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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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friday, and low 80s saturday. 77 is the average. we will come back and tell you which days this week will be dry and which days may require a yellow weather alert. present trump is on his second leg of the first foreign overseas trip in chief. after arriving in israel, president became the first u.s. president to visit the western wall. it is considered the holiest site in judaism. the president and first lady also toured the church in jerusalem. president trump and the israeli prime minister discussed common threats and challenges facing both nations, and that includes iran. >> iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, never ever. it's one of the toughest deals of all
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that we are going to get there eventually. >> president trump was talking about a possible peace treaty between the israelis and palestinians. president will travel to bethlehem tomorrow to meet with the palestinian leader. michael flynn reportedly refusing to cooperate with the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. the associated press is the former national security advisor notify the senate intelligence committee today he will not comply with a subpoena seeking documents. legal experts have said flynn was unlikely to turn over personal documents without immunity from prosecution. more follow from this fight last week outside of turkish embassy in dc. turkey summoned the u.s. ambassador. turkey is protesting the security personnel and there was a brawl between demonstrators and a bodyguard of the turkish president. they detained two turkish security personnel before releasing them. a new setback today for the purple eye. the federal judge ruled the transifi
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of metro's declining ridership and safety issues on the light rail line. the decision means construction on the 16-mile line connecting new carrollton and bethesda being delayed even further. it's already nine months behind schedule. police now say that a reported sexual assault as a holocaust museum. after review of surveillance video and witness interviews, there was apparently no evidence to back up the claim. the holocaust museum was on lockdown for an hour yesterday during the investigation. police say it was necessary at the time to ensure a possible suspect did not escape. a rite of passage to naval academy members. they built a human pyramid today and successfully put a hat at the top of the monument in annapolis. that's no small feat because that monument coated with 50 pounds of vegetable shortening. the achievement means that they will now be known as
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midshipmen. parts of macarthur boulevard remain closed right now as the result of a large water main break between the reservoir and foxhall road. the rupture pipe dates back to 1560. that is old. a new pipe is in place. honors today for a world war ii merchant mariner. >> the resident of laurel, maryland received several medals during his ceremony. primarily they transport cargo and passengers during peak time but they also serve the military in times of war. they suffered the highest rate of casualties in any service during world war ii. he was 18 when he joined the service. he is 91 now. >> and i will say one thing, i don't regret one minute of the service i put in. where
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the world, and you want to appreciate this country, go somewhere else and you see there's nothing like this country. >> that metal presentation took place as part of his -- part of an annual observance of maritime . it was established by congress in 1933 to recognize the contributions of the american merchant marine. this next story is getting a lot of attention online. >> pregnant marilyn teenager not being allowed to walk for her graduation. >> do you think you're being punished here for choosing life? >> yes, but they won't admit that. >> more on this graduation controversy on the way intestate it. how a local albright
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a deadly stabbing and possible hate crime at the university of maryland "tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks...
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progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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suspect in the possible race-based stabbing at the university of maryland. the 22-year-old was absolutely dangerous. prosecutors say the attack this weekend was completely unprovoked but they are still trying to determine if it was a hate crime. collins was due to graduate this week and had just been commissioned to lieutenant in the u.s. army. bruce joins us now live. what did you hear? >> reporter: well, i didn't hear a
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appeared at a court hearing via closed-circuit from the detention center. he stared straight at the camera and held his hands behind his back. his lawyer says he was intoxicated and incoherent at the time of the fatal stabbing, a stabbing that took from us a young man who had already accomplished so much. >> you guys have anything at all you can say? >> his parents have nothing to say. even after reporters asked if their son was a white supremacist. a contributor to a facebook called out right nation. >> none of us can deny it that the climate that we live in now is one that people are very concerned. we are concerned. what we can say is that, again, we will leave no stone unturned. if the evidence leads us to can turn
