through, when -- which i think he's done. there's the shot. just bit a little more but that was the perfect shot. much better swing than the 72nd hole attempt. jim: if they need to go beyond this, it will be 18 one more time and after that, if necessary, 17. nick: we're going to need a miracle putt from one of these two, to be honest. jason's not easy. billy, a slight advantage but it's -- it's better than i thought. a good 15 feet, 16 feet. jim: playoff here for the second straight year.
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koepka, making par on this hole to win it in the playoff. nick: yeah, it's close. 48 feet for jason and 17 feet, six. good life. he's already seen that puttish. he's a couple of inches free throw low ore than the first time around. advantage billy horschel. jim: you said 48 feet, right? when adam scott won this tournament in 2008, he made it from 48 feet on this green. nick: you're kidding me? jim:. no nick: you are an encyclopedia golfing geek. jim: yes, always have been. nick: and he was an aussie. there you go. can he phone a friend? call in
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it right edge? or a bit more outside? jim: adam i remember called it one of the biggest putts he would ever make. at that time his game was not in a very good place and then all of a sudden it came together. putting conventionaly back in those days. nick: yeah, you don't recognize him now when you see him putting convention al -- conventionaly. you can just see to the right that other ridge bleeding down as well. you have to believe it's kicking it right to left a couple of times. peter: this is a three-putt part. have to get the first part right or the other two won't make any
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over this putt thinking about a three-putt is possible if i'm not careful? peter: he has to just take care of his business. he can't worry about what billy horschel is going to do. nick: he has to make his putt and if it goes in, it's a huge bonus. oh, what a good try. jim: from 48 feet. easy. i could sense looking at the monitor, looking back at the green watching you an halfway through you thought just maybe. nick: i thought for a second that was going to turn. if it hit that the perfect weight, that could have been a different story. there's proof. he knew it was on line. just a hair. two feet too strong. it lost its break the last six, eight feet.
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jim: he doesn't have a gimme coming back. nick:. no jim: but horschel has a chance to render that useless. if he knocks this in, he's the champion. peter: i don't think this is going to move as much left. jim: he's ready to go. nick: need some legs. ah! wow. jim: in with a four and now day has to match it.
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nick: this is a healthy 4'3". jim: oh, my goodness. horschel wins it. [captioning funded by cbs sports division]
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jim: horschel says that's not the way i wanted to win it. nick: no, that's not what we expected, was it? sometimes you just hit one dimple on the outside of center. because he knew the putt. it was a same putt he had. just a little longer version. yeah. jim: all right, peter kostis, it's yours. peter: thank you, jim. i'm here with a fairly emotional billy horschel. emotional roller coaster all day long today. golf is an unbelievable game, isn't it, sometimes? >> it is. four missed kits and then come in here with nothing that really -- hadn't played well. i played well and unfortunately i don't want to win like that. a.f.c. all day between james, jason and i and someone is looking out for me today. peter: you get out of golf what you put into it, not necessarily at the same time. i think you just have


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