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crime, we will have no problem handling it as such. >> prosecutors say he'd never even met him. the newly commissioned army lieutenant was at a bus stop at the university of maryland early saturday morning. allegedly he told him to move aside. he was stabbed once in the chest with a three or four-inch pocketknife. >> very kind, very young man. >> this is far from the first alleged racial incident at the university of maryland. activists are worried. >> you should be able to take these hate groups. >> the fbi
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investigation and prosecutors determine the murder was a race- based hate crime, he could face federal charges. >> his parents stood silently in the courtroom where their son could see them on camera from the detention center. his mother works for the university of maryland university college financial aid office. his lawyer, well, he is a star lawyer here at the courthouse. he asked the judge to offer some kind of bail. the judge said forget it. wusa 9. >> just awful. collins was supposed to graduate tomorrow. instead, the grieving student there will hold a vigil for him tonight at 7:00. so the suspect was a member of the white nationalist hate group on facebook
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right nation. the reference to. we have assigned scott room to look into what to this facebook group was all about. he's live in college park to tell us all about that. >> important to note that he was a member and not a moderator. it was also a closed group on facebook. the out right nation has been taken down off the social media platform but there are a lot of such sites on facebook and immediately this afternoon a copycat also emerged. the alts right nation's. the tragedy ramping up pressure to filter out hate speech and been it from their platforms. facebook needs to shut down all the hate groups. ou
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>> at the university of maryland today, shock about the murder. >> also on the other hand, free speech is like a fundamental part of our society. it's like a complex issue. >> i think there should be some type of regulation on that. >> i guess there should be a balance of sorts. >> sunday the guardian reported on its review of more than 100 leaked internal facebook documents that illustrate the struggle the social media site faces. we prohibit content deemed to be directly harmful but allow content that is controversial. facebook has said in a post, tonight flowers and candles turned bus shelter where he was murdered into a makeshift shrine. the student accused of killing collins is being held without bail.
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the university. it's so unfortunate. facebook has offered no specific comments about the specific site, but as soon as the group, which was a private group, was taken down and i reported a copycat site emerged, it is described as a personal blog. wusa 9. >> the tragedy amplified by the fact that it came on graduation weekend. a georgetown university professor confronted a man during a workout last week and called him neo-nazi. that professor says internet patrols have been harassing her since the incident. she says she would conf
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spencer again. >> the recent election underway in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby. the comedian and his lawyers were on hand in pittsburgh this morning he's accused of drugging and molesting female college basketball manager in 2004. dozens of other women have come forward with similar claims. the jury selection is expected to last several days. former access hollywood host billy bush is talking about that notorious hot mike conversation with donald trump that got him fired. >> you can do anything. >> bush tells the hollywood reporter he wished he had changed the topic when trump bragged about grabbing women and attempting to entice his costar into a sexual relationship. bush was fired from the today show when
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says he is a changed man now and has greater appreciation for what women have to go through. the american academy of pediatrics has new recommendations concerning children and juice. pressure alternatives may be the best. >> reporter: when it comes to a babies diet, this first time on doesn't cut corners. she just started introducing solids to her six month old daughter. and she has only had breast milk to drink so far. >> i don't want her to get the taste of sugar. >> her philosophy matches new recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics that say know fruit juice for children under one year. >> it takes away their need to eat and drink the breast milk or formula. the formula has so many nutrients. it's a big concern
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>> in the past the group said no juice for baby six months and younger. children one to three should limit use to four ounces per day. four to six-year-olds no more than six ounces, and seven years and up eight ounces per day at most. fresh fruit is the way to go. >> you don't realize how many calories you are consuming because it doesn't have fiber like a whole fruit does. >> the small plans to offer her daughter fritz first. >> i'd love to her -- everything from the field. >> experts suggest if you plan on giving older children juice, stick with 100 percent fruit juice. cbs news, new york. >> those recommendations also say that toddlers should not be given juice in sippy cups that they can drink all day long. that constant exposure can lead to tooth decay. now, wusa 91st alert whether , rated dc's most accurate forecast.
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way to start the week, but if we could make up for it by the end of the week, looking pretty good. >> it's going to be a weekend you can get something done. it's not rainer showers. it's going to be warm. this is a tough one. we went for upper 70s today. still might get it. we went to 78 for the high. let's talk about may range. we will put an umbrella here. it's going to rain tomorrow. might not on wednesday, probably will on thursday. looking at at least two more. 12 of the 22 days of rain. you think it has been gloomy? >> it has been. >> alive look outside. mainly dry commute home now. 2 points in the low 60s. winds
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few breaks in the clouds. for tonight, mostly cloudy and mainly dry. temperatures 56 to 55. more afternoon showers. more sun and warmer on wednesday. pretty optimistic about wednesday. pretty optimistic about friday also. let's talk temperatures. 71 tomorrow, but mid-70s wednesday, upper 70s friday, and we jump into the low 80s into the holiday weekend. let's talk rain chances. for tomorrow, scattered. wednesday is just isolated. not much happens on wednesday. thursday is a darn near washout . friday is isolated, then saturday isolated. again, the week is not perfect. the weekend won't be perfect, but you'll be able to get stuff done. cookout, cut the grass, that sort of thing. 10:00 tonight, temps in the mid to upper 60s. and then by morning, a lot of clouds. we will have
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commute to work. by 8:30, 69. by 10:00 come in the low to mid 50s. we have the showers working their way across into southern maryland and then by 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow night, that's the best chance for another shot of showers. by that time, temperatures generally in the upper 50s and mid-60s. a little more like april and may. tonight mostly cloudy, comfortable. winds out of the north at about 10. on the date planner, looking at clouds to start. temps low to mid 50s. maybe a shower, 67 by 1:00. not much inside the beltway tomorrow. kind of cloudy. wednesday, the clouds to start, even an isolated thunderstorm. we will take that. then we go back into perhaps a washout. showers and storms on thursday
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friday is okay. isolated storms. saturday is okay. scattered storm sunday. a lot of storms memorial day. temps in the low 80s. we've got an update on the fairfax county firefighter reported missing. dc police told us today that the 44-year-old brian what has contacted his family. he was last seen may 14th in the district. he was officially reported missing last saturday. still ahead, check this out, the incredible video here after two firefighters survived a collapse at a gas station. a popular supermarket gets ready to open its first door in dc
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>> dramatic video here showing the minute the fagade of a burning gas station fell on top of some firefighters in michigan. the flames erupted saturday at a mobile gas station. several fiople rushed to rescue the
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officials with the iron mountain fire department said both firefighters are doing okay today. not clear what caused that building to go up in flames. let's talk consumer news now. a grocery chain set to take over a large portion of the sprawling fannie mae complex on wisconsin avenue. developer say the new store will cover about 80,000 square feet and it will be located on the lower level and entrance to the back of the building. before you get all excited about this, slow down. it's expected to open in 2022. heads up for all you backyard barbecue hours. more than 200,000 pounds of nathan's and curtis hotdogs being recalled. the u.s. department of agriculture issue that order after complaints about metal objects in the franks. the recall targets 14-ounce packages of skinless beef franks with a use by date of august 19th.
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master beef franks with the use by date of june 15th. you are wondering what's the master be frank. i don't know. i don't eat meat. a big shakeup at the ford motor company. ceo out. the sugar comes after the board got a little impatient with the stock price. it is down 37 percent. wusa 9 service dog in training, nigel, has already enjoyed his first taste of public service. >> over the weekend, he and his trainer joined at the elks log. our generous reviewers brought an incredible amount of furniture and items. they got so many donations they hope to donate a storage unit in the use of a moving truck so they can collect more items and find a safe place
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volunteers being summoned to smoke some pot in one state. we will tell you what that's all about. and right after the break, a pregnant maryland teenager isn't being allowed to walk at her graduation despite her fantastic rates. we will tell you about the controversy and her allies right after the break. and we want to know what you th i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two.
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a maryland 18-year-old says her school turned on her because she chose life over an abortion. you see, she's not allowed to walk through graduation. why? because she's pregnant and her christian high school says that against code of conduct. let us know what you think. should she be allowed to walk? log on or use our wusa 9 mobile app. mike talked with the student this afternoon. what is she going to do? >> she hopes the school changes its mind. she had straight a's, works two jobs, and she says her cool can't be pro-life and turn on her because she chose to save her child. >> this is our first look at her son, grayson. he's due in september and she keeps this photo at her bedside. >> i
5:30 pm
is the object of scorn from her school. 10 days from graduation, she is not allowed to walk in the ceremony. >> i worked so hard for that and i made one mistake and all my hard work was taken away from me. >> she was first suspended for two days, removed from student council, then graduation came into the picture. >> do you think you are being punished here for choosing life? >> yes, but they won't admit that. all i did that was wrong was just have sex before marriage which they don't agree with. >> we visited and requested a statement. we know it's a goat -- against code of conduct. the story was first reported by the new york times on saturday and she thought about an abortion early on in her pregnancy. >> i just couldn't.
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it's just not fair to me. >> even after all that happened, she would still walk graduation if asked. >> yes, definitely. >> tell me why. >> just to prove that this is how it should be and for other schools to see if they have a situation that you should let the girl walk. >> and for those who may be in a similar situation, her message is simple. >> girls going through this, it's scary. it really is scary, but it is worth it. >> and back here, she tells us the child's father does not attend heritage academy and they don't plan on getting married. she's focused on finishing school and then she will take college courses online and stay close to her family. >> stay tuned to hear if we hear anything from the school.
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we asked if you think she should be able to walk in graduation? 91 percent of you say yes. dogs versus people, parents versus pets. tonight special assignment unit has learned one local government is about to crackdown on a growing problem. people violating rules. where is the worst of this? >> it's happening all over. more people are coming to dc. they are bringing their dogs. their pets on their children and they almost feel like they should have the same rights as people when you go to a park, a lot of times you'll see those dogs running off the leash and letting them have their one of the place. see some of the video we got there. the problem is one local government says has gotten out of control
5:33 pm
ready to crackdown. there's going to be a public announcement tomorrow about what we are talking about tonight because they say the issues are so bad that they are ready to start giving out tickets and fines to people who are letting their dog. >> in dc. the dog is pushing back? >> they are. they say there is an open park and there's kids around, why can't i have my dog running off the leash. the government says there's a host of reason why and they have some ideas about what they want dog owners to do instead of going to these public parks. we will get into all of that as well as letting both sides air their grievances. it can get pretty emotional. more emotional is when you think
5:34 pm
>> we will talk about it tonight. nine. barnum and bailey circus has told the from long island. for nearly 150 years the show dazzled audiences of all ages but in january they decided the numbers didn't look good. the circus had also become a target of animal-rights movements. a call going out for volunteers to smoke pot in washington state. part of a study to develop a breathalyzer test that would detect marijuana use. police are struggling to enforce drug and driving laws in states with legalized weed. oftentimes they have to wait for test results. most of the time it's a blood draw. eight states and the district of columbia have legalized
5:35 pm
trending performer from last night's billboard awards building out hits for 50 years now. >> luckily, she is okay. but this little girl had no idea what's about to pop out of the water. and a little girl sends twitter users scrambling to the rescue. we talk about temperatures the next few days. 71 tomorrow, but mid-70s wednesday. upper 70s friday, "tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights.
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to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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liens are sneaky by land or sea. let's get to the favorite video of the day. shocking video showing a sea lion suddenly dragging that little girl into the water. video of the terrifying moments posted to youtube. a man quickly jumped into the water to save that girl. several people pulled them both to safety. a bystander caught this on video. witnesses say this thing started with the girl and her family
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breadcrumbs to the seal. forget about the twentysomethings. >> a stunning performance from share. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ 71. >> that's not your grandma's outfit. >> social media is fired up by the performance last night. this is last night's billboard award. she was honored with the icon award. drake was the biggest winner. so first it was avocado toast, which is pretty yummy. now coming to the breakfast table. >> all caps on -- a cafe in melbourne came up with this.
5:40 pm
>> so you drink it out of the avocado skin. >> twitter users are not happy about it. are they happy about anything? it's aimed at those millennial's. so one person writes, i will die before i consume this. that's better than you will die by consuming this. another post, we have to stop these fads for the sake of humanity. >> is it that deep? if you don't want it, don't drink it. >> you're just drinking the coffee in it. >> avocado flavored coffee. i would join them. a tweet and a happy reunion. >> sometimes the internet does come together to do good. it started with a tweet from angie parker. a child dropped a bunny getting off when yard.
5:41 pm
soon caught fire. train officials later tweeted, the bunny is safely with staff. we are still waiting for the owner to come forward. the next two posts are great. thanks to your tireless effort, we united the bunny with its owner. the father posted, my daughter dropped it when we got off the train. >> she look like she had been crying for several hours. to tough medical conditions share a common link. >> we meet a remarkable young man who suffers with down syndrome
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almost without exception, people with down syndrome acquire alzheimer's disease in their teenage years. not long after brains resemble that of someone with advanced stages of the disease. because of that connection, people with down syndrome may hold the key to the alzheimer's riddle. >> reporter: i am a cool person. >> his name is robbie.
5:45 pm
>> 54 years old with down syndrome, now dealing with alzheimer's, living with his oldest sister julie and her family in parker. >> and now you are a great uncle . >> i'm a great uncle. >> as his memory begins to cloud, he has julie and the rest of a large and loving family to fill in the blanks. >> what are you going to say? >> [ inaudible ] >> they noticed recently he was slipping, was occasionally getting lost, and doing other things out of character. >> he also lost quite a bit of weight. i think he wasn't remembering to eat. >> forgetting to eat even though he was working at a wendy's, a job he held for 32 years
5:46 pm
his uniform. it makes him smile. julie says the family is terrified the possibility that robbie made need institutional care. >> i can't imagine him being cared for the way we would. it's so many subtle things that robbie does that somebody else isn't going to understand. >> for robbie and the millions like him, it is an inescapable outcome. >> by the time they are 50 or 60, most but not all have dementia. >> chromosome 21 present in two copies, but people with down syndrome have three copies. >> they have an extra copy and that means they make extra alzheimer proteins and they begin to get the amyloid deposits of alzheimer's disease in their teenage years
5:47 pm
time they are 30 or 40, their brain thinks like an alzheimer's brain. >> but a small percentage do not lose function to the condition and therein lies a possible clue. >> so we will be studying the people who do get demented and the people who don't. we have insight into why. >> let's take a look at your hand. at the other end of the spectrum, another population is largely insulated from the ravages of alzheimer's. dr. kevin dean says his patients, patients with rheumatoid arthritis, are only rarely diagnosed with the disease. one reason is that all of those inflamed joints in arthritis patients are apparently generating lots of naturally occurring blue card. >> this is where
5:48 pm
the body and perhaps have beneficial effects elsewhere. in the he has a hidden power of his own. >> has no idea that he may hold the key to save mankind from the threat of alzheimer's. >> one doctor recently told webb md, if we start taking memory as seriously as we take heart disease, we will take a massive leap forward in our ability to prevent alzheimer's, wsa nine rated dc's most accurate forecast. the day has turned around a little bit. it's pretty pleasant outside. .
5:49 pm
low 60s winds out of the south about five. for tonight, clouds hanging tough. limit dry and looking at. temperatures 56 and 65. more afternoon showers tomorrow but mainly. more sun and warmer on wednesday. it's a pretty good day. especially if we have a low bar, so to speak. rain chances this week. tomorrow is scattered. a better chance south of i-66. and then on wednesday, just isolated. thursday is a darn your washout and friday and saturday are just isolated. that's not bad as we go into the memorial day weekend. isolated from saturday. 10:00 tonight, maybe a sprinkle. temperatures in the upper 60s. downtown mid-60s. we briefly kind of partially clear out a bit and then clouds rush back in by morning. 62 downtown by 6:00 a.m. looking at even 52 tour cumberland. showers down to the south. by 9:00, no worries in terms of showers. yb
5:50 pm
plenty of clouds. a dry commute to work. by lunchtime, a couple showers sneak in parts of dc, maybe even fairfax. the lions share of showers tomorrow really will be south of i-66 and south of route 50. by 6:00, only 67. 70 in frederick. temps struggle to get to 70 tomorrow across the area. then by tomorrow night, that's the next moisture with temps in the upper 50s to low 60s. looking at a fair amount of rain. more rain on thursday. a break on friday. tonight kind of a break. mostly cloudy, comfortable. winds out of the north about 10. just a slight chance of patchy fog tonight. on the date planner, low 60s to start, 64 by 9:00, 65 by 11:00, 67 by 1:00. not much change in temps. now, we get into wednesday
5:51 pm
some sun and clouds to start. maybe an isolated storm but a pretty good day. that could be the next yellow weather alert. showers and storms on thursday. also 76. pleasant on friday, isolated storms, isolated storms saturday. mid-80s on sunday. scattered storms and then a good chance for storms on and off all day memorial day but we are still warm with highs in the 80s. now, wsa nine game on sports . >> there you have it. the student coaching the teacher . redskins running back rob kelly affectionately called fat rob schooling coach randy jordan . or is he? diane roberts talks football and what else is happening on the golf course today.
5:52 pm
>> the most important question, how are you at bocce ball? >> i'm the best now. >> what was it like getting coached by a guy you coached? >> bocce ball, horseshoes, it don't matter. it's about being competitive. just let him know he is still the student and i'm the teacher. >> the golf tournament raises money for the redskins charitable foundation which funds literacy programs, including the popular redskins read. the program served 25,004th and 5th graders in dc, maryland, and virginia. the nationals are off tonight. the pregame series against the mariners tomorrow. how well do you think you know your favorite haters on this team? frank hanrahan puts us to the test with a special guest. >> reporter: name that nationals batting. you can play along at home. let's guess who this is.
5:53 pm
get myself all set. that's great. i saw the dip in the cheek. bryce harper, ding, ding, ding. that's your inside pitch. coming up new at 6:00, a deadly dispute. find out what police say let -- led an elderly man to kill his neighbor. a look at why growing number of millennial's are getting botox injections. the cbs evening news with scott pelley coming up at 6:30. we want to hear your story ideas. anything on your mind? shoot us an e-mail.
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botox not just for baby boomers. an increasing number of millennial's are turning to the drug to hold off the aging process. david allen reports. >> reporter: the things we'll do to try to look young. the fortysomething mom looking to botox injections to smooth out the line. the 25-year-old has decided to try botox to be wrinkle free now and to keep the wrinkles away in years to come. >> i have been reading up a little about preventative botox treatments. >> years in the sun have taken a toll on her skin. >> neil ford is a registered nurse. >> nowadays you can customize it
5:58 pm
to the result the patient wants. >> today tessa is getting five injections to deal with the lines between her eyebrows. botox is injected with very small needles. >> a very good friend of mine has done it and she's had amazing results. >> more and more people this age are getting botox injections. the american society of plastic surgeons says botox users are majority in their 40s and 50s. in 2015 more than a million injections were performed on people in their 30s. more than 100,000 people in their 20s also embraced botox. it's a trend seen in virginia beach. >> i have seen their mothers and now i am starting to see the daughters. >> tessa says she doesn't feel peer pressure and has no regrets about sharing her story. she says if this were simply about taking better celsius, she would use a filter. for tessa, this is about self-
5:59 pm
>> it's just a personal thing and i know that it's a little insecurity of mine, but i think after the botox, i will be more confident. >> tessa says if she likes the result, she make it more botox to work on the lines on her forehead, realizing it's easier to prevent wrinkles then to repair them. >> i've heard that the procedure is very well- tolerated and there's not a whole lot of side effects. i thought it was better to jump on the train and be the last one . >> the treatments run between $250 and $350. because she is young, she will only need injections once or twice a year compared to three or four times for older folks. right now at 6:00, we are not certain if the hatfield and mccoy's, but an 80-year-old suspect in jail tonight. the old man accused of killing his neighbor. the real estate ceo in a dispute over their property lines. it happened over the weekend. neighbors tell us
6:00 pm
suspect has never been in trouble with the law before. >> two neighbors, two beautiful homes right next to each other. now one is the scene of a murder . belonging to 80-year-old larry johnson suspected of killing his neighbor. this prominent real estate ceo. today even though a light was on , no one answered the door today at the suspects home. >> it was crazy. >> on sunday the sheriff's office says a fight had been going on for years. finally it escalated. deputy say johnson shot him once in the chest leaving the 65-year-old lying dead in his own driveway, puzzling his neighbors because you can see the boundary markers clearly marking the property lines. >> why there was a controversy, i don't know. unless it was mental illness on someone's part


